Saturday, January 29, 2005

Texas Bubbas teaching RCMP how to do it!

Did you get that news item? A TEXAS patrol officer pulled over a guy in CANADA, to accuse him of being a drug smuggler! Evidently he was TRAINING an RCMP officer on 'profiling techniques' used in TEXAS to catch drug smugglers! The poor guy who got pulled over apparantly had twitches which are the marks of drug smuggling according to the Texas policeman. They think he might have been smuggling drugs between New Westminster and Langley. They had to let the guy go after searching his car throughout, because he had NO DRUGS! (Maybe they realised there's no border between New West and Langley) Are we losing it in Canada? Whoever decided to do this in the first place? People need to cry out with outrage at this imbecillic decision!
So Bubba from Texas, does it that way down there? What they do is pull someone over under the pretense that he was speeding, and then identify the driver as a smuggler. The Texas Rangers think that's the way we do it up here too. The RCMP (who should be thoroughly embarrassed) said they had 'probable cause' to pull the guy over. What? Perhaps we need to differentiate between Texas and British Columbia. Perhaps even between America and Canada.
I am completely AGAINST drug dealers. And we can in Canada, have complete confidence that our RCMP are a fair and uncorrupt police force who follow our laws faithfully.
Seems to me that the Texas Patrol officers should be coming to Canada for training and maybe a little 'attitude adjustment.'
Meanwhile drive calm .... don't twitch.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Is Gordon Campbell being controlled?

Well, is he being controlled by the corrupt federal Liberals? While the feds are trying to shut down the sponsorship scandal inquiry and wanting to remove the judge, (Chretien just demanded it) the federal Liberals are still implanting their people into Gordon Campbell's Provincial Liberal Party. 'Implanting'? Hmmm 'infiltrating'? 'Embedding' .... 'Engrafting,' yes I like that one. Has the proper ring when applied to Liberals.
You remember that unprecedented raid on the legislature by the RCMP? Those guys who are now charged with fraud were federal liberals, appointed by the Premier's office. The Premier's Chief of Staff, Martin Brown actually. He sorta reminds me of that sinister character in the old Erroll Flynn Robin Hood movie who was always whispering cryptic evils into the king's ear.
So now we have the premier on a radio talk show, and another 'engrafted' federal Liberal is caught phoning in and calling himself 'Peter' when he was actually Prem Vinning, who held a senior position in Campbell's office.
So, are the corrupt federal liberals running our BC government? Judging by the nice warm relationship they have and the way both governments hate British Columbians, seems likely to me. Maybe we'll get lucky this spring and have Paul Martin out here endorsing Gordon Campbell just when the sponsorship inquiry fingers him for his involvement in that scandal.
Hmmm, and I always thought Mulroney was the biggest crook Canada ever had.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Today in history . . . January 24

1996 - The fat substitute Olestra was approved for sale by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Isn't one of the main problems in North America in 2005 obesity? Maybe they're all getting fat on fat substitute? Only took eight years to work. I guess all those waddling people are thinking, 'Hey, it's not REAL fat, it's only fat substitute. '
Wonder what they're substituting for exercise?

Meanwhile, McDonald's slogan 'Supersize Me.' seems to have taken an ominous turn in the courts this week ...

Friday, January 21, 2005

Bob Dylan film without Dylan

Martin Scorsese is making a film about Bob Dylan. However, he hasn't consulted Bob Dylan about it. He said he wants to present his own vision of Bob Dylan's life. What? Doesn't want to talk to Bob Dylan?
I used to like Scorsese, now I think he might be a jerk. How do you do that? Someone has to write the film. When you write a picture you take an opinion, a point-of-view, you present a biased view. Always.
And documentaries go for the truth. Or do they? Doesn't this go in the unauthorized biography catagory of National Enquirer?
Does it sorta go like this - - - ?

Writer: "Hey Marty, should we at least give Dylan a call?"
Marty: "I'm trying to make as honest a film as possible without unnecessary restrictions."
Writer: "Yeah, actually talking to the guy might screw up everything."
Marty: "I'm creating a story."
Writer: "Okay ... Hey Marty, what say we have Dylan say this ...'War is good for you.' "
Marty: "Sure, that sounds like what I'd like him to say."
Writer: "Marty, do you see Dylan as Republican or a Democrat?"
Marty: "Let's make him a Republican, we'll get him to sing for Nixon and both Bushes. Stir it up a bit."
Writer: "Hey Marty, uhm ... maybe he doesn't write, Times They Are a Changin', maybe he writes Moon River instead."
Marty: (Thinking almost a full 3 seconds) "Sure, my vision is he'd do that."
Writer: "Marty, you're a wonderful guy, who's gonna play Dylan?"
Marty: "Will Smith."
Writer: (cough) "Er, Will Smith?"
Marty: "Sure, Denzel played the Sinatra role in Manchurian. It's MY vision of Dylan."
Writer: "Ok, Marty."

