Monday, November 07, 2011

How to bankrupt China

Stop shopping at WalMart until they have to close all their stores.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What did they expect?

The spread of the 'Occupy Wall Street' mentality is growing.
How long it grows or how far it goes is anyone's guess. But the fact that people are organizing at all in such a way as having street protests is ominous for the powers that be. Because the people marching and occupying are not the usual black-masked vandals who frequent every protest, they are ordinary people who want to make it known that they are dissatisfied with the status quo. So the way things have been going one can only ask, what did they expect?
A recent poll showed that the general public thinks these protests will do no good by about 60%.  Yet the movement is expanding. The Middle East, Africa, Europe, South and North America are having spontaneous demonstrations. Corporate greed and government corruption seem to be the igniting factors.

We are told that 99% of the world's wealth is held by 1% of the people. And those people who are supposedly in charge, are only looking out for themselves.  And flaunting their power and position in an unequal world. We ARE one step away from anarchy.
The worst thing in the world next to anarchy is government. — Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887); American preacher, speaker, and writer.
And yet there are those who believe that anarchy is an important step in the forward movement by governments towards the so called New World Order.  And these people with that agenda relish the prospect of bringing order to the unruly crowds, but need to allow that populace to become unruly first. Some even predict Martial Law in America within the next 3 years!

Yes, and what did these powerful and influential one percent expect?
Today corporations run the governments. So called Free Trade Agreements stopped a small town in Mexico from preventing the dumping of American nuclear waste in their region. It over-ruled the Mexican government and the people's health concerns. And the WTO riots show that people are catching on to the deception. Freedom and democracy is suspended by trade agreements!

Some believe that the US Government Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has hired  pharmaceutical executives to run it. With drugs being approved because they will aid huge profits! Listen to those ads on CNN for drugs and their side effects! An extensive study published in the reputable Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that 106,000 people die each year in American hospitals from medication side effects! Warner-Lambert, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and many others have all been involved in lawsuits exposing their practices in selling drugs. Yet it goes on and on.

Monsanto is deciding which genetically manipulated Frankenfoods you will eat, after bullying farmers in the USA and South America for years! Even charging them and putting them out of business because their seeds blew into the farm property! Can growth hormones and chemical additives harm the human species?  The fish farms are about to start 'manufacturing' a genetically engineered salmon fish four times larger than normal! People subjected to these growth hormones for years in their food in America are beginning to produce huge abnormal children!

Is the British Petroleum oil rig still spilling crude into the Gulf? Many think they are and we have no way of looking at it because the BP Corporation will not let anyone near it! The US Navy should have taken charge of that whole disaster!  Yet the oil company can shield its operations from scrutiny, even after been caught lying! It is being rumored right now that the Gulf Stream which warms Western Europe is no longer flowing north and across the Atlantic, and that the 'dead spot' in the Gulf of Mexico is growing exponentially!
And did you know that Exxon has still not paid the fines imposed on them in their spill of 1989! Inspite of billion dollar profits every year! Who allows these transgressions? The powers that be.

The Enron scandal case was coincidentally ended when World Trade Center Building 7 conveniently fell down and all the FBI investigative evidence was contained in that building. The Bush family allowed certain Saudis to fly out of America DURING the evening of the 9/11 disaster, when everything else was grounded and Saudis were already suspect in the event! And Dick Cheney and his connections with Haliburton are hardly talked about. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency used Blackwater private troops to deter desperate people at gunpoint trying to flee to safety during the Hurricane Katrina flood aftermath instead of helping them.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac gave contributions to lawmakers sitting on committees that primarily regulate their industry!  The House Financial Services Committee; the Senate Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs Committee; or the Senate Finance Committee. Others have seats on the powerful Appropriations or Ways & Means committees or are members of the congressional leadership or have even run for president. While common people lost their dreams. No one has ever been charged in those cases!

Automobile companies who received tax payer's dollars as a bail out, arrogantly still gave their incompetent executives who put them in the position of NEEDING a bailout still got huge million dollar bonuses, spitting in the people's faces!
Banks can show a billion dollars profit per QUARTER with virtually NO research or developement of anything but ways to take cash out of your pocket! And no one ever criticizes these insolent executives, calling them instead 'job providers' and other nonsensical catch words. The Federal Reserve in America duped the public for years into thinking they were an arm of the American government looking after you, and instead were nothing but a private financial business insuring their own profits.

The CIA are suspected of fostering the growth of the heroin industry in Afghanistan and elsewhere in South East Asia! For secret profits! While brave young men are killed while thinking they are helping their country! People believe that the NSA, National Security Agency is involved with a secret agenda , and they no longer trust their local police. Instead fear them. Drug dealers work with impunity on our street corners. The criminality in cities is rampant and separating law abiding citizens from their own communities.
Drug cartels are in the midst of actually taking over the whole of Mexico! Columbian cocain continues year after year to flow steadily into the North America.

Your media reports on little of significance. You listen to cat and dog stories every night at 6 while the important events are allowed to pass into oblivion because certain people close to political contacts control almost the whole of media today.  In Iraq, there have been over 100 independent war corespondents and reporters killed since troops went there. While 'embedded' reporters tell you what they are told to tell you! Who is killing these free reporters from Rueters and other respected news sources? Someone who doesn't want them telling you what is happening.  An insidious suppression of truth.

So again, what did these arrogant manipulating people in power expect? 
They were charged with the duty of protecting a way of life. With running corporations with ethics, and governments with honesty. And they have failed miserably. We see that the pendulum of democracy has swung way wide of the mark.
The protests are now worldwide. Against corporations, organizations and governments that have no regard for people and their families. The public feels helpless. All they can do is protest, peacefully at first, but when unheard and frustrated, and feeling helpless and looking at a bleak future, they begin busting things. It is fear of the future. It is hope being extinguished. And the busting might be the democracy everyone talks about as being so much better than anything else.
Yet if that democracy is seen by the 99% as serving only the one percent .... Are you still angry at WikiLeaks?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”   ―  Margaret Mead

Just what did they expect?

Second thoughts - - -  it seems the Vancouver 'protesters' are not knowledgeable about the worldwide efforts by others to bring attention to government corruptions and corporate greed. The Vancouver people now occupying the Art Gallery lawns with pitched tents, when interviewed by news media, seem to have a misunderstanding of why they are there, and put forth a rhetoric that betrays them as the same old protesters who turn out to any event. These people, legitimately or not, are turned off by society but make no effort to work at solving problems except to cry about not getting anything. It is a sad situation here as opposed to people around the world who have deep concern about what we wrote about above. Time for them to be removed.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two new websites to attack

The choice is yours - - -  -   The site that goes along with the radio attacks ads against John Cummins, leader of the BC Conservatives. -  asking for donations - implemented by the BC Liberal Party.  -  The site that attacks the attack ad and Christy Clark, leader of the BC Liberal Party - not asking for donations - implemented by unknown.

