Sunday, October 30, 2005

Don't be afraid

Carve a punkin and have fun!

2004 model

I think I might have got a genetically engineered pumpkin. The second day after I carved it, the thing seems all rubbery and is shrinking. His hat doesn't fit already. He looks like my old Grandma without her dentures and he's supposed to be scary. I was only afraid Grandma would kiss me.
They used to last several days. And funny, but I think this one might be a clone, a DNA manipulated punkin, he looks exactly like last year's Jack-O-Lantern. Doesn't he?
Or is it a trick?

Ignore the guy on the left, he's a freak.

2005 clones?

Dead celebrities

A recent study produced these names as the top earning dead celebrities in the world today ....
The Lucky 13

1. Elvis Presley
2. Charles M. Schulz
3. John Lennon
4. Andy Warhol
5. Theodore "Dr. Seuss" Geisel
6. Marlon Brando
7. Marilyn Monroe
8. J.R.R. Tolkien
9. George Harrison
10. Johnny Cash
11. Irving Berlin
12. Bob Marley
13. Ray Charles

A following poll came up with these results ...
Poll; Which dead celebrity would you most like to see resurrected?

Marlon Brando(0%)
Johnny Carson(5 %)
Johnny Cash(3%)
Johnnie Cochran(1 %)
James Dean(3 %)
Albert Einstein(13 %)
Theodor 'Dr. Seuss' Geisel(1 %)
Peter Jennings(2 %)
John Lennon(9 %)
Bob Marley(4 %)
Marilyn Monroe(6 %)
Elvis Presley(37 %)
Tupac Shakur(10 %)
Hunter S. Thompson(1 %)
None. They all annoyed me while living.(3 %)
All of them. I love celebrities!(2 %)
I don't know.(1 %)

I guess they didn't know Elvis isn't dead.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Here we go again ....

Maybe we should just go peacefully. Accept that George Bush will be our hero too. Embrace baseball with all those chubby guys. Admit that Oprah is our Queen. Try to love plastic. Tune into TV wrestling. Buy guns.
Yes, yet another American takeover is in the wind, U.S. businessman Jerry Zucker is about to buy the Bay. Our Canadian company that has been the heritage retailer in Canada since 1670. Who knows what he will do with it? Some think that the Bay store at Granville and Georgia will be bulldozed for a high rise office building. The property assets of the Hudsons Bay Company are worth many millions. There is much speculation that Zucker will simply cash in on the buy, gut the value out of it and we'll have Target stores to go along with our WallMarts.
And all those small communities across Canada will end up with a 7-Eleven instead.
The Bay will be gone the way of Chunky Woodward and Timothy Eaton. Get used to a lower quality of life, folks, the Americans are coming. Wait a minute, they're already here!
Go peacefully into the night, Canada, we'll have a red zinger swoosh trailing from our pucks in no time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

World Series 2005

I was watching the fourth game in Houston, Texas. spit
It seemed like it was spit going to be a good game. Then this chubby guy gets on first. A play later he's running to spit second, he gets halfway and starts running out of steam! He slows down just before reaching the base and get's thrown out! Has a big drink at the dugout like he's won the game.
Close Up on his manager trying to be stoic. Extreme spit tips us off what he's really thinking.
Pitches later. Close Up on the league commissioner, nice wig, preoccupied with his shoes, chewing nuts with his mouth wide open. More vacant innings. spit Ex president George Bush is there, Barbara beside him with her head down doing a crossword puzzle or something.
Then this player gets hit by a pitch in the batters' box. spit He is in pain even though he had armor on the hand. Everyone attends him, he gets the base but it seems doubtful if he'll make it to first. Several guys crowd around him. spit Maybe he'll need a doctor. Maybe even counselling. These baseball players are wimps, they need to see a hockey game.
CU again on the managers. full spit A fat pitcher comes out. Throws a few spitballs and retires for hamburgers. CU on George Bush, staring off into space wondering if Saddam is dead yet. Barbara sleeping with her eyes open. A guy goes to the plate, doesn't swing. Stands there watching the pitcher or something behind him maybe. Three fastballs. The guy is out, goes to the dugout, gets a big slurpy or Gatorade, (these guys need gaiter aid) then acts like he's just nailed the last spike in the Crossing of America railroad! He gets some attention from the trainer over that indentation on his shoulder from the perpetual bat rest. spit
Lots of closeups on fans, most of them preoccupied with their shoes. spit Many young boys there in the prime front seats, looking to a future of spending their Dads' money. spit More throwing. Great spit from the Houston manager, at least a pint. CU of huge wad of gum in a mouth. Nose picker. oops. spitter. Players wives, clones looking all the same. NL approved hair. Umpire spits, I think he farted too. Some important looking guys in a row, all spit and polish with suits. Great catch by someone. Men on base, a 1 to nothing game for White Sox, then a high hit, Astros runner goes from second. Way high ball caught by center fielder, he throws .... Cut to: Runner sliding into home plate! Hurray! I'm looking at the score, hey it should be tied now? Right? But they're not posting that run? Oh, wait, I get it, just after the Chicago guy caught the ball, the clever TV director inserted a Houston runner sliding in to home from a different game! Wow, for a minute there I thought there'd be some excitement in baseball. spit. I wasn't tuned in in time to see any F15s flyby before the game, but I would have expected Spitfires anyway. spit
A batter swinging wildly and slipping in his spit. I think he strained something. Maybe a spittoon should be by the plate? Then a final guy pinch hitting and tossed out at first. He's not Kirk Gibson. George Bush Sr. seems a little pissed because they lost the game, and even though he's got two strikes against Saddam, he might lose that game too.
Chicago 1 - Houston 0
spit Never mind that hockey idea, if these guys played hockey the ice would be too bumpy to skate on. spit

