Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Gun control

So now after another tragic shooting in Toronto of innocent victims, and ongoing gunfire in Vancouver, there are organizations coming out of the woodwork looking for government money for 'education' of youth. Most of the recent shootings are credited to youth gangs, for whatever reason. It seems it used to be about violent drug dealers vying for territory, but lately, it has filtered down to teenagers. Carrying lethal weapons for 'prestige' and the envy of their friends. The police and politicians' answers are usually the same - we have to control these weapons and educate our youth.
A recent poll on the web gave several alternatives to how to control illegal handguns, asking normal people what to do ... the number one answer was overwhelming - long hard sentences.
If someone walks into a store to rob it with a handgun, or shoots at someone in the street, or drives by a home spraying it with bullets, the sentence needs to be taken OUT of the hands of our wimpy sympathetic judges, who just made a decision to continue to allow criminals in jail to still vote. There should be a mandatory ten years in jail. No parol, no good behavior time off, no soft core holiday resort sentencing, no alternative cop-outs by judges who need to begin answering to the people of Canada instead of their own agenda.
And going around giving money to youth organizations to tell youth that is it wrong to shoot someone is just plain stupid and silly.
Telling youth or anyone else, that they'll go to jail for TEN YEARS for shooting at someone, and then backing it up with a minimum sentence, will send a loud and clear message to the ones who need it.
All we need to do is pass the law, advise the people that that's what it now is, tell the judges that they MUST enforce the minimum sentence, and then DO IT! That's all we need. If it requires changing our constitution, do it. You must lose your rights when you become a criminal.
The first young gang member who gets his ten year sentence, will do the job for thousands of others. No billion dollar gun control program needed.
Now all we need are politicians with the guts to protect the law abiding citizens of Canada. Are they out there?
Who knows.


  1. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Maybe someone should ask all the party leaders, if they would change the law as an election promise.
    Then our pussy judges would have to follow through, or be fired. Lets pass a law that not only senators have to be elected but judges as well.Ten years sounds good to me for a first offence.

  2. Anonymous10:58 am

    we got to kick the asses of the judges off the benches, they are just wackin off under them robes anyway.


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