Thursday, October 13, 2005

But tell me why?

I KNOW it is simplistic. I KNOW some think it's stupid. I KNOW I don't know about world trade stuff ........ BUT .... it has been said that this year Canadians will pay about $1000. dollars more to heat their homes. I am only wondering why?
Why, when WE Canadians have HUGE resources in natural gas.
Why, when we should be controlling it for ourselves.
Why, when we should be commanding whatever price we want for us.
Why, when we should be dictating the price for others.
Oh, I see, Free Trade agreements. Hmmm, I thought things like that should have been negotiated for a favourable position for Canadians. Whatever happened with Katrina, or the Gulf Oil platforms or international oil shipments or greedy Arabians has little to do with us. Yes?
It's sort of like a bakery. The owner sells the bread to others for, say, ONE dollar, but he brings home his own bread for his family at cost, maybe 25 cents. Isn't that the history of REAL trade? Why does that Free Trade Agreement say that if we charge other countries one dollar for our bread, we have to charge ourselves a dollar too?
I would simply like to know why, when it is OUR natural gas, we are being penalized by foreign interests for owning it. We either control our own destiny or others do. Which do we want?
Anyone have an answer?
One thousand bucks is a bit much.


  1. Anonymous8:47 pm

    You know why to make the rich richer. shareholders, they buy out canada every time. we shud start shooting the bastards

  2. Anonymous9:56 am

    I agree but what can we do??????????

  3. Anonymous11:30 pm

    didn't you know? Free Trade only benefits rich shareholders!


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