Friday, January 03, 2020

Your new smart phone

Do you think you are being surveilled? You bet you are and it's all your own fault!

I just got a new Samsung phone, and here is what I found in the small print, certain things that you allow without being asked - - - This is just part of the Samsung legal. I have cut some of the lawyer language.

  • Your Samsung may often download Updates automatically through Wi-Fi or other network connection ... Samsung will provide you with notice of the Update where practicable.  (Which means it may NOT and you won't know what exactly happened?)
  • Internet Access - The Samsung Software will access the internet through your mobile network which may result in additional charges. (Whaaa?)
  • Third-Party Materials - Certain Third-Party (TP) applications may be downloaded to your Samsung Mobile Device. Such applications may include content data, information or materials, or provide links to TP websites, you acknowledge and agree that Samsung is NOT responsible or liable for any content on said downloads. You agree that use of these TP materials (that you did NOT agree about) is at your sole risk. You agree not to harass, abuse, threaten or infringe on the right of the TP stuff, (that someone put on your phone which you did not ask for) TP materials are governed by the TP terms of use and which may include personal data you provide, even unknowingly are subject to that TP's privacy policy. (So you can see now that you have NO control over your own phone and what someone may put on it!) and Samsung in bold upper case, disclaims any responsibility for any disclosure from TP practices! (So an UNKNOWN entity puts stuff on YOUR phone without your knowledge and YOU are to blame for whatever results that makes! WOW!)
  • Then they have another loud talk basically saying they are not responsible for anything at all!  lol
Samsung Privacy Policy Highlights
  • We collect personal information that you provide ... from Third Party sources, social networks and analytics. We may share your personal information with affiliate or trusted partner companies, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, etc. (YOU may trust them but I don't know if I do. You're not even telling me who they are!)
  • We collect - Device info, hardware model, IMEI number, phone number, serial number, country code, network code, MAC  address, IP address, settings on your device, cookies, pixels, (Whoa! a word about pixels, like those used to make a picture of a nice cow in that field. It is made up of pixels, maybe a million or so - tracking pixels can be added to any picture and you think you'll see one? Nope. Remember microdots from WWII? Meanwhile these magic pixels are sending out data about YOU!) Log info, usage info such as time and duration of your use of certain services and any info stored in cookies that WE have set on your devices! (Whew, how long did I stare at Miss String Bikini '75? That iron collar on my neck is getting tighter!  All to provide ME with a 'better' experience, it says here!) 
  • WE will disclose your information to -  Affiliates. Business Partners, who work together, like a bank, research etc, These business partners control and manage your personal info. (Big list after that too.)
  • Your use of our services will involve the transfer, storage, and processing of your personal info to other countries in particular the Republic of Korea, but also - the EEA, USA, China, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Canada, the Philippines and Japan. (Of course we have NO IDEA who some of those countries may share your data with, do we? And the tech industry is trying to scare us away from Huawei for spying?
Well, this is far too long to expect you to read and store the info, suffice to say that your phone IS intruding on your privacy. Lots more headings tucked into those innocent looking white pages. And now it has 'View Security certificates' - Scroll down this one if you have the afternoon off, there are hundreds of these on your phone, all there to help YOU.
Here are only a couple - AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus - Chungwa Telecom Co. Limited - QuoVadis Limited - (I don't even like Victor Mature) - Turkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik (just because I bought Turkish bread at the bakery?) - Secure Trust Corporation - (Secure Trust?) There are fifty more on my phone. Sorry, but I don't feel better about this. Who ARE those guys?

And better still, you can now use a fingerprint AND/OR face recognition to access your phone! So you press your finger into a box that records your print, and now you use that to make your phone work. Is that a problem that virtually anything going into your phone becomes digital info that is nothing more than a series of numbers! I have never activated a fingerprint reader, but somehow my phone already has a heading - Fingerprints with a - SHA-256 fingerprint heading, and an alphanumeric like this - 41:C9:23:86 etc and those number-letters go on and on! 256 finger prints are already there? Are these the prints of the spy guys who are going to be reading and listening and watching everything I do on my shiny new communication device? Are they pre-installed? 256 of them! How many do they need?

