Thursday, April 11, 2013

Return of Gumby

I'm ba-a-ack! Now all we gotta do is find Mr. Bill.

 (It was never my fault.)

Do not accept imposters
 Gumby's Lament

I'm not Lisa, my name is Gumby
Lisa left you years ago
My eyes are not blue
But mine won't leave you

Til the sunlight shines through your face ... 

maybe from a magnifying glass!
Sheez, I'm not Lisa ... I'm GUMBY! 

(apologies to Jessi Colter)

It is pure speculation that Mr. Bill was lured by someone GREEN onto a Verona opera stage where Pavarotti sat on him during a performance of Rigoletto and that he was never removed when Luciano died, these rumors are unconfirmed. The Italian Carabinieri are uncooperative, considering it a la Triviata issue.  However, the rotund Tenor's famous hanky casts a shadow of verdant suspicion.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Bucket List Item

Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race

Before I die all tucked in bed
before my feeble heart gives in
before I die with addled head
before confessing all my sin.

Before I feel my soul set free
and go to meet that final plan,
take me out in the Irish Sea
to the TT race on the Isle of Man.

© Bob Westerholm

7 minutes of adrenalin - the camera is NOT speeded up! 

Courage or Insanity?      Focus or Freedom?      Addiction or Absolution?      Death or Life itself?