Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Illegality in the music recording industry

The recording industry in America jumped on all the peer to peer networks because of what they deemed as 'illegal' sharing of music files over the web. They shut down many portals, including Napster and WinMX. These bad guys were taking money right out of their pockets. And the poor artists were losing millions.
Except a lot of those artists were accusing the record industry of ripping THEM off, never mind the consumers! So now it turns out the recording industry is being investigated because of their own illegalities, including giving radio station people expensive gifts to influence playlists and price fixing of wholesale digital music files!
Hmmm, so they jumped on the others so they could get right back to their own 'illegal' activities?
Crooks don't like to share, do they.

Gun control

So now after another tragic shooting in Toronto of innocent victims, and ongoing gunfire in Vancouver, there are organizations coming out of the woodwork looking for government money for 'education' of youth. Most of the recent shootings are credited to youth gangs, for whatever reason. It seems it used to be about violent drug dealers vying for territory, but lately, it has filtered down to teenagers. Carrying lethal weapons for 'prestige' and the envy of their friends. The police and politicians' answers are usually the same - we have to control these weapons and educate our youth.
A recent poll on the web gave several alternatives to how to control illegal handguns, asking normal people what to do ... the number one answer was overwhelming - long hard sentences.
If someone walks into a store to rob it with a handgun, or shoots at someone in the street, or drives by a home spraying it with bullets, the sentence needs to be taken OUT of the hands of our wimpy sympathetic judges, who just made a decision to continue to allow criminals in jail to still vote. There should be a mandatory ten years in jail. No parol, no good behavior time off, no soft core holiday resort sentencing, no alternative cop-outs by judges who need to begin answering to the people of Canada instead of their own agenda.
And going around giving money to youth organizations to tell youth that is it wrong to shoot someone is just plain stupid and silly.
Telling youth or anyone else, that they'll go to jail for TEN YEARS for shooting at someone, and then backing it up with a minimum sentence, will send a loud and clear message to the ones who need it.
All we need to do is pass the law, advise the people that that's what it now is, tell the judges that they MUST enforce the minimum sentence, and then DO IT! That's all we need. If it requires changing our constitution, do it. You must lose your rights when you become a criminal.
The first young gang member who gets his ten year sentence, will do the job for thousands of others. No billion dollar gun control program needed.
Now all we need are politicians with the guts to protect the law abiding citizens of Canada. Are they out there?
Who knows.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Canada bashing?

Seems like a war of words is heating up across the border. Perhaps since Paul Martin criticised the US for their failure to join Kyoto. Shouldn't have told them that.
We know that signing on to the Kyoto agreement means you'll take certain actions to limit greenhouse emissions over the next 100 years. Everyone knows that Earth is becoming in pretty bad shape. Global warming is no longer a theory, it is a fact. Check out the island sized ice cubes floating out of the arctic regions. The US won't sign on because of money. They'd have to enforce clean air from all their factories etc. That would cost. They are, in fact, bringing 19 more coal fired poluting energy plants on line. Good enough for everyone else to clean up but not America. But don't tell them that.
Paul Celucci, and now David Wilkins, the US ambassadors, are doing their usual act of interfering in Canada's business by trying to pressure us into submission on softwood lumber. They refuse to live up to the NAFTA rules time after time. Why? Because lobbyists are working hard to keep their own lumber companies in profit, and that is causing a few thousand dollars to be added to every house built in the states. What they want is for Canada to agree to a lesser tarrif when there should be none at all.
Tucker Carlson of NBC is calling us a 'retarded cousin'. You remember bow-tied Tucker, he's the one that our Carolyn Parrish demolished in that TV interview when he told her that Norway could conquer us. (search Carolyn Parrish, this blog) Carolyn shot back that Norway doesn't WANT to conquer us, it is America that is going around the world pissing everyone off. John Stewart followed that up with an appearance where he pleaded with Carlson to be relevant and quit being a simple oaf!
The American media constantly brainwashes the American public on American policy, however, they refuse to acknowledge that any other country can have a policy. They are completely misinformed about other countries, Canada no exception. Right wing bone rack and media commentator, Ann Coulter, in a recent interview with a Canadian journalist, argued that Canada was in the Vietnam War. Because she wanted to be right, regardless of the truth. But don't tell her that.
We all know that people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill OReilly lambaste anyone and everyone who questions American policy, especially Canada. Now we even have senators espousing the 'fence across the border of America' idea, saying WE are the ones who let the 9 eleven terrorists into their country. I believe that nine of those terroists were on American VISAs at the time, and there is not one shred of evidence to show any one of them came through Canada. It's a long way from 'hands across the border' isn't it? And there is not a flying school in Canada that wouldn't call the RCMP if bearded wild-eyed men wanted to learn to fly a plane but not land one!
The fence wouldn't be enough, why not make it a concrete barrier like the Isrealis use to keep the Palestinians out? The beneficial side effect would be to keep Americans IN. Pat Buchanan once suggested it too, implying that Canadians all have leprosy and moderate views! Both catchy.
The right wing is of course in control of America and it is becoming a sinister situation. When one of their own ambassadors in Africa, implied that Bush was lying about Saddam looking for weapons there, they 'outed' a CIA agent themselves to get back at him! Using White House media puppet Robert Novak to do it! Why isn't HE charged with treasonous behavior? We all know now that Iraq was a lie, just don't tell those young men trying out real XBox weaponry. And recently, we have learned that America is secretly spying on their own people! Wire taps, email intercepts etc. All approved by George Bush.
Don't tell America anything, they just don't listen. Don't tell Canada anything either, we don't want to hear. So why is there a war of words? Damn you Canada, we're the most powerful nation on earth and you're still better than us!
Here's my dollar for the first concrete block.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

McDonald's boycott

I forgot to boycott McDonalds on December 3rd. I feel like I let down the two 10 year old boys who started the idea. So I'm boycotting McDonalds now, for the rest of the month actually ... no, maybe until March, 2006. Better. I never went there on Dec. 3rd anyway. In fact I never go there at all. Well maybe once in a while when I am far out of town on my motorcycle and I need something to fill the hole. Some of those nice 'meat sprayed' french fries. I like that they spray them with that secret meat spray by-product because then I don't have to buy their burgers. Who knows what those might be made of?
As a matter of fact, the idea of the boycott was started as a retaliation against the American handling of the softwood lumber deal, where we Canadians are being penalized so US lumber companies can improve their profits. I think I'll even take it further and boycott McDonalds until America gives us our 5 billion dollars back.
Say, for 10 year olds, these boys are pretty smart. And more gutsy than our federal politicians.
How old do you have to be to get elected to parliament?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Damaged US relationship?

US Ambasador to Canada, David Wilkins, (the Paul Celucci reincarnate) meddling as usual in Canadian affairs, has criticised Paul Martin for his comments about the ongoing softwood lumber dispute, and the Kyoto treaty, saying that Martin will damage the relationship with America.
Are the Americans afraid that their people building houses or REbuilding houses will find out that they are paying over a THOUSAND dollars more because of the American lobby to protect their own profits and keep Canadian lumber out?
Hmmm, considering that the US is ignoring every single ruling against them by NAFTA on softwood, and that they are starting 19 more coal fired energy plants in the largest poluting country in the world and refuse to join Kyoto to cut global warming emissions, and are getting prickly sensitive about it, couldn't we say that it is already damaged?

Friday, December 02, 2005

Conspiracy theory ... 4 - Quebec

So the Canadian military decided to 'store' some armoured personel carriers. They were moving them from Ontario to Montreal. Hmmmmmmm. Montreal, Quebec that is.
The only reason this was discovered by police was the truck driver was confused and driving the wrong way. The trailer was carrying two M113 armoured personnel carriers bearing Department of National Defence licence plates and loaded with ground-to-ground missile launchers. "They're used against tanks and other armoured personnel carriers," said Canadian Forces spokesman Major Daryl Morrell.
Now, if we look at this incident with a suspicious mind, what do we see? The separatists in Quebec beginning to steal whatever they can from Canada, before their referendum. Quebeckers being in charge of most things like this in Canada, they can set about doing it in stealth.
Why don't I trust them? Because, on the evening of the LAST separation referendum, they sent out messages to all Canadian forces stations in Quebec, ordering that the forces on those bases, would have
alegience to Quebec the following morning, NOT Canada!
I think we Canadians should watch this situation. This could be the start of the biggest theft ever of Canadian assets. Quebec wants to have everything it can when they start their new country, and the French Canadians now in charge of Canada, including Paul Martin etc etc et al, will aid and abet as secretly as they can.
Why would they want armoured personal carriers in the first place? Because once they separate, and lay claim to their territory, they are going to get one hell of a fight from the aboriginals who want NO part of a Quebec nation. Quebeckers are anticipating violence from their own indians. Amoured personel carriers with ground to ground missile launchers are EXACTLY what they'll need.
Worth watching for more 'incidents'? I believe so.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Election. Now the fun starts.