And what about face recognition? Go ahead. Now 'They' know who you are, on your phone, on the street, going into that concert, loitering near the bank. Hmm, all this is for you. Nothing controversial about that. Is there? Is there? In China those face masks are used even without smog! I know why. And those numbers can be input into any computer and viola, there you are, grinning like a gerbil with a new wheel!

Well has the desired effect been achieved? What can I do except take the easy way out like the rest of you? 'I'm not doing anything wrong so I have nothing to worry about ' you say. As long as I continue to keep my job, watch baseball and whatever they want me to be normal about.

The problem is, what exactly is normal or wrong? Who defines wrong? I go to church. But what Church? We saw Jeffrey Epstein going to a church once. Was it a Shinto Temple? It's wrong to be a Copt in Egypt. You're not an agnostic are you?
And where did you go when you conveniently 'forgot' your phone in the bar that night? You went back the next day to retrieve it, but what did you do in those nine hours, 22 minutes and 49 seconds while it was out of your pulse range? Did you foment revolution? You drive an older car without the black box so we couldn't track you. You better buy a new car, we'll put ads on your phone to help you pick.
And that selfie pic at the game. Why did you include the man 2 rows back and one over? Do you know that guy? Why is he watching you? WE know him.
This could be endless and I am not a paranoiac! But I am afraid to play Words with Friends now because what about the words I use? Are they saying something subliminal about me that is revealing my hidden personality? The FBI is using software now that can identify a potential criminal!
OMG what have I said on facebook and Twitter? What videos did I like on YouTube?

And by the way, say Hi to Bixby, on your Samsung, he's their resident fink. He probably knows Siri, Alexa and all those other informers, snitchers and stool pigeons too! You don't know what HE looks like, but he knows what YOU look like. There might be an app on your phone right now sending all your calls, texts, photos, and more to who knows?

Give me a minute, I'm taking deep breaths.

Do I think I am being surveilled? You bet I do and it's all my own damned fault! I bought a new 'smart' cel phone, but don't you be a smart ass and think yours is different, because it ain't! Get used to your virtual ankle bracelet and speak clearly when you whisper.

But I'm keeping my old car, it knows where to go without On-Star.
Trust me.

[Shhh!  Invisible ink for writing secret notes - you use lemon juice and the message cannot be seen until you heat the paper .... I'm just trying to help.]

Monday, December 02, 2019

The Horse's POV

♫ “Giddy-up Jingle Horse pick up your feet?” ♬ 𝆕

What the hell is that supposed to mean anyway? Pick up your feet? You say that to ornery little kids who don’t want to go home from the mall, but this is a freaking sleigh ride! Pick up my feet? It’s freezing out. Don’t you know if my speed increases by 2% the wind chill factor goes up 50%!  It ain't snowin' and blowin' up bushels of fun, it's putting ice on my lashes and frost on my buns. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to trek through snow with steel shoes on? Nooo not you. And you never think about me freezing my nuts off, that's a figure of speech, I'm a gelding, remember?

You guys are all in the sled tucked under your warm wool blanket with a bottle of hot Rum. What did you get me? More oats? They are from last October for Pete’s sake! Dried out like cow chips! Not even an apple and you used the carrot for the snow man's pecker. 

So how many of you are back there? A hundred? And quit shaking those reins, I know where to go by now. It's a one horse sleigh, one horsepower, get it? I'm not a Clydesdale ya know. 

And the bells, the tingling damn bells, you tell me to giddy-up! Think I can hear anything with these freaking bells around my ears? Then you all start singing and not a one of you in tune! Even Burl Ives is crying.

Giddy-up Jingle Horse? You don’t even know my name, do you? You could at least call me Dobbin or Trigger. Well never mind Trigger, we all know what Roy did to him. Then you get home and fire up the stove for more hot toddys, and what happens to me? I go into that creaky old barn with a bale of hay! You can see through the slats for gawdsakes. There could be wolves out there but oh no, you don’t care a bit.

