Sunday, May 29, 2005

Viagra causes blindness

A new medical report points suspicion on the drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra as causing blindness in users. About 40 cases are presently being investigated.
Meanwhile the men are happily feeling their way around using their 'magic wands' to search out prey.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Willie Picton trial coming someday

Currently, the Robert William Picton trial is at the stage where they are having preliminary meetings of prosecution and defence and judge to decide what will be allowed for discussion and evidence at the trial itself. The rules of engagement, so to speak. Evidently someone is seeking a complete publication ban of what can be reported DURING the trial. This is our 'open' court system. Reporters may be allowed into the courtroom, but would not be unable to say what went on! Even the family members will not be allowed to tell US what went on. These people have been living in a state of suspended animation for several years now.
(There is currently a case in the courts where a lawyer representing CBC, is not even allowed to tell the CBC what is happening in their own case!)
They are going to charge Willie Picton with several more deaths in the Missing Women Pig Farm case. (27 so far) We ALL know that Willie Picton could NOT have completed these grusome murders all by himself. Others HAD to be involved. Someone, somewhere is covering up something. A LOT. The police want to end this action as soon as possible, without exposing anyone else during the trial. They want to clear their case load of these unsolved murders. What one wonders is if they all want to hush up something far more sinister? Evidently many influencial and public servants attended parties at that location. Many unsavory characters were regulars. How bad would that knowledge be if who they were was exposed? Keeping it all quiet and away from public scrutiny seems to fit everyone's secret agenda.
If the judge goes along with a full publication ban it will be a miscarriage of justice before the trial even begins. And it will stink of coverup and protection.
Hiding the facts from the public is NOT an open court system, and will only add suspicion that something is rotten with the pig farm case. The fact that they were horrible crimes perpetrated on vulnerable women doesn't mean we should not know exactly what went on. Having DNA from many of these poor women does NOT say that Picton acted alone. A recent poll showed 81% believe he did not act alone.
Willie Picton is not going to get a fair trial anyway and it is not because the media would report on the daily evidence; it is because evidence will be omitted or hidden from public knowledge in order to clear these murders from the books.
In truth, all the Crown has in this case is evidence that these women met their end at the pig farm, there seems to be no evidence pointing directly to Robert William Picton except he lived there. Is that enough to convict? And even of more importance, is that enough for the families of the victims? Or are they being flim fammed to protect someone else?

Friday, May 20, 2005

Ethics in politics. Har de har

Wow, all the fuss about Belinda Stronach. It seems that everyone thought she had brains because she has money. That's common. You see it all the time. Some rich guy marries a blonde bimbo and suddenly everyone is respecting the bimbo as brainy. It's not misogynistic to say it, some things just 'are'. And it's gender neutral.
Just because Frank Stronach left Belinda the Magna International Inc. doesn't mean she has any smarts. Or ethics. After all she is former CEO of the corporation. She didn't beat Harper in the Conservatives for leadership so went elsewhere for her power trip. Threw away her Tory convictions and ran to the Liberals for power. Did Ujjal Dosanj pay her a visit too?
He seems to be visiting all the other Conservatives, trying to influence them into betraying their party. Well, send a dog to do a dog's job? You remember Ujjal, he was leader of the NDP in BC, but needed a power trip himself so tossed out those ethics and morals to become a Liberal part of the most corrupt government in decades! He visited Chuck Cadman too, trying for his vote. (UPDATE: guess he got it) And now Gurmant Grewal has a public visible arguement over Dosanj's visit to him too! Dosanj's office secretary denies it all. Dosanj says Grewal came to him, Grewal has this tape recording of a meeting with Tim Murphy of the Prime Minister's office. The PMO is denying everything too. The political adage - Deny deny deny. But the question is evident: If Grewal was up to no good, approaching the Liberals, then why would he tape record his own meeting? Hmmm.
Did you notice that it was Dosanj's secretary who denied? Did you notice it was Murphy in the meeting? Did you notice how they keep the PM away from it all. Well it seems to be working with the Gomery Commission; Mr Dithers was only in charge of the money, he didn't know anything about where it went. Isn't the REAL point here that he SHOULD have known EVERYTHING? If it comes out that Martin is not implicated directly in the Sponsorship Scandal, would people believe he is squeaky clean? Denyability is everything isn't it? That's why you have 'people' to do the dog work.
Ethics? Not %$#@ likely. Sigh, I guess things could be worse; in China, over 870,000 government officials were indicted for corruption in 2004!
Belinda has nice shoes though, have to agree with the Liberal spokeswoman on that one.