So we have an election. And there will be lots of things to make fun of coming from the candidates.
The first one out of the slot is Marc Garneau, Quebec's favourite space cadet. He is telling us to get over it, the sponsorship scandal is in the past, he says to forgive the bad Liberals and move on.
Hmm, I wonder if he'd go back into space if the mechanics on the shuttle had been caught cheating on the bolts and valves and those same mechanics were still working on the rockets?
Well Mr. Garneau, the same cheaters are still there within the corrupt Liberal party, some voters can't move on until they do. Mr Dithers was IN CHARGE of all that money that disappeared, telling us he knew nothing about it only points to his own stupidity and poor management.
And did you notice how quickly Mr Martin jumped on Mr Harpers comments on same sex marriage? It seems that it is not an issue, yet Harper brought it up. And Martin, clever as he is, jumped on it. You know the Liberals are going to try the same tactics they did last time, to put Harper on the defensive on these kinds of non issues and deflect a Conservative attack on their record of corruption.
Mr Harper made the mistake last time, of allowing the Liberals to set the tone of the campaign. Let's hope he makes a better fight of it this time.
Jack Layton nips and yelps at the others like a jackal following the lions, yet they have no interest because he wouldn't even make a decent meal. He simply is not a player.
Gilles Duceppe is preparing to become the leader of a new country. He has no interest in the rest of Canada, but we should be asking the other three leaders about Plan B when he leads Quebec out of confederation.
If this election run is going to be like others in the recent past, we'll just comfy down on our sofas and watch the Liberal media destroy Harper again.
Same old same old.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Larry Campbell on ice?

Keep your friends near but your enemies closer?
(Colour coded for clarity)
I think we have just seen a clever gambit by sneaky Gordon Campbell and sneakier Paul Martin. This is what happened; Gordon Campbell, head of the BC Liberals, who insists the BC Liberals have no connection with the federal Liberals, called up his pal, and mentor, Paul Martin and asked for a favour - get Larry Campbell out of the picture!
Larry Campbell was perceived to be too dangerous. He had a whopping 70 percent popularity rating when he gave up the Vancouver Mayor's chair. That position of Mayor of BC's largest city has often been a jumping off point for greater ambitions of Premier. Hence a huge threat to Gordon Campbell if Larry decided to run for the NDP party. He could have been the next premier.
Gordon said he needed to put Larry on ice, sort of like someone did to the NDP's Tom Berger a few years ago, make him a judge and get him out of the political loop. So Paul comes up with the idea of making Larry a senator. No better way to make anyone forgettable than a senator. Presto, threat removed.
Larry disappears into dusty senatorship, and Gordon continues selling off British Columbia.
We're not sure if even that will shut up Larry Campbell.
Can a senator still run for anything?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas coming soon ...

Yes, just about one month away and I am drawing up my Christmas shopping list.
No, not the one where I list my choice of colour for the Maserati Quatroporte, or the wish for that new faster than lightning Toshiba laptop, not even the endless list of gifts under $100. that I would gracefully receive. I am drawing up the list of STORES that I might shop at.
You might have noticed last year, it kind of started, no more Merry Christmas in the display windows, it was changed to Happy Holidays. Why? Because these wise retailers, in their desire to get every dollar in the highest buying time of the year didn't want to OFFEND anyone. In their perception of what Christmas is all about, they seem to think that Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Shinto priests, medicine men and Shamans of all esoteric tribes will quit shopping at their chain stores if they dare have the words Merry Christmas on their windows or in their advertising. Macys in New York won't say it. The Bay in Vancouver didn't last year. I hope they rethink it this year. The Body Shop refuses to say Merry Christmas, as does snooty old Holt Refrew. Maybe they think they'll sell more head scarves to Muslims.
So who exactly ARE these retailers offending?

Tradition in North America at least, seems to point to Christians as the core of this buying spree built around December twenty-fifth. They are buying gifts to loved ones in celebrating the birth of Christ. Sure it has gotten out of the basic concept of a religious time of deep spirituality. Yet the spirit of love, acceptance, toleration, forgiveness, and brotherhood remains amid the feelings of well being at Christmas. We are all nicer people at Christmas.
Yes it is a buying spree. Yes it has become commercial. And you needn't go to church services or mass to celebrate a special time of year.
I know MY list of Christmas buying will be made around those who actually have the Christmas spirit instead of those who perceive some imagined offence at this time. Public Relations departments don't get it. Happy Holidays doesn't cut it. Xmas doesn't either. Merry Christmas does.
I am offended by those who are afraid to express it when they want my dollars.

Merry Christmas to all you who have tolerance, bah humbug to you who don't.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Olympic costs already 50% over budget

File this report under "I knew it would happen."
John Furlong, head guy of the coming Olympics announced that the games budget was already overspent ... it seems that when all these politicians, 'thinkers', power players, accountants, engineers, got together a few years ago, they called Home Depot to find out what a 2 x 4 piece of wood costs.
They might have been told a dollar. THEN they went ahead and planned everything based on that dollar! NOW, lo and behold, they are crying because the 2x4 doesn't still cost a dollar!
Furlong points out that the original estimate was in 2002 dollars and that between now and 2010, the Vancouver region has between $70 billion and $75 billion in construction projects on the go, putting immense pressure on labour and materials costs.
Hmmm. In all that forward thinking brain activity, didn't ANYONE suggest that the cost of that piece of wood wouldn't be the same in 2005? 2007? 2009?
One begins to believe that these 'organizers' are just plain stupid people ..... or ..... they knew it all along and told us one price of the games to win over public support.

Hmmm, wait a minute ... I just got it ... aren't the lying cheating deceiving Gordon Campbell Liberals involved in here somewhere?
See the light bulb over my head?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Debra LaFave teacher sex

Florida middle school teacher Debra LaFave has been sentenced to a three year house arrest for having sex with a 14 year old student in her car, home and classroom.

Debra - ba-a-ad teacher. tsk tsk.

I wonder if I can apply to have my house as the venue in which she serves her house arrest sentence?

Power of the public

Rapper 50 Cent is supposed to come to Canada for a tour of several cities. He advocates gun violence. There was a shooting during his performance the last time he played Toronto, which is currently plagued by gun violence.
And as most rappers do, he advocates guns, drugs and violence in general, demeans women in general, and is generally bad news for vulnerable children listening to a twisted message against society.
One person has suggested the public to do an action that they did with Axl Rose in some cities in the states. (Axl Rose suggests killing cops in his songs.)
That action is to call in bomb threats to all the venues where these hate message people play.
The police must respond and clear the building. (I think they delighted in doing that with Axl)
I am not suggesting anyone do such a thing, but it does demonstrate the power that the public has to put these hate message bearers out of business. How many times would a building have to be cleared before the promoters got the hint that these people are not welcome to tour in Canada and spread their hateful diatribe?
And all the movie theaters today have about 6 movies running at the same time, if you have to clear out the theater for a 50 Cent movie, you have to clear out the rest of the theaters too. Would the producers of all those other movies tolerate 50 Cent movies being in the same theaters as theirs? Cutting out their profits? Producers don't want to die trying to get rich, they just want to get rich.
'Fiddy' needs a ministerial permit to enter Canada because of his criminal record. Why would we want his kind of people here? I hope they don't give it to him.
But the law abiding, respectable public does have the power to put him out of business.
Even at 50 cents his tickets should be overpriced.

and a little more common, 9 Millimeter Ruger
16 shots, hollow points will go through ya
and this? this here? this is a 12 gauge Mossburg kid,
two shots and you can wet like half a block
this shit here gets my dick hard,
it's a Calicko, it holds a Hundred shots
if you can't kill your beef with this you need to stop
c'mon, pick somethin' now nigga, you know it's hot
- - - fifty cent


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Carol James is the bad guy (girl)

Did you notice how the Liberals are spinning Carol James' action of backing off from the pay raise the sneaky MLAs brought in? They are making HER the bad guy, calling HER the bad leader, and it's obvious that they are just pissed off that they didn't get their stealth money.
No concern whatsoever for the screaming public voice at all. Like they don't even REALISE what the furor is about!
Typical Liberal arrogance.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

proof of Liberal collusion in the media

If there wasn't Liberal collusion in the media, we would have clips playing every five minutes of Premier Campbell standing up and saying, "We are going to have open government." A phrase he constantly repeated while running for the Liberals to govern our province. Some dupes believed him.
Gordon Campbell has now gone to the opposite extreme; secret government.
And one must fault the NDP in with this sneaky secrecy and deception. Together the greedy MLAs got together in the back room and voted themselves a fifteen percent raise in pay, when thousands of British Columbians are struggling to make ends meet. Union and non union. When Gordon tells us all that the economy is strong, he doesn't mean for you and I, he means for his big business buddies.
There is a public outcry to MLA offices. The people of the province are furious, they are expressing their anger every way they can, on the web in chat forums, to phone in radio shows, but do we see it in the press or television? No.
Why? Because the federal Liberals have most newspapers, even community newspapers, and TV stations in their pockets. The only newspaper the public has left is the Georgia Straight, the one Gordon Campbell tried to shut down.
Gordon Campbell and Carol James betrayed the people of BC. They KNEW they were doing it. They KNEW it was sneaky. They did it anyway. Without a single dissenting voice from one Liberal or NDP MLA anywhere! Without one leaked message to the media.
Once again, I hear a cry from the dark wilderness, where is the Social Credit party when we need them?
What a mess!