It’s a swell time and the right time? Yeah sure, thinking only of yourself. Right time for what? Dancing and prancing? Even Dasher and Dancer quit Santa for the Florida Keys.
We horses hate Christmas, don't ya know?

But if you try this again next year I’m gonna drink gallons of water and get horse diarrhia! 

That oughta Jingle Bell Rock your freaking night away.  🎵

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Still lingering on the edge of truth . . .

One more time so we never forget - something to ponder in our old age -

Saturday, November 24, 2012

49 years and counting ...

It seems that even after this long long time it would be appropo to repost a couple of things about that infamous day in history. There are still a few reads you can research yourself. But even if you do, they still lead to nothing but even more questions about what actually happened that day in Dallas ..... 
from November 24, 2010

Today in History - November 24

Lee Harvey Oswald.
While the world was still reeling at the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we saw the alleged perpetrator of the crime, caught and killed only two days later, and on national TV!
And these many years on we can only marvel at the speed with which his apprehension for the crimes happened. And the positive assertion that Oswald was undoubtedly the lone killer of Officer Tippit and President John F. Kennedy.
All these instant conclusions would be astounding even in todays era of nanosecond web communication. Yet over these years so many nagging doubts still evoke questions.

Oswald was supposed to have shot Kennedy from a 6th floor coign of vantage in the Texas Schoolbook Depository, with a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. But first it was identified as a 7.65 Italian Mauser, by sherrifs and FBI Special Agents. Affidavits were signed. Then it became a 6.5 Carcano rifle. Why? Because the FBI discovered that Oswald HAD purchased a Carcano, but NOT a Mauser. And even other rifles are now mentioned. And it took a world class marksman from the Army to nearly duplicate the 3 shots in 4.5 seconds feat! Other trained US Marine snipers said it could not be done.
And an almost perfect bullet 'appeared' on the stretcher bearing the President's body. A bullet that went through TWO bodies. Which looks as if the Lone Ranger put it there!

Oswald was even identified by someone who SAW him up there from across the street! Is that believeable today?

Oswald was supposedly seen being questioned by Tippit shortly after leaving his job and taking to the streets. Witnesses said they saw him shoot Tippit. They even saw him REloading his handgun while fleeing! Does that sound like a frightened killer or a prearranged murder? Yet other witnesses said another car pulled up, a man got out and shot Tippit and then roared away! Someone else saw two men who were NOT Oswald. Witnesses even identified a different assailant as heavy set, wearing a long overcoat. Many witnesses claimed intimidations and threats about their testimonys. Several eye-witnesses died soon after. Here is a list of the first months - 

Date Name Connection with case Cause of death
11/63       Karyn Kupicinet Tv host's daughter who was overheard telling of JFK's death prior to 11/22/63 Murdered
12/63 Jack Zangretti Expressed foreknowledge of Ruby shooting Oswald Gunshot Victim
2/64 Eddy Benavides Lookalike brother to Tippit shooting witness, Domingo Benavides Gunshot to head
2/64 Betty MacDonald Former Ruby employee who alibied Warren Reynolds shooting suspect. Suicide by hanging in Dallas Jail
3/64 Bill Chesher Thought to have information linking Oswald and Ruby Heart attack
3/64 Hank Killam Husband of Ruby employee, knew Oswald acquaintance Throat cut
4/64 Bill Hunter Reporter who was in Ruby's apartment on 11/24/63 Accidental shooting by policeman
5/64 Gary Underhill CIA agent who claimed Agency was involved Gunshot in head ruled suicide
5/64 Hugh Ward Private investigator working with Guy Banister and David Ferrie Plane crash in Mexico
5/64 DeLesseps Morrison New Orleans Mayor Passenger in Ward's plane
8/64 Teresa Norton Ruby employee Fatally shot
6/64 Guy Banister x-FBI agent in New Orleans connected to Ferrie, CIA, Carlos Marcello & Oswald Heart attack
9/64 Jim Koethe Reporter who was in Ruby's apartment on 11/24/63 Blow to neck
9/64 C.D. Jackson "Life" magazine senior Vicepresident who bought Zapruderfilm and locked it away Unknown
10/64 Mary Pinchot JFK "special" friend whose diary was taken by CIA chief James Angleton after her death Murdered

The Warren Commission ignored most of it.