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
You keep saying you've got something for me.
something you call love, but confess.
You've been messin' where you shouldn't have been a messin'
and now someone else is gettin' all your best.

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk right over to you.

You keep lying, when you oughta be truthin'
and you keep losin' when you oughta not bet.
You keep samin' when you oughta be changin'.
Now what's right is right, but you ain't been right yet.

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk right over to you.

You keep playin' where you shouldn't be playin
and you keep thinkin' that you´ll never get burnt.
I just found me a brand new box of matches yeah
and what we know you ain't had time to learn.

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk right over to you.

Nancy Sinatra hit of the sixties - ©Nancy Sinatra

(with apologies to Nancy for small changes)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hockey anyone? er ...... anyone?

I didn't even watch one game in the so-called Hockey World Championships. Tuned in a couple of times to see snatches of skating and every time just glimpsed some European player skating around Jovanovski like he was a wet cardboard cut-out thrown on the ice by a disgusted fan. Fan? Are there any left?
The NHL missed an opportunity. They should have pressured the networks to broadcast Junior hockey games. It would have been interesting and kept the fans seeing a high level of the speed game that hockey is meant to be. But like most, I went on to other sports. Watching NBA is way up in Canada. Sure, it is our game and Steve Nash has made us proud. And I'm watching more soccer and getting excited about the World Cup, a true world tournament. Steriod baseball is a joke and they've never recovered from THEIR work stoppage. Steriod NFL too. Canadian football IS exciting and watchable. Tennis is a great spectator sport for TV. But soccer after motorsport is the largest drawing sport in the world! Given a choice between the clutch-and-grab NHL (if it ever returns) and world ranked soccer, I'll be picking excitement and finesse, soccer.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Your reason to vote