Friday, November 18, 2005

A little fun ....

The original Numa Numa guy, Gary Brolsma ...

This guy can't stop laughing at the second person who speaks ...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Liberals' "business first" policy

If there was ever a case showing how putting business ahead of people by the present Gordon Campbell government hurts, it is the tragic death of little Sherry Charlie. Mr Campbell cut funding to many agencies that helped the people in our society who need it.
We saw old folks split up and their community hospitals closed. We know Mr. Campbell has the reputation for hating women. And now he should hang his head in shame and resign because his policies have resulted in harm coming to children too.
I wonder how the tax cuts to business are going?
Well, whatever, as long as the foreign economy within our province is strong, that is what Gordon Campbell really cares about. Too bad.

Goodbye sweet little Sherry Charlie, too bad you were a female, a native indian BCer, and poor. Too bad you didn't have a chance at life.
Too bad you didn't even make it to your 2nd birthday.

Oh, I forgot. Today the MLAs, in secrecy, voted themselves a 15% raise in pay. Does anyone else feel sick like I do?

Friday, November 11, 2005

the Eleventh Hour

The cherry tree in Victory Square gives up another yellowy leaf fluttering softly to the damp ground.
The Cenotaph. The eleventh month, the eleventh day, the eleventh hour.
Nearly a century after the signing of that first armistice in November, 1918, we are gathered on this cool autumn morning to remember the darkest hours. The large crowd is not restless, there is too much respect in the chill air to be restless. Only soldiers’ ghosts have the right to be restless this poignant hour. Looking over shoulders toward the marble monument, flags bright against the morning dull of overcoats and scarves, the cherry tree steals attention. Burnt orange and yellow and faded green leaves now sparse on its dark wet branches. The Vancouver Bach Youth Choir sings beautifully beneath it, an ethereal sound, angelic voices coaxing the leaves to let go, asking our hearts to remember.
The 15th Field Artillery Regiment begins the 21 gun salute with a dull thump in the thick misty air, startling nervous pigeons to fly in circling squadrons. Marching cadets and full dress troops arrive in staccato rhythm, heels upon pavement, commanded to halt by a disjointed voice. Military uniforms are especially crisp for this day and polished boots are perfect.
People singing Oh Canada with softness and pride, knowing we are the best. A patient grey sky of swirling cloud holds back its rain. A large plane with full flaps glides as slowly as possible overhead. Then four Harvards in the 'missing man formation' following in a drone of sound.
Another cannon thump. Gulls wheeling, watchful of food. Curious crows disappear into the dark evergreens. A poem written by a high school student is read with quavering emotion. Children’s voices echo. Murmurs. Here and there a solemn glistening tear on a worn face.
Many younger families clustered in an area they would never go to normally. A car alarm squawks irreverence, perhaps a comment to an almost forgotten generation. Bagpipes wailing, reproachful of modern interruptions. A phalanx of antique planes now circling with buzzing engines.
The earth smell is not unpleasant. Nor the odor of damp wool. Pipe smoke floats through the assembly. Coughs from some who shouldn’t be here remembering others who couldn’t be here.
An elder Sergeant’s voice giving directions to the parade troops, losing its strength with a crackle. The Chaplain speaks a prayer, I catch words, ‘in the journey through life’, and give a silent thanks that my passage has been without the fright of war, without the fear of death, without the tragic loss of dear ones.
My mind drifts to Belgium, a few years ago, of feeling a duty to visit Tyne Cot Cemetery, the largest Canadian World War II Memorial, even though I had no name to search carved on that monument. Standing amid the wheat fields in a summer breeze where a sprinkling of red poppies still grow, giving thanks that I was allowed to roam at will in a free Europe. There’ll be Bluebirds over, the white cliffs of Dover, tomorrow, you just wait and see, Vera Lynn promised, and there were.

the parade's gone by ...

click to enlarge
And in my free Canada, the laying of wreaths begins, dignitaries, officials and crippled old military men weighted down by their chests of medals, saluting a memory, a face, a daring-do friend, perhaps a chipper smile from long ago. Their bodies are crisp and straight for the salute, if only for a moment before they hobble back to their place in the hushed crowd. A man’s valor can never be extinguished.
Another thud from the artillery. War is different now. Can individual bravery and courage exist today? The choir sings, Abide With Me, and the beauty of the music and words hang in the mist.
The cherry tree sheds another leaf, then another. Dropping silently to the moist brown earth, as many soldiers did in a strange land. A song I once wrote drifts into mind -
Oh that man there might have been your uncle,
or a brother who was very dear,
or a father, never having seen his little son.
Now he’s lying softly in the grasses,
and he keeps on looking at the sky,
and he’s slowly giving up his dreams, one by one ...

Again the thump of artillery. Two minutes of silence. A frail woman’s voice in prayer. Yet not disturbing to those in reverie, they have liberty because of these fallen GrandDads. Lest we forget, lest we forget, at this moment, Kiplings greatest lines.
The clusters of dress parade troops begin to move off. Straight-backed young cadets in a rhythmic shuffle, perhaps understanding for the first time what glory is. And crumpled old veterans, walking as best they can. Able to show a resolve in their eyes to all who would see it. Leading the way even at this long time from the event of their courage. Perhaps able to incite the young men gazing at them to be the very best they can be. And I hoping that they are able to sense and receive my thanks as they pass. And not sure, so I say it aloud. Thanks.
The eleventh month, the eleventh day, the eleventh hour.
The cherry tree gives away another yellow leaf fluttering down, though not to die in vain, but to give life to that tree for a future world.
Remembrance day, any time, any year.

© RC Westerholm
Reprinted from

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Movie review - The Legend of Zorro

Long in the tooth Antonio Banderas would rather ride the Black Horse than Catherine Zeta Jones, just when she's heaving her breasts ala Barbara Cartland romance novel, he rides off into the moon. A chubby lil Mexican kid runs weight off by the end of the picture and Catherine wells up with tears again and again. Lots of sword fighting, but it's not Johnny Depp, more like his Dad with bad eye makeup, and nobody ever gets cut. But blow-ups are everywhere and even when a California orange falls to the ground it sounds like the Space Shuttle exploding. I think the sound effects guy must be the producer's brother-in-law. Bring ear plugs. There are a couple of times where they forgot to put Antonio on the apple box and he has to look up to Catherine, but who cares? Being anywhere near that magnificent brunette is good enough, and especially when you're at eye level with her ..... well never mind. Have fun trying to spot the Lee Marvin movie parody.
The hero of the piece? I'd put my money on the Black Horse.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Could this be the start of something big?

