Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Illegality in the music recording industry

The recording industry in America jumped on all the peer to peer networks because of what they deemed as 'illegal' sharing of music files over the web. They shut down many portals, including Napster and WinMX. These bad guys were taking money right out of their pockets. And the poor artists were losing millions.
Except a lot of those artists were accusing the record industry of ripping THEM off, never mind the consumers! So now it turns out the recording industry is being investigated because of their own illegalities, including giving radio station people expensive gifts to influence playlists and price fixing of wholesale digital music files!
Hmmm, so they jumped on the others so they could get right back to their own 'illegal' activities?
Crooks don't like to share, do they.

Gun control

So now after another tragic shooting in Toronto of innocent victims, and ongoing gunfire in Vancouver, there are organizations coming out of the woodwork looking for government money for 'education' of youth. Most of the recent shootings are credited to youth gangs, for whatever reason. It seems it used to be about violent drug dealers vying for territory, but lately, it has filtered down to teenagers. Carrying lethal weapons for 'prestige' and the envy of their friends. The police and politicians' answers are usually the same - we have to control these weapons and educate our youth.
A recent poll on the web gave several alternatives to how to control illegal handguns, asking normal people what to do ... the number one answer was overwhelming - long hard sentences.
If someone walks into a store to rob it with a handgun, or shoots at someone in the street, or drives by a home spraying it with bullets, the sentence needs to be taken OUT of the hands of our wimpy sympathetic judges, who just made a decision to continue to allow criminals in jail to still vote. There should be a mandatory ten years in jail. No parol, no good behavior time off, no soft core holiday resort sentencing, no alternative cop-outs by judges who need to begin answering to the people of Canada instead of their own agenda.
And going around giving money to youth organizations to tell youth that is it wrong to shoot someone is just plain stupid and silly.
Telling youth or anyone else, that they'll go to jail for TEN YEARS for shooting at someone, and then backing it up with a minimum sentence, will send a loud and clear message to the ones who need it.
All we need to do is pass the law, advise the people that that's what it now is, tell the judges that they MUST enforce the minimum sentence, and then DO IT! That's all we need. If it requires changing our constitution, do it. You must lose your rights when you become a criminal.
The first young gang member who gets his ten year sentence, will do the job for thousands of others. No billion dollar gun control program needed.
Now all we need are politicians with the guts to protect the law abiding citizens of Canada. Are they out there?
Who knows.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Canada bashing?

Seems like a war of words is heating up across the border. Perhaps since Paul Martin criticised the US for their failure to join Kyoto. Shouldn't have told them that.
We know that signing on to the Kyoto agreement means you'll take certain actions to limit greenhouse emissions over the next 100 years. Everyone knows that Earth is becoming in pretty bad shape. Global warming is no longer a theory, it is a fact. Check out the island sized ice cubes floating out of the arctic regions. The US won't sign on because of money. They'd have to enforce clean air from all their factories etc. That would cost. They are, in fact, bringing 19 more coal fired poluting energy plants on line. Good enough for everyone else to clean up but not America. But don't tell them that.
Paul Celucci, and now David Wilkins, the US ambassadors, are doing their usual act of interfering in Canada's business by trying to pressure us into submission on softwood lumber. They refuse to live up to the NAFTA rules time after time. Why? Because lobbyists are working hard to keep their own lumber companies in profit, and that is causing a few thousand dollars to be added to every house built in the states. What they want is for Canada to agree to a lesser tarrif when there should be none at all.
Tucker Carlson of NBC is calling us a 'retarded cousin'. You remember bow-tied Tucker, he's the one that our Carolyn Parrish demolished in that TV interview when he told her that Norway could conquer us. (search Carolyn Parrish, this blog) Carolyn shot back that Norway doesn't WANT to conquer us, it is America that is going around the world pissing everyone off. John Stewart followed that up with an appearance where he pleaded with Carlson to be relevant and quit being a simple oaf!
The American media constantly brainwashes the American public on American policy, however, they refuse to acknowledge that any other country can have a policy. They are completely misinformed about other countries, Canada no exception. Right wing bone rack and media commentator, Ann Coulter, in a recent interview with a Canadian journalist, argued that Canada was in the Vietnam War. Because she wanted to be right, regardless of the truth. But don't tell her that.
We all know that people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill OReilly lambaste anyone and everyone who questions American policy, especially Canada. Now we even have senators espousing the 'fence across the border of America' idea, saying WE are the ones who let the 9 eleven terrorists into their country. I believe that nine of those terroists were on American VISAs at the time, and there is not one shred of evidence to show any one of them came through Canada. It's a long way from 'hands across the border' isn't it? And there is not a flying school in Canada that wouldn't call the RCMP if bearded wild-eyed men wanted to learn to fly a plane but not land one!
The fence wouldn't be enough, why not make it a concrete barrier like the Isrealis use to keep the Palestinians out? The beneficial side effect would be to keep Americans IN. Pat Buchanan once suggested it too, implying that Canadians all have leprosy and moderate views! Both catchy.
The right wing is of course in control of America and it is becoming a sinister situation. When one of their own ambassadors in Africa, implied that Bush was lying about Saddam looking for weapons there, they 'outed' a CIA agent themselves to get back at him! Using White House media puppet Robert Novak to do it! Why isn't HE charged with treasonous behavior? We all know now that Iraq was a lie, just don't tell those young men trying out real XBox weaponry. And recently, we have learned that America is secretly spying on their own people! Wire taps, email intercepts etc. All approved by George Bush.
Don't tell America anything, they just don't listen. Don't tell Canada anything either, we don't want to hear. So why is there a war of words? Damn you Canada, we're the most powerful nation on earth and you're still better than us!
Here's my dollar for the first concrete block.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