Everyone has their own reason to vote. Liberal, NDP, Green Party, Marijuana Party, Sex Party, Social Credit (if they're running) or for whoever.
Health care seems to be at the top of the list along with the economy. As I get older, health care becomes very important to me and I am worried about the future for my family. What was particularly heart wrenching for me, was that split up of two married old people in care homes in the interior, where they sent the aged husband to one place, and his wife to another because the government closed their facility. As a person who married his childhood sweetheart, and she valiantly stuck with me all these years, (45) we know we could not tolerate that kind of treatment from our government. We would probably die of separation. So yes, health care is high on my list of what I want a government to do, but with compassion for people. That is a phrase that comes to mind and seems to be presently misunderstood.
The economy is important, of course, but to what extent? Does profit become the lone priority? Can we say we have a booming economy if companies outside British Columbia are benefitting from simply being here? From being given plum contracts that may not be offered to BC companies? If a German company benefits at the expense of a British Columbia family, is that a good economy? Are we creating minimum wage jobs while allowing the cream of employment to go to Europe and America? If American corporations make millions because of friends in government and they're located here, do we count that as OUR booming economy? Can we accept that rationale?
One thing sticks in my craw, and it's probably an innate mindset from a childhood where not having much was the norm and looking to the future and building one's assets was the way. That thing that sticks is the 'disposal' of assets belonging to all of us.
Selling off BC Rail bugs me. Because I considered that asset part of MY British Columbia. I thought old WAC Bennett wasn't so wacky after he took over the PGE and made it OURS. It was used to benefit communities in BC. It wasn't intended to be 'global' or profitable even. It was intended as an asset for everyone here to build BC in a positive way.
Same for BC Hydro. Sure they SAY they aren't going to sell it off. Stealth semantics. They don't NEED to sell off BC Hydro, but to simply allow other corporations to do hydro projects at the expense of BC Hydro is bypassing it. Saying they won't touch it while making it useless is still a lie to me. Someone seems to think that having the lowest cost of electrical power in the world is NOT a good thing. We need to be global they say. Do we? Hasn't BC Hydro power been a company in good stead with BCers for years? I trust the BCers who have run BC Hydro. I Don't trust Gordon Campbell.
Our wild salmon fishery SHOULD be developed to help feed the world. There is no limit to the potential. However, the fish farms are taking over at the expense of a historic industry. Foreign owned usually. And unconcerned about devastating the wild fishery belonging to BC.
Shipping raw logs to US mills doesn't maximize the employment of our hard working families, it lessens it for the sake of US families. Have there been any attempts to set this right? None that I know of. Are we competing 'globally', against that weak balsa wood crap that they grow in Brazil in 3 years? Houses would blow down with that 'wood'. BC Timber is second to none for strength and endurance, we should be getting a premium price for it, let Brazil try to grow Douglas Fir.
British Columbians seem to be losing ground with every new action of this government. It seems to me, my humble opinion, that someone in the present government simply doesn't trust BC people to do the jobs. Others are always chosen first. Why?
I believe the government has no right to sell off our assets. They should have jealously guarded the Province. With every action like selling OUR goods, we lose a little of our sovereignty. We lose the ability to determine our own future. We relinquish our decision making to others who do not have the same concerns for our future.
It's like we rented the government our house, and they sold off our fridge, stove and porch without even asking us. I feel that the Liberals are a group of sly guys finding ways to wheedle us poor taxpayers out of our assets.
We should be concerned about health care, the economy, and everything else the politicians have been shouting about in the last month or so, but as an inborn British Columbian, I need to have confidence that the decisions made about our futures are made for the benefit of us, our families, our grandchildren, NOT outsiders. The government should have been the caretaker of our assets, holding them firmly for us, expanding their value. Not getting rid of our accomplishments with such arrogance and disdain.
I have the confidence that British Columbians have the ability to manage our province and our assets to continue to make us a world player if need be, but I feel dejected that our present government seems to be our enemy. And whatever these new parachute Liberals say to get elected, we all know that they'll have no say in matters afterwards, they'll only be told to explain the government TO us. I need to know that the MLAs in Victoria care deeply for British Columbians.
I can't vote for a continuation of the Liberal Government, I think Gordon Campbell has betrayed what we have built and has no idea what the hearts of British Columbians want. We should not lose our way of life here, it is second to none in the world. We don't need to copy others, they need to copy us.
Enthusiasm for our wonderful province is what I want to see.
I didn't see anything but enthusiasm for money in the last few years.

- disheartened BCer

[reprinted from an earlier post]
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BC Ferries menu - 1968

Remember taking the ferry to the Island?

Remember having a relaxed breakfast or dinner on board? Remember the prices! Look. Grilled BC salmon steak for $3.00 and you didn't have to ask if it was that toxic fish farm stuff either. A burger deluxe was 80 cents. Top sirlion steak was British Columbia beef too. Remember those days when we were all so proud that OUR BC Ferries had more ships than the Canadian Navy?
Whatever happened to that BC pride?
Now you've made me cry ...

Dinner anyone?

20 ships! In those halcyon days when we were building British Columbia.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Today in history - - -

1992 - CIA Director Robert Gates said he had begun declassifying all relevant information on the President Kennedy assassination to end the insidious, perverse notion that the CIA was involved.

Ah yes, but the keyword is 'relevant' isn't it? And who decides?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

RAV line again ...