Expect more.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fire the Vancouver Police!

I never thought I'd say this, because I think Chief Jim Chu is a nice man, but he is in way over his head and needs to be fired. And all those policemen who are now in Indianapolis analyzing footage of the rioters need to be brought back to Vancouver and put on desk duty. This is not a holiday! What is next? Quantico for FBI profiling? 

It is becoming obvious that something is up, and the Vancouver Police have no idea about how to do their job, nor do the prosecutors, nor does Vancouver Mayor Robertson, nor does the Premier of the Province, Christy Clark. She doesn't want to interfere with justice? Ask her how Gordon Campbell was able to actually STOP a trial when he was about to be implicated. (never mind, that's the old BC Rail scandal again)

It is almost like the Vancouver Police and everyone in a position of authority are trying desperately to avoid charging that doctor's son who turned himself in the next day! And maybe by outwaiting the public they will be able to lose him in the shuffle somewhere! 

There seems to be no reason to study more footage of the rioters except to ID new people discovered to be rioting or looting. Going off to some American facility to enhance whatever pictures they have will only allow the lawyers for the perps to cry photoshop, loud and clear and deny the images as tainted evidence!
What about the rioters who have already admitted guilt? Why are they not even in jail yet! Instead of telling us you will arrest 40 people on October 31st, why not do the Hallowe'en trick right now and arrest them right now! Then another 40 on the 15th. Then another 40 on the 31st! These perps need to start paying their lawyers NOW!  And if their daddys are rich doctors too bad.

The Vancouver police now want the media footage too, and the media will probably resist and there goes more wasted time.
There is a famous picture by a young photographer of thousands of fans before the riot. It is going around as an email and is ultra high resolution. It could be used to ID many of those creeps by comparing them before and during their malicious actions! 
When you have 40 people who have already come forward and admitted guilt, you need to get on with sentencing them. And harshly! The Mayor needs to demand it and Christy Clark needs to stop politicking against the NDP and do something that shows she has some faint idea of what a premier of the province should be doing when the law abiding people have been kicked in the face by the slag!

This lag does nothing to enhance the idea of law and justice, and it is the law and justice who are denigrating themselves. It is like the police, the mayor and the premier are all hoping they can squeeze out of a dilemma by lingering on the sidelines and blaming someone else.

People need to be fired. Now. Start with Jim Chu. Go on to Mayor Robertson,. Finish off with Christy Clark. These three need to be fired. Vancouver and BC will be better for the riddance of all these ineffectual people.
Then we need to build a fire under the asses of the perps and not be satisfied with bitch-slapping them!
The people of BC and Vancouver deserve way better than what they've got!

 Where is Mathew Begbie when we need him?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Snitch ads

This is ominous.
Radio ads are now playing a new advertisement. By Business Alliance Software. Asking you to call in or go to a website and report your company or neighbor or someone you know who might be using pirated software.
The page you go to has a complete form for you to fill in, should you suspect someone is using pirated software. You add your detailed report, and can even chat online with an agent regarding pirated software. All this in complete privacy!  Even secrecy.
Wow, it worked in East Berlin and Russia, no reason it won't work here in America and Canada. Of course they say your name will be confidential unless required by law. And yes, all court cases would require the name of the individual who started the action as evidence and yes all court case evidence becomes public information by law. But that's small print stuff.

This is exactly like what the Recording Industry of America did, when they enacted their actions on behalf of Metallica, regarding downloads of music. And today every single person in North America pays more for their recording tapes and recordable CDs because they've branded us all as midnight downloading criminals!  And who gets that money? Exactly.

Well of course you want to be a good citizen and stop the millions of dollars of lost revenue to software companies. Good. And besides, you get a reward!

But is this the start of something bigger and even more ominous? We'll leave it to facebook to continue gathering cross referencing material for the CIA. But how long will it be before other private agencies begin to gather detailed information from people about other things?  Suspicious things. Ba-ad things.

Do you suspect your neighbor is selling his garden tomatoes without reporting the income as taxable?
Is your other neighbor golfing when he's supposed to be sick on compo?
Does your nasty sister-in-law get all those pencils from her office job?
How did that WallMart guy up the street manage to afford a BMW?
Are those guys hanging around the coffee shop espresso dealers?
What are those Elks Club men really doing in their meetings?
Is your 40 year old unmarried brother-in-law a closet gay?
Did Grandma really win all that money playing Rumoli?

Perhaps these are all people and events that need reporting and investigation. Why should they get away with murder? Or tomatoes even. Will there be more websites set-up for people to snitch on their friends, neighbors and bosses?
Guaranteeing your privacy consequently transmits anonymous power to you if you are in a position to witness the results.
Can you actually make the Stazi appear with Kalishnikovs drawn to drag away the guy across the street at 4 am because he can't account for those BBQ steaks? Screaming in terror while you peek from behind your curtains?
Will there be a proliferation of tattle-tale sites?

Call the Neighbor-did-it hotline today!
Fill out the form at
Send an email to ClosetmenAren'

All with confidentiality. Be a good citizen, report those misdeeds and miscreants.

The reward mentioned is paid by Business Software Alliance, (BSA) 'IF BSA proceeds with an investigation and IF it leads directly to to a successful prosecution and IF it results in a monetary settlement from the accused and IF the requirements have been met, then you will be CONSIDERED for a reward IF you filled out a separate form and ASKED to be included and IF you are not violating an employment contract and IF you supply that contract to BSA and IF you agree that you have no right to contest BSA's sole determination and after all this, BSA reserves the right to determine the amount of your (potential) reward! '

Whew, that small print was small!

Oh wait, there's more - - - BSA reserves its right to deny the payment of a Reward or to revoke the Reward Program at any time, without notice, for any reason.
Whew again. And oh yes, it's taxable so they need your Social insurance number.

Maybe BSA has become the wikileaks of software piracy.
What the hell, report the bastard anyway, you want to see him in fear don't you? Shhhh!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Politiclly Correct Riot

So in this aftermath of the Vancouver Riots we are getting every conceivable fix from every conceivable source. And a lot of feeble excuses thrown in like pepper in a sauce.

Police chief Jim Chu says maybe we weren't quite prepared but it's not his fault. Mayor Robertson says it's not his fault. Madam Premier Clark says we'll get them and then goes into hiding.  Blame the Canucks for losing! Blame the police for not controlling the situation. Blame Transit for allowing people into Vancouver! Blame anyone else.
The solutions are endless and ridiculous! Don't sell alcohol. Stop people from arriving into Vancouver. Stop the Skytrain from running. Block the roads. Don't allow planes to land. Hire thousands more police. Get water canons. Rubber bullets. Real bullets! Close liquor stores. Close Red Bull stores. Build more community centers. Start Riot Education Programs in Kindergarten. Give them free hot dogs and cocoa. What else?