In Vernon B.C. yesterday, a local man, obviously tired of street drug dealers with death in their pockets, attacked three men. In the ensuing fight, he was chopped with an axe and ended up in hospital. Neither the dealers or the attacker are talking.
The police said he should have called them and they would have started an investigation. His vigilanteism will not be tolerated.
In our sorry state of policing today, when all of us can spot the dealers on our street corners and evidently the police can't, starting an 'investigation' is a poor answer to the frustration of law abiding folks who are fearing for their children. Meth dealing and labs are driving us crazy. Cocain is everywhere, these drugs with heroin and others are the scourge of virtually every community in Canada. Indeed, North America. The police are always 'investigating'.
Sorry, doesn't work anymore. That answer is standard to appease the public. We all know dealers are back on the streets within hours after being arrested.
It was only a matter of time before someone started doing 'things' on their own. This man had bravery ahead of intelligence though. He went it alone and it hurt. Perhaps he'll learn a lesson from his actions. No, I don't mean 'let the police handle it'. We've been waiting for the police to handle it way too long now.
This man and others who have such a notion might have learned something else; Attack must be with overwhelming odds. Attack must be short and sweet. Attack must be with stealth and secrecy. Attack must be lethal.
In their quest for territory drug battles are spilling onto innocent citizens. A woman was recently shot with a stray bullet from a drive by shooting. Another shooting was in a crowded restaurant. Perhaps local folks will realise that the dealer on the corner is a supreme target himself for a drive by shooting?
Every drug dealer on every street corner should have no sympathetic feelings from the community. Many of them are illegal immigrants here for the PURPOSE of selling us drugs. Every one of them is contributing to the death and prostitution among our children. Somehow, somewhere they need to be stopped. Perhaps the way is to make it deadly to stand on the corner with death in your pocket. The police are failing miserably all across the continent. Judges have no idea what justice is about. Maybe it is time for a new justice.
This could be the start of something big.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gomery report

What else can we conclude from the Gomery report about the federal Liberals other than that Chretien was in charge of everything and that he didn't know everyone below him was corrupt? And what else can we conclude other than that Paul Martin was in charge of the money and that he didn't know what the corrupt people in his department were doing with it?
What else can we conclude but that everyone in the government from French Canada is corrupt and stealing money from the rest of Canada?
The basic assumption so far is that the Liberal controlled media across Canada will say poor Paul Martin needs another chance for re-election and that the Conservaives and the NDP would be scary as government.
And the basic assumption is that Quebec will pass the separatist referendum which it will hold in the near future, because the French Canadians controlling our government will again step back to allow it and say nothing.
What is REAL scary is that when that all happens, Canadians will once again stand there and let French Canadians negotiate the separation of Quebec with other French Canadians when every French Canadian MP in Ottawa should immediately resign on the outcome of that vote.
But then corrupt people can't be expected to be honourable, can they?

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Don't be afraid

Carve a punkin and have fun!

2004 model

I think I might have got a genetically engineered pumpkin. The second day after I carved it, the thing seems all rubbery and is shrinking. His hat doesn't fit already. He looks like my old Grandma without her dentures and he's supposed to be scary. I was only afraid Grandma would kiss me.
They used to last several days. And funny, but I think this one might be a clone, a DNA manipulated punkin, he looks exactly like last year's Jack-O-Lantern. Doesn't he?
Or is it a trick?

Ignore the guy on the left, he's a freak.

2005 clones?

Dead celebrities

A recent study produced these names as the top earning dead celebrities in the world today ....
The Lucky 13

1. Elvis Presley
2. Charles M. Schulz
3. John Lennon
4. Andy Warhol
5. Theodore "Dr. Seuss" Geisel
6. Marlon Brando
7. Marilyn Monroe
8. J.R.R. Tolkien
9. George Harrison
10. Johnny Cash
11. Irving Berlin
12. Bob Marley
13. Ray Charles

A following poll came up with these results ...
Poll; Which dead celebrity would you most like to see resurrected?

Marlon Brando(0%)
Johnny Carson(5 %)
Johnny Cash(3%)
Johnnie Cochran(1 %)
James Dean(3 %)
Albert Einstein(13 %)
Theodor 'Dr. Seuss' Geisel(1 %)
Peter Jennings(2 %)
John Lennon(9 %)
Bob Marley(4 %)
Marilyn Monroe(6 %)
Elvis Presley(37 %)
Tupac Shakur(10 %)
Hunter S. Thompson(1 %)
None. They all annoyed me while living.(3 %)
All of them. I love celebrities!(2 %)
I don't know.(1 %)

I guess they didn't know Elvis isn't dead.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Here we go again ....

Maybe we should just go peacefully. Accept that George Bush will be our hero too. Embrace baseball with all those chubby guys. Admit that Oprah is our Queen. Try to love plastic. Tune into TV wrestling. Buy guns.
Yes, yet another American takeover is in the wind, U.S. businessman Jerry Zucker is about to buy the Bay. Our Canadian company that has been the heritage retailer in Canada since 1670. Who knows what he will do with it? Some think that the Bay store at Granville and Georgia will be bulldozed for a high rise office building. The property assets of the Hudsons Bay Company are worth many millions. There is much speculation that Zucker will simply cash in on the buy, gut the value out of it and we'll have Target stores to go along with our WallMarts.
And all those small communities across Canada will end up with a 7-Eleven instead.
The Bay will be gone the way of Chunky Woodward and Timothy Eaton. Get used to a lower quality of life, folks, the Americans are coming. Wait a minute, they're already here!
Go peacefully into the night, Canada, we'll have a red zinger swoosh trailing from our pucks in no time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

World Series 2005

I was watching the fourth game in Houston, Texas. spit
It seemed like it was spit going to be a good game. Then this chubby guy gets on first. A play later he's running to spit second, he gets halfway and starts running out of steam! He slows down just before reaching the base and get's thrown out! Has a big drink at the dugout like he's won the game.
Close Up on his manager trying to be stoic. Extreme spit tips us off what he's really thinking.
Pitches later. Close Up on the league commissioner, nice wig, preoccupied with his shoes, chewing nuts with his mouth wide open. More vacant innings. spit Ex president George Bush is there, Barbara beside him with her head down doing a crossword puzzle or something.
Then this player gets hit by a pitch in the batters' box. spit He is in pain even though he had armor on the hand. Everyone attends him, he gets the base but it seems doubtful if he'll make it to first. Several guys crowd around him. spit Maybe he'll need a doctor. Maybe even counselling. These baseball players are wimps, they need to see a hockey game.
CU again on the managers. full spit A fat pitcher comes out. Throws a few spitballs and retires for hamburgers. CU on George Bush, staring off into space wondering if Saddam is dead yet. Barbara sleeping with her eyes open. A guy goes to the plate, doesn't swing. Stands there watching the pitcher or something behind him maybe. Three fastballs. The guy is out, goes to the dugout, gets a big slurpy or Gatorade, (these guys need gaiter aid) then acts like he's just nailed the last spike in the Crossing of America railroad! He gets some attention from the trainer over that indentation on his shoulder from the perpetual bat rest. spit
Lots of closeups on fans, most of them preoccupied with their shoes. spit Many young boys there in the prime front seats, looking to a future of spending their Dads' money. spit More throwing. Great spit from the Houston manager, at least a pint. CU of huge wad of gum in a mouth. Nose picker. oops. spitter. Players wives, clones looking all the same. NL approved hair. Umpire spits, I think he farted too. Some important looking guys in a row, all spit and polish with suits. Great catch by someone. Men on base, a 1 to nothing game for White Sox, then a high hit, Astros runner goes from second. Way high ball caught by center fielder, he throws .... Cut to: Runner sliding into home plate! Hurray! I'm looking at the score, hey it should be tied now? Right? But they're not posting that run? Oh, wait, I get it, just after the Chicago guy caught the ball, the clever TV director inserted a Houston runner sliding in to home from a different game! Wow, for a minute there I thought there'd be some excitement in baseball. spit. I wasn't tuned in in time to see any F15s flyby before the game, but I would have expected Spitfires anyway. spit
A batter swinging wildly and slipping in his spit. I think he strained something. Maybe a spittoon should be by the plate? Then a final guy pinch hitting and tossed out at first. He's not Kirk Gibson. George Bush Sr. seems a little pissed because they lost the game, and even though he's got two strikes against Saddam, he might lose that game too.
Chicago 1 - Houston 0
spit Never mind that hockey idea, if these guys played hockey the ice would be too bumpy to skate on. spit

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Corruption? Graft? On the take?