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin'.
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'.
lyrics by Bob Dylan

Copyright © 1963; renewed 1991 Special Rider Music

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end--
waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.

lyrics by Johnny Mercer

© 1961 Paramount Music Corporation, ASCAP

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Condoleezza Rice is plotting about Canada

WASHINGTON (CP) - Condoleezza Rice, in hearings Tuesday on her nomination as the top U.S. diplomat, said plotting the next phase of the free trade pact with Canada and Mexico is central to America's fortunes.
Seems to me that PLOTTING is exactly the correct word. Read that to mean that America will take over Canada completely with the next generation of NAFTA and we won't even know they've done it.
Condoleezza, (damn it's hard not to make fun stuff of her name) also took issue with Senator Barbara Boxer about her integrity. Just because the California Senator took issue with her contradictions of herself and President Bush in her own statements regarding WMDs and war in Iraq. Okay, now, hands up all those who thought Mz Rice had integrity to begin with. Hmm, just as I thought. A recent poll said her inaugeration as Secretary of State would hurt the Bush administration. It was 80%.
She also said America won't rule out pre-emptive military strikes against Zimbabwe, Belarus, Myanmar and Cuba. Hmm, seems to me that everything Ian Smith left in fine shape in Rhodesia has rusted away since he left. And they've killed all the other machinery in the country. Nothing works, how would they threaten anyone? Belarus? Belarus is little bigger than the Vatican without the money. What would they attack America with, Ladyfinger firecrackers? And Myanmar? I'm not convinced that Condoleezza knows where Myanmar is? I think that even Myanmar isn't sure where they are. They're all out looking for Burma. Cuba. Oh yes, Cuba is a sore point because the mafia lost all their hotels and casinos there in the last century and they want to get them back. Cuba is a threat too, so if you see a 52 Chevy clanking down the road at you, it could be a car bomb filled with sugar cane spears!
Well it wouldn't surprise me to find Canada on some secret list either, America is afraid we would sic married homosexuals on them after giving them legal BC Bud.

Friday, January 14, 2005

NAFTA working against us

Just when we Canadians are initiating ANOTHER challenge to the US duties on softwood lumber, the Liberals sign a new deal to export more raw logs to the USA for another SEVEN years!
Every raw log sent out of this provence hurts another British Columbia family a little more. We have been closing mills in BC for years. A Weyerheiser executive had the gaul to comment on TV that they had to close 3 more mills IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST to save other mills. Understanding that Weyerheiser is an AMERICAN company operating in BC, you must translate his comment to say that closing three more BRITISH COLUMBIA mills will save another WASHINGTON State mill. Of course, keeping that Washington State employee happy and warm and content in his job. This is what happens with the so called Free Trade agreement. Even CANADA and BC CHEAT to accomodate American business. They simply scrape a little bark off our BC raw logs and call it lumber! So the actual raw log export figure is never accurate to begin with. What a joke. All designed of course, to prevent a public outcry.
WHEN are we going to start advantaging ourselves and our forestry industry and go elsewhere to sell our BC products? Probably not soon. As long as American forestry companies controll our BC forests, it is not in their interests to work for British Columbia families. They don't want us to produce lumber when they can use OUR logs to make and export it themselves. This is the 'value added' that we are losing for the BC Economy. All with the tacit approval of the BC Liberals.
China is the huge emerging market. They have little use for raw logs but they do have a need for finished housing products, and even finished component houses! We are seeing the results of our poor planning and acceptance of phoney deals! NAFTA being the sorest point of all. We should start right now to take back our forestry industry and invest in OURSELVES.
What has Sweden done with their forest industry? Give it all away to others? No, you have IKEA stores around the world selling the results of careful planning and promotion of their own designs. Their 'value added' products. Perpetuating the Swedish forest industry, and they have NO forests like we do! How do you feel about a 700 year old tree going to make pulp for rag newspapers? Do you believe that Brazilian balsa-type wood grown in 5 years is as good as BC Douglas fir? No way!
There is no reason BC finished products could not be exported around the world. All we have to do is have confidence in ourselves, INVEST in ourselves, and go for it. It wouldn't be quick, it wouldn't be easy, and it wouldn't be cheap, but we'd emerge as controlling our own market products instead of watching others over the fence.
Our governments should quit worrying about outsiders setting the rules and start working for British Columbians and their futures. It's never too late to help your own family.