McDonald's boycott

I forgot to boycott McDonalds on December 3rd. I feel like I let down the two 10 year old boys who started the idea. So I'm boycotting McDonalds now, for the rest of the month actually ... no, maybe until March, 2006. Better. I never went there on Dec. 3rd anyway. In fact I never go there at all. Well maybe once in a while when I am far out of town on my motorcycle and I need something to fill the hole. Some of those nice 'meat sprayed' french fries. I like that they spray them with that secret meat spray by-product because then I don't have to buy their burgers. Who knows what those might be made of?
As a matter of fact, the idea of the boycott was started as a retaliation against the American handling of the softwood lumber deal, where we Canadians are being penalized so US lumber companies can improve their profits. I think I'll even take it further and boycott McDonalds until America gives us our 5 billion dollars back.
Say, for 10 year olds, these boys are pretty smart. And more gutsy than our federal politicians.
How old do you have to be to get elected to parliament?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Damaged US relationship?

US Ambasador to Canada, David Wilkins, (the Paul Celucci reincarnate) meddling as usual in Canadian affairs, has criticised Paul Martin for his comments about the ongoing softwood lumber dispute, and the Kyoto treaty, saying that Martin will damage the relationship with America.
Are the Americans afraid that their people building houses or REbuilding houses will find out that they are paying over a THOUSAND dollars more because of the American lobby to protect their own profits and keep Canadian lumber out?
Hmmm, considering that the US is ignoring every single ruling against them by NAFTA on softwood, and that they are starting 19 more coal fired energy plants in the largest poluting country in the world and refuse to join Kyoto to cut global warming emissions, and are getting prickly sensitive about it, couldn't we say that it is already damaged?

Friday, December 02, 2005

Conspiracy theory ... 4 - Quebec

So the Canadian military decided to 'store' some armoured personel carriers. They were moving them from Ontario to Montreal. Hmmmmmmm. Montreal, Quebec that is.
The only reason this was discovered by police was the truck driver was confused and driving the wrong way. The trailer was carrying two M113 armoured personnel carriers bearing Department of National Defence licence plates and loaded with ground-to-ground missile launchers. "They're used against tanks and other armoured personnel carriers," said Canadian Forces spokesman Major Daryl Morrell.
Now, if we look at this incident with a suspicious mind, what do we see? The separatists in Quebec beginning to steal whatever they can from Canada, before their referendum. Quebeckers being in charge of most things like this in Canada, they can set about doing it in stealth.
Why don't I trust them? Because, on the evening of the LAST separation referendum, they sent out messages to all Canadian forces stations in Quebec, ordering that the forces on those bases, would have
alegience to Quebec the following morning, NOT Canada!
I think we Canadians should watch this situation. This could be the start of the biggest theft ever of Canadian assets. Quebec wants to have everything it can when they start their new country, and the French Canadians now in charge of Canada, including Paul Martin etc etc et al, will aid and abet as secretly as they can.
Why would they want armoured personal carriers in the first place? Because once they separate, and lay claim to their territory, they are going to get one hell of a fight from the aboriginals who want NO part of a Quebec nation. Quebeckers are anticipating violence from their own indians. Amoured personel carriers with ground to ground missile launchers are EXACTLY what they'll need.
Worth watching for more 'incidents'? I believe so.