The RAV line. The project that was 300 million dollars over budget before it hardly began! They now seem to have stumbled onto the discovery that it will take some blasting.
Hmm. Like the engineers didn't realize that and they think WE didn't know it already? What does this say about all the learned people who argued that the Cambie route was perfect, no, there wouldn't be any volcanic rock in there, denying the fact that Queen Elizabeth Park IS volcanic in origin. They lied SOME into believing this would be an easy project. THEN they told you it was cut and cover, NOT drilling underground. NOW they say they'll need blasting. Like do YOU believe they didn't know this already? Like LONG long ago? What engineering company would NOT know that? There were hundreds telling them what they faced. And this blasting won't be like getting one big boulder out of the way, it will be hard rock mining! Inch by inch by dynamite. Wait a minute, the reason the engineers didn't bother to find this out before was that the taxpayers will be on the hook for overruns anyway ... who needed to know stuff like that?
Perhaps the taxpayer.
So the Arbutus connection would have been cut and cover. Dig out the soft dirt on the already established route, unravel the tracks in the ditch, let the Skytrain fly. Easy. Cheap.
Nope, this is going to be Gordon Campbell's 'Fast Ferries' project, one he could have easily avoided if he hadn't been looking after his friends in Kerrisdale. What else can we say?
We TOLD you sooooooooooooo!

(see 'RAV line already over cost' - November 2004 - on this blog)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Confirmed again - Gordon against women

At a candidate's debate meeting last night, sponsored by the BC Status of Women, no Liberal showed up, again. The fourth time. The NDP, Green Party, Marijuana Party and the Work Less Party all participated alongside a paper maché mock up of a liberal.
Wouldn't this confirm to you that Gordon Campbell has told his people to avoid these meetings?
Did he think adding the pretty parachute liberal Carol Taylor to his roster would dispell the belief that he's against women? Did you notice Carol, who is generally an articulate, intelligent woman, has had nothing to say yet? Because Gordon Campbell hasn't TOLD her what to say yet.
The NDP, Green Party, Marijuana Party and Work Less Party all had important points to make about the condition of women in BC.
The Paper Maché candidate was in usual Liberal form about his platform too, keeping his mouth papered over lest a word get out.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Great animations ...

Here's a link to one of the most famous and best lip sync animations ever, by Victor Navone.
The Gloria Gaynor song, I Will Survive, sung by Victor's alien.

and he did it way back in 1999! Have a look you'll love it.

And while we're at it, another link to the funniest and most widely seen video clip EVER on the web, Gary Brolsma's Original Numa Numa Dance. If you don't at least smile at this, well just go ahead out and kill yourself, you don't deserve a portion of this world. We want to be SURE you see it so we included two sites -

Just watch it!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Our Fair Political Debate

