Friday, October 28, 2005

Here we go again ....

Maybe we should just go peacefully. Accept that George Bush will be our hero too. Embrace baseball with all those chubby guys. Admit that Oprah is our Queen. Try to love plastic. Tune into TV wrestling. Buy guns.
Yes, yet another American takeover is in the wind, U.S. businessman Jerry Zucker is about to buy the Bay. Our Canadian company that has been the heritage retailer in Canada since 1670. Who knows what he will do with it? Some think that the Bay store at Granville and Georgia will be bulldozed for a high rise office building. The property assets of the Hudsons Bay Company are worth many millions. There is much speculation that Zucker will simply cash in on the buy, gut the value out of it and we'll have Target stores to go along with our WallMarts.
And all those small communities across Canada will end up with a 7-Eleven instead.
The Bay will be gone the way of Chunky Woodward and Timothy Eaton. Get used to a lower quality of life, folks, the Americans are coming. Wait a minute, they're already here!
Go peacefully into the night, Canada, we'll have a red zinger swoosh trailing from our pucks in no time.

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  1. Anonymous10:15 pm

    what do you expect? Canadians are just stupid people!


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