Whatever they do, while we wait for whatever consequences are going to happen. We still see those violent images of the event in progress.  Fires, fights, looting, cars afire, fires in buidings, cars tipped over, window smashing, robbing, brazen youth taunting, even fighting with police, drunks drunks drunks etc etc etc.

This is what I see which leads to my solution - - -
I watched on TV as lines of policemen with helmets and face shields, Billy clubs and plexiglass body shields stood in their line and only watched as rowdy youth threw beer cans, junk, sticks and stones and even wooden pallets at them. Occassionally a policeman would lash out with his Billy club and swipe at the THIGHS of the attacker.
How nice of our police to be so gentle with rioters.

I thought at the time that if I was a policeman in that line, I would only last ONE riot and probably be fired. I wanted to see the police go right after the taunter, smack him with the Billy club IN THE HEAD! Send him down and out, full of blood, and then cuff him right there, legs and hands. Throw him in jail and conveniently forget about him for say, 96 hours. I KNOW they cannot legally do that. So bite me! You cannot legally riot either!

Did you know what Krazy Glue was invented for in Japan? The Japanese police would collar a rioter, put the glue on both palms, pull him around a lamp pole, slap his hands together and leave him there, to be picked up later! Now that is action.

Yes, I am aware of the lawsuit idea against the police. In many cases sponsored by an indignant daddy's money! Not MY son, they say! But if the people who are charged take months to come to court, then let the perps who think they're mistreated sue us and then WE make sure THOSE cases go on the back burner for years. Decades.

If the police are going to stand and take it, then they will suffer the results, which translates to the law abiding people of Vancouver. A riot situation is serious and requires extreme action with dire consequences. Jim Chu said they couldn't act because innocent people were standing around watching? What? Would they do that in Bagdad or Kabul? If you are innocent get the hell out of there or face the results!

I do believe that while I watched our Gentlemen Police Force in action (if action is the correct word) others with an interest in the potential 'fun' of rioting watched also, saw the feeble efforts of our police and decided to go with the flow. And those images are having a lasting effect that you CAN riot and nothing much will happen.

Too bad it is coming true, but Gentleman Jim Chu, needs to put his job on the line and become Genghis Jim Chu.
No fighting, no burning, no taunting, no shit or you get what's coming to you.

It is sad to say, but yes, add this to the gang killings on our streets every month,  and Vancouver is becoming a lawless city.


Sunday, August 07, 2011

Good morning .... in 5 seconds.

Good Morning America viewers should never have been allowed to see Nicki Minaj's exposed nipple, an enraged campaign group has argued. The singer suffered the 'wardrobe malfunction' while performing as part of the US breakfast TV show's Summer Concert Series on Friday, August 5. The incident has already become a big hit on YouTube, although full clips of the exposure are routinely being taken down by the video sharing site. (don't go looking, it's not the point of this article)

However, the Parents Television Council has argued that the racy footage (their words) should never even have made it to air, as the program could have used a five-second delay to prevent such problems.

Hmm. I wonder how many children are actually watching or paying attention to their mother's choice of morning TV shows? Do four-year-olds tune in to Regis and the grotesquely skinny Kelly for morning chatter? Six-year-olds to Good Morning America? Other breakfast news shows?
Whatever happened to TelaTubbies?  Ninja Turtles? Winnie the Pooh? Donald Duck has paraded around in front of children for decades without any pants on! Where is the Parents Television Council on that one?
Did Janet Jackson really offend anyone with her flash at a Superbowl game? Does someone on the PTC actually WATCH the NFL or did someone tell them later to be offended? Does anyone on this Parents Television Council ever go to MTV and see the daily T&A show there? Or to the National Gallery of virtually any country?

Hmm again. I wonder how many of these offended people are in the rallying crowd defending a woman's right to breast feed her child at the mall or anywhere anytime? And yelling that breasts are NOT sexual. It seems to me that 'racy' footage is what is supposed to be racy,  like Red Shoe Diaries, not a simple slip during a quaking musical performance.
Too bad there are so many people who find the live human body so offensive but don't mind watching the dead ones in morning news war footage, oblivious to the impact on their children.

Methinks that Nicki Minaj and her nipple would go right past the attention of a preschool child, and other modern children, the demographic of her fans, would just ignore it anyway. Maybe the PTC needs to concentrate on childrens' beauty pageants instead? Now there is something disgusting!
But then if you can't find enough to complain about, you're unlikely to get more money for more complaints. Councils need to perpetuate themselves, don't they?
And in those 5 seconds, Nicki got 5 miles of publicity!

Meanwhile, here's a few lines from the Supergirl of Hip Hop:

I remember when I couldn't buy my mother a couch
Now I'm sittin' at the closin' bought my mother a house
You could never understand why I grind like I do .....


Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Divine Miss M

Lady Gaga, who some say has doubtful talent, steals Bette Midler's wheelchair routine?

She already copied Madonna's Express Yourself with her Born this Way. She can't seem to meat up with any originality! After leaking the lyrics on her Twitter account, Gaga debuted the single. And while 'Born This Way' remained a trending topic on Twitter all that morning – another began trending as well: 'Express Yourself,' as in Madonna's 1989 Top 10 hit. By late morning, 'Express Yourself' had become more popular than 'Born This Way' on Twitter, with fans and foes alike comparing the songs.] You can watch the Madonna hit here -

So now Lady Gaga has arrived on stage in Sydney, Australia in a wheelchair ala Grammy winner Midler. Did she think she was far enough away that no one would notice? But we all know the Divine Miss M has her own original style, and some would think that her wheelchair routine as mermaid Delores Delago should be untouchable as a signature character!

There was plenty of controversy to go around after Lady Gaga's show in Sydney. Aussies threw eggs at the singer (sic) as she left a bar, (perhaps they thought she was wearing ham?) and activists were enraged when she came onstage in a wheelchair dressed as a mermaid character. ? Is there a 'Legs for Mermaids' movement somewhere? Only in OZ.
It is interesting to note that the first mermaids, spied by starved sailors at sea, were actually dugongs!

Midler, our Lady of the Perpetual Smile, was critical of the Gaga at first, tweeting the message that she had been performing her mermaid character since 1980 - ‘You can keep the meat dress and the firecracker tits - mermaid's mine'.
Then being the classy Babe she is, said it was okay.

Did Lady Gaga think 1999 and 1980 were so far in the distant past for people to remember the originals? Hmm. I suppose her fans weren't born yet so what would they know?

What's next? Maybe she needs to go back further, no one would remember Judy Garland's Over the Rainbow. (1939) Would she do it dressed as the Tin Man, not knowing anything about the original. If that isn't a signature song I don't know what is.

