Friday, December 25, 2009

Repost from October 2004 - re Drugs in BC

in the past ....
SOME INFO ABOUT THE 1950S DRUG SCENE. Does it matter today?

(researched because I have written a stage play about drug addiction in the 50s)

In 1952, a Special Committee on Narcotics of the Community Chest and Council of Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, recommended after thorough study: "The Federal [Canadian] Government should be urged to modify the Opium and Narcotic Drug Act to permit the provinces to establish narcotic clinics where registered narcotic users could receive their minimum required dosages of drug." - Such dispensing clinics, the committee predicted, would "protect the life of the addict and support him as a useful member of society." It would also "within a reasonable time eliminate the illegal drug trade. . . . The operation of such clinics would not entail any reduction in the vigilance of law enforcement agencies," which would continue to be responsible for keeping narcotics out of reach of non-addicts.

An addict who shifts from black-market heroin to morphine by prescription moves into another world. Suppose, for example, that be has been paying $20 a day for 40 milligrams of heroin mixed with 360 milligrams of hazardous adulterants and contaminants. Armed with a prescription, he can walk into almost any neighborhood pharmacy and secure pure morphine, U.S.P., safely diluted in an appropriate vehicle, and sterilely packaged, at the full retail price of $5 per dram or less. He thus pays about five cents for 40 milligrams of morphine. If heroin were stocked in pharmacies, he could buy 40 milligrams of it, too, on prescription, for about a nickel - as British addicts do.
The question is obvious: Why shouldn't the addict be encouraged to secure his opiates legally, on prescription, in pure form, for a nickel a day, rather than be forced by federal and state laws to spend $20 per day in the heroin black market?
(NOTE* These figures are pre 1960s, it's more like $300. per day now. (conservative) And the addicts get it by breaking into YOUR car, your house or your life, adding huge costs to us all)

In 1954, a California citizens' advisory committee to the Attorney General on crime prevention proposed that an addict certified as incurable by a disposition board should legally receive specified doses of narcotics and thereby remove said addict as a potential market for criminally or illegally secured narcotics.
Also in 1954, Dr. Edward E. Eggston, for the New York state delegation, brought to the annual convention of the American Medical Association a proposal that the AMA go on record as favoring "the establishment of narcotics clinics under the aegis of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics." The resolution did not pass.

In 1955, the Medical Society of Richmond County (Staten Island), New York, recommended the "establishment of narcotic clinics in large centers where the problem is acute." It suggested, "Suitable private physicians can care for the occasional addict in isolated areas .... The addict will receive his narcotics only at the clinic, hospital, or doctor's office so that he cannot resell them elsewhere."
Also in 1955, the New York Academy of Medicine proposed "taking the profit out of the illicit trade by furnishing drugs to addicts at low cost under federal control."
The academy recommended that "clinics be attached to general hospitals, whether federal, municipal, or voluntary, dispensing narcotics to addicts, open 24 hours daily, 7 days a week."

In 1956 the Council on Mental Health of the American Medical Association, while opposing the immediate establishment of substantial numbers of drug-dispensing clinics as urged the previous year by the New York Academy of Medicine, did suggest "the possibility of devising a limited experiment which would test directly the hypothesis that clinics would eliminate the illicit traffic and reduce addiction."
Also in 1956, the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association established a joint Committee on Narcotic Drugs, which recommended in its 1958 Interim Report:
(1) An Outpatient Experimental Clinic for the Treatment of Drug Addicts Although it is clear ... that the so-called clinic approach to drug addiction is the subject of much controversy, the joint Committee feels that the possibilities of trying some such outpatient facility, on a controlled experimental basis, should be explored, since it can make an invaluable contribution to our knowledge of how to deal with drug addicts in a community, rather than on an institutional basis. It has been suggested that the District of Columbia, being an exclusively federal jurisdiction and immediately accessible to both law enforcement and public health agencies, might be an advantageous locus for this experiment.
Have we progressed at all in the so-called War on Drugs?
posted by caterwauler October, 2004
I think we all know what the answer is - and what we have to learn is who is stopping us from progressing? The answer is so simple.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hike liquor prices

