Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bail outs

Give some of the taxpayer's money to these crucial to the economy companies if we have to, but FIRE ALL the CEOs and top management who caused the situation with pooor management and poorer planning! And DON'T give them one cent in severance or bonuses! And put a government watchdog into the top offices to see what these big spenders are doing with the money!
They should have resigned anyway for plundering their own companies! Arrogance and mismanagement should be punished, not rewarded.
If there was ever a position for Ralph Nader, here it is.

Suggestion from out there - "Maybe Exxon-Mobile should bail them out? They make trillions every quarter and all because of the auto industry."

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Classless people in hockey

1 - Wayne Gretsky - for scratching young Kyle Turris, former Vancouver Giant now with Phoenix, after the pregame skate when he knew Turris had been interviewed for days about his excitement to play in GM Place in front of over 100 friends and family members. And Turris scrounged all week for the tickets which he paid for. In the game of class Gretsky is a loser for forgetting that hockey is still a sport. Gretsky is not a coach to play for, Turris should ask for a trade.

2 -Alain Vignault - who put his personal feelings against Trevor Linden ahead of hockey when he sat out Linden on the road trip where the team brings along the fathers of the players. Imagine having your Dad with you and being scratched every game! Trevor was embarrassed but Vignault showed he had no class at all doing that to the most popular player the Canucks ever had. Toss a rotten tomato at Alain.

3 - Mark Messier - For signing with Vancouver, demanding to be captain, then seeing that Pavel Bure was getting all the attention, and deciding to play his way OUT of Vancouver by not scoring, not checking, not being able to recieve a pass, and floating while sucking up to Mike Keenan to undermine the other players on the team. We think he's gay anyway.

Class still counts, but none of these guys have it.


Three more people who should never play in the NHL. The two sons of Patrick Roi, and Sean Avery. If these types who know nothing about sportsmanship are allowed to enter or stay in the league, we lower the NHL to the same status as the NBA.