Alas, maybe it is time for me to move on, I just remember too much.

One thing she cannot steal, The Divine Miss M's routine, 'Pretty Legs and Great Big Knockers'  fans have been going gaga over that for a long time. And the Lady is unfortunately missing in those attributes.

Pretty legs and great big knockers will always be Bette Midler!
You can't steal that kind of talent.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wife arrested - penis in garbage disposal

In Garden Grove, California, a wife (allegedly) fed her husband drugged food, tied him naked to a bed, cut off his penis and threw it into the garbage disposal! My gawd, haven't they heard of a safe word? Everyone involved in kink knows that. The police found him bleeding profusely, still tied. And most likely crying.
This woman had a powerful hate on for her estranged husband. And kitchen knives are usually dull. Go look at your butter knife!

At least Lorena Bobbitt just tossed it out the car window. In that case the police went searching along Lorena's route and found it, lying there all innocent and meek having been nearly run over by a cement truck, crows on the overhead wires looking down. They asked one lady if she had seen a penis and she said yes, she had, her uncle's in the shower when she was nine.
They reattached that one.

In this case they didn't say whether a plumber was called to open the sink trap. But they might not have been able to distinguish the remains from the rutabaga she had peeled earlier.
They allege Catherine Kieu Becker drugged the meal and served it to her estranged husband shortly before the attack.
The 51-year-old man felt sick, went to lie down and lost consciousness. The victim's arms and legs were tied to the bed with rope, (not silk rope either)  his clothes removed and he was attacked with the kitchen knife as he awoke. All that holding and sawing, of course he awoke! They said he was conscious when his penis was removed. Like really. Would he doze off?
It was tossed into the running garbage disposal. No thoughts whatsoever of the recycle bin.

You men stop shuddering like that! And you women stop chuckling! It used to be the wife took us for the house, the car and the children, but this? I now cringe when my wife throws a rotton old banana into the disposal.

Ms Becker may be charged with - aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning and spousal abuse. Bail was set at $1 million. Is that all?
When contacted the victim only said. "This is a private matter." 
Well it is not private at all, there is now post-traumatic-stress among husbands everywhere thinking of their own treasured privates!
My wife just made cookies. Chocolate chip, my favorite, good stuff, but now I have to call her into the room, have her stand there in front of me and look into her eyes as I eat one! Watching for any sign of deceit or subterfuge ...... or sparkle. I thought of getting a witness but then I'd have to share the cookies.
Our relationship is strained at the moment because she caught me switching dinner plates. I have PTSD already.

Lorena Bobbitt claimed years of sexual abuse drove her to the attack, and she was acquitted by reason of insanity. Who knows what defense Catherine Kieu Becker's lawyers will choose, the Extrapolated Penis Envy defense? Kink gone Krazy defense? Weiner Rage defense? Not sure but we need to keep this quiet. No sense giving women ideas. You have no idea how many females grinned with empathy for Lorena Bobbitt.

But starting right now I will only eat my wife's cookies in a crowded public place with my phone on speed dial to an ambulance.
Private matter indeed.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

USA Construction vs Canada Construction

Today the Mayor of Los Angeles announced that the 405 Freeway, which was dubbed Carmageddon would reopen at noon, 17 hours early.
Mayor Villaraigosa said the 53-hour timetable for the project was agreed upon by contractors, transportation and public safety officials.  He thanked Los Angeles residents for heeding public officials’ calls to stay off area freeways.
The shortened closure "goes to show what we all can do when we get together for a common cause," Villaraigosa said, “A lot of people in Los Angeles have learned you can get along without taking long rides in your car on the weekend, we avoided a traffic nightmare.”
No major incidents were reported during the closure of the 10-mile stretch of freeway.
Villaraigosa credited contractors with completing work ahead of schedule. By finishing early, the project was saved the $700,000 cost of an added 12-hour shift, the mayor said.
Of that money, $300,000 was promised to contractors as an incentive to finish early. There was also a powerful disincentive for contractors to delay: Had they finished late, they would have been docked $6,000 every 10 minutes for each side of the freeway that was still closed.
Folks, the American contractors moved in at Midnight Friday to do this job which entailed tearing down overpasses and widening and repaving the whole highway! 

Hmm. In Canada they would have announced on Monday that the freeway might remain closed for the foreseeable future, due to coffee breaks, holiday scheduling, bickering between municipalities, and that Joe the foreman lost his hard hat and can't find it. Possible completion would likely be set for Christmas shopping or Easter of 2013 er, 2015.
Further complications might be added because of non Christian groups protesting the Christmas and Easter dates being used.
And the cost over-runs would have amounted to a third billion dollars being added to taxpayers property assessments to go along with the user fees which would have already risen from the 25 dollars per mile because of wage demands of the toll takers and the cost of the special photo radar camera transponders needed to keep track of drivers and their speeds.
The Canadian contractors would be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of having construction work well into the decade and would have set up extra billing departments to keep the Government cheques coming in, anticipating penalties against the cities for late payments at a cost of 10,000 dollars per hour.
When and if the freeway finally opened again, there would be stretches where work was still going on or parts that needed repair because of uneven paving or potholes or heavy equipment still parked in traffic lanes. There would be one particularly bad bump where they had paved over Foreman Joe's hard hat.
Police would be disappointed in their take because speeds over 22 miles per hour, (35.40557 Kilograms per hour for our American friends) were impossible to attain.
Translink would announce a rethink of the design from blacktop to concrete to plastic, all of which would cost taxpayers at least one more room of their houses.
And the new mayors would all deny any responsibility for the catastrophe, since dubbed Apocarlypse Now. 

Americans know how to do stuff.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Go Canucks ... Gone?

They lost. Terrible disappointment. Riots in the city. Depression all around.
The Vancouver Canucks lost in the final game of the final series of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Only one thing to do .....

Start cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs, they will NEVER lose in the Stanley Cup finals!


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Psychological hockey

Well the 'hit' changed a lot of things. It woke up the Bruins. It changed Aaron Rome's reputation. It remains an example of the North American style of play; If you have your head down you are fair game for a death blow. This is inbred into some Canadian and American players from Junior days. Like a macho thing to show that hockey players are tough. It is the remnants of the old style brutal game of intimidation where the hit in the corner has nothing to do with getting the puck. Sort of like the mentality of a pickup truck driver that thinks running you down in the street because you're not in the crosswalk is legal.

The 'hit' could have caused a psychological turning point and we mightn't win another game. But, at the same time, the humiliation of the Canucks by the Bruins could be a counter for the hit. Head game against head game. In a negative way. So it could be that all things are now equal again.
But I still have a bad feeling that we are done because the Canucks have an inability to inflict equal damage.  We just haven't had to play that way. Probably a result of the schedule inbreeding. One reason for this foreboding sense is that if there is a repeat of a goalie shelling, and the Canucks are being overwhelmed, Vignault will wait until the game is out of reach to pull Roberto Luongo.