You've probably heard of the so-called study out of Victoria that recommends hiking the price of booze. Some are saying it is because liquor consumption has risen dramatically in BC. Some brain turd thinks making a bottle of booze more expensive will eliminate alcoholism! Well, study people live on sponsored studies don't they. Wonder who sponsored this one?
Alcoholics will drink no matter what the price, the cost just means that guy's kids don't get shoes, or toys, or the wife money to feed them.
Why will they drink despite the cost? Because they're alcoholics! (Studies never consider common sense)
Consumption in BC has gone up because people have no extra money for restaurants, clubs, opera, sporting events etc, because THOSE costs have skyrocketed into the stratosphere! (and I haven't even mentioned HST) But what is still cheap enough to make one feel good for a few nights? A bottle of booze.
Okay, you knew this was coming - - - - Here is the real reason I believe the cost of booze will go up. My opinion only of course.
A few years ago, Gordon Campbell might have made promises to private people wanting to take over BC's booze industry. He tried to sell our whole provincial liquor control to these people and these panting privateers greedily anticipated their millions after having the provincial stores closed. Some would even say Gordon got some payoff for orchestrating it all. And HIS extra bonus was to eliminate another union.
But then the public got involved and the argument that private was better disappeared when they realized how much profit from liquor went directly into the provincial coffers from government liquor stores. We were told this profit would continue from taxes but the public saw right through that specious argument too.
Meanwhile the privateer liquor stores proliferated and the prediction that their booze would be 30% higher came true! However they couldn't push that envelope any higher because of competition from the provincial stores. Those damned Government stores offer a comparison! But do they think Gordon owes them something from his promises of Grand profits? Thus a study that will allow the government, (Gordon Campbell) to rationalize putting the prices up again. Thus allowing even more margin for the privateers. Thus weaseling out of his obligation to hand over the entire industry to 'friends' while getting them more.
Colloquially, a Privateer, although established in the 16th century, is nothing more than a Pirate, plundering something that belongs to others.
Get real people, realize you're being had once again, then get drunk, it's about all you can do.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Top Ten Movie Quotes from 2009 Remakes

The Top Ten Lines from the original memorable movies - with their 2009 remake updates.

10 - Casablanca
– Humphrey Bogart character Rick Blaine to Ilsa;
Original"Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid."
2009 Remake – “Let’s get the hell on that plane, I just killed Paul Henreid!”
9 - The Wizard of Oz – Judy Garland character Dorothy to Toto, her dog;
Original “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
2009 Remake – “Toto, get off my leg and stop that! Oh all right, oh, ooo TOTOOOH!”
8 - In the Heat of the Night – Sydney Portier character Tibbs;
Original“They call me Mister Tibbs.”
2009 Remake – “Sup, Bro?”
7 - Sudden Impact – Clint Eastwood character Harry Callahan to Punk;
Original - “Go ahead, Punk, make my day.”
2009 Remake – “Bang! Oops.”
6 - Apocalypse Now – Robert Duvall character Colonel Kilgore to troops;
Original“I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like Victory.”
2009 Remake - “I love the smell of my palm in the morning. It smells like my buddy Victor.”
5 - Apollo 13Tom Hanks character Jim Lovell to ground control;
Original - “Houston, we have a problem.”
2009 Remake “Ground Control to Major Tom, Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong. Can you hear me, Major Tom?”

4 - The Shining
– Jack Nicholson character Jack Torrance to anyone;
Original“Here’s Johnny!”
2009 Remake – “Here’s Conan!”
3 - Broke Back Mountain – Jake Gyllenhaal character Jack Twist to Ennis;
Original“I wish I knew how to quit you.”
2009 Remake – “Sheep? Where?”
2 - Citizen Kane – Orson Wells character Charles Foster Kane in dying breath;
Original (harsh whisper) …“Rosebud.”
2009 Remake – (harsh whisper) …“B.C. Bud.”
2a - The Godfather – Marlon Brando character Don Vito Corleone to Tom;
Original“Make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
2009 Remake – “Godfather Pizza, 2 pepperoni for 1 deal! You can’t refuse!”
1 - Gone With the Wind – Clark Gable character Rhett Butler to Scarlet Ohara;
Original“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
2009 Remake - “Fuck off, Scarlet.”