And what was Officer Tippit up to on the hour before he died? Why was he far out of his patrol area? Why did he suddenly rush to 10th Street and stop to make a phone call in a cafe but only listened and said nothing? Why did he seem panicked when he made the call? He left his car radio at a crucial time. Then he was seen cruising very slowly on another street. Why was Tippit known in the area he died in? Some witnesses thought he lived nearby. But it was miles from his patrol area and his home?

How did anyone know Oswald's path of exit? Was it coincidence? Happenstance? Or enemy action? Officer Tippit was directed exactly where to go, minutes after the murder. Then radioed back when he was in position. Why was Tippit directed to 10th St? Was he? The Dallas police lieutenant who may have directed Tippit that day, Harry Dean Thomas, married his widow three years later.
The shells from the Tippit shooting were gathered by policeman, J.M. Poe, and he marked them with his initials, however, the shell casings eventually entered into evidence had no such markings.

Oswald went to his rooming house first. Who were the two policemen who stopped in front, gave two horn honks and went away? Then he went to a movie theatre. Why did he go there instead of staying on a bus and getting far away? Was he under a prearranged instruction to go to that theatre? Part of a plan to have him where someone wanted him? Did someone give him a revolver there? Perhaps the very revolver just used to kill a Dallas Police Officer? Perhaps by the very person who DID kill Tippit? The revolver in his possession was fully loaded with no empty chambers. And he had no additional ammunition with him. So if Oswald shot Tippit four times, and REloaded, then he must have had only had four extra bullets with him? Seems too odd, doesn't it? And four cartridge cases were found lying on the ground near the scene of the murder. [the gun Oswald was in possession of was a revolver, revolvers don't eject casings)  Instead of immediately fleeing the scene of the crime, did the killer discard four vital pieces of evidence that could have been used against him? Or were they deliberately placed at the scene? The four cartridge cases were traced to Oswald's revolver, although they were never matched to the bullets.

Oswald was constant in his claim that he was a patsy. He was innocent. He never shot anybody. And more than one scholar who has gone through the whole case has said the Mexico and Soviet Union implications could have easily pointed to Oswald being a CIA spy. Or was that all part of the illusion?
Alas, all these years later we are still suspicious, yet nowhere near advanced in our factuals about how it happened. The circumstances seem just too complex. The evidence now too scattered. Diffused. Lost. Misinformation and disinformation. Indeed, but we have more questions than ever.
His actions seem to be a response to suddenly realizing he had been set up. Confusion, desperation, the compounding of events leading him to take a predetermined escape route as his only hope. A route designed by who?

Lee Harvey Oswald was never actually charged with killing the President.


and from September 27, 2011

This day in history - - - September 27

(1963 – 64) The Warren Commission. A group appointed by Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the circumstances surrounding President John F. Kennedy's slaying and the shooting of his (alleged) assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. It was chaired by Earl Warren and included two U.S. senators, two U.S. congressmen, and two former public officials.
After months of investigation, it reported that Kennedy was killed by Oswald's rifle shots from the Texas School Book Depository and that Oswald's murder by Jack Ruby two days later was not part of a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy.
Its findings were later questioned in a number of books and articles and in a special congressional committee report in 1979, though no conclusive contradictory evidence was found.
JD Tippit

One of those first books, Rush to Judgment, by lawyer Mark Lane, pointed out that the conclusions in the Summery, those few pages that most people and reporters read, had little to do with the volumes of actual evidence in the content. When you read the content, after having digested to summary, there was no relationship to the facts. And the summery becomes nothing more than a blatant lie! Obviously distilled and twisted by the members listed below for the very purpose of further obfuscating the event.
Today a believer of this, 'Oswald alone', conclusion is rare. And because that summery seemed falsified, it berthed a lifetime of conspiracy theories about the President's death.
Even following the interesting side story of the trail of Officer Tippit on that day and you might join the legions of disbelievers.