I am one who has criticised Luongo since day one, deeming him a good goalie at best, However, in the first two games against Boston Luongo played his best ever as a Canuck. I am not sure he can reach that high again. Tim Thomas is the leagues best goalie. Roberto is not even close. By the way, it seems to me that there was a rule once that goalies cannot check because of their equipment. So wasn't that a penalty? Thomas was leaving the puck to hurt a Sedin. Shouldn't the NHL clarify if goalies can check? And if so can we check them back?

I hate to say it but I think the series is over because the Bruins have cross-checking, slashing, fighting etc as part of their Eastern game and the refs accept it. The Broad Street Bullies in Boston. Most of the eastern teams play this old game.
Since the Swedes and Czechs and Finns brought their hockey skills to the NHL, the old Don Cherry style rock 'en sock 'em hockey has been losing. Now it seems we might be headed for a return to that brutal game.
It basically depends on what NBC wants to promote. They will dictate their needs. And a skill game of speed and beauty will not draw viewers like MMA on ice will. Blood trumps stick handling. The Sedins are targets now and to protect them we would just get our players thrown out. The conspiracy theory deepens.

Just watch the cross checks with intent to injure around the Bruins' net, with the ref watching every one. Gretsky had Semenko and McSorley. Jean Belliveau had John Fergusen. Crosby had Georges Laraque. We even had Donald Brashear and Gino Odjig.
Boston has purposely worked in this direction, as GM Peter Chiarelli admits here -
Bruins embrace tough guy image

The trend after this series will be to go back to the old style clutch and grab rasslin hockey of the 70s and each team will once again have a resident goon to protect the stars. If Crosby got the abuse that the Sedins get the opposing players would all be constantly penalized. Or beaten. Not so in these games. The league is after the head shots but losing sight of the rest of the brutality of the game.

I was hoping hockey was going in the right direction to show off the speed, skill and finesse but I think not. I think the psychology of the game is regressing.

I wonder if Dave Semenko is available? Can you imagine the line? Sedin - Sedin - Semenko.
Reprisal on ice.

Go Canucks go anyway.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Liberal NOTs

The BC Liberals are tired of being BC Liberals. 
They are seeking a new name. Something catchy that will fool you into believing they are not the same old faces that pulled all those tricks and cheats on you. They want to present new images.

So they don't want you to see those same old faces of deception that you're so familiar with.
Gives new meaning to the term bagmen, doesn't it?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

In case you didn't get the email ....

that is going around right now .... and have cash in your pocket .... and you feel you want to help the less fortunate .... and are looking for a respectable charity to donate to .... here are a few numbers to look at.
Of major charities, a few of the salaries and perks to the bosses;

UNICEF - The CEO, receives $1,200,000 per year, plus a Rolls Royce for his exclusive use where ever he goes, and an expense account that is rumored to be well over $150,000. Only pennies from the actual donations goes to the UNICEF cause, less than $0.14 per dollar of income.
YOU give a dollar, the charity actually only gets fourteen cents for whomever those poor people are!
Unicef has been on top of this list for 11 years!

The American Red Cross - President and CEO Marsha J. Evans, took a salary for the year ending in 2009 of $651,957 plus expenses. She also enjoys 6 weeks fully paid holidays including all related expenses during the holiday trip for her husband and kids. including 100% fully paid health and dental plan for her and her family. .... for life. This means out of every dollar they bring in, about $0.39 goes to related charity causes.
That was 39 CENTS!

The United Way - The third worst offender for the 7th time was President Brian Gallagher's charity, who receives a $375,000 base salary, plus so many numerous expense benefits it's hard to keep track as to what it is all worth, including a fully paid lifetime membership for 2 golf courses in Canada and the U.S.A., 2 luxury vehicles, a yacht club membership, 3 major company gold credit cards for his personal expenses etc ad nauseum.
This equates to about $0.51 per dollar of income that actually gets to charity causes.

World Vision
- President (Canada) receives $300,000 base salary, plus is supplied an 800 hundred thousand dollar home, completely furnished, paid all housing expenses, including taxes, water/sewer, telephone/fax, HD/high speed cable, weekly maid service and pool/yard maintenance, fully paid private schooling for his children, upscale automobile and an $55,000 personal expense account for clothing/food, with a $125,000 business expense account.
And consider this, because it is a "religious based" charity, it pays little to no taxes, can receive government assistance and does not have to declare were the money goes! Only about $0.52 of earned income per dollar is available for charity causes. The goodness of your dollars toward this charity is in jeopardy.

Disheartening isn't it?  No .... more like appalling!
You feel benevolent but your money disappears into a system of administration. And administrators.
But you want to help that scraggly guy shuffling out of the lane with his shopping cart, with all his possessions crammed in or brimming over. He, (or SHE*) is only trying to survive one more day, they don't see ahead further than that. It's not about holidays or cars or stock options. Just food and survival.
Keep in mind that if you give him five bucks, 100% of that cash goes to HIM. He will administer your donation far better than a cool CEO will.

And if your resistant answer is that he'll spend the money on drugs or booze, ask yourself what the above CEOs will be spending YOUR hard earned dollars on?

But there IS a kicker to this post. Not all is lost. Here's one more charity that wants your money ....

The Salvation Army - Commissioner Todd Bassett received a salary of only $13,000 per year (plus housing) for managing this $2 Billion dollar organization. Which means about $0.93 per dollar earned, is readily available and goes back out to local charity causes. Ninety-three cents of every dollar you give to the Sally-Anne. Ninety-three cents!
So don't get angry at those tinkling bells at Christmas time any more, and drop a few bucks into that red pot. You WILL be doing some good for the less fortunate.

So if you didn't get that email going around, now you know. This is my email to everyone. It's not spam, it'll be here, you cannot delete it. It is a shameful sad truth about where your compassionate money goes.
Yes they have cherry picked the organizations. Yes the figures may be disputable and they may be somewhat outdated or skewed, but the facts remain that charities are capable of eating up almost the whole total of your kind donation long before any help reaches the country, street or person whom your gesture was meant for.
So give where it counts, and don't wait till Christmas, do some good for your own soul now.

Have a closer look here at Charity Navigator -
(one of the fun items on this site is the page on the salaries of the relatives of CEOs of charitable organizations)

In Vancouver - Union Gospel Mission -

 * the percentage of women of homelessness is estimated at anywhere from 15 to 30 percent. And the studies available are way outdated.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Model controversy rises again

At a time when teen suicides are on the rise. And damaged psyches are blamed. And self image is a huge reason for teenaged girls to be in a depression about their direction in life. And their position in various social standings may be in doubt in their own minds. The idea of ultra skinny models has always been held as a major factor in a teenaged girl's body image.