"BC intends to lead in the creation of sustainable environmental stewardship. The Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection will ensure environmental protection and prudence are of the highest standards."
Premier Gordon Campbell,
Cabinet Swearing In, June 5, 2001

once a liar, always a liar

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Vancouver's movie business?

So Hollywood North is crying fowl because the BC government won't match Ontario's tax incentives up to 18% for making movies there. Well, there comes a certain point where you must look at an overall picture of what we are getting from our movie industry and what we have to offer. There were years when the industry brought in over 1 billion dollars to BC. This money was spread around to film crews, extras, assistants of all kinds and set builders, for instance.
But was there anything in that mix to promote the talent and expertise we have here in BC to make Canadian movies? Little if anything at all. Hollywood South, L.A., brings with it all their 'important' people when they arrive. The shows are produced and directed by Americans, written by Americans, acted in the principal and secondary roles by Americans, photographed by Americans. In some cases even the wardrobe people and extras wranglers are brought up from California. They pay minimum wage, by the way, to extras in the industry, (They are not allowed to pay less by BC law) usually $9.57 per hour because that figure works down to minimum wage after someone pays their agent's fee of 15%. Not much different from WalMart Greeters if you've seen one screen star already. (they're told not to make eye contact with little Sylvester Stallone) And the movies from America are now starting to demand that temporary background performers give them all their private information regarding their tax status, personal numbers etc. Intrusive?
So we are simply workers as expendable as sewing machine operators in Taiwan. Or computer assemblers in Singapore. The bottom line is way too important to the studious little men in dark rooms working out the budgets in their cigar smoke. And besides, the stars of these movies are getting upwards of 20 millions dollars these days, there's nothing left for the workers.
So what do we offer the film industry to come here to make movies and TV?
We currently have an 11% tax break.
We have a 12 month shooting schedule. You can film summer movies in and around Vancouver all year. Ontario has winter after September until May.
We are in the same time zone as Los Angeles. Actors love having a 3 hour flight and no jet lag. Some stars work until Friday noon here and are home for dinner in the Hollywood hills by 7 pm, then leave LA on Monday morning are are back here by noon. Try that in Ontario. And the big stars love the fact that they can actually walk our streets safely!
We have film crews here with unparalleled expertise. They can go anywhere and do anything flawlessly and be ready to shoot when the director yells 'Action'. Our set builders, camera people, electricians, and workers behind the camera are second to none. Anywhere. And they have work ethic. Try that in Hollywood South.
We have talent. Vancouver is brimming with talented actors who can bring fresh views to any role, however small or large. Do they get much chance to show their stuff? Little if any. Tossed a one liner every so often. We have set designers and artistic people who can surpass anything Hollywood can do, and for a reasonable dollar. They SAVE production costs greater than 11% because of their 'get it done' ideals.
We have more creative writers in BC with excellent movie and TV projects than anywhere, yet they need a break to get their ideas heard and their scripts read.
We have the locations. BC can match almost anywhere in the world with little effort. We can be the New York East Side one minute and Shanghai the next. We can ride off into the Western sunset in Williams Lake cattle country or lust around the pool in the wilds of West Vancouver. We can be yachting at sea in the morning and skiing the Alps in the afternoon.
So even without matching frozen Ontario and Quebec, snow-laden Manitoba and Alberta, we are a better place to make films. Those provinces are asking Hollywood production companies to make sacfrifices to shoot in their areas. We are offering perks to film in ours. Money talks but the 7% difference in BC is negligible in overall costs. How much is lost in other provinces because of cancelled shooting days?
Last but not least, we have that marvellous Vancouver light, which is unrivalled by any other city in North America and so sought after by film makers around the world.
What the BC government SHOULD do with that 7% difference, is put the money into LOCAL British Columbia talent. They should be encouraging the building of our own film making skills. Quebec has a thriving home grown movie industry, and Quebeckers don't hesitate to pay to see their own films.
BC should be doing the same with the core of talent we have to allow them to show off their work. There could be a time when Hollywood North is heralded as the best there is in film making. It only needs nurturing.

UPDATE - Jan 20: Late this week the BC Government went along with Carole James of the NDP and raised the tax credits.