Is there anyone left in BC, (even a Liberal voter) who doesn't think that the current BC Liberal government under Gordon Campbell is not corrupt and piloting a secret agenda to destroy our province and hand it over to foreigners?
It has just been announced by the BC Utilities Commission that it will NOT hold any OPEN hearings regarding the sale of Terasen Gas (Once BC Gas) to huge US conglomerate Kinder-Morgan of Texas. In many minds the commission was the last hope to quash the sale. This revelation is astounding! The commission is supposed to be protecting the interests of British Columbians. 8000 letters were sent to the commission about this sale! And they are saying that NOT ONE QUESTION ABOUT THE SALE WAS CONSIDERED IMPORTANT.
The BC Liberals wrote a letter to the BC Utilities Commssion saying they saw no need for public hearings. Now whatever is going to happen will go on behind closed doors. More secrets.
Something is going on. What else can one suspect?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Continued deceit from Gordon Campbell

Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals promised, amid obvious voter concern, that they would not privatize BC Hydro.
BC Hydro with its British Columbia management has been good enough for us since WAC Bennet took control. We've had wonderful cheap power and it has served us well. Managed by BCers. But the Liberals are up to their misleading and deceptive tricks again. Finding ways to eliminate the people of this province from participating in its future. A small private hydro powerplant recently opened in Squamish. "Run Of River" hydro will sell its production of power electricity to BC Hydro for 20 years. (Why not 990 years like the CN rail deal?) THEN, the Squamish plant is free to sell it whoever it wants to. Read America.
This is the method that Gordon Campbell uses to deceive British Columbians. Of course he says, I will not privatize BC Hydro, however, I will encourage NEW PRIVATE developement of British Columbia resources for export by simply BYPASSING BC Hydro, leaving them cooling themselves out of the loop. (We currently BUY American power from COAL FIRED power producers in the US. These plants are huge polluters, which rains down on Canadians by the way. Those producers are protected from the Kyoto treaty by lobbyists.)
The new facility at Squamish is yet again an example of Gordon Campbell's deliberate disassociation with British Columbians and their pride in themselves. More sneakiness. More fraudulent claims. More dupery and trickery.
Nice try Mr. Campbell, but you are not fooling everyone all the time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Liberal backroom battle?

Gary Collins and Kristy Clark are both going for the Liberal party leadership. They saw that Campbell would, sooner or later, have to resign in disgrace over his extreme views and maneuvering of BC into complete foreign ownership. During the current teachers' strike he is touting that breaking the law is the major problem. A law he unilaterally created. This from the notorious Maui law breaker.
Clark said she wanted to spend more time with her family, then bought a house in Vancouver (a potentially RENTAL house) and tried to become Vancouver's Mayor, a stepping stone others have used for lusty ambitions.
Collins is safely tucked away in a polically harmless job as CEO of the Liberal friendly Harmony Airways. He is being kept clean. So far he's leading this secret race because of Kristy's humiliating defeat in Vancouver.
It has recently been suggested that the electorate of BC might be looking for another alternative, one that could be viewed as British Columbia friendly, an alternative like the once strong and vibrant Social Credit party. At least that party was viewed as having been interested in the well being and progress of British Columbia and the people. WAC Bennett built a strong province in the face of all opposition.
We currently have a Liberal government at the end of a long string to the Liberals in Ottawa and American interests in the USA. The NDP is also attached to Ottawa through a national party.

One of the most effective aspects of the old Social Credit party was its lack of control by a distant political party or foreign interests. As a matter of record, the Bennett led Social Credit government had a proviso in the ownership of BC Gas; that it could not be owned by more than 20% out of province interests. The BC Liberals took out that control then privatized it and sold out to Terasen Gas, now soon to be totally controlled from Texas.
Some are looking for those days to return when we were proud of our province and our own accomplishments. Having Collins or Clark at the helm of our province only continues the devastation of British Columbia for greedy shareholders elsewhere.
Whoever runs the BC Liberal party, it is bad news for British Columbians.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

But tell me why?

I KNOW it is simplistic. I KNOW some think it's stupid. I KNOW I don't know about world trade stuff ........ BUT .... it has been said that this year Canadians will pay about $1000. dollars more to heat their homes. I am only wondering why?
Why, when WE Canadians have HUGE resources in natural gas.
Why, when we should be controlling it for ourselves.
Why, when we should be commanding whatever price we want for us.
Why, when we should be dictating the price for others.
Oh, I see, Free Trade agreements. Hmmm, I thought things like that should have been negotiated for a favourable position for Canadians. Whatever happened with Katrina, or the Gulf Oil platforms or international oil shipments or greedy Arabians has little to do with us. Yes?
It's sort of like a bakery. The owner sells the bread to others for, say, ONE dollar, but he brings home his own bread for his family at cost, maybe 25 cents. Isn't that the history of REAL trade? Why does that Free Trade Agreement say that if we charge other countries one dollar for our bread, we have to charge ourselves a dollar too?
I would simply like to know why, when it is OUR natural gas, we are being penalized by foreign interests for owning it. We either control our own destiny or others do. Which do we want?
Anyone have an answer?
One thousand bucks is a bit much.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Today in history - Oct 10, 1886

1886 - Griswold Lorillard of Tuxedo Park, N.Y., fashioned the first tuxedo for men.
It was said Griswold got the idea after a wildlife adventure trip to Antarctica.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Too late? Maybe not.

Terasen Gas can still be kept in British Columbia instead of being exported to Texas. Terasen belongs to the people of BC, it is currently run by hundreds of competant British Columbians. It provides BC gas at BC prices for BC consumers.
The legislative changes made by the BC Liberal government will allow the American Texas company, Kinder Morgan, to take control of OUR precious resource and run it from Houston, Texas. Do you believe that would be in our interests? We know your answer.
Today, whatever profits that are made from BC Gas, can be put back into the BC economy. If the sale goes through, those profits will be used to build an American pipeline from the tar sands to America. And to answer to shareholders in a "whole nuther country" as they like to call themselves. This is a very sorry situation to lose the sovereignty over our very own resource.

There is still one last hope to save what we already own. You need to send two strongly worded emails, (or letters or phone calls or faxes) not a lot of effort to distinguish yourself as a caring British Columbian who has confidence in our ability to operate and control our resources ourselves; tell them you do NOT you want BC Gas (Terasen) to be sold to any American company.

Send your mail and emails to;

BC Utilities Commission Secretary
Box 250, 6th Floor, 900 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2N3
telephone 604.660.4700
facsimile 604.660.1102
BC Toll Free - 1.800.663.1385

Director of Investments
Investment Review Division
Industry Canada
CD Howe Building
235 Queen Street
Room 3018 East Tower
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5
telephone (613) 954-1887
facsimile (613) 996-2515

for more information:

Thank you for being a patriotic British Columbian. Please do it now before it is too late.

please reprint and post on your blog

Monday, October 03, 2005

Death on the move

You saw the video. It was all over the news. The black and white bait car video where the screaming crazed drug addict is careering through the streets trying to shoot a gun out the window. It was graphically illustrative of an insane druggie car thief. Terrifying.
He got caught of course ... got sentenced to 18 months in jail. Eighteen months. He had 123 previous convictions! One hundred and twenty-three. He has stolen over 1000 cars. He refused drug counselling in prison ... if that's where you go for such a light sentence. Eighteen months.
He has served 2 months. Two months. 60 days. And he's getting out today on parole.
Will this guy kill somebody soon?
Where is the point that you hold a judge responsible for future crimes as an accessory?

death on the move

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Judith Miller case

NEW YORK -- New York Times reporter Judith Miller's decision to escape jail by testifying about her conversations with a confidential source surprised some of her supporters and left journalists wondering what her choice will mean for press freedoms.

The bottom line is, women just can't keep a secret.

Robert Novak - White House pawn

Friday, September 30, 2005

Crystal meth ... do what?

Crystal meth is headline news right now. More money for this. More money for that. Educaton. Training. Harm reduction. Parental knowledge. Etc etc ad nauseum.
Not one word about penalties for those who MAKE the stuff.
It seems there is very little deterent to the criminals, who are reaping millions on this lethally destructive drug. I think the authorities are missing one major factor; sentencing for the manufacture of crystal meth. Sure, they have recently elevated crystal meth to the same level as trafficking in heroin. But when was the last time we saw a major sentence to a heroin trafficker? Or a cocain trafficker? The same old defence in court still works: our client is sorry, he's had a rough childhood and is confused. Judge says don't do it again. Trafficker is back on his designated street corner by the afternoon!
The government needs to be cruel and ignore any bent toward leniency for these people who would destroy the lives of our youth.
The sentencing should be ten years, no parole for a first offence. 20 years no parole for a second offence. Take the sentencing OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE JUDGES! They are not tuned in to society!
Being cruel to the criminals is being kind to the rest of us whose lives can be destroyed when loved ones are caught in the downward spiral velocity of crystal meth addiction.
We need to make the criminals refuse to partake in an enterprise with serious penalties.
Until we scare the hell out of the bad guys, we'll always be trying to catch up.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Big Head syndrome

I went to buy some chicken the other day. The last time we bought chicken breasts they were huge. Sort of like the size of a dachshund if you cut it longwise into four. The chicken in the display case was like that. The butcher must use special platters for it. I was expecting to see a little wiry tail tucked under it.
I think it's the hormones they put into our food nowadays. They inject the cattle. Plump up the pigs with genetically engineered meal. Feed chemicals to the chickens. All to make them grow bigger. Bigger is better. Wherever these chickens are kept, I pity the fox who wanders into the hen house!
I think this is an American thing. They need big meals. MacDonalds' megga pounders. Wendy's Wonderbigburger. You go south in the USA and you get huge portions in the restaurants.
I met three young boys from Southern California recently. They all had really big heads. My friend was in Florida a while ago. The young boys there were all 200 lbs at 14 years old .... and they all had really big heads! It is noticeable. They were from the Far Side, Gary Larson people, caricatures of themselves.
It's the hormones combined with Nature. We eat food now that is so much bigger and Nature is making us evolve into larger human beings. I'm afraid, knowing what happened to the dinasaurs. And this overgrowth has been going on for decades now. Those hormones are going into us via the chickens.
I think I might become a Vegan.
I don't want 'RBHS' - Really Big Head Syndrome.

