Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Convention Center

Went to visit the new convention center today, the one that went 400 million over budget and cost 883 million dollars. Looked impressive from the outside. A pleasant young lady was holding the door open for us. Went inside. Wanted to go up the escalator to see the view.
There was another security woman guarding the path upwards. The 'public' are not allowed up there she told us. We wondered why it was open then? She told us we could go downstairs to see it in the basement. The public was not allowed upstairs.
Sort of made me translate 'public' to 'unwashed'.
From outside I could see the rich people up there looking out the wonderful windows. Well I don't want to be a buddy of Gordon Campbell that bad.
Eight hundred million. Four hundred million over budget. Taxpayers' money.
No wonder I want to be a tax evader.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Google Street View - invasive?

Google has now started mapping the city streets all over North America, the UK, Australia, Japan and Europe.
This is what Google will have eventually; you will be able to zoom down into a town, then lower to a street view, like they do presently with satellite pictures ... but, what they are now doing, is having a car drive through your neighbourhood with multiple cameras attached that takes ground level pictures, nine cameras recording a 360 degree view of everything on the street. Including people sitting at coffee shops outdoors, walking by, your children in their front yard and even through doorways or windows if they are left open or uncurtained. The house pictured is at 33rd and Bertona in Seattle, could yours be next?

This has led to all kinds of fears among people as to what is really going on? Recently Britishers formed a posse to stop the Google car recording their community, citing fears of burglaries once criminals would be able to actually see what was on each street and what the houses look like. Targetting the vulnerable via Google. Yes burglars use the latest technology too. As do shadow governments.
In the case of Britain, London is now known as the most heavily infested city of closed circuit tv cameras anywhere. The average Briton in now captured 411 times in the London city core by CCTV and they even have face recognition cameras, that once you might be identified, (assumably as someone up to no good) can track your movements, and even send an alert to other cameras to follow you.
So if you enter a store, the camera actually waits for you to appear again and tells those other cameras to be ready to track you if you sneak out the back door! And tail you to your next destination.
Although the police are saying their CCTV cameras are to prevent crime. And Google tells us theirs are just new technology, many are rightly afraid that the New Word Order is stealthily forming where we are all destined for slavery and submission through control and removal of unwanted elements. This kind of information is just too juicy for both organized crime and organized government, isn't it.
A combination of 1984, A Clockwork Orange and the worst Sci-Fi horror movies all rolled into one. Big Brother is nigh but we don't know who it is just yet.
Are you afraid? I am.