Friday, January 07, 2005

MP Gary Collins' resignation.

As we go into a spring election we might look at the long term future of the Gordon Campbell BC Liberal party and ask some serious questions.
Why did Gary Collins resign at this crucial time for his party? The number two man. Christie Clark also resigned earlier. Did they see cryptic writing on the wall? What do they really know about the unprecedented police raid on the legislature? Was it revealed to these two that worse things are about to happen? Where does the corruption trail end? Or does it? The RCMP have charged two for bribery and fraud so far, key insider figures in the Campbell's government offices. Charges relating to the selling of BC Rail. The police said more charges are likely to come. When? Seven days before the election?
Does Gary Collins have political aspirations for Premier? Does he know that Gordon Campbell is about to fall in disgrace? Collins took a safe job with a company which has a history of backing Liberals. Hmm. A nice little niche for waiting and polishing his image. To keep away from the sludge and stay clean.
So the long plan is this; Collins disassociates himself from the present secrecy tainted Liberals while the spit hits the fan, then re-emerges next time all bright and shiny to claim Gordon Campbell's tarnished tumbled throne. The most unpopular Premier ever in the province is about to drag his party under.
It is said that people never vote FOR a party, they vote against one. Will the voters of BC rejoice in the spin of our economy being wonderful and that it is attracting many more foreign companies to take over our infrastructure?
Or will they remember a drunk driving premier who sells off the possessions of British Columbians and operates in dark secrecy?
I think Gary Collins knows something we don't.

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