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Corruption? Graft? On the take?

Is there anyone left in BC, (even a Liberal voter) who doesn't think that the current BC Liberal government under Gordon Campbell is not corrupt and piloting a secret agenda to destroy our province and hand it over to foreigners?
It has just been announced by the BC Utilities Commission that it will NOT hold any OPEN hearings regarding the sale of Terasen Gas (Once BC Gas) to huge US conglomerate Kinder-Morgan of Texas. In many minds the commission was the last hope to quash the sale. This revelation is astounding! The commission is supposed to be protecting the interests of British Columbians. 8000 letters were sent to the commission about this sale! And they are saying that NOT ONE QUESTION ABOUT THE SALE WAS CONSIDERED IMPORTANT.
The BC Liberals wrote a letter to the BC Utilities Commssion saying they saw no need for public hearings. Now whatever is going to happen will go on behind closed doors. More secrets.
Something is going on. What else can one suspect?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Continued deceit from Gordon Campbell

Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals promised, amid obvious voter concern, that they would not privatize BC Hydro.
BC Hydro with its British Columbia management has been good enough for us since WAC Bennet took control. We've had wonderful cheap power and it has served us well. Managed by BCers. But the Liberals are up to their misleading and deceptive tricks again. Finding ways to eliminate the people of this province from participating in its future. A small private hydro powerplant recently opened in Squamish. "Run Of River" hydro will sell its production of power electricity to BC Hydro for 20 years. (Why not 990 years like the CN rail deal?) THEN, the Squamish plant is free to sell it whoever it wants to. Read America.
This is the method that Gordon Campbell uses to deceive British Columbians. Of course he says, I will not privatize BC Hydro, however, I will encourage NEW PRIVATE developement of British Columbia resources for export by simply BYPASSING BC Hydro, leaving them cooling themselves out of the loop. (We currently BUY American power from COAL FIRED power producers in the US. These plants are huge polluters, which rains down on Canadians by the way. Those producers are protected from the Kyoto treaty by lobbyists.)
The new facility at Squamish is yet again an example of Gordon Campbell's deliberate disassociation with British Columbians and their pride in themselves. More sneakiness. More fraudulent claims. More dupery and trickery.
Nice try Mr. Campbell, but you are not fooling everyone all the time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Liberal backroom battle?

Gary Collins and Kristy Clark are both going for the Liberal party leadership. They saw that Campbell would, sooner or later, have to resign in disgrace over his extreme views and maneuvering of BC into complete foreign ownership. During the current teachers' strike he is touting that breaking the law is the major problem. A law he unilaterally created. This from the notorious Maui law breaker.
Clark said she wanted to spend more time with her family, then bought a house in Vancouver (a potentially RENTAL house) and tried to become Vancouver's Mayor, a stepping stone others have used for lusty ambitions.
Collins is safely tucked away in a polically harmless job as CEO of the Liberal friendly Harmony Airways. He is being kept clean. So far he's leading this secret race because of Kristy's humiliating defeat in Vancouver.
It has recently been suggested that the electorate of BC might be looking for another alternative, one that could be viewed as British Columbia friendly, an alternative like the once strong and vibrant Social Credit party. At least that party was viewed as having been interested in the well being and progress of British Columbia and the people. WAC Bennett built a strong province in the face of all opposition.
We currently have a Liberal government at the end of a long string to the Liberals in Ottawa and American interests in the USA. The NDP is also attached to Ottawa through a national party.