Moderator - In the spirit of fair BC politics, unlike the television media coverage, we have invited candidates from all the running parties to participate in debate tonight about the issues most concerning British Columbians in the upchucking ... er, upcoming Provincial Election on May 17th ... or 18th. Nice to have you all here, certain parties did not send candidates, for whatever reasons. Just one note, our Marijuana Party member is on a day pass from his prison cell. So, we’ll get right to ...
Liberal - We did not sell BC Rail, it’ll be ours again in 990 years. We still own the rocks under the tracks, you know. The economy is great. People are all feeling wonderful!
Marijuana Party - Yeah, sssswwwwwwwwttt, I’m feelin’ pretty good.
NDP - My old Aunt Martha isn’t feeling that great, we haven’t seen her for 8 months since you Liberals closed her hospital, we think she’s still in there!
Green Party - We stand for more trees, more fishies and moosies and lakes and ...
NDP - There’s another leaked document, the Liberals are draining the lakes.
Marijuana Party - Cotton candy, Man, there’s the thing. Sssswwwwwwwwwtt.
Green Party - Please, don’t blow that smoke at me.
Liberal - Me either, I’ve had enough trouble with impairment.
NDP - You were mentally impaired BEFORE you took office.
Marijuana Party - Hey, Man, ever smoke any of that pakalolo in Maui?
Liberal - Shhhh.
Green Party - We’re for clean air.
Unknown Party - So am I. Who let one?
Liberal - Sorry.
Green Party - We’re for bears.
Sex Party - We’re for bare naked!
Marijuana Party - Coo-ol.
Moderator - Can we talk about the issues?
NDP - The Liberals ARE the issues.
Work Less Party - Some people don't know what the issues are .... because they're working too much.
Marijuana Party - Some people don't know a Hoochie Mama from Ho Chi Minh either. Sssswwwtttt.
Democratic Reform - We should discuss STVs.
Unknown Party - I don’t get that channel.
Sex Party - Play safe, no STDs. We’re for public nudity and sex in the workplace. It would make for a much nicer day and a release of tension.
Liberal - And plenty of sunburn, what about Health Care costs?
Green Party - ST V, the Several Transferable Vote.
Moderator - Do we want to transfer our votes or not?
Marijuana Party - Whhhhhhhhheeeeooooooooooo. Transferred mine to Sparky last weekend. Look what I got for it.
Liberal - Psst! MaryJane Guy, got any papers?
Work Less Party - We need to skip right to the 22 hour workweak, it would make more jobs. Excuse me a moment, I have to phone in sick for tomorrow.
Sex Party - Make more time for sex. By the way, Green Party, you should show a bit of cleavage. Maybe hike up that skirt a little.
Marijuana Party - Sssswwwwwwwwwwwwttttttt.
NDP - Whew, it’s hot in here.
Unknown Party - Anyone got any spare change?
Liberal - Moderator, make them be serious. Let’s talk about what’s important to British Columbians.
Moderator - We hope to define that tonight.
Green Party - I’m for a greener BC. Quit exhaling on us!
Marijuana Party - Dave’s not here, sssswwwwwwwwwttttt, want a hit, Man?
NDP - We are supposed to be here for BC voters. So they can decide.
Marijuana Party - I’m for BC, Bud.
Green Party - Mr. Moderator, The Liberal is moving next to the Marijuana Guy, I think they’re making a deal.
NDP - He’s breathing deeper too.
Unknown Party - Any spare change?
Liberal - We’re gonna change the world, tee hee hee.
Democratic Reform - What about ICBC?
Liberal - You won’t see it for longggggg. Giggle. We’re selling it to the Americans.
Work Less Party - ICBC or BC?
NDP - Was that part of your plea bargain, Liberal? Ha ha.
Marijuana Party - Ssssswwwwwwwwwwtttt. Yo, Green Party, cut the trees, grow hemp.
Green Party - We gotta stop sending raw logs out of the province.
Liberal - Okay, we’ll cook ‘em first! Har har har.
Marijuana Party - Funny, Man. Ssssswwwwwwwwwwtttt.
Moderator - Please, we need to pay attention. What about BC Hydro power dams?
Liberal - Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Haw haw haw.
Democratic Reform - Hey Liberal, is your Federal branch still gonna let Americans shoot torpedoes in Georgia Straight?
Unknown Party - I’m hungry, anyone got potato chips?
NDP - Let’s try and concentrate here. Tee hee. Did you know you’re ears were crooked? Ha ha ha. Oops! Argh.
Green Party - Did you hurt yourself, NDP? I’ll fix your chair.
Liberal - Ssswwwwwwwwwwwtttt. Leave her down there.
Green Party - Sex Party, stop it! I’m not like that.
Democratic Reform - Gimme some of that ...... Sssswwwwwwwwwwwttttt.
NDP - Sssswwwwwwwwwtttt. Takes the pain away.
Marijuana Party - Sssswwwwwwwwtttt. Wwwwoooohhhhhhhhoooooooooooo. The joint is jumpin'.
Unknown Party - Pass it then.
Democratic Reform - What was I for again? Haha ha ha ha.
NDP - Delicious. Aar Aar Aar.
Sex Party - Green, it’s ok, we’re only on radio.
Moderator - Oh my.
Liberal - Where did they go?
Green Party - Oh, Sex Party, it’s been so long ....... oohhhh.
Sex Party - Green, You're a Babe!
Democratic Reform - What are you two doing down there?
Unknown Party - Reforming democracy. Sssswwwwwwttt.
NDP - Chips anyone? This room is nice the way it revolves.
Democratic Reform - Anyone got dip?
Work Less Party - Lotta dipshits in the government.
Marijuana Party - Ssssswwwwwwwwwwtttt. I read where there’s an erection comin’ up soon.
Sex Party - Hey, erections are in OUR platform.
Green Party - Come back down here, I'll show you a platform.
Sex Party - Woo.
Moderator- Excuse me .... I think he meant the election. We're supposed to be talking about that.
Liberal - Or not. Haw haw haw haw. Swwwtttttt.
NDP - Who brought the munchies? Sssswwwwwwwtttt.
Unknown Party - Any spare change? Sssswwwwwwwwwtttt.
NDP - I think some coins fell out of Sex Party’s pocket. He he he.
Work Less Party - Forget it, the Liberal got it already. Sssswwwwwwwtttt. Ha ha ha ha.
Liberal - Burp. Haw haw haw. Mumble.
Marijuana Party - Wheeez.
Moderator - Marijuana Party guy, you are a candidate running from within prison and here tonight on a day pass, what time do you have to be back?
Marijuana Party - Who's goin' back, Man?
Moderator - Is that it then? No one going to even speak anymore? Are all of you content to just sit there with silly grins and float? ........ You’re all darned lucky this is radio .........
Ah, what the hell, gimme a hit .... Ssssswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