And along comes The Bay with an ad featuring a frighteningly thin girl as their clothing model.
Modeling agencies have been under fire for years now for encouraging this look. The camera gains weight, they say. You are too fat, etc.
Perhaps moving some young girls to gasp at their own mirror every morning when the real image of a young woman should be the healthy, robust picture looking back at them.

We know nothing about the young woman here. She is merely trying to make a dollar. But is she suffering anorexia? Did she diet to lose weight? Was she encouraged to do so? Does she smoke to keep the pounds off?
That is not a natural woman or an athletic body, it is one that needs to have some advice from a doctor, an MD and perhaps a psychologist too.

Kate Winslet successfully sued a tabloid for morphing her thinner as misrepresenting her. Jamie Lee Curtis bravely did a full magazine spread  to show a true look and refute the Hollywood image of herself. Maxim magazine once morphed Lucy Lawless into a 90 pound woman who could sleep in a picket fence! And we all know that Xena was actually robust, strong, dangerous AND beautiful!
(She needed to be to pack all that leather and weaponry around!)

When the effects of body image are so detrimental among young women as to be a factor in teenaged suicides, one would think the Bay would have had a closer look at the models and modeling agency representing their image too. After all, they are selling the corporate brand as well as the clothing.

One wonders who's psyche is really damaged?

Shame on the Bay.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Master Bates - new medical studies.

In Health News: - Restless Leg Syndrome? Hay Fever? Parkinson's Symptoms? Prostate cancer?
There is help for these problems suggested from new health studies.

Are you suffering? Does your leg want to go walking at midnight after you tuck into bed? You want to pick wildflowers in that field but keep sneezing the petals off? Your arm is jiggling involuntarily and you're spilling your gin? You're not sure if your pooper is working properly?

RLS is a distressing neurological disorder characterized by an urge to move the legs. It is usually associated with unpleasant sensations in the lower limbs such as tingling, aching and itching. Brain autopsies and imaging studies suggest one contributing factor of RLS is an imbalance of dopamine, the hormonal messenger that activates the areas of the brain responsible for pleasure. There IS a solution.

In Spring a young man's fancy turns to ... er ... masturbation? There may be a quick and pleasurable treatment to clear those tingling noses, for guys at least – a well-timed ejaculation.
A blocked nose is caused by swollen and inflamed nasal blood vessels, irritated by floating air-borne pollen. But during ejaculation, the sympathetic nervous system constricts blood vessels across the body. That soothes the nasal blood vessels, freeing the airway for normal breathing. The logic behind the proposal is based on the fact that the nose and the genitals are both connected to the same part of the nervous system which  controls certain reflexes – the sympathetic nervous system.

Parkinson's. It is suspected that dopamine imbalance is also responsible for some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease; tremors, sluggish movements, rigid muscles and impaired posture and balance. Research doctors speculate that the release of orgasm-related dopamine might play a role in the alleviation of these symptoms. An orgasm provides one of the biggest natural blasts of dopamine available to us. So if you lose your balance and fall down, you know what to do.

Prostate cancer worries? Your doctor has huge fingers? You have sphincter issues?
The protective effect of masturbation is greatest while men are in their twenties: those who had ejaculated more than five times per week in their twenties, for instance, were one-third less likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer later in life.
But why should ejaculating more often cut the risk of prostate cancer? The scientific teams speculate that ejaculation prevents carcinogens building up in the gland. (these carcinogens, by the way, can accumulate from second hand cigarette smoke) The prostate, together with the seminal vesicles, secretes the bulk of the fluid in semen. A prostatic stagnation hypothesis (try to stay with me on this) says that the more you flush the ducts out, the less there is to hang around and damage the cells that line them.

So now you know that there is self help available, the five knuckle shuffle becomes important to your future health. Important, I said. The action no longer involves going blind at all. And you don't have to be prostrate to save your prostate. In fact parents need to encourage youngsters in the implementation of the practice as routine for future benefits, like brushing regularly.
"Jimmy, it's time for your health event, here's your Dad's Playboy, go into your room."
And you no longer need to shout "Reeeecolaaaa." from that Swiss alpine sward. Just sit down amid the pretty blooms and alleviate your symptoms.

If these findings are confirmed, future health advice from doctors may no longer be restricted to diet and exercise. Masturbation is part of a man's sexual repertoire, it is beneficial to use it.

In conclusion it's perfectly reasonable that males should be encouraged to masturbate. Flog your log. Beat your meat. Battle the helmet warrior. Pound your pud. Burp the worm. Clear your snorkel. Mangle the mute muppet.
So if you are going to tweak your twinkie, you may be saving the health system thousands of dollars in later life medical costs.
No detrimental effects have been found to this therapy yet. And of course diet and exercise in public is okay. But if you choose this new method for looking after your health in public, the costs of legal fees could eliminate the savings. The police don't hesitate to toss a healthy man into jail. That IS a detrimental effect. ("BOTH hands in the air, Sir!") The scenarios are endless ...

"What are you doing in there, man?"
"Flushing out my carcinogens."
"Okay, a health nut."

"Oh Honey, you got me a subscription to a men's health magazine, Penthouse, how nice. You still have that headache?"

"Tonight I'm going on a date with Handrea."

Masturbate. It's good for you.

Back later, I'm heading for the optometrist and the carpel tunnel specialist.

Monday, March 28, 2011


What's going on in Japan? We hear a different tune radiating from Fukushima each day! The officials of the company operating the nuclear facility say the radiation levels are sky high. Then they say they were mistaken, they are low and not a risk to human health. Except perhaps babies! Then it changes again. Water, milk and food are becoming dangerous.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) that runs the plants say they do not believe the levels are high enough to be considered a risk to human health. How can Plutonium in the air, soil and water not be a threat to health? One particle of Plutonium the size of a grain of sand can kill you with a lethal dose of radiation if inhaled or left on the skin. Is it any wonder Japanese people no longer Believe anything TEPCO says?
Now it is leaking into the seawater and flowing north. Officials say it is harmless.
Smoke comes out of crippled reactors, but it's okay, officials say. Then they withdraw workers. Then we are told something else. We begin to wonder if the motivation for these officials is to save their business or the people?

Now the International Maritime Organization, a United Nations agency, says  there is no medical basis for restricting shipping and that the waters are safe for shipping to pass the reactors on their way to Tokyo to unload containers!
And get this, officials tell us the radiation can be washed off your ship with soap and water!
Did you EVER see a ship being washed off with soap and water? Do you believe corporate owners of shipping lines will lift a finger to make those poor Indian and Filipino crewmen safe? Would they ever wash down their ships! With soap and water? How much would that cost? Do they believe that we, the world's population will say, it's okay, there is no radiation problem because they are going to wash their ships off! How gullible do they think we are?

