Sunday, September 19, 2010

Will Dianne Watts lead the Conservatives?

She certainly could. And many believe she would become the next premier of British Columbia if she did.
We all know the Liberals are courting her, desperate to drop Gordon Campbell in their shame and try and emerge as new and clean. Ready to pretend Gordon never existed.
However, Dianne is way too smart for that. She knows she would inherit a Liberal party where corruption is a set mentality and prevarication is normality. There would be no caucus member who didn't seem tainted by Gordon Campbell's scandalous behavior.
See how she looks after her image; She knows how to dress, always looking well groomed with careful taste. She is able to deal with heads of state or corporate CEOs equally with competent intelligence. As Mayor of Surrey she has brought it back into the realm of a respectful, growing and vibrant community. She thinks anything can be accomplished and indeed is able to implement the tools for what needs to be done. She is smart, perhaps outspoken yet mostly seems fair and honest about what she is thinking. She would come to the office of Premier with an untainted personality along with a new, or at least newly relevant party.
She COULD lead a refurbished Conservative party into the next election and no doubt she would get huge support from Stephen Harper's federals.
OR, she could opt to lead the newest BC FIRST party into this 21st century without ANY previous history of corruption or wrong doing. That would be something Dianne could shape any way she wanted. And the very name BC First has a nice, provincially patriotic ring to it. With NO mysterious or covert connections to other parties in the same way the old Social Credit party did.
I would love to see an interview where she states what SHE thinks should be the future direction of our province.
We are at a crucial cross-roads here, and what happens next will decide if we lose our great province and our sovereignty forever or regain it to become leaders in the new world. We HAVE what the world needs, and we have the talent right here at home to exploit it, now we need to choose between selling or giving it away or controlling our own destiny.
After living with Gordon Campbell's Liberals the BC First option seems particularly attractive.
Think carefully Dianne, an opportunity in our history is at hand.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New study on drinking alcohol

There's a new study showing that people who drink alcohol live longer than those who don't. It actually concluded that even heavy drinkers are better off than abstainers.
The study was in the journal - Alcoholism; Clinical and Experimental Research and suggested abstaining from alcohol tends to increase one's risk of dying and that people who drink to excess actually live longer!
They're not sure why these drinkers are less likely to die than those who have never had a drink but one reason (they say) could be that alcohol tends to act as a social lubricant, and social interaction is vital for mental and physical health.
I used to drink infrequently, (not counting my adventurous and stumbling youth) but that has gradually changed to my present drinking behavior:
Happy hour every day.
Used to start about 4:30 pm but is now pulled back to about 2:30 pm, where we have several afternoon delight cocktails and end up sleeping through the 6 o'clock news.
Of course, missing the news is the healthful part. That MUST be good for you.
So if this is all good, why shouldn't happy hour start in the mornings?
I wake up these days full of aches and pains. So social lubrication is good even if I just talk to the radio or a book.
I could start with a Stella Artois beer about 9 am. My personal social lubricant and climb-out-of-bed drink. At noon switch to Bombay gin and Schwepp's with a slice of lemon and interact with Kipling and Indjuh, his characters are real and socially interactive to me, especially Baloo the carefree bear. Lubricating my mind you see.
By 4 pm I go to Stolichnaya vodka with orange juice while reading Dostoevsky and thinking of chopping wood in the gulags. That is mental exercise too, right? Improvement of the mind, battling dementia and social lubrication too.
Seven, a civilized hour for supper .... perhaps a small pasta dish and a glass or two of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Ciao, socialle lubricato with Marcello and Sophia. Now that is socially interactive lubrication. The Via Veneto after dark.

And if there happens to be a twitch later, around 10, maybe a dram of macadamia nut liqueur, the Kahana Royale, sooo smooth. So lush, so Hawaiian kahunaish. So Kamehameha. If Hawaiians aren't socially lubricative I don't know who are.
I am beginning to love looking after my health. So socially acceptable. And looking forward to a long liquescent life.

I'm going to drink more if my retirement plan will cover it. Wake me at 11 for a nightcap.

Psst! Shomeone needsh to rinshe out the glasshes for morning.