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quebec - shut up or get out!

You heard about the most recent slap at Canada from Quebec, didn't you? It's about their language again. In which the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the so called language law that blocked children from attending English language schools. All immigrant parents had to do was enroll a child first in an English private school, after that they could send children to English language public schools.
In a 7-0 decision, the court struck down a law known as Bill 104 that, since 2002, has blocked some 8,000 children in Montreal alone from attending English-language schools. Anyone who has traveled already knows that after English, German and Spanish are the dominant languages worldwide outside of China. And English is the second language there! French is but a deviation.
Of course now that we have the misnomer title in Quebec of the "National Assembly" Quebeckers see themselves as independent from Canada, and the latest slap in the face to Canadians is the accusation that Canada is interfering in another nation's business. That "nation" being Quebec.
Are you tired of this too? Isn`t it time Quebec went their own way? Do they really still think as they did before that last referendum?
That even if they separate from their hated oppressors, the Canadians, they will still receive all the benefits of Canadians across Canada. That all those cushy Ottawa jobs will still be theirs? That they will still get huge lucrative contracts from Canada over Albertans or Nova Scotians? That they will still receive equalization payments from Ottawa? That the people way out there in BC will still have bilingual signs? That they will sell those products labelled in French only writing across the US and Canada? That they will still VOTE in Canadian elections and send representatives to Canada's Parliament? That they will still have Canadian passports!
Yes, that is exactly what they believed. And probably still do.
It is such a naive POV that it makes a Westerner or Easterner laugh and feel embarrassed for misinformed and ignorant Quebeckers. I for one would expect a 100 year backlash and a new Canadian government to support Canadians first and consider Quebeckers applying for jobs or entry as immigrants. Look at the politics. Each party wants to woo those 75 seats so they cowtow to Quebec. If they were gone then we could have a fair and democratic Canada and be rid of the whining once and for all. Not to mention the drain of the constant dole to the French crybabies.
And the rest of Canada would have something to be proud of instead of being embarrassed about.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Journalism 2.0

People are talking about Journalism 2.0 lately. It is partly a theory that journalism as we knew it is now dead. It has to do with the modern media, TV news, newspapers, radio news. These sources for your information seem to be unreliable and untrusted. The news you get from newspapers is now almost 3 days old when it is printed. And they often quote news from TV or even weblogs! TV news hours fill up with anything but real news. Looking for 'stories' to tell within a time frame.
A recent study of news information showed that most of the younger generation get their hard news from, of all people, Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. Walter Cronkite died and news trust died with him. Journalism 1.0 is no longer supported like that old Commodore 64 in a land fill somewhere.
Most hard news outlets are conglomerates owned by a very few powerful people. A little research will often tell you exactly who owns them, and a little more reading will get you the slant of that owner. A little scrutiny will even tell you HOW the affiliated stations will report news. So why do we need to pay attention then? Of course that research is done on the World Wide Web.
Aha. That's it isn't it? The reason people are discussing Journalism 2.0. News now comes from people posting items on the web; in forums, blogs, Youtube, social networking sites like Facebook. Yes, opinionized it may be and there is a lot of chaff and misinformation, but a keen mind can separate that from DISinformation as practiced by certain organized media. Do we believe the antics of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck masquerading as news commentary? Jon Stewart is on the Comedy Network, he goes for the laugh, and yet through the humor we discern truth. regularly scoops the major news organizations. Wolf Blitzer fumbles through a program trying for seriousness yet seems to be a victim of news technology! CNN ratings have plummeted. Newspapers can no longer take the time to verify their stories in the competition with a Youtube video of what just happened.
Journalism is freer now that we, the people, can post stories and items and video about what WE saw. Anywhere and anytime in the world! We no longer need the trained reporter who can perhaps write better, or a videographer who gets the better angle and the dropping tear, all edited for the morning edition or the Six O'clock news hour.
The face of journalism has changed and the real eloquence is in the spontaneity of the report, whether it be from a shaky unfocused cell-phone camera or a ungrammatical posting on a blog.
Journalism 2.0 is here and we all have a tremendous new power. And we are reporting to each other.
We need only to tell the truth.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welfare Bums?

