Wednesday, February 19, 2020

How to defeat Google intrusion.

So you already know that when you search anything on Google, they record your search and use it to display more items related to that search. To help YOU they say. They place these 'items of interest' at the side of your screen, taking up a huge portion of what you see. This is intrusive, it's YOUR computer, but Google doesn't care, they get mega dollars from advertisers to display their product there. At the expense of you having a full width screen to work on.

So if you happen to search 'quilting' for instance, Google will place ads selling sewing supplies, cloth, sewing machines, and all manner of goods that might be related to what Google deems you must want.
If you search a pick-up truck, you'll get Dodge Rams, F150s, Tundras etc. All filling your need to see one and buy it. You get the idea. Maybe. 

So, what you have to do is manipulate the Google search for your own needs. Yes?
In my case, when I arise and go to my computer for a day's work, I have no intention of being distracted unless it is a subject I want there. So ... I search for plus-size ladies clothing, specifically lingerie. Then you click on a few choice items and voila, Google springs into action and gives you a parade of pretty voluptuous women at the side of your screen. You can choose whatever women you like. Google doesn't get what you did. What better way to ease the stress of your work in the morning? Maybe.

You can have whatever you want on your screen, cats, dogs, hamsters or dinosaurs. Up to you what you place there. Just make it what YOU like, not what Google gets money for if you click on it. But if you allow them to decide, you'll get a series of wriggling idiotic advertisements. Don't you get enough already?

And if at the end of your day, you're stressed and thinking of a Warrior Princess beating the hell out of your nagging boss - the right search could get you Xena and Calisto too! Boss? What boss?

Hey don't blame me. I just did a search. Google puts them there.

So I am not being misogynistic here, this is not sexual objectification. Really. There is opportunity for ladies to follow this idea too.
A few searches for your fave man-man will get your screen more likeable. And again, you could combine for a quilted 1892 daydream? Nothing too loose about that.

Perchance to dream?


So. You don't need to have Google choices taking over your screen. A few specific searches can solve the problem of their intrusive behavior.
And yes you do have to search really stuff at times, but just go right back after getting what you need, and search again to get what you really want!

Of course, perhaps you really are interested in quilting?

Good luck with that. But try not to linger on about being under that quilt with your fantasy person.

Google isn't all that smart. 

Meanwhile . . . .