Saturday, January 29, 2005

Texas Bubbas teaching RCMP how to do it!

Did you get that news item? A TEXAS patrol officer pulled over a guy in CANADA, to accuse him of being a drug smuggler! Evidently he was TRAINING an RCMP officer on 'profiling techniques' used in TEXAS to catch drug smugglers! The poor guy who got pulled over apparantly had twitches which are the marks of drug smuggling according to the Texas policeman. They think he might have been smuggling drugs between New Westminster and Langley. They had to let the guy go after searching his car throughout, because he had NO DRUGS! (Maybe they realised there's no border between New West and Langley) Are we losing it in Canada? Whoever decided to do this in the first place? People need to cry out with outrage at this imbecillic decision!
So Bubba from Texas, does it that way down there? What they do is pull someone over under the pretense that he was speeding, and then identify the driver as a smuggler. The Texas Rangers think that's the way we do it up here too. The RCMP (who should be thoroughly embarrassed) said they had 'probable cause' to pull the guy over. What? Perhaps we need to differentiate between Texas and British Columbia. Perhaps even between America and Canada.
I am completely AGAINST drug dealers. And we can in Canada, have complete confidence that our RCMP are a fair and uncorrupt police force who follow our laws faithfully.
Seems to me that the Texas Patrol officers should be coming to Canada for training and maybe a little 'attitude adjustment.'
Meanwhile drive calm .... don't twitch.

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  1. Anonymous9:48 pm

    you are out to lunch... we need more usa justice, not . the bs in canada.. this country is a joke


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