Saturday, October 22, 2005

Continued deceit from Gordon Campbell

Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals promised, amid obvious voter concern, that they would not privatize BC Hydro.
BC Hydro with its British Columbia management has been good enough for us since WAC Bennet took control. We've had wonderful cheap power and it has served us well. Managed by BCers. But the Liberals are up to their misleading and deceptive tricks again. Finding ways to eliminate the people of this province from participating in its future. A small private hydro powerplant recently opened in Squamish. "Run Of River" hydro will sell its production of power electricity to BC Hydro for 20 years. (Why not 990 years like the CN rail deal?) THEN, the Squamish plant is free to sell it whoever it wants to. Read America.
This is the method that Gordon Campbell uses to deceive British Columbians. Of course he says, I will not privatize BC Hydro, however, I will encourage NEW PRIVATE developement of British Columbia resources for export by simply BYPASSING BC Hydro, leaving them cooling themselves out of the loop. (We currently BUY American power from COAL FIRED power producers in the US. These plants are huge polluters, which rains down on Canadians by the way. Those producers are protected from the Kyoto treaty by lobbyists.)
The new facility at Squamish is yet again an example of Gordon Campbell's deliberate disassociation with British Columbians and their pride in themselves. More sneakiness. More fraudulent claims. More dupery and trickery.
Nice try Mr. Campbell, but you are not fooling everyone all the time.

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  1. Anonymous9:19 am

    hes a campbell, hes a liberal. two strikes rigth there.


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