Sunday, April 24, 2005

Olympic logo

Is it true? The new logo, modelled after an inukshuk, is an Inuit directional marker meaning 'Stay away, danger' ?

Take a look - - -


The guy seems to be shouting, "Look out!" Well, they are saying it means 'friend' too. Maybe it means, "Stay away friend, you'll get ripped off here."? They say it represents all of Canada. Seems to look like that clunky stone guy in Sinbad the Sailor. Not too athletic.
There are no Inuit tribes in BC.

Here is the old logo - - -

Bid logo

Do you see a Maple Leaf? Canada. Do you see the sea? Do you see white capped mountains? Sea to Sky. Do you see flowing motion? Do you see British Columbia vibrancy?

Which do you like better?

Hmmmm .... Well doesn't this Inuit logo once again PROVE that Gordon Campbell and his cronies are totally AGAINST British Columbians? He awarded Mexicans the winning design logo representing the Arctic Territories. Why doesn't he just ban BCers from competing in everything?
Wait a minute .... I think he has ...

Friday, April 22, 2005

More dole for friends of friends?

Did anyone know this? BC Hydro has this contract for collections with a company called CBV Collection Services. This company's contract runs for 35 YEARS! Done in 2002. Recently revealed by BC Hydro spokesperson, Elisha Moreno. Wouldn't you like to know more about that kind of deal?
Who would solicit or sign such a long term deal? Why?
(Are the Campbell Liberals using the 990 year deal giving away BC Rail to foreigners as the gauge for acceptance?)
Already the CBV collections people are insulting the public and causing problems. As in the collector guy on the phone calling the straight guy on the other end a 'queer' while trying to get a bill paid.
So what if this company needs to be fired? Are we going to have to pay them off for 32 years of NON work? Is this a Paul Martin/Jean Chretien sponsorship scandal shaping up in our own BC Liberals?
Does Gordon Campbell have more 'friends' with this company?
What gives? 35 years is WAY too long to grant ANY contracts for ANY company.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lebanon has a vial of deadly flu virus!

A deadly flu virus, the H2N2 pathogen, shipped from the USA to labs around the world, is being held in Beirut, Lebanon. Apparantly this virus was MISTAKENLY sent out by the College of American Pathologists, says the World Health Organization. Other samples of the virus which killed about 4 million people in 1957, have been 'reported' to have been destroyed.
BEIRUT? Why in hell was it sent there? Where else did they decide to send a deadly virus? Iran? North Korea? Iraq? Sheeeez, they can't blame Saddam for this one. Did anyone get fired? I sure hope so but nothing has been said, so far.
In a time when ANY virus is a potential terroist aquisition, where was security? Forget the borders, Homeland Security, Mexicans are just looking for jobs, you've got stupid people sending death stuff from within your country? Many labs across the US also received this flu virus. And they haven't all reported destruction.
Don't pathologists study dead people?
Aren't we dying quick enough for them?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

World Championship & Todd Bertuzzi

Last time we had this World Championship, wimpy Wayne Gretsky wouldn't allow Todd Bertuzzi to play because he said, "He is under suspension by the NHL." At that time, many wondered if the NHL was controlling these so-called World Championships. Gretsky showed his loyalty to a professional organization instead of his country, Canada.
(Could it have had anything to do with Marc Crawford NOT putting Gretsky into that shoot-out scenario a few years ago?)
Now we have it again, and Steve Tambellini also would not choose Todd Bertuzzi for that team. Again because of a suspension by a league that is not, in effect, even there. Now we hear that Gary Bettman, the head of the non existant NHL, said that the tournament has nothing to do with the NHL. And they will have a hearing regarding Bertuzzi later. So Steve Tambellini must be able to allow Bertuzzi to play for his country if it has nothing to do with the non existant NHL.
Todd Bertuzzi should tell the NHL to take a hike, go and play in Europe where someone wants him. He could make a lot of money there, enough for anyone's needs. Everyone is positioning for the civil lawsuit that Moore and his lawyer parents will surely bring, but why wait? Everyone else is sucking up to the NHL, doesn't mean Bertuzzi has to.
Get on with your life, Todd, and leave the toadies of the NHL in your ice shavings. They chose Scott Walker over you.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Advertising silliness ... 6 - Shaw Cable

So they have this ad on TV right now, characters dressed up as Pop-up Guy, Spy Guy and Virus Guy, all trying to get into your computer system ... they are repelled by Shaw Cable's firewalls etc. At the end they show a house plugged into cable.
A little text over says, 24/7/365, denoting twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year protection for your puter with Shaw.
"Zo, " Oiving says, "Vhat is dat? On lip year on febuary tventy-nine, efry four yeahs, ve ain't gonna get no soivice?"