The members of that Warren Commission were -

- Earl Warren - Chief Justice of the United States. Eisenhower offered Warren the post of solicitor general, with the promise of a seat on the Supreme Court. But before it was announced, Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson unexpectedly died in September 1953 and Eisenhower replaced him with Warren. As Chief Justice of the United States some said many of his decisions were 'inappropriate'.

- Hale Boggs - Died mysteriously in a plane crash while flying over remote Alaska in October, 1972 . Wreckage never found. In April 1971 he had made a speech on the floor of the House in which he strongly attacked J. Edgar Hoover and the whole of the FBI.

- Gerald Ford - Future President. Ford commented in his own report that the CIA destroyed or kept from investigators critical secrets connected to the assassination.

- John Sherman Cooper - In the general election in 1954 Cooper was defeated by Alben W. Barkley a Democrat who had been Vice President under Harry S. Truman but Barkley subsequently died, and Cooper was elected to fill his unexpired term in 1956.

- John J. McCloy - He was initially skeptical of the lone gunman theory, but a trip to Dallas with Allen Dulles, an old friend also serving on the Commission, in the spring of 1964 to visit the scene of the assassination convinced him of the case against Lee Harvey Oswald.

- Allen Welsh Dulles - Director of the CIA. It evolved under his directorship into a team of assassins. One member, Frank Sturgis, claimed: "this assassination group (Operation 40) would upon orders, naturally, assassinate either members of the military or the political parties of the foreign country that you were going to infiltrate, and if necessary some of your own members." (Sturgis was also one of the Watergate burglars) Dulles and his staff were forced to resign in September 1961 when President Kennedy reportedly said he wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds."

The Warren report's lack of candor furthered anti-government cynicism, which in turn stimulated conspiracy theorists who propounded any number of alternative scenarios, all mutually contradictory, and all going strong today.

Who can you trust?

In a new revelation by Jackie Kennedy she recently revealed her suspicions of LBJ. And we all know she married Ari Onassis simply because he was the one man in the world who could actually protect her from an 'unexpected' and mysterious death. 

 .... back to today ....

And an even more recent revelation suggests that Jackie Kennedy/Onassis recorded several tapes before she died. And they are somewhere. Waiting to be revealed. (President Trump promised to reveal them in the spring of 2018)  It is further proposed by some researchers, that Oswald was a paid asset of the FBI.
Arlen Specter, (later a Senator) was assistant counsel to the Warren Commission (recommended by Gerald Ford) and came up with the single bullet theory, which was readily adopted because having Connally and Kennedy shot by two separate bullets in such a short time frame would indicate TWO assassins and a conspiracy! Convenient, huh? Why did Specter miss so many obvious followup questions to the witnesses?  
More questions.
In recent years, there have been suggestions that some secret sponsored shadow cell has plans for a coup d'etat of the American Government, even that 9/11 may have been the precursor.

And there are also those who also believe the coup was already accomplished on November 22, 1963!

But just investigating the one aspect of Officer Tippit is an interesting exercise and takes you well away from the 49 years of spin and cover up about JFK. Go ahead, try it. At the very least you'll have a fascinating read, way better than TV fiction. And you'll involve yourself in history.

start here - - -
Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit
Officer Tippit timeline 
JD Tippit homepage
Officer Tippit's autopsy
James Garrison Playboy interview

Follow the fascinating timeline and perhaps you will come up with more questions too: like why did the Davis sisters believe he lived in the nearby apartment house? Who DID live there to cause Tippit to be there often? Why was he speeding around frantically in the minutes after JFK was shot? Was he supposed to intercept Oswald? Why was he on West 10th Street when he was thought to be miles away at the Dealey Plaza by the overpass? How many contradictions may already be within the transcripts of accounts, interviews and events? Is there one somewhere, just waiting for a new eye to find it? Is there one sentence somewhere that says, 'This cannot be, therefore that must be?' 

They can't hide ALL the trails leading to truth. We finally learned the identity of deepthroat, anything can still happen.

And one thing about a coup d'etat, they don't all reveal themselves in a momentary flash through smoke and fire and violence ... they can emerge in stealth over many years. 