..... pass that basketball sized head of lettuce.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

today in history - Sept 22, 1975

1975 - Self-proclaimed revolutionary Sara Jane Moore attempted to kill President Ford as he walked from a San Francisco hotel. A bullet she fired slightly wounded a man in the crowd.

Just shows how these crazy people are twisted and misaligned.
President FORD?
What didn't she like? His golf game?

Friday, September 16, 2005

President Hu meets Gordon Campbell

The President of China, Hu Jintao, in Canada for trade interests, will meet with Gordon Campbell. China is interested in our natural resources, including coal, natural gas, lumber, etc. It seems to me that there is an opportunity here to diversify our international trade and send America a message; that we CAN sell our lumber elsewhere.
However, President Hu will NOT be asked about China's human rights record. Prime Minister Martin also met with Hu and did not bring up anything about humanity either, he has told Campbell to follow suit, Liberal Chief to Liberal Underling.
Obviously it is way more important to increase the wealth of a very few shareholders and companies than to try to alleviate the suffering of millions.
Hu and Gordo; it's more like Godzilla meets the Creature from the Black Lagoon to plot an evil plan against us all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Perhaps there's hope yet ...

The recent deportation of Bahadur Singh Bhalru might be a sign that someone has been listening to the people of Canada. Having been convicted of killing a woman during a street race, Canadians everywhere were dismayed and outraged at the lenient sentence.
Perhaps we are finally going to send a message to those who would come to Canada and bring with them their disdain for our system. It is a privilege to become a Canadian, not a right.
Maybe it will put others on a 'best behavior' status.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Note to Kristy Clark;

Once a Liberal always a Liberal.
As Vancouver mayor we would expect you to have Gordon Campbell AND Paul Martin telling you what to do. We would expect you to try selling Georgia Street and Stanley Park to private developers while you wait for Gordon to fall on his face and try to get that job. Opportunist go home, Vancouver doesn't need you to 'liberalize' it.
Fold up your parachute and go back to that family you wanted to spend so much time with.

Note to Brian Mulroney;

You never were. You aren't now. You never will be.
Someone is STILL investigating the Airbus scandal. Everyone is STILL wondering where you got all that money.
About the only distinction you have over any other Prime Minister is you are STILL the biggest crook this country has ever seen.

Note to Carol James;

You've said that this new session of the BC Legislature will be more civilized, more calm and polite. You tried that during the election and held onto your integrity. However, with BC being sold out by Gordon Campbell, methinks this session calls for a lot more yelling and screaming.
Emotion catches on.

Gordon Campbell solidifies his position

That position is anti-British Columbia. Gordon Campbell is like a secret spy-mole, having hidden among the people of BC for years, then, when in a position to do so, turns over the country's assets to his spy masters.
The latest of course, is relinguishing BC control over our natural gas resources to a foreign interest, that being Kinder Morgan from Texas. They are about to gain control of YOUR heritage with their impending buyout of Teresen Gas.
All those of you who voted for Gordon Campbell, having swallowed the spin that the NDP would ruin the province, are responsible for this loss of a precious resource you once owned.
America already considers the resources of Canada as their own, to exploit for their own purposes. We've seen through the Free Trade agreement that they ignore whatever rules are in place for their own needs. Kinder Morgan are even urging the Liberals to forget going into communities for input into this sale of another part of BC's future wealth and just make it a done deal so their shareholders will be happy.
As usual, Gordon Campbell will probably follow his hidden agenda and turn more of BC over to these foreign interests.
Whatever your political bent, it can be said of the former Social Credit and NDP governments of this province, that their first intent was to caretake what the people owned. They too allowed private interests to manage, but on contracts that demanded performance and allowed throwing them out after 3 years. In contrast to the 900 year deal with BC Rail! (who incidentally has had an unprecedented 11 derailings this year alone!)
Odd, isn't it, how even when the spy-mole in our midst is identified, the toadies continue to defend him. Sort of reminds one of Anthony Blunt, the British spy-mole who sold out Britain in the 50s and wasn't prosecuted.
Gordon Campbell continues to betray the people of British Columbia and destroy our heritage. It brings new meaning to the term, 'nest of spies'.

permission to reprint - please credit

Monday, September 12, 2005

Burns Bog fire

The Burns Bog fire quickly grew to 12 hectares on Sunday afternoon ... smoke and ash falling all over the Vancouver area. Fire trucks from everywhere, even water bombers and helicopters ... the firemen struggled into the evening but had to go home when darkness came.
The fire was ravaging over 20 hectares by Monday morning and ...
er ... wait a minute, the firemen had to go HOME?

Friday, September 02, 2005

The New War - USA vs Earth

Is the current disaster in the Gulf States the first blow in a new war? Hurricane Katrina has dealt a serious strike to Earth's adversary, the United States of America.
How so? Ridiculous you say. Twisting something for his own use against America. Maybe not ...
Hurricanes are influenced and use the surface temperature of the sea to gain strength and fury. Global warming is here, whether some parochial interests try to hide it or not, and scientists agree that the temperature of our oceans is now at its highest ever in history.
Those same conscientious world scientists have warned now for years against global warming, and the facts are becoming indisuptable. Fish stocks are waning. Sharks are moving north with warmer water. Polar ice caps are falling into the sea. The highest land temperatures are being recorded daily. Drought is common to many countries, including the US. The world's weather is definately changing.
The Kyoto Protcol is an agreement between many countries, and with these scientists, that if we do not change our ways and reduce toxic and dangerous emissions, our Earth will continue to destroy its human parasites. One hundred and twenty nations have currently signed this agreement. The general idea is that we need to reduce our greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent. Britain's Tony Blair has committed to 60% in 50 years. France has targetted 75%. Germany a similar amount. Forward thinking nations have realized that without a commitment now, our future could be dim indeed. There is a point at which it might be too late. Crops will fail. Cancer rates will soar. Fresh water will disappear. The very essence of human life will change.
The USA will not ratify the Kyoto agreement.
The reason?
The oil and coal lobby in America is stronger than the environmental folks. After all they are nothing but tree huggers and dandelion pickers. (this is nothing new, the lumber lobby is causing the US government to ignore the World Trade rulings regarding Canadian softwood even though it adds over one thousand dollars to the cost of a home.)
Vice President Dick Chaney announced 19 MORE coal burning plants almost as the Kyoto Protocol agreement was being published! That is the present US attitude. Those who know Gaia theory might reason that ... "the physical and chemical condition of the surface of the Earth, of the atmosphere, and of the oceans has been and is actively made fit and comfortable by the presence of life itself." Perhaps some of us have embraced that balance and the theory that life is precious to Earth, and Earth is precious to life.
If Earth itself exists as a living being, now being destroyed by some of its own misguided parasites in their greed for money, then it is not really a stretch to imagine that Earth wants to survive and has struck the first blow in its own defence, Hurricane Katrina.
Can we expect more warfare from our host?

reprint permitted - please credit

Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans

Could the reason that the slow mobilization of help to the disaster in New Orleans and surrounding area is because those vital assets like National Guard troops are in Iraq fighting for oil company interests?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bar bells or dumb bells?

We see it on the web. We see it in bars. We see it from rude single guys. Now a doctor who counselled an obese woman telling her she was overweight and that it was bad for her health, is taking flack from the New Hampshire Board of Medicine for his professional concern after she had hurt feelings.
Might we now see it on doctors' office doors too?

- - - - - - The Doctor is IN - - - - - -
- - - - - - - no fat chicks - - - - - - -

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Saddam Hussein - playing the game?