When you wash your hands with soap and water the germs go down the drain. Where the &$#@ do they think the radiation will go after 'washing' these ships? And once the containers are refilled with TVs for North America, will they wash the containers too? Before our dock workers handle them?

Isn't it time we fired all the so called OFFICIALS and got someone else to monitor the problem? We can't trust these guys, they want to get back to opening their plants again when they should be sealed forever!
Obama let us down on the BP Gulf Oil spill by letting BP off the hook to monitor itself. And they only gave us lie after lie! What a joke! He should have seized the assets of British Petroleum to pay for the costs of watch-dogging them.
And some say it is still leaking in the gulf! And lying on the bottom so we can't see it.
So are we supposed to believe these Japanese officials too?
I don't think so.

We have so many instances of corruption in corporate facilities which influence the public that officials cannot be trusted. Look around your own local area and it is not hard to find instances harmful to you and your family. Yet corporations carry on with impunity. Trusting that their lobbyists and politicians on the company payroll will get them through the bad public relations. These incidents are far worse than bad PR, yet that is how they are treated.

Something needs to be done.  Something drastic to get the attention of the corporate hegemony.
We need to wash these officials' mouths out with soap and water. Or worse. Make them work alongside the workers trying desperately to solve the problems.

We need to hold them responsible and stop allowing them to wriggle off the hook of public accountability.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

4 AM Cowboy

I was awake this morning at 4 AM. My little transistor radio battery was dying. It would only bring in a cowboy station. So I listened. Lulled at first until the lyrics began to register.
One song was a lament from a boy remembering getting kicked out of his home at 12 years old. Another was a sad recollection of all the things that woman had done to him. Then one of a guy who lent his wife the pickup truck and she stopped it on the railroad tracks. He was really in sorrow, even more so when he learned that she had jumped clear! Cowboys and depression seem to go together.
No wonder those guys were depressed up there on Brokeback Mountain. You can only look at clouds and sheep for so long until you turn to the next warm body in the sleeping bag.

CW lyrics are aimed at depression;
you're a redneck heartbreak ....  so hard living here on my own .... bad ridin' cowboy .... for 43 dollars my friend lost his life .... I've been burned, I've been cheated .... you can hide your tears, you can cry in the dark .... death is waiting for its dance .... my favorite dog is buried in the yard.

OMG, of course they're so depressing.
Cowboys have a rough time of it. Used to be just get out there and ride the fences, rope a lil dogie and dance and drink some whisky. Not now, they're filled with all kinds of guilt and regret.
Just look at their lives; they never get the girl any more. They ride ATVs instead of horses. Their bar has been taken over by some bling guy named Tiffany Dean. The train doesn't even run through town these days!  Their six gun is outpowered by a Glock and their hat only holds four gallons. What's a cowboy to do but lament?

Cowboys can't even go to Texas now because someone else's exes all live there and you know what exes are like. Rodeo Drive is off limits unless you have Tony Lama boots. And cow poop stuck under the heel just doesn't fly. Alberta is frozen up most of the year and so are the steers. And Hiyo Silver just means the silver market is up 20 points!

Cowboys need a break. Happy songs. Maybe I'll write one. Call it Contented Cowboy. It would go something like this:

Drivin' with my Babe in my pickup truck,
she love the fresh air back there in the box.
Headin' for my bar an' with a little bit of luck,
we'll drink all night unaware of the clocks.

Ol' Rover dawg beside me on the passenger seat,
gotta get a move on I hear a choo choo train.
My Babe wears a mini skirt and lookin` so sweet,
got a Bud between my knees and feelin`no pain.

Gonna dance all night, have some fun with my friends,
snuggle with my Babe, have her body next to mine.
Win a game of poker, till the big money ends
get the cash inside my pocket, feelin mighty fine.

Put my foot to the floor, get this ol`Ford goin`
Gotta get to that crossin, before the red lights flash.
Dawg just a howlin`, rain and wind now blowin`
Locomotive got there first .... cowboy got the crash.

Sorry, I just couldn`t help it. Cowboys are just stupid.

copyright caterwauler 2010

Monday, February 28, 2011

Revive DORD!

In 1939 a ghost word was outed from its hiding place on page 771 in the New Websters International Dictionary.
That word was Dord. Which had started life when the lexicon's chemistry editor used the four letters, 'D' or 'd', for a note that was an abbreviation for density in chemistry terms.
A ghost word comes into language as a typo or some other mistake.
A misinterpretation saw the note being read as Dord, meaning density. It was then registered as a noun and added at the time, where it languished for five years within the cozy D pages of the tome until it was finally noticed by a studious editor in 1939 to have no etymology and after an investigation was banished. A world war was starting and this guy was looking for obscure little D words?

Banished. But Dord was innocent. Didn't ask to be born into the respected, hallowed realm of Websters. Dord was only the Eliza Doolittle thrust into the cultured library of Professor Henry Higgins. Dord was not given the chance to become something. To be refined by 'enry 'iggens into a Fair Lady. (there was a colour in the 70s called Enry Iggins Just You White.)

Perhaps, with a little bit of luck Dord could still mean a form of density. It sounds right if we use it for a dense person, as in, "He's a dord."
And still following the density thread, it could mean an intricate entanglement. Like those financial bank criminals involved in a labyrinth of crimes. "They are in a dord of trouble."
It could mean a reverse density, like a Dalmation dog which are said to have no brains, "He's as dordy as a Dalmation."
Maybe even find it's way into song? 'Lordy Lordy Lordy you're a dordy!' What could Bob Dylan do with dord?

Whatever it is used to represent, dord should be revived. We have been unfair to it. We could refer to it right now, after all these years, as 'dormant as a dord.' But that might be cruel.
It should become the Little Word that Could. We need more four letter words, banish deutomerite if you must. It means, the posterior segment of the trophozoite of certain gregarines. .... er, no one even eats gregarines any more!

After over seventy years. dord needs to reappear. Perhaps we could elevate the poor word somehow, get Stephen Hawking to assign the meaning of a human impulse flashing across the universe as a Dord! Now that would give it dignity.

We have lost too many life things by meddling with them. Pluto is gone from our space in an unsuffering swoop. The Passenger Pigeon is extinct. Malaya, with it's wonderful suggestion of British rubber plantations and Oriental intrigue is no more. And whatever happened to Oswald Rabbit?
Other trembling dords are hiding in the crevices of our history. They don't reside on the street where you live. What's next? Being embrangled in a vilipend of fusby words?

Perhaps the niddering people who commit these indecencies should be called Dords and be banished themselves.

Revive Dord. It's important.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today in History - - - February 15

Canada's flag.
1965, our Maple Leaf banner was finally adopted on this day.
The description; 2 vertical bands of red (hoist and fly side, half width), with white square between them; an 11-pointed red maple leaf is centered in the white square; the official colours of Canada are red and white.