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Flag count

I live in a highrise apartment building right downtown. We can see at least a thousand buildings from our 25th floor. Last year I tried to count Canada flags flying from buildings. There was 1 (one) from the firehall below, and one other on a highrise. This year I recounted, although from a slightly different angle. It was 13 Canada flags and 2 British Columbia flags. I'm not sure if that is encouraging or not. Seems pathetic to me.
Is it the management of the buildings who don't want to buy a flag and fly it? Too expensive? Too much trouble? Too many foreign owned buildings? Is it a comment on our patriotism? Are we, here in our own country, following that silly line about not offending others? Are we proud of our Red Maple Leaf or not? It is a beacon of our sovereignty, and a statement that Canada is the greatest, a symbol of a free people, and an inspiration to artists, writers, poets, old soldiers, immigrants and perhaps a few lost souls treading our soil from sea to sea to sea.

Oh Canada!

Get with it people, get a Canada flag and fly it with pride that Canada is still going it's own way regardless of the so-called 'global' community pressures.
Be proud that the rest of the world looks up to us, because they do. And let the world know you are standing on guard for Canada.

Ex-conversation ...

Reporter - "Mr. Chretien, some people are saying you might be involved in this so-called Sponsorship Scandal, have you anything to say about it?"
Chretien - "I am glad you ask me about dat scandal t'ing. I am hopin' Mr. Martin will get to bottom of dat Brian Mulroney scandal."
Reporter - "Excuse me, Mr. Ex-Prime Minister, but I was talking about the Liberal scandal, not the Conservative one."
Chretien - "If you notice, Mr. smart guy Reporter, dat Mr. Ex-Prime Minister Joe Who, endorse the Liberal party one time before. Even he was ashamed of Mr. Ex-Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's behaviour."
Reporter - "I think you mean Mr. Joe Clark."
Chretien - "Who?"
Reporter - (pause of perplexion) "But Sir, you are ignoring the current Liberal problems, with the testimony of Mr. Brault and all his allegations of corruption using taxpayer’s money.”
Chretien - "We don't had no alligators in Canada."
Reporter - "Pulease."
Chretien - "First t'ings first. People are also wondering where Mr. Ex-Prime Minister Mulroney has been getting all dat money for high living."
Reporter - "But Mr. Chretien, I wanted to ...."
Chretien - "Call me Mr. Ex-Prime Minister .... and everyone wondering if Mila goin' to return dat furniture."
Reporter - "Mr. Ex-Prime Minister, are you denying you have any involvement in this latest scandal?"
Chretien - "I did not say fuddy-duddy, like Mr. Ex-Prime Minister Trudeau. I did not grab Iona Campagnolo's ass like Mr. Ex-Prime Minister John Turner, who did fall into a hole when Mr. Ex-Prime Minister Mulroney appear on da scene. And no one follow Mr. Ex-Prime Minister John anymore. And Mr. Ex-Prime Minister Bordon get all dat war time scandal."
Reporter - “That was in 1917!”
Chretien - “See? I tol’ you so.”
Reporter - “And John Diefenbaker is dead.”
Chretien - “Oui. He die every day on da floor of Parliament.” (chuckle)
Reporter - (sigh) "Sir, er, Mr Ex-Prime Minister, they say that Prime Minister Martin will sacrifice you to hang onto power for the Liberals and ...."
Chretien - "You might as well start calling him Mr. Ex-Prime Minister Martin."
Reporter - "So do you think he'll last as long as Ex-Prime Minister Campbell?"
Chretien - "He was Prime Minister?"
Reporter - "KIM Campbell. SHE lasted almost 6 full months. She had no time to get into a scandal."
Chretien - "Merde. Damn Westerners."
Reporter - "She might have been honest."
Chretien - "You know, I am proud I send Mr. Ex-Prime Minister Campbell to work wit’ dem morons sout' of da border."
Reporter - (bigger sigh) You aren't going to answer anything about the current scandal, are you Sir?"
Chretien - "Montreal Canadienne not doing too good dis year."
Reporter - "Yes, I hear Serge Savard is even implicated. And there IS no hockey this year.”
Chretien - “Dat is not hockey. Dem new guy still got all dere teet’.”
Reporter - "One last question, Sir ...."
Chretien - "Mr. Ex-Prime Minister."
Reporter - "Mr. Ex-Prime Minister, when Mr. Martin falls in disgrace, who will be the next leader of Canada?"
Chretien - "Gilles Duceppe."
Reporter - “Thank you Mr. Ex-Prime Minister.”
Chretien - "Mercy."