UPdate - Jan 23: Toronto. Power was shut down in the city's core today as a water main burst, probably due to the freezing conditions. Business was not allowed to function normally. Snow caused delays all over town. The airports were shut down and planes grounded. Shooting movies was out of the question. Actors were stranded from leaving and productions were not able to arrive. Blizzards were forecast. Most people were crying.
Jan 23: Vancouver. Record high temperatures were recorded today. 14C (57.2f) Former high was 13C. Most people went walking. Many played tennis or admired the arrival of the daffodils. Production of movie and TV projects went on as scheduled. Everyone was smiling.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Better pictures . . .

They asked me to stop posting bad pictures of our British Columbia Premier,
Gordon Campbell.

They are right, this is no good.

Shouldn't have been put up here for your viewing.

Unfair to our beloved Premier.

Sorry, I won't post a bad picture like that again.

This one is much better ...

Yes, way better.
More centered and the colour is nicer, don't you think?

How to balance your personal budget

Let's say you want to make yourself look better financially. Your debts are high. You need to balance your budget and have more money to spend. You want everyone to think you know how to manage money.
- So you have a car. You're making payments on it. Here's what you do ... SELL the car to someone else. Now you don't have to pay for it. Well sure, then you can RENT it back from the guy you sold it to but you've eliminated the debt you had.
- So you're renting a house too. Why not start by selling the fridge and stove. It's not yours though, belongs to the homeowner. Shhhh! Maybe no one will notice. You see how this will make you look good? You got money in return for not owning anything and your budget is looking great. But it wasn't yours in the first place? Ignore that fact and go ahead and sell off the front porch. The garage too.
Well you have no control now if the new owners of this stuff decide to take it away from you to use as they like.
This is sorta like those homeless people on the streets. Their budget is totally balanced.
This is sorta like the Gordon Campbell Liberal BC Government. Selling off our BC Rail. Selling off our BC Hydro. Selling off our health record accounting. Selling out our fisheries industry. Selling out our BC shipbuilders. Selling out all British Columbians.
Gordon Campbell didn't own any of that stuff either.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Today in history ... January 11

1993 ... Doctors in Pittsburgh performed the second ever baboon-to-human liver transplant; the 62-year-old recipient did not survive long.
However he enjoyed his last banana.

Quebec still wants to go ... please do

Giles Duceppe recently talked in Western Canada about separation again. Yes, they're still doing it.
It is time they went. Became their own country. Think of the benefits to Canada if they did. No more dole for them. No more French language costs in Nunavit or Yukon or Victoria. After the last vote in Quebec many things became evident.
Firstly, in spite of Jean Cretien's spin that he's FOR Canada, he stepped away from their vote, I believe HOPING that it would go through. Cretien wanted to be seen as the Father of his country. He is retired in Quebec of course. Where Paul Martin will retire. Where Pierre Trudeau retired. Where Brian Mulroney retired.
And Quebeckers did sneaky crap during that vote, they told the Canadian armed forces there that after tomorrow, when we are a nation, you will be loyal to Quebec, NOT Canada. They grounded every Canadian military plane. And did you know that most Quebeckers believe that even after separation, they will have vote in CANADA's Parliament? They think they'll still send MPs to Ottawa. They think they'll still get money from Canada. They'll use the Canadian dollar. That those people from Hull will simply go to their jobs without so much as a flutter from Ottawa. They think that they'll label everything in pure French and we'll still have to buy it. The last I heard is that here in BC, the so called Fraser Valley butter is Quebec butter. BC Farmers are not allowed to produce butter. (Island Farms Dairy is about to be owned by a Quebec company, Dairyland is a BC company.) They think that we'll still want to speak French after they go. They only reason we support Haiti so much is because they are a French speaking country. Didn't anyone twig to that? It is like we are infiltrated with a series of moles as Prime Ministers who are there solely for the benefit of Quebec at the cost of the rest of Canada. Do you really believe the sponsorship scandal will result in revelations against Quebec ministers? (The judge in charge has already been asked to step aside because of his obvious bias for French Canadian Liberals involved in it!) Air Canada was allowed to kill Canadian Air so when the vote came, they'd have their own national airline already established. They believe that New York state and others will flock to buy Quebec products labelled in only French. They believe they'll still have Canadian passports! Hmm, is that naive? Or just plain stupid?
They want to associate with France so much, who can ever forget DeGaul's "Vive Quebec Libre!" From the man who was rescued by Americans and only at America's discretion was allowed to walk into Paris in 1945. France of course, will rape Quebec, quickly signing many agreements for it's own benefit and taking advantage of Quebec's fervent yet exploitable desire to be seen as 'French'.
Well I for one will not buy Quebec products. And I don't expect my government to do so either. I expect there would be a huge and serious backlash after they go. Quebeckers will be sent home to their own 'country'. Don't expect to work in Canada ahead of Canadians. They'll get along for awhile off their power sales to the Eastern US, but after their corrupt politicians pocket the most of it, they'll be back to rural communities struggling for survival. I won't be banking at the Bank of Montreal. Won't be buying Quebec made clothing or shoes. Won't be watching French subtitles on CBC, of course all those Quebec executives of CBC will be told to take a hike across the 'border'. And guess what? Without all those Quebec seats in Canada's mix for elections, it will be fair and equitable treatment for the West! The Liberal moles will be washed away like street soot.
Quebec only holds us down, as Giles Duceppe said, and we hold them down. I say release them. Giles is a nice man who battles for Quebec. Kiss them goodbye. Shake hands. Drive hard bargains on the St Lawrence Seaway, give them a hug and then let 'em go!
Good riddance I say ... au revoir, voyez-vous autrefois, ne nous appelez pas, nous vous appellerons.
Don't wait though.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Cigarette company semantics