Welfare bums? Lots of vitriol lately about whoever they are. People post on social forums, get a job! Scream about quit drinking and drugs! Why should I pay for them to loaf and get handouts? Etc etc ad nauseum. But who exactly are these welfare bums? What do they look like? Those raggy people climbing into dumpsters looking for cans and bottles?
Are they sports figures? What about athletes full of fitness and fire? Ken Read, once of the famous 'Crazy Canucks' ski team, who got Canadian taxpayer money to send him and others to Argentina to glacier ski for 'training', said, "When your amateur career is over, there's something wrong if you are not a millionaire." And all those other sporties who are supported by Canadian tax money and proudly tell us after placing 35th of 35 that they reached a 'personal best'! Aren't these welfare bums?
And those teflon CEOs of huge companies who were so busy arrogantly managing their own graft and corruption that they mismanaged the companies they were charged with running, and then got bailouts in the millions from taxpayers! They are welfare bums even in a $500. suit!
And what about hundreds of local 'Arts Councils' all across Canada who continually put on Shakespeare plays that no one attends that don't pay for themselves yet who receive huge 'grants' year after year! That is welfare bummery at it's best!
And singer-songwriters like Bruce Cockburn who never laid down a music track without Canadian taxpayer money allowing him to add the mandated 'Canadian content'.
And aren't we tired of CBC harpsichord music yet? Billions in welfare pouring into that snobbery management.
One could go on and on adding people and groups with hands out. THOSE are welfare bums.
But they are NOT that guy who worked most of his life paying taxes and trying to support his family who got laid off after 25 years and was 'overqualified' for any positions and companies wouldn't trust his experience to do a lesser job, so he finally, in chagrin, had to get some welfare relief to hold something of his life together. He is no less a victim that the Tourettes guy swearing on the corner.
Canada is so full of welfare bums and they are not the ones in ragged clothes wandering the streets all night pushing a rattling Safeway Cadillac for bottles, they are the ones with ragged minds driving in the REAL Cadillacs.
Quit screaming.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No BC Place stadium roof?

You heard it here first folks.
I posted at least a year ago that the developers would win out and have BC Place torn down to build condos. Everyone in the 'in' crowd would get rich. I suspected and speculated then that Gordon Campbell would find a way to accommodate his friends and perhaps take his cut somewhere. Which I often do because I cannot personally imagine that anyone could sell off the assets of British Columbians as he has done without some personal graft in there somewhere. No one could be that disloyal.
My own opinion of course.
So now we hear that the new expanding roof is not going on the stadium after all. They are merely readying it for those games. (VANOC says we are not allowed to mention what games)
I predict that after these games, they will discover something so bad about our BC Place Stadium, and tell us that it will not be able to be used anymore and why not sell the land for condos? The greed will take hold and it'll be a done deal - if it isn't already.
Watch for the spin preparation to begin right after the games when those costs start becoming public. Once you get the character and agenda of some people, you can figure out the succeeding actions yourself. And Gordon has shown his disdain for BCers over and over again.
You heard it here first.
They are probably writing the copy right now.

addenda: The very next day Gordon Campbell confirmed no new expanding roof. He was very careful to say 'expanding' and wimpy Bill Good didn't ask the obvious follow up question: Will there be ANY new roof?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Do It Yourself Doctoring