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

9 out of 10 prefer Liberals

In a recent study undertaken by ourselves, we discovered 9 out of 10 groups prefer the liberal government of Gordon Campbell for many reasons.
The question: Who can say they'll fare better with another liberal government in British Columbia?
The answers:
1 - Maximus. This American corporation will continue to do well with more Gordon Campbell. Through a Canadian subsidiary, they have access to all our MSP and Pharmacare records, including medical reports, psychological reports, family status and history, date of birth, income, financial history and employment income, etc ad naseum. This will keep them in good stead with Homeland Security in the USA.
2 - Accenture Ltd, an American company operating in Hamilton, Bermuda (to avoid American taxes) will also do better with Gordon Campbell because they stand a good chance of getting Gordon to privatize more of BC Hydro, and they'll be running it and be able to put prices up to 'global levels' ignoring the fact that British Columbians, who once owned BC Hydro should benefit from having the lowest cost hydro power in North America.
3 - Flensburger Shipbuilding, the German company which has the contract to build 3 new ships for BC Ferries will continue to do well from BC Liberals, who are spending 500 million dollars on those ferries, of which, not one penny will go to British Columbia ship workers and their families to spend in BC. Premier Campbell of course ignoring the fact that the former ferries, fast or not, were built by local BC shipbuilders.
4 - Mystery company in Poland, which evidently has the contract to build another ship for BC Ferries. It will of course, be announced AFTER an election because, as even a liberal said, "It just don't look so good." They will do better with Gordon Campbell.
5 - Out of Province owners of BC Rail, (the name probably soon to be changed so that BC people won't think they still own it, as what happened to BC Gas = Terasen Gas, also involved with Accenture) They will continue to do well under Gordon Campbell because they'll be able to discontinue services for small BC towns while hooking up with America at Alaska, consequently giving the Americans what they've wanted for years; the ability to ship "goods" from Alaska to America without allowing inspection of freight travelling through British Columbia.
6 - Unethical large employers who can now use a training wage of $6.00 per hour with a minimum 2 hour day, instead of the minimum wage of $8.75 and a 4 hour minimum to 'test and train' employees for suitability for employment. Except of course that it seems none of them ever work out when the deadline arrives to pay them higher amounts and they have to be let go. Those companies are thanking Gordon Campbell.
7 - US Homeland Security and the Patriot Act will continue to do well under Gordon Campbell as he sends more private data about British Columbians to American companies. And there's more privatization in the works. Under the US Patriot Act, no company can withhold information about you, nor does this clandestine branch of the US Government have to reveal they even recorded your information.
8 - Foreign Fish Farm owners will do very well with another Liberal government and Gordon Campbell. They'll be able to continue ignoring any reasonable scientific reports on the dangers of fish farm salmon or the devastation of BC wild salmon stocks and get on with growing pen-fed Atlantic salmon which is advised not to be eaten by children or pregnant women. Did you know it was coloured? Sort of an "Agent Orange" colour.
9 - The Federal Liberals will be happy with Gordon Campbell's provincial liberals remaining in power. They'll be able to continue to send more "organizers" to BC from the Federal ranks, including any new suspected crooks that may be part of Paul Martin's secret cadre right now.

10 - And the group who will NOT fare better with another Liberal government; These remaining poor souls were part of the remainder of people who are unlikely to do well under continued management of Gordon Campbell and his "Anybody but BCers" policy =
- Senior citizens that may need long term care and would like to spend their remaining time together
- students and poorer people who need to have hope for better lives
- women in general who are on Mr Campbell's hit lists
- anyone who dares to believe the people of BC have the intelligence, skills, enthusiam and work ethic to make BC the greatest place on earth for PEOPLE and not political friends and foreign corporations.

- unscientific study but feel free to copy and post anyway -

Monday, April 04, 2005

Wondrous accomplishment!

I made a green light at Main and Terminal today.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II

I am not a Roman Catholic, but I liked the Pope anyway.
Almost as soon as he took the power of his religeon, he began changing the world, Karol Wojtyla who knew peril as a young man at the hands of the Nazis, went right back into Poland and courageously stuck religeon into the face of the communists. And confronted with such a resolute adversary as this single Holy man, they never recovered. Yet he was shot for his efforts by a Turk, supposedly put up to it by the Soviet KGB, who could see that he was a dangerous man challenging their future.

Solidarnosc (Solidarity) was born because John Paul II provided daring leadership and gave his people hope and power, and consequently, oppressed people everywhere shared in that new power. It was not only about religeous freedom, but liberty for all humanity.
In the ensuing years the momentum from that historic and gutsy visit caught hold. He started the chink in the wall that brought down the Iron Curtain and freed most of Eastern Europe from the oppression of a generation of forced communism.
Pope John Paul II gave the people of Poland a new respect while using his religeon for the highest purpose. He gave hope to people of every country. We all owe him big time.
And no one tells Polack jokes anymore either.