The Canadian government is trying to stop cigarette companies from using the words 'Lite' (light) and 'Mild' on their packaging, believing that these words have been deceiving the smoking public. (poor gullible smokers) Here are some definitions to help people decipher these words properly.

Lite - Cigarette company spin definition = Airy and fresh, you can smoke lots of these without harm, as a matter of fact, they're almost good for you. Why not light up right now?

Lite - Reality definition = The cancer you get from these smokes will not weigh much in your blackened lungs so you'll be able to walk around and push one of those oxygen tanks with you. Your voice might be funny though, being battery operated.

Mild - Cigarette company spin definition = Like a lovely early autumn day. Easy to puff, perfect for you young teenaged girls, you look so cool when you smoke. Why not give one to your little sister?

Mild - Reality definition = The brain stroke you get from the ciggies will only put you in a wheelchair. You'll be able to understand a little of what your family is saying to you, but you won't be able to wipe your own bum.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Americans - beware BC salmon

Well we do like Americans, despite our ranting at them sometimes. And we feel it is necessary to warn our friends below the border about food which may harm you. Yes, BC FARMED salmon.
Most of us here in BC won't eat it. Our restaurants specify now when they sell our wonderful WILD salmon. The ones who sell farmed salmon don't tell anyone.
There are many reasons for this. One is the sea lice problem in the farm salmon pens. Out of control according to many observers. Who wants to eat that? One diver who was formerly employed by a fish farm even said that if the fish die and sink to the bottom, if they are recovered within a day or so, they'll still go into the mix for sale. Ewwww!
But the real reason we are warning our American salmon lovers, is that many scientists have set guidelines for the eating of this farmed Atlantic salmon, because of the chemicals in the food, hormones and colorants (yes they COLOR it to resemble real salmon) ... pregnant women should NEVER eat it. Children should NEVER eat it. And adults should have no more than one serving per month.
Our British Columbia government has some shadowy interest in helping salmon farmers become established. Here in BC their assertions are backfiring because they defend this industry so vehemently, and the public simply doesn't trust this government's officials to tell us the truth when they are so secret in so many ways.
So Americans, if you are offered BC salmon in your supermarkets down there, ask if it is WILD BC salmon or fish farm salmon. Then procede at your own risk.
We do like Americans but we won't like you much when you have three eyes or children with seven ears. Don't say I didn't warn you.

MP Gary Collins' resignation.

As we go into a spring election we might look at the long term future of the Gordon Campbell BC Liberal party and ask some serious questions.
Why did Gary Collins resign at this crucial time for his party? The number two man. Christie Clark also resigned earlier. Did they see cryptic writing on the wall? What do they really know about the unprecedented police raid on the legislature? Was it revealed to these two that worse things are about to happen? Where does the corruption trail end? Or does it? The RCMP have charged two for bribery and fraud so far, key insider figures in the Campbell's government offices. Charges relating to the selling of BC Rail. The police said more charges are likely to come. When? Seven days before the election?
Does Gary Collins have political aspirations for Premier? Does he know that Gordon Campbell is about to fall in disgrace? Collins took a safe job with a company which has a history of backing Liberals. Hmm. A nice little niche for waiting and polishing his image. To keep away from the sludge and stay clean.
So the long plan is this; Collins disassociates himself from the present secrecy tainted Liberals while the spit hits the fan, then re-emerges next time all bright and shiny to claim Gordon Campbell's tarnished tumbled throne. The most unpopular Premier ever in the province is about to drag his party under.
It is said that people never vote FOR a party, they vote against one. Will the voters of BC rejoice in the spin of our economy being wonderful and that it is attracting many more foreign companies to take over our infrastructure?
Or will they remember a drunk driving premier who sells off the possessions of British Columbians and operates in dark secrecy?
I think Gary Collins knows something we don't.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