One of the most effective aspects of the old Social Credit party was its lack of control by a distant political party or foreign interests. As a matter of record, the Bennett led Social Credit government had a proviso in the ownership of BC Gas; that it could not be owned by more than 20% out of province interests. The BC Liberals took out that control then privatized it and sold out to Terasen Gas, now soon to be totally controlled from Texas.
Some are looking for those days to return when we were proud of our province and our own accomplishments. Having Collins or Clark at the helm of our province only continues the devastation of British Columbia for greedy shareholders elsewhere.
Whoever runs the BC Liberal party, it is bad news for British Columbians.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

But tell me why?

I KNOW it is simplistic. I KNOW some think it's stupid. I KNOW I don't know about world trade stuff ........ BUT .... it has been said that this year Canadians will pay about $1000. dollars more to heat their homes. I am only wondering why?
Why, when WE Canadians have HUGE resources in natural gas.
Why, when we should be controlling it for ourselves.
Why, when we should be commanding whatever price we want for us.
Why, when we should be dictating the price for others.
Oh, I see, Free Trade agreements. Hmmm, I thought things like that should have been negotiated for a favourable position for Canadians. Whatever happened with Katrina, or the Gulf Oil platforms or international oil shipments or greedy Arabians has little to do with us. Yes?
It's sort of like a bakery. The owner sells the bread to others for, say, ONE dollar, but he brings home his own bread for his family at cost, maybe 25 cents. Isn't that the history of REAL trade? Why does that Free Trade Agreement say that if we charge other countries one dollar for our bread, we have to charge ourselves a dollar too?
I would simply like to know why, when it is OUR natural gas, we are being penalized by foreign interests for owning it. We either control our own destiny or others do. Which do we want?
Anyone have an answer?
One thousand bucks is a bit much.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Today in history - Oct 10, 1886

1886 - Griswold Lorillard of Tuxedo Park, N.Y., fashioned the first tuxedo for men.
It was said Griswold got the idea after a wildlife adventure trip to Antarctica.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Too late? Maybe not.

Terasen Gas can still be kept in British Columbia instead of being exported to Texas. Terasen belongs to the people of BC, it is currently run by hundreds of competant British Columbians. It provides BC gas at BC prices for BC consumers.
The legislative changes made by the BC Liberal government will allow the American Texas company, Kinder Morgan, to take control of OUR precious resource and run it from Houston, Texas. Do you believe that would be in our interests? We know your answer.
Today, whatever profits that are made from BC Gas, can be put back into the BC economy. If the sale goes through, those profits will be used to build an American pipeline from the tar sands to America. And to answer to shareholders in a "whole nuther country" as they like to call themselves. This is a very sorry situation to lose the sovereignty over our very own resource.

There is still one last hope to save what we already own. You need to send two strongly worded emails, (or letters or phone calls or faxes) not a lot of effort to distinguish yourself as a caring British Columbian who has confidence in our ability to operate and control our resources ourselves; tell them you do NOT you want BC Gas (Terasen) to be sold to any American company.

Send your mail and emails to;

BC Utilities Commission Secretary
Box 250, 6th Floor, 900 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2N3
telephone 604.660.4700
facsimile 604.660.1102
BC Toll Free - 1.800.663.1385

Director of Investments
Investment Review Division
Industry Canada
CD Howe Building
235 Queen Street
Room 3018 East Tower
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5
telephone (613) 954-1887
facsimile (613) 996-2515

for more information:

Thank you for being a patriotic British Columbian. Please do it now before it is too late.

please reprint and post on your blog

Monday, October 03, 2005

Death on the move

You saw the video. It was all over the news. The black and white bait car video where the screaming crazed drug addict is careering through the streets trying to shoot a gun out the window. It was graphically illustrative of an insane druggie car thief. Terrifying.
He got caught of course ... got sentenced to 18 months in jail. Eighteen months. He had 123 previous convictions! One hundred and twenty-three. He has stolen over 1000 cars. He refused drug counselling in prison ... if that's where you go for such a light sentence. Eighteen months.
He has served 2 months. Two months. 60 days. And he's getting out today on parole.
Will this guy kill somebody soon?
Where is the point that you hold a judge responsible for future crimes as an accessory?

death on the move

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Judith Miller case

NEW YORK -- New York Times reporter Judith Miller's decision to escape jail by testifying about her conversations with a confidential source surprised some of her supporters and left journalists wondering what her choice will mean for press freedoms.

The bottom line is, women just can't keep a secret.

Robert Novak - White House pawn