Thursday, April 21, 2005

Lebanon has a vial of deadly flu virus!

A deadly flu virus, the H2N2 pathogen, shipped from the USA to labs around the world, is being held in Beirut, Lebanon. Apparantly this virus was MISTAKENLY sent out by the College of American Pathologists, says the World Health Organization. Other samples of the virus which killed about 4 million people in 1957, have been 'reported' to have been destroyed.
BEIRUT? Why in hell was it sent there? Where else did they decide to send a deadly virus? Iran? North Korea? Iraq? Sheeeez, they can't blame Saddam for this one. Did anyone get fired? I sure hope so but nothing has been said, so far.
In a time when ANY virus is a potential terroist aquisition, where was security? Forget the borders, Homeland Security, Mexicans are just looking for jobs, you've got stupid people sending death stuff from within your country? Many labs across the US also received this flu virus. And they haven't all reported destruction.
Don't pathologists study dead people?
Aren't we dying quick enough for them?

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