Friday, January 07, 2005

Americans - beware BC salmon

Well we do like Americans, despite our ranting at them sometimes. And we feel it is necessary to warn our friends below the border about food which may harm you. Yes, BC FARMED salmon.
Most of us here in BC won't eat it. Our restaurants specify now when they sell our wonderful WILD salmon. The ones who sell farmed salmon don't tell anyone.
There are many reasons for this. One is the sea lice problem in the farm salmon pens. Out of control according to many observers. Who wants to eat that? One diver who was formerly employed by a fish farm even said that if the fish die and sink to the bottom, if they are recovered within a day or so, they'll still go into the mix for sale. Ewwww!
But the real reason we are warning our American salmon lovers, is that many scientists have set guidelines for the eating of this farmed Atlantic salmon, because of the chemicals in the food, hormones and colorants (yes they COLOR it to resemble real salmon) ... pregnant women should NEVER eat it. Children should NEVER eat it. And adults should have no more than one serving per month.
Our British Columbia government has some shadowy interest in helping salmon farmers become established. Here in BC their assertions are backfiring because they defend this industry so vehemently, and the public simply doesn't trust this government's officials to tell us the truth when they are so secret in so many ways.
So Americans, if you are offered BC salmon in your supermarkets down there, ask if it is WILD BC salmon or fish farm salmon. Then procede at your own risk.
We do like Americans but we won't like you much when you have three eyes or children with seven ears. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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