note; the Unknown Party member was an apolitical dumpster diver who was only passing by hoping for a meal. All other party members were authentically suppositional. Remember to vote on May 17th ..... or 18th.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

California bans internet hunting.

California decided that those great white hunters who are flocking to a Texas based hunting website, shouldn't go there anymore. I don't mean those brave courageous hunters who frequent the chain-link fenced hunting sites in Texas for the thrill of killing some grazing Bambi while safely outside the fence in their pick-ups, I mean 'hunters' sitting at home on their computers and with a computer mouse click, actually causing a gun to shoot a deer or whatever animal! Did you know this was happening?

Bambi beware

Can you believe it? Can you believe that there are people in the world who would do this? You sit there at your computer, click your mouse, watch the monitor, 'stalk' a deer, get it in your cyber sights, CLICK, BAM! ... death. Wow. I mean REAL death. Brave. A real hairy chest beater, isn't it? They even send you the animal remains! Is there any limit to the masculinity? The bravado? The idiocy?
Fourteen other states are about to ban computer hunting too. I am worried that the technology might be turned to more sinister directions. Like hunting random people! Is it a matter of time until Homeland Security or the Minutemen set up this stuff on the Mexican border? Or someone suggests that frying all those deathrow inmates is just boring. (Texas executed 33 people in 2002.)
You know who these guys are don't you? They're those men who go down to their basements after dinner, (served precisely at 5 pm) while their wife or mother cleans up the dishes, washes the floor and prepares their pipe and slippers. They tuck in under the stairs, fire up the computer, check out the porno sites, feel the reassurance of something hard between their legs, which is their Daddy's Smith & Wesson, and go hunting. The hunter websites actually say computer hunting aids the handicapped hunter. (isn't that the inherent quality of ALL hunters?) Some of these closed hunting ranches even have specials; One mature turkey, plus one hog, and unlimited coyotes, all for just $500.! What? No cows? Almost like a Safeway grocery special isn't it? Others are importing exotic animals from around the world, Barbary Sheep from North Africa, Blackbuck Antelope, from India, etc. "What the hell," Bubba says, "there jist ain't anuff critters ta kill out here in Texas." Spit
The web-sights are from the same ranches who breed domestic deer in confinement for killing, these ranchers have brought themselves into the 21st century.
Too bad their brains didn't make the trip.
Scary though, isn't it?
Texas, a whole nuther country.

Cloning - the future ...