One thing is emerging from the sparse news about Saddam Hussein; he is adapting to the US justice system. Saddam is a survivor. He recently fired most of his lawyers. Sort of the same thing most criminals do in the US when buying time. He might hire more if needed.
Some think the American army should have just killed him when they found him in that spider hole, and some think that maybe Saddam will be with us for years, countering moves by his American puppet attorneys. He has only one charge against him at the present. Unless of course, the US tires of being embarrassed by his presence and simply pretends he died from whatever. Maybe they'll say he swallowed the WMDs.
He is playing the game, and indications are that he may become an expert at it.
No one ever doubted his intelligence, but perhaps George W. might have underestimated it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the REAL criminals in Canada ...

There was recently a radio interview with Peter Warren of Rick Ciarniello, the president of the Hell's Angels in BC. Ciarniello said something when questioned about the money the motorcycle club makes (allegedly) on criminal activities, suggested as grow-ops, that seemed appropo, he said, (paraphrasing) - "compared to the money the government makes ripping off Canadians, we are just pikers!"
A lot of truth in that statement. Of course you KNOW you pay tax on tax in a lot of cases with the GST etc. And much of the so called user fees should have already been paid for by your income or property taxes.
But there seems to me to be one organization higher than both the Angels AND the governments .... those are the banks.
The BMO as it likes to be called now, (Bank of Montreal) is down at the mouth because they made only 541 MILLION DOLLARS IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS!!!!!

What does all this prove? That growing marijuana or taxing you to death is not nearly as criminally profitable as stealing the dollars right out of your bank account!

... Does that guy Tony Comper, the CEO, look like a reptilian shape-shifter to you?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Them social worker folks is smarter than us ....

Don't even try to figure it out.
A youth kills another student with the intention of murdering everyone at his school. He gets 3 years, THREE YEARS, for first degree murder and attempted murder. SOMEONE decides to move him to a halfway house. Open supervision. The JUDGE even says he is NOT ready for that. The psychiatrists say he is likely to commit an offence causing serious harm or death. The police say he is dangerous and likely to offend.
SOMEONE makes the decision to move him there anyway. Over-ruling the judge, the police, the psychiatric evidence and any idea relating to the protection of the public!
Now he's gone and announcing that he won't be taken alive. Do not approach this killer.
SOMEONE signed a form somewhere to initiate this situation.

Shouldn't the person who made this decision be fired?

Monday, August 15, 2005

User fees?

The latest is that Gordon Campbell is going to start charging you $15.00 a time to visit BC Provincial parks. (rising to $20.) They say they need the money for maintenance. Doesn't tax money pay for that? What exactly DOES tax money pay for?
Remember when Stanley Park started charging parking fees throughout? For maintenance? The Park that Lord Stanley dedicated 'for all'. Anyone else notice that the nice grassy slope you could once sit on to overlook English Bay is now nothing but overgrown blackberry bushes? Where's the maintenance? I don't recall anything in Lord Stanley's speech that said 'for the rich only'.
Perhaps some parks shouldn't be maintained anyway, especially the 'wilderness' parks. Everytime a Liberal MLA makes any announcement whatsoever, I cringe at the hidden agenda lurking behind the toothy smile that will be revealed soon.
Anyone else believe there's a Liberal wolfhound in a back room right now figuring out how they can get away with charging us 15 cents a breath for BC air? (rising to 20 cents)

Priorities in the wrong place department.

In the latest issue of 24 Hours, the new newspaper in Vancouver, it has, on page 2, stories about Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston, Paula Abdul and Gwyneth Paltrow.
You have to turn to page 4 to read anything about Canadian war hero Ernest 'Smokey' Smith.
You can see where their priorities are.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


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Free Trade? deja vu all over again

Once again the Americans ignore the ruling against them on softwood lumber and simply refuse to abide by the present Free Trade Agreement. We knew it was going to be like this all the time. They do it on every occasion that doesn't suit them. Most of Canada's premiers are acknowledging that fact. The Toronto Star says it is meaningless. Others say it is useless as long as American lobbyists have control of the US government. (in Canada, 94 percent of our forest lumber production is on public lands. The majority of American lumber is produced from private lands. Those private people don't want competition.)
Does it look like it will improve? Nope. Time to end the agreement altogether? Yep.
In Canada we have whatever the US wants. We should be getting a premium price for it anyway. We should be giving Canadians a break on our own resources and paying for that break by charging others more. Just like a baker gets his family bread for 50 cents and charges everyone else $2. That's just the way it should be.
America is sniffing at our Alberta Tar Sands. There's enough oil there to supply North America for hundreds of years! We need to ensure that whatever we sell anyone else, that Canadians get the benefit.
America wants to build a pipeline from our natural gas resources directly to America. We should forget that and dole out to them what WE think they can have.
We should stop shipping raw logs to the US. Recover our mills and start offering them finished lumber. Why not support Canadian mill workers instead of American mill workers?
We should control our electrical energy resource more carefully. The last time California didn't pay for it when they got into a crunch! THEN they had the nerve to sue us and say we were charging them too much anyway! And they wanted us TO PAY THEM!
Our water resources are huge. The potential is huge. But only with a fair trading partner.
The examples are endless!
These suggestions are not in any way vindictive, but only smart management of our resources. We should have a 'Canada First' policy.
Meanwhile, all those latin countries now negotiating trade agreements with the United States need to take heed of this attitude. It doesn't bode well for them either.
Cancel the Free Trade Agreement. The five years notice needs to begin now. Meanwhile we should take back control of our resource companies and send a blunt message about our sovereignty.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Vancouver - noise pollution capital.

The word "noise" is derived from the Latin word "nausea," meaning seasickness. Noise is among the most pervasive pollutants today. Noise from road traffic, jet planes, garbage trucks, construction equipment, manufacturing processes, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and boom boxes, to name a few, are among the audible litter that are routinely broadcast into the air.
Noise negatively affects human health and well-being. Problems related to noise include hearing loss, stress, high blood pressure, sleep loss, distraction and lost productivity, and a general reduction in the quality of life and opportunities for tranquillity.

In Vancouver, you need to love noise. It is constant. Buses routinely leave their engines running while disembarking passengers. Deisel trucks do the same while stopping for lunch. Construction equipment engines have no mufflers. Pile drivers pound constantly. People feel they can shout at will because they are 'downtown'. The Harleys with drilled mufflers reverberate through the night, setting off faulty car alarms. Last night in our area, a construction crew was pouring concrete, and using a noisy vibrator to settle it at 9:45 pm! They were 17 stories up and working in the dark, I assume hoping no one would notice them up there.

Noise intensity is measured in decibel units. The decibel scale is logarithmic; each 10-decibel increase represents a tenfold increase in noise intensity. Human perception of loudness also conforms to a logarithmic scale; a 10-decibel increase is perceived as roughly a doubling of loudness. Thus, 30 decibels is 10 times more intense than 20 decibels and sounds twice as loud; 40 decibels is 100 times more intense than 20 and sounds 4 times as loud; 80 decibels is 1 million times more intense than 20 and sounds 64 times as loud. Distance diminishes the effective decibel level reaching the ear. Thus, moderate auto traffic at a distance of 100 ft (30 m) rates about 50 decibels. To a driver with a car window open or a pedestrian on the sidewalk, the same traffic rates about 70 decibels; that is, it sounds 4 times louder. At a distance of 2,000 ft (600 m), the noise of a jet takeoff reaches about 110 decibels—approximately the same as an automobile horn only 3 ft (1 m) away.

Noise pollution has already been linked to human stress in that it contributes to immediate health, both physical and psychological. Some people simply get sick, others suffer subliminal stress iritability which leads to higher crime rates and assaults.
The futility of trying to deal with noise pollution adds to the general problem. In Vancouver, no one will respond to excessive noise. The police think it is way down the list. City Hall sends you on a merry-go-round regarding regulations. Worker's Compensation suggests an officer will call you back and investigate in 5 days.

Noise pollution requires our attention. Living in downtown Vancouver is a trial, not a pleasure. Because of the attitude that 'business' can do whatever it wants. Giving out permits to continue construction well into the evening is only helping private builders of high-rise buildings rent out their suites and offices sooner. And it shows no regard for the present citizens of the city. Noise pollution needs to be curbed, it needs rules that allow business to carry on yet it needs regulations to cause a little quiet to those in the immediate neighborhood.


Subjected to 45 decibels of noise, the average person cannot sleep. At 120 decibels the ear registers pain, but hearing damage begins at a much lower level, about 85 decibels. The duration of the exposure is also important. There is evidence that among young people hearing sensitivity is decreasing year by year because of exposure to noise, including excessively amplified music. Apart from hearing loss, such noise can cause lack of sleep, irritability, heartburn, indigestion, ulcers, high blood pressure, and possibly heart disease. One burst of noise, as from a passing truck, is known to alter endocrine, neurological, and cardiovascular functions in many individuals; prolonged or frequent exposure to such noise tends to make the physiological disturbances chronic. In addition, noise-induced stress creates severe tension in daily living and contributes to mental illness.