(Thanks to people like William M. Drenas  [Tippit Timeline],  for never exhausting their efforts in the search for truth) (my own interest in JFK goes way back to the sixties when James Garrison, New Orleans District Attorney announced his intention of laying charges in the assassination and he replied to a note I sent to him with several ideas, thanking me for my interest and communication.) 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

50th Anniversary of the Warren Commission

After fifty long years, the huge 26 volume Warren Commission Report is still unbelievable to 85% of the American people. And we are no closer to understanding the What, Why, and Who of the events. Except to suggest it was a coup d'etat of democracy. But it is not going away. Tidbits of information about the perps, if indeed they are the perps, continue to emerge. Even the side issue here about Officer Tippit remains of high interest. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

JFK Revelations?

The first release of (some) details of the Kennedy assassination that have been held back for 55 years is out. These items were deemed so explosive that they here held secreted in the National Archives for a further 25 years after their first scheduled release.

There are about 3,100 unseen files, a deadline that was set by Congress in 1992 under the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act. The documents have been held in the National Archives, and the majority are already public.
American royalty

Here are what some commentators call  'interesting things'. As we know now, the CIA has over-ruled President Trump and held back further information for 180 days.

- Former CIA director Richard Helms: LBJ thought Kennedy assassination was payback for assassination of Vietnam president. From a 1975 deposition at Langley, CIA HQ,  "President Johnson used to go around saying that the reason President Kennedy was assassinated was that he had assassinated President Diem."
     Over many years investigators have concluded that not only did LBJ hate all Kennedys, but that he was aware of the event before it happened. Was this his attempt to deflect suspicions from American plots?

The CIA considered using mafia to kill Castro. Robert Kennedy told the FBI in 1975 that an "intermediary had been hired by CIA" to consult mobster Sam Giancana about hiring a gunman for $150,000 to kill Castro in Cuba.
The account is detailed in an FBI memorandum from 1975. The memo is part of an 83-page report that also said the CIA considered delivering a poison pill to kill Castro. Attorney General Robert Kennedy vetoed the idea of using a Mafia gangster.
     Again in 1975 this supposedly happened. And we all know by now that J. Edgar Hoover hated the Kennedy's with a vengeance. Other attempts to kill Castro were poison pills etc. RFK had stated long before that he was going to break the Mafia in America into splinters.

A memo from Hoover quotes a source within the USSR saying Soviets were shocked by the news of Kennedy's death. The source said the news sparked "great shock and consternation and church bells were tolled in the memory of President Kennedy."
"According to our source, officials of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union believed there was some well-organized conspiracy on the part of the 'ultra-right' in the United States to effect a 'coup,'" the memo said.
     Some people believe the coup might have been started then, and continued over the years until the placement and surreptitious effects were instigated, perhaps when George HW Bush became Director of the CIA? And that the coup of America needn't be armed men on every corner, but only the total manipulation and control of American lives. 

There are many other items, including someone who called the FBI with info that he was part of a group going to kill the President. And another anonymous caller to a British Newspaper the day of.

But one has to wonder why any of these so called revelations were considered secrets? There is nothing (so far) in the least explosive, and most of this info seems to come from FBI 'memos'.
Yes, the conspiracy theorists are already saying the CIA has had fifty years to manufacture any documents they wish. Which leads to the suggestion that at one time, way back in recent history, there WAS something incriminating in those National Archive documents.
Administration officials said there was no cover-up, just an effort to avoid compromising national security, law enforcement or intelligence gathering methods. Whatever methods might be suspect today, are long past blame on present day agencies. If this was just an attempt to convince America that all is well, it is too late, many have already turned to WikiLeaks for truth.

And most of the spin on this event, seems to point to a plot being Castro and Cuba. Perhaps so the America public will no longer think of CIA dark state cells, or FBI obfuscation, the Federal Reserve controlling all the money, or the MSM potentates squeezing your news down to what they want you to see and hear, or the Middle East oil cartels sponsoring election spending, or the so called Drug War designed to fail - or agents put in place, oblivious to their own supervisors, to implement the continuing coup of America.
No one needs a poll to conclude that Castro did not kill the President of America, something else has been going on, perhaps that is the reason the Establishment is so wired up with angst about Donald Trump?