When it first came into existence, I thought it needed more colours. Blue or green to represent our three seas and constant forests. But now, whenever I travel, the red and white stands out like a beacon.  It is particularly lovely to see when you are far from home. And it is outstanding amid any crush of colour, in any congested city, easy to see, with a welcoming flutter, promising a cordial reception no matter what country I am in.
Now I can`t see our great flag being any other design or colour.

I used to live in a high rise downtown. Twenty-five stories up. I could see about 280 degrees of other buildings. I counted the red flags every few months and was always dismayed at the lack of Maple Leafs flying. We need to be more patriotic about our standard, whatever the woes of our nation, it is still the best place in the world to be.
Be proud.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

F 150 - such confusion

The Ford Motor Company believes there might be confusion between their Ford F150 pick up truck and the new Ferrari F150 formula one car.
"Ford Motor Co sued luxury automaker Ferrari on Wednesday for trademark infringement after Ferrari named its 2011 Formula 1 racing car the 'F150.'
Ferrari's F150 apparently bears striking resemblance to certain parts of the Ford F-150 pickup truck.
'Ferrari has misappropriated the F-150 trademark in naming its new racing vehicle the F150 in order to capitalize on and profit from the substantial goodwill that Ford has developed in the F-150 trademark,'  Ford said in a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit."
So .... we are to believe that someone going to buy a Ford F150 pickup might inadvertently buy a Ferrari F150 instead because of the resemblance? Well no wonder Ford is angry. 
But let's look at the comparison:
- The Ford seats 2. Or three if your girlfriend has a girlfriend and she's not too tubby. Or 14 family members if you live in Arkansas. The Ferrari only seats 1.
- The Ford will just go fast enough to bump into things. The Ferrari could shoot off into space if you press the gas pedal too hard.
- You can tailgate in the Ford on the way to work at the mill. There is no one ahead of you in the Ferrari.
- You can have your cousin? in the back playing his banjo in the Ford. Even if you could in the Ferrari, you wouldn't know what he played until you stopped and the sound caught up.
- In the Ford you'll have your possum hunting buddies growling approval and saying 'Hey.' In the Ferrari the Tifosi will worship you and be screaming bellisimo! And the Ford guys just think those Italians are gay anyhow.
- You can store your gun under the front seat of the Ford. The Ferrari won't even accommodate your Platinum American Express card.
- In the Ford you can drive over bumpy back roads just to watch your babe's boobs jiggle. No back roads for the Ferrari and when the girls flash you at Monza, you won't see them anyway.
- In the Ford you can eat burgers while driving, even if you only have 3 teeth left. In the Ferrari if you open your mouth your teeth will be sucked out the back of your head!
- In the Ford the radio only plays Willie Nelson. The Ferrari itself plays Pavarotti.
- In the Ford you can cook roadkill on the manifold and have dinner ready when you get to the bar. In the Ferrari ... er ... if you ask for blanco vino Chianti they throw you out of the bar!
- In the Ford you can lay in a sheet of plastic in the box, fill it with wet mud and have girlie fights in there. In the Ferrari ....

Well, you get the point.  The Ford wins hands down and they rightly don't want Ferrai horning in on their sales. What would happen if these F150 Ferraris became popular on Ford's name?
..... um ....
Sorry, I can't think on that any longer. But it does say something about the Ford executives who brought this lawsuit to court, and their view of their own customers. I think the Ford guys are still angry at the drive Enzo took Henry Ford II on in the sixties and made him poop his pants.
Me? I'm looking for a red Edsel.  There's no mistaking that car for ANYTHING else.
a red Ford?

Oh, by the way, the Ford costs about $40,000. , the Ferrari will set you back about 3 million. IF they'll sell you one. Hard to confuse that part. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today in History . . . January 14

1967. A human be-in, the counterculture gathering was born in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. This marked the explosion of the so called Hippie movement. This so-called happening became an event worthy of mainstream news and launched be-ins echoing throughout North America. Which became 'sit-ins' of protest, 'teach-ins' organized by students seeking democracy, and 'tune in, turn on and drop out' slid into the Summer of Love.  Love-ins enticed and Laugh-ins, made us laugh.
This event, the be-in, led into the Vietnam war protests, Make Love not War became the international password as some sought to make the world a better place to live-in.
And some of that mentality seems today, to be repeating itself, except it is now expressed in bits and bytes on blogs, facebook and Twitter, from the safety and comfort of our home computers. One wonders how another summer of love could happen without face to face recognition?
The powers that be are still forcing wars on other countries to bring them a distorted version of democracy and make them better places based on a parochial view of what a better place is.  Whether they like it or not.
A generation later the cycle of love and war has only returned to 1967 with a 2011 technological aspect. 
Sadly it is love that has lost the war.

Friday, January 07, 2011

HST and the film business in BC

Recently Mr. John Winter, the CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce was on the Bill Good show, pimping the HST. He wants the vote to go later so they (whoever 'they' are) will have time to turn the people around into voting FOR it. During this interview, Mr Winter, when questioned on exactly WHAT business is already influenced favorably by the HST, said the BC film business was an example. Others have commented that the HST will be good in the future.
However Mr. Winters has NO idea what he is talking about or how the film industry operates. and is only promoting the same deception that the Liberal government has been telling us about for months now.

The first deception is that the HST has resulted in more production business for the film industry in BC. That could not be further from the truth! I am not disputing that the HST, in the future, could affect film production here in BC, but all the film and TV business that we have going here has been planned for months, and in Feature Film production, most likely YEARS ahead.

Mr. Winters and other promoters of the Liberal party would have you believe that the HST was announced, and Hollywood THEN decided to write and produce films and TV in BC, as if was an instant project when EVERYONE in the film business KNOWS that these projects take YEARS to get going! (How many films have you heard that take 10 years to get into production?)
So literally every production currently shooting in BC was planned long ago and has NO RELATIONSHIP TO THE HST.

Future productions may be considering it in their planning, but John Winter and others shouldn't try to get credit for what people who are actually IN the film business in BC have already done for years in getting film production here! And we already have a thriving green industry going on in BC.
There are several reasons why we have vibrant film production here:
- we have year around shooting weather
- we have absolutely competant crews
- we are only a 3 hour flight from Los Angeles
- we are in the same time zone
- we have huge variety in locations all close to, or in Vancouver
- we have an active and talented acting community
- we have established and respected casting people
- we have many good sound stages and production facilities
- we have pre production knowledge and ability second to none
- we are already cost effective in how we do things

... and artistically, to quote Chris Carter, producer of X Files, we have that wonderful Vancouver light!

So Mr Winter and others; Do what you want with your spin about the HST, but don't try to undermine the work done by others who have worked very hard for many years to build our successful film industry.