Trucks and buses must be forced to shut down their engines while making deliveries. Jack-hammers could have a simple foldable shield placed around them to absorb some of their noise. Pile drivers and contruction sites should have enforced hours of operation. Motorcycles and loud cars need to be taken seriously and ticketted by police. Backhoes, loaders and drilling equipment should have mufflers installed. Truck drivers shouldn't have to sound their horns at building sites. Even ambulance and fire truck sirens should be directional, there is no need to just send the noise up amid the buildings when they are trying to alert the street level traffic that they are there.
At present, you forfeit your right to hear a bird once in a while by living in Vancouver.
People? Yes, they make noise too but I'd rather hear a little shouting out there at night, at least I'd know what people are saying.
Noise, what's it doing to us?

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

today in history - - - Aug 7, 1990

1990 - President Bush sent U.S. troops and air power to protect Saudi Arabian oil fields from possible Iraqi attack.

The problem is, that this was kept from the Saudi people who had no idea that US forces were even ON Saudi Arabian soil protecting them.
Yes, we know the US was basically protecting their OWN interests because of that Kuwaiti and Saudi oil, but still, allowing the Saudi powers to keep it secret was a gross PR mistake.
Yes, we know that the US basicaly condoned the Iraqi war against Kuwait by the American ambassador's comments at that time, when Saddam Hussein claimed Kuwait as a breakaway state of Iraq and that he was intent on taking it back. To which the American ambassador replied that the US had NO interest in internal Iraqi politics. THEN, when Iraq made a move on Kuwait the US suddenly turned on Saddam. And the result was the Gulf War. (not counting the fact that America NEEDED a convenient war to test new weaponry)

Yes, we know that the prince/shah/potentate/Grand Mufti of Kuwait or whatever he called himself at that time promised to democratize his country in return for US protection of HIS oil riches, and that he has done NOTHING to date to change the attitude toward women, allow citizens to vote or make any inroads to democracy at all.
And yes, we KNOW that the war got quickly out of hand and it was basically the US's doings that actualy caused it to begin with. The war that Iraq fought with US weapons given to it because Iran and the Ayatola Khomeini became the enemy after the Shah was booted.
And yes, even if 'they' were feeding us daily disinformation, most of us KNEW there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
And finally, yes, we KNOW that George Junior promised his Daddy that HE would get Saddam for him because Saddam was thumbing his nose at George Senior (who was dumped after only one term) and that led us to the present situation where hapless US troops are being killed daily and it looks like there is no way out.
It all seems like certain shadowy Americans in power lost control of their egos, doesn't it?
History is indeed strange.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Here's the trick ...

To fool British Columbians. Take a BC enterprise like BC Gas. Call it something else for a while, until BCers forget they ever owned the utility ... change it's name to something like Terasen Gas ... sell it to an American energy conglomerate who wants to extend a pipeline into America and bypass Canadian needs ... tell everyone it is free enterprise and Presto!
No one complains about losing another portion of sovereignty.
Gordon Campbell's continuing usurping of British Columbians' power and wealth goes on ...

Monday, August 01, 2005

US law in Canada

Marc Emory, head of the Canadian Marijuana Party has been arrested and detained by the RCMP at the request of the American D.E.A. because he sells seeds of bad plants, some of which, (it is alleged) find their way into America. Extradition procedings will commence soon.
One wonders, of course, why the US D.E.A. doesn't do the same thing with the drug lords in Colombia. The fraud schemers in Nigeria. The child molester tourists in Thialand. There are all kinds of America laws being broken in many countries acround the globe.
We Canadians violate them daily, we are all dangerous criminals in the eyes of white-hat America.
- Perhaps the RCMP could arrest the Purdy's chocolate company because in Idaho, the law states all boxes of candy given as romantic gifts must weigh more than 50 pounds.
Egads, Valentine's day terror for cheap husbands!
- At last, a reason to arrest all those register-resisting gun hawks in Alberta because
in Connorsville, Wisconsin a man is legally prohibited from shooting a gun while his female partner is having an orgasm. It doesn't say anything about who she's having the orgasm with!
- No matter what you thought of your old miserable uncle, you must remain civil in his death, because
in Texas, it is illegal to curse in front of, or indecently expose oneself to a corpse. I guess old Harold Ballard will face the courts of America for pissing on Lenin's tomb in Moscow and calling him a bastard. Wait a minute, speak only good of Harold and keep your pisser in your pants, Ballard is dead now too!
- Maybe the RCMP will arrest all Canadians because in Minnesota it is illegal to have sex in any other position other than missionary. Perverts all of you. Go to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect lawyers fees. For shame.

Will we extradite all same-sex marriage couples to the USA for persecution too?
Is Paul Martin still considering decriminalizing the possession of marijuana?

UPDATE: Recently on the TV show, To Serve and Protect, the RCMP had to intermediate a squabble between a man and wife. As the cop discussed the situation, he asked about drinking or marijuana use and the 'person of interest' showed the police constable his small stash of pot in a baggie, the Mountie checked it, and GAVE IT BACK TO THE MAN! Then told them to behave and went about his business! This is an example of the de facto unagitated attitude of our Canadian police.
I love our Mounties!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

today in history - - - July 20, 1969

- U.S. astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin became the first men to set foot on the moon.
... or not.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Advertising silliness ... #7 ... Alarm Force

Alarm Force. You've heard their ads on radio. "Hey! This is alarm force central control, identitfy yourself!" The commanding voice shouts at you from a speaker somewhere.
So what does the burglar say? "Oh, it's ok, Sir, I'm the brother-in-law." Does the disjointed voice come back with, "Hmm, I guess it's ok then."
'The authorities have been notified' is their catch-phrase. Authorities? Who ARE the authorities? We naturally assume the police. It turns out that the 'authorities' are some guy they hire to give you a call or come knock at your door, and THEN maybe call the cops. And where IS Central Control? Winnipeg? Toronto? Halifax? Chicoutimi? How do you yell, "Help, the burglar is stealing the silver!" in french? Merde.
The latest is they are saying if they HEAR you being threatened they'll call the police. Hear? So they plant a bug in your house? Are they listening all day every day? All night? Do eager ears hear you pleading with your wife for Tuesday night sex? Do they hear your bank account number? Do they hear you saying that under the sofa is the best place to hide the jewels? Will they hear you saying that their $25. monthly cheque might bounce this time? And cut you off? The little mic must be powerful to hear everything in every room. Wondering what the government would give to have that ear into your private life?

Could it go like this;
Alarm force - "Identify yourself, this is Alarm Force central control!"
Unknown voice - "It's ok, man, I'm jus' waterin' the plants."
Alarm force - "Identify the plants then."
Unknown voice - "Uhm ... little jagged leafy plants. Green ones, man, what'd you expect?"
Alarm force - "How many? And don't lie. We know everything, you know."
Unknown voice - "Forty-one."
Alarm force - "Aha, should be 43, we hear everything too!"
Unknown voice - "One died and one got smoked."
Alarm force - "I'm calling the authorities."
Unknown voice - "Hey, give a guy a break, I'm only doing a little agriculture while these folks 're away."
Alarm force - "Well, I'm calling as soon as our guy in your town gets off his coffee break. Where are you anyway?"
Unknown voice - "I'm outa here."
(sound of phone dialing)
Alarm force - "Is this 9 1 1?"
911 operator - "Bonjour, où est en France Québec vous?"
Alarm force - "Oh no. I got Chicoutimi 9 1 1."
911 operator - "Département du feu? Fire department? Ambulance, Police or Wine abuse please, what do you like? We no longer take complaints against the Montreal Canadienne."
Alarm force - "Get me the cops."
911 operator - "Which city please?"
Alarm force - "Um ... er ... he didn't say ... but I think it's in BC, I heard him say 'Bud' and no one else was there, we hear everything you know."
911 operator - "Désolé, neuf un un Chicoutimi ne reconnaît pas Colombie britannique."
Alarm force - "Sheeez, you don't recognize BC? It's OUT there, get real."
Unknown voice - "Hey, man, you still there?"
Alarm force - "Uhm ... shit ... er, Identify yourself, the authorities have been notified!"
Unknown voice - "Okay okay, I'll send you another pair of ... uh ... socks."
Alarm force - "Better .... Never mind the call, 9 1 1."
911 operator - "quelle ville, which city, s'il te plaît?"

Monday, July 11, 2005

Hockey wars

Owners - We won!
Players - We won!
Fans - We lost!