These 'revelations' are for all those people who long ago, read the Warren Report Summery, without reading the basis of it and the facts that it was supposedly drawn from. Those who looked further, (Mark Lane - Rush to Judgement) quickly learned that the summery had no relation whatsoever to events on November 22 in Dallas.

The release of harmless information as revelations will only throw gasoline on the fires of conspiracy.
Business as usual. Keep your tin hat on, it's not over yet ....

Mark Lane's book -  
Rush to Judgment 

Who was she?
The Babushka Lady 

And: You can read my ideas of the death of Officer Tippet here and the following film will explain WHY he was killed and by who -  50th-anniversary-of-warren-commission.html

Don't expect this next film to stay on any website anywhere for much longer - but if you are interested in JFK and how his death relates to the so called Deep State now emerging into public awareness in 2017, and how you are being manipulated you need to understand why. - you should watch this before it is gone. It is hypnotic and revolutionary and will definitely change how you view your present world. 

(for the present it is also view-able on Youtube - )

Sorry - the video was comments and info about the shooting of the President of the United States. It has been removed from YouTube for violating the 'Terms of Service' and the message was, as they construed it 'hate speech'!

The note which appeared from YouTube -  This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech. Learn more about combating hate speech in your country.

Yes I believe it too! Sad that after 50 years the coverup is still active!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

REPOST from 2013 - Old Comedy Still Funny

Who is old enough to remember Your Show of Shows with Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner and Howard Morris? Who can ever forget their comedy? Just watch and see what was hilarious in the 50s and is still hilarious today!


incredible talent and just plain funny!

Friday, February 01, 2019

Where there's Smoke .....

..... there must be fire in the village of Wannasea?

                     dialogue left to right -

                               "Wanna see something hard, Girls?"
                              "It's hard to see where all that smoke is coming from."
                                  "If I lift my skirt you wanna see my bare ankle?" 
                                     "She's such a slut."
                                         "Wanna see what I've got in this box, Ladies?"
                                             "They won't fall for that one again, Johnny."

[it was only Autumn leaves burning, everyone is okay.]

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Feeling sorry for the young

Sometimes an oldster can feel sorry for the young. Playing music here on a Sunday from my very own 'olden days' collection. And I go way back, yes that far even!

Frank Sinatra
 What I am thinking about is our music of then, compared to the young who are listening today to whatever that is. Sure I hear it, on the street, on TV and radio. A car pulls up beside me at a light and I get the thumping, so loud I wonder if that guy crashed his own car he would be aware of it? Other times I can't hear it because it is in those earbuds as she crosses the street obliviously avoiding that bus. Or I try for a ballad but the girl's voice is so shallow she doesn't have command of a complete octave!

I am not saying there is nothing for their future, but I do say it is so thin as to become tiring at a late age. Where is the staying power? What will the young have when they do get old?

And one does tend to review one's life as Autumn turns toward Winter. And at those times you remember Spring with a sigh and perhaps a voice and a lingering melody.

The idea is that I have a virtual treasure trove of music I can enjoy which brings me memories that seem always right for whenever that time was. Sure my music had messages, but they were more about love and hope and boy loses girl and boy gets girl back than death and torture. And wasn't Love a Many Splendored Thing with Four Aces up your sleeve?

Snoop Dog
And I ask myself that when those who are hearing the strident strains of complaint from Hip Hop and RAP and chants of the discontented get to a later age, will they want to hear again about those growling indignations? Will they still want artists of their day talking about killing cops? Or will the women who make it into their future want to gather the grandchildren to hear again about the twerking bitch riding her man's pleasure pole while flying high?
Or about weed and heroin and meth being the way to go from Snoop et al? Or Eminem and Drake complaining about how bad 2018 was while banking millions? Or Jay Z and Kanye dominating for now but irrelevant tomorrow because their fortunes went out of style? Will they want to replay this year of delirium in 2058?
I know the argument that bitching could change the world, but is this so-called music just perpetuating the bitch instead of instigating a change?