So quit badmouthing cloning and look on the bright side. Do you really believe it’s going to stop anyway? Those laboratorys were doing it secretly in the first place, and they’re not about to curtail their erotic excitement because of world opinion or morality. They get off on it. Expect a public relations onslaught on the same scale as Why War is Good For You.
So what’s good about cloning? Lots. Everyone can have wool sweaters instead of that sticky polyester. Dolly’s legacy. Maybe your dog is getting old, can’t control himself, you take him down to Clones-R-Us and get a brand new puppy, and he IS your dog all over again!
But it’s human cloning you’re thinking about, right? Okay, imagine this if you will; two hockey teams made up of only Wayne Gretskys. What a game! How about George Foreman against George Foreman in the ring? Imagine his kids at ringside! And the Jolly Giant will smile and cook you a steak between rounds on his grill. The downside to human cloning of course is how many Britney Spears can we stand?
Hollywood will embrace cloning, they’d be able to remake all those old movies with original clones. ‘It Happened One Night’ with Clark Gable 2 and ‘High Noon’ with Gary Cooper 'A version', except someone wouldn’t be able to resist making all the bad guys Cooper too. One can only fantasize Russ Meyer movies! And they’ll have the technology to go back for the REAL Ben-Hur’s DNA and have the chariot race against Charlton Heston 'B'. And imagine listening to the Barbara Streisand Choir.
And you know how your kids’ll do everything for you as six-year-olds but won’t do anything at seven? You’d be able to have perpetual six-year-olds forever getting you things, the remote, a beer. The excitement never ends! Never ends ...... never ends

But wait ... it’s inevitable that we’ll clone AND genetically engineer what we need. One of them new Aardvark vacuum cleaners. Perhaps a brand new Jaguar with leather seats. I mean a brand new JAGUAR! Genetically adapted to be docile of course. Perhaps a running dog fetching a perpetual bouncing ball. Maybe a tap dancing pink elephant? Or a green blob thingy that was once a frog?
And ... er, other things we don’t really NEED but what we’ll think are fun to have. Right? It isn’t too unimaginable that we’ll own creatures like these ...

Clone your kids now before they're too old - only $2995.00

RunningDog #359a - This week only - $49.50

TapDancing pink elephant - Model #123x - Sold out, rain checks available.

GreenBouncing Blob C6 - Our most popular seller, volume discount.

Little genetic clones who will run their hearts out for you ... until they die ... but they have no brains, only a program, no thoughts, only an impulse to run, or to dance for our amusement, or to plop endlessly on the floor. They have no idea what they are doing. It's all right, we'll be told .... because they have no idea. They're only 'manufactured beings'. They have no feelings. They don't know anything at all.
Do we?
Look at them. Trying so hard. Are you sad too?

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Stanley Cup time - who gets it?

The Stanley Cup does NOT belong to the NHL or any other professional sports team. It was given by Lord Stanley, Governor of Canada, in 1892 to the top amateur sports hockey team. They were several provisos, which should be honored today, in spite of the NHL's claims, some of which are these;
  • The Cup acted as the league championship of the league that the champion belonged in.
  • The Cup was not the property of any given team at any given time.
  • Challengers for the Cup must have won their league championship. (This effectively eliminates the present World Championship winner if Canada wins, as it is not a league)
  • The Cup trustees have the final say on disputes should there be any on who the Cup holder should be.
The Cup was originally presented in 1893 to the Montreal AAA, the champion of the Amateur Hockey Association, the top hockey league of Canada at the time. (Vancouver Millionaires won it in 1915)
So, shouldn't the winners be an amateur team, CURRENTLY playing for a league championship? Perhaps a Junior team? Maybe another league? The NHL and their spoiled millionaires should have NO permanent claim on the Stanley Cup, it should be awarded this year as in any other year, to the best team playing in a league in Canada today.
Maybe the trustees will step forward, have some guts and award it this year. Wouldn't it be great to see the Memorial Cup champions with their names on the silver trophy? I'll bet even NHL players would love that.