It's coming folks. Huge cuts in hospital staff and access. Doctors moving to the clinic format, no longer having regular patients. Budgets being curtailed. No more elective surgeries.
All designed, some people think, to drive you to the for-profit private clinics that Gordon Campbell has allowed to undermine our own health care system.
So will it result in a Do It Yourself health care explosion?
There are now DIY dentistry kits where you can get the stuff needed to replace the filling you swallowed. You already know what your dentist does to fix a cavity. He drills around in there to clean it up, then mixes the amalgam and fills the hole and polishes it up. So why can't you do the same thing? With the kits, you can. Pliers included please.
Sure it's temporary they say, but if the dentist charges you $800 dollars to fix it, and the kits are only $23 dollars, you can temp it 34 TIMES yourself! Even at a six month replacement schedule that equals 17 YEARS without you spending those big bucks.
So why couldn't you do other stuff yourself too? People have been delivering their own babies for centuries. Someone just needs to write a detailed manual on certain procedures. Step by step instructions on appendix removal, tonsil removal, hip and knee replacement, vaccinations, if you show me where the arteries are I could clean them out too. Stitches? No sweat, I can tie a double half granny knot. Criminals in Asia are already stealing kidneys from tourists so that can't be too hard. How many volunteers would step up for breast implants? Colonoscopy? Rent a fibreoptics tube, only $10 for the weekend, check out your friends too. The DIY hemorrhoid kit might be a slow seller.
Even mental health issues can be resolved at home. In the years past ancient people solved the problem of evil spirits in the head by actually chipping a hole in your skull with an eolith, a flintstone axe, to let the malevolent demons out!It's called trephining. And there's evidence the crazy persons survived! And we have way sharper axes today.
Sure, real doctors spend years learning, but you only need to fix the single thing that's bugging you. A DIY kit could help you to do it.
So, there are hundreds of procedures we could do ourselves. How hard can it be? We only need a DIY Doctor Store, kits for everything, instructions on CD.
Gaul bladder removal - Hospitable price, $30,000. Ops-R-Us price - On Sale, $49.95. Biteable bullet and whiskey included,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Passports of convenience

A Somali woman who is also a Canadian was stranded in Kenya. Recently two Asian "journalists" who were also American citizens were imprisoned in North Korea for violating the border. A Canadian woman activist of Iranian birth was imprisoned in Iran. Many Canadians of Lebanese descent had to be airlifted out of Lebanon when trouble blew up there.
All were super critical of the Canadian government for not working more swiftly to save them from harm.
The problem, of course, is that these 'Nationals' are carrying passports which mean nothing to them except an escape vehicle if things get scary in their own country. I know, I know, their own country is now Canada or America, but many of these landed immigrants have only applied for citizenship and a passport in order to hold the escape documents. They arrive in Canada, get the proper papers, and high tail it right back to wherever they are from!
In the case of the Asian Americans, right back to the North Korean border to pursue stories to discredit the leader. In the case of the Canadian Lebanese, right back to their businesses. One case had only spent a few months in Canada in the ten years since he received his citizenship and passport. The Iranian Canadian woman was known as an activist in Iran.
These people seem to have little interest in their chosen countries, even assuming they pledged some kind of allegience to our flags.
So why should our Canadian Government spend thousands of taxpayers dollars rescuing these 'foreigners' when their intent seems to be to make trouble in their former countries?
I believe that in the 'old' days, one had to apply for Canadian citizenship, remain in our country for five years without incident and show that you were here to become part of the greatest country in the world. THEN you got your citizenship.
There is nothing wrong with having rules and requirements. If you want to be Canadian, hang out here and help build the country and don't expect us to come rescue you when you go back to wherever to rabble rouse.
It is a priviledge to be an American or Canadian, not a right just because you got here somehow.

Ingenious pervert ploy

A man in Florida hired a woman via Craigslist to look after his disabled brother. The disabled one had mental issues, was confined to an apartment and needed to have his diaper changed. He even needed bottle feeding. The woman took the job at $600. per week and did it often.
Then she found out that the man had no disabilities at all.
She 'exposed' the ruse and received emails from five other women who were also going at various times of day to change the man's diaper. The man and the disabled brother were one and the same!
Police said that although she was lied to, no crime had been committed and no one would be charged.
Evidently the guy was paying $3600. a week to satisfy his odd lusts. One assumes the six women came to 'depend' on the income.
Beware of clever rich perverts.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