Duke Ellington

Rosemary Clooney
Meanwhile I put on a range of music from my golden days; I grew up with Big Bands, Glen Miller being In The Mood, The always classy Duke Ellington taking his A Train, Count Basie and Frank Sinatra got under my skin. And Woody Herman and the Benny Goodman Orchestra with the hypnotic Gene Krupa beat.
And Peggy Lee wasn't all there was and Rosemary Clooney had me dancing on a string and some Johnny Ray Cry and Moonglow and Fats Domino and that ain't no shame! And Sammy Davis Jr. belting them out of the park. And Jo Stafford dreaming us along the Nile, and what girl in my youth didn't want to put her head on Paul Anka's shoulder?

Buddy Guy
Even when Elvis roused so many because he gyrated and Rock 'n Roll was so evil and threatening, I listen to Presley now and think he is just cool and mellow like Brazil 66. And even Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis with his foot on the piano and Bill Hailey rocking around the clock just raise a smile at their innocent energy! Wasn't it fun to the beat of Louis Prima with Keely Smith and their chemistry together casting their spell of their Old Black Magic? And then Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd and the Doors and Mamas and Papas and the Beatles. And we are left with all those wonderful Lennon - McCartney lyrics! And Grateful Dead rhythms and even Bob Dylan's insightful writings will keep you thinking forever! And Neil Diamond's true songs.
Al Hirt

And all that jazz! Scott Joplin and Ragtime to Al Hirt and Louis Armstrong's All Stars from dixieland to a Wonderful World, and Stan Getz, and Coleman Hawkins and Billie Holiday still echoing through time with Ella Fitzgerald. Lionel Hampton sending out great vibes. And BB King and Buddy Guy and Ray Charles in Georgia and Etta James and Koko Taylor Wang Dangin' and Doodlin'! What treasures to rehear!

Reba McEntire
And who can ignore Willie Nelson and Crazy? Or with Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristopherson and the Highwaymen? The straight forward lyrics of country will last a lot longer than a grunt about unfair society. Even Hank Williams and Marty Robbins in West Texas and Gene Autry Back in the Saddle Again, or Blue Rodeo and Reba and Garth and Charlie Daniels who kicked the Devils ass!

The list seems endless, doesn't it?

The point is, of course, now when I look back, I can still just enjoy the musical artists from my childhood and beyond. The music stays with you long after the black cloud or bad year has blown by. To enrich and mellow with the patina of something which ages gracefully and is as valued as Grandma's memory. And I am just as entertained with it today as I was when I first heard those harmonies in my very own olden days.
Bill Hailey

I do feel sorry for those who can't, great music is golden days, and one can take refuge there.

Youth is so wasted on the young.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Pillow Talk

The excited Wife arrives breathlessly home from a job interview, her Hubby is reading his newspaper in his favorite chair, smoking his favorite pipe.

Wife - "Honey, I just got a job in the movies!"

Husband - "That's great, what will you be doing?"

"They said it would be as a Fluffer."

"Oh, what would that be?" He continues scanning his paper.

"Not sure but I think it is to make the pillows nice and soft for the actors."

"Oh, that shouldn't be too hard. And you needed something to do."

"Sweetheart, they said it would be like giving the actors a hand. And I would be helping them to perform better."

"Wow, even sounds important."

"Yes, and the last girl who did it, they call her BJ, said it was easy to keep it up too. It's all in the way you hold your mouth .... I've heard you say that when you had to undo a rusty bolt on the car."

"You'll do fine, Hon. I'm sure you can handle it. I hope it isn't too hard for you."

"I'm so excited to have a hand in making a movie. It could be a big job, but I'll just take it slow and easy at first."

"Do you know who the stars are?"

"Not sure, but I saw a man with a black mustache, I think he might be Clark Gable."


"They pronounced it Clark Cable, though."


"I'm so excited." 

"Yes, and I am glad you're getting to try your hand at something interesting."

Hubby goes back to reading his paper in a puff of smoke. She fluffs the pillow behind him with a loving smile and pats his thigh gently as she leaves for her kitchen duties.

Life is never the same after you’ve been part of a movie.

the REAL My Pillow