Friday, April 22, 2005

More dole for friends of friends?

Did anyone know this? BC Hydro has this contract for collections with a company called CBV Collection Services. This company's contract runs for 35 YEARS! Done in 2002. Recently revealed by BC Hydro spokesperson, Elisha Moreno. Wouldn't you like to know more about that kind of deal?
Who would solicit or sign such a long term deal? Why?
(Are the Campbell Liberals using the 990 year deal giving away BC Rail to foreigners as the gauge for acceptance?)
Already the CBV collections people are insulting the public and causing problems. As in the collector guy on the phone calling the straight guy on the other end a 'queer' while trying to get a bill paid.
So what if this company needs to be fired? Are we going to have to pay them off for 32 years of NON work? Is this a Paul Martin/Jean Chretien sponsorship scandal shaping up in our own BC Liberals?
Does Gordon Campbell have more 'friends' with this company?
What gives? 35 years is WAY too long to grant ANY contracts for ANY company.

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  1. Other8:52 pm

    Didn't that ^&%$# promise open government" Is this yet another secret deal?


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