NEWS - itch gene discovered

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified the first gene for the itch sensation in the central nervous system. The researchers, led by Zhou-Feng Chen, Ph.D., found that laboratory mice that lacked this gene scratched much less than their normal cage-mates when given itchy stimuli.
Wonderful. Mice are now sleeping more peacefully.
No mention of cancer research. Or heart disease. Or flesh eating disease. Or bubonic plague. Someone thought itching was paramount. Someone spent money figuring this out. Some aspiring medical student scientists, hoping to go the way of Louis Pasteur, followed Zhou-Feng into scratch free history.
Whoever said scratching was bad thing anyway? It can be a major source of pleasure to scratch with a stiff hair brush. The measurement being the length of your "aahhh" or the placid expression on your face. And the removal of the gene won't get rid of cooties, or mosquito bites, or hives.
Isn't the scratch sensation designed to tell us something? Sort of like, "Scratch here, Buddy, you have that rash again." Get some Blue Ointment.
Well this item was all over the news recently. Like it was a huge medical breakthrough in the fight against itch. It's enough to make old Louis P. drink raw milk.
Meanwhile the major news organizations were hot on the trail of what Paris Hilton was doing next. That alone is enough to make one itchy.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Typical Liberal

Bill Good had Paul Martin on radio today. Bill's first question was - "Should the government have gone into a deficit ... etc etc. "
And Paul Martin began his answer (after a pause) with - "Well, in terms of ..."
No Liberal in Canada is able to answer - 'Hello' without considering the political ramifications of his answer. What will it mean in the future if I reply - 'Hello' or 'Hi' or 'Good Day' or 'Bonsior'?
Typical Liberal.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Call out the Army!

Bud Mercer, head of the RCMP's Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit, has announced the end of free speech as we know it in Canada.
The budding mercenary said there will be 'Free Speech Zones'. There will be no protests, talks, or placards with anti-Olympics messages allowed outside these designated areas. And the army will be here to enforce it. Is this actually inciting protest? Where would these zones be? In the Central Park forest? The dikes along the Fraser River? Perhaps somewhere in the West Kootenays?
Bud Mercer is the same guy who is sending mysterious men in black to harass anyone now who voices concern. And he has 4500 soldiers coming to make sure no one speaks out. They also plan on herding the homeless out of town. Maybe in boxcars? Oh no, wait, that was in Nazi Germany. How did the Chinese do it in Beijing? Oh wait, that was in Communist China.
This perception of a threat by the ISU is curtailing our rights to free expression and free association. There will be thousands of surveillance cameras watching everything you do. Security officials gathering intelligence on potential threats. Oh wait, this is Canada, a shining example of democracy and freedom. Isn't it? It couldn't be all that bad. Could it?
One wonders if these actions by already heavy handed enforcers will result in some sort of backlash and even some interest by regular people as Vancouver descends into a police state.
And one almost assumes this kind of suppression of democracy in Canada will actually encourage the organization of protest groups. That is if the famously placid Canadians even care about their rights and freedoms.
They don't want protests like Seattle had during the WTO meetings. Well many people began learning about the World Trade Organization because of those protests. And many now believe the WTO has no rights to over rule countries, yet it is now happening.
Who knows what VANOC is starting by over ruling Canadians' fundamental rights?
I think this is going to heat up, perhaps at Army gunpoint.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Call the Fire department!

If you live in a high rise apartment, you'll know that boilers overheat all the time. Generally the fire department makes an appearance to make sure that's all it is and can correct the situation pretty easily. So yesterday the apartment building across the street had that familiar beeping from their panel in the lobby. The fire department attended.
With total overkill.
On our street below, Hamilton Street in Vancouver, we had FOUR huge ladder trucks, ONE large fire truck, TWO Fire dept cars, and FOUR ambulances! All with lights flashing and sirens wailing.
AND, directly below the apartment, and across the street on the corner, is a firehall.
ELEVEN vehicles! Do these guys get paid by the call? However do eleven vehicles get called at the same time? However do four ambulances get called and roar up with sirens blazing when the first two ambulances have been there for five minutes?
Can you say co-ordination of resources?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Call the cops!