They didn't think we'd notice ...

but we did.
The Province had an ad for the Early News on BCTV Global with Deborah Hope. Nice picture. They morphed her skinnier. Not that she was that much of a porker, but I guess they're trying to compete with the teeny 3rd-face-lift alien-eyes Pamela Martin on CTV by making Deborah look ... um ... er ... better? Well ... mmm ... less round.
Does Deborah have a glass eye?

Monday, January 03, 2005

Police radar - traffic safety?

Those of you who believe police radar contributes to traffic safety shouldn't read further. Please return to your Disney pages.
But how many have been caught just after the Port Mann bridge heading east on Highway 1? Phil Gagliardi built that highway and engineered it for 100 MILES PER HOUR! (160 kph) Yet we get nailed by quota filling police while doing over the 90 kilometer per hour speed limit. That's 55.92 miles per hour. On the connector highway between Route 99 and the Alex Fraser bridge I have seen RCMP park their cars on the narrow edge by the center lane on the curve! Forcing cars to take evasive action because part of the police car was in the traffic lane! In his zeal for points with the boss the constable placed his car in a totally dangerous position!
On the Georgia Viaduct yesterday the police had their traffic hazard set up at the exit to Main Street heading east forcing cars into a confusion to avoid them where there is no room to maneuver. The speed limit WAS 60 kph and the city lowered it to 50 kph. Why? More cash? People's speed edges up along the viaduct. It is an easy kill for cops. Quota filling. That is a NO ACCESS roadway. And drivers don't take these money grabbing speed traps patiently. What have they to do with danger to the public? Driver's get angry. It is simply too hard to catch the dangerous drivers in heavy traffic areas. Anyone been nearly run over by a speeding bus on Granville Street lately? I have. Try Kerrisdale on 41st. West Broadway.
And they put up the speed traps at the exit to Dunsmuir Viaduct going west. They read your speed way up on the bridge and nail you one block away at Cambie St. Even if you stopped for the red light at Beatty! I got mine by two belligerant motorcycle cops at 11:30 on a Tuesday night! How is that helping 'protect' the public? They both walked out onto the street and each signalled me to a different side of the road, when I stopped to figure out what they wanted, they charged at me like I was a frothing-mouth bank robber!
My problem is not with speeding. I am NOT a speeder. Or the police nailing dangerous drivers. But setting up radar in areas where the there is no history or likelihood of accidents is not traffic safety, it is a cash grab.
The police continue to use speeders as a distraction to pretend they are 'out there' saving the public from themselves. What we need saving from, are the street corner drug dealers who trade their deadly product with impunity and no interferance from the police.
Speed kills, but it seems okay to traffic in it.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Biggest rip-off of Christmas!

Life Savers Story Book pack! They have this package, see, sort of square, so you think inside it'll be about 10 packs of Life Savers candy. But wait, when you open it, you find they're suspended inside so you can't shake 'em. They even have this little partition built in there full of space so the Life Savers won't inadvertantly slip into it and start rattling around to alert you that the PACKAGE IS WAY BIGGER THAN WHAT IT CONTAINS! So you get only 6 (SIX) rolls of Life Savers. Truth in advertising? Lies in packaging?
Sort of like packaging a toy car and skillfully hiding the fact that there are no wheels on it.
Shame on you Life Savers, most people buy those packs for kids too.

Advertising silliness ... 5 - Tommy Hilfiger ad gone

That lil girl that the Tommy Hilfiger company found so sexy is gone from Pacific Center. Probably not because of anything anyone did. Or said. Even though I bet a lot of people found it odd if not disturbing. They've replaced the huge billboard with another equally sized.
This time the hanging ad for all to see above the food court is a cool, modern chic sketched in black and white. Hmm. It says on the bottom - Kotex fits. Period ... and the ad seems to have a big red bloodspot on it.
Then again it might be catchup.
Maybe somebody threw their fries at it?
Hmmm again.

(see Advertising silliness #3 below)