The 2010 Olympics seems to now have precedence over freedom of speech and perhaps even future movement of Canadian citizens. Several people who have voiced disapproval of the Olympics have been followed or tracked by some secretive plainclothes policemen from something called the Joint Intelligence Group of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit! OMG! Is that another of Dick Cheney's hatchings?
This smacks of American suppression of citizens rights! And don't think it isn't going to get worse. We have been told that American military is going to be here for our Olympics too, to "help" with security. And we all know that no American military force EVER works beneath a foreign command. Not that we need them based on this latest VANOC action.
This is just starting folks, and there could be a groundswell against this kind of action. A recent declaration from a Coventry, England sports and social conference resolved to condemn the Vancouver Olympic committee for intimidating ... "writers or individuals who express ideas through words." Of course the spin from VANOC and their 'secret' police is that they are guarding our security.
I believe that's what the Ohio National Guard told the world when they killed four students and wounded thirteen others protesting on May 4, 1970.
I am FOR the Olympics, just for the record, but against the huge costs that the taxpayers always have to bear for years afterwords. And they are truly a party for the rich because they know that if people had to vote to have them, the Olympics would die a quick death.
I think it is going to get interesting folks, and don't stop expressing yourselves!

Rick Hansen deserves better than this

At BC Place, around the back, under the upper walkway, hidden in the dark bushes, is a statue of Rick Hansen commemorating his Man in Motion world tour. Many believe that trip by wheelchair around the whole world to be the 20th Century's greatest athletic achievement! I have no idea how long that statue has been there, and I doubt if most people even know it exists. Part of Hansen's purpose was to show to other countries that people who are physically challenged should not be hidden away. He accomplished that goal wonderfully. Inspiring millions to reach for their star.
Who makes these decisions? What duffus selected that placement? The same person who decided Terry Fox needed a mausoleum on the other side of BC PLace rather than a statue?
Someone needs to right these idiots' decisions. The Terry Fox location needs a statue which would instantly tell his story instead of people wondering what that contraption is. And Rick Hansen's statue should be right there at the front of BC Place Stadium where everyone can see two of our greatest athletes and what they did.
Hiding them away is just wrong and disgusting that someone approved the idea.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Go ahead - Ask Auntie Jane

Relationship troubles? You needn't be overwhelmed, and you're not alone. Here's a new website where you can get answers to your questions about family, money, drugs, marriage, sex and many other issues about life's modern pressures today. And anonymously.
have a look -

ask Auntie Jane

History repeats itself -

from - Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Miss America - The F@$&%# up state of pageants
Miss America tested positive for cocaine. She has been carousing in New York City's bars and drinking martinis before she turned 21. She was caught doing a glue-faced tongue kiss in public with Miss Teen America, the other All-American party girl. Miss Teen America is a spokesperson for MADD!
Donald Trump is the co-owner of the Miss America pageant. Mr. Trump went into a meeting with the perfectly round-breasted Ms. Conner this morning expecting to terminate her reign as Miss USA.
But he said the meeting showed him someone with “a good heart” who had been caught up in a “whirlwind” in New York. Evidently he couldn't say, "Miss America, you're fired!"
The Donald's hair was not mussed.
Monica Lewinski or Bill Clinton couldn't be reached for comment.

Today - She was not crowned winner of the recent Miss USA pageant, but the big story to come out of the 'contest' was Miss California's comments regarding gay marriage. One stumble led to another as it was revealed that Carrie Prejean, had lied about posing topless for photos previously. The topless came about because - "The wind blew my top off ..." - during a photo shoot. It was also revealed that in assessing her weak spots, her boobs were deemed too small and the contest paid for implants. They also fixed her teeth. All this while she professed to only accept natural attributes. No brain implants were available at the time.
And once again, The Donald went into a room with the lovely Miss to scrutinize the revealing photos of her and found no cause to revoke her title, and emerged to announce she would keep her title.
The controversy has made for some wonderful publicity.
Say anything you want about me, but spell my name correctly. That's Hollywood.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tamils protest

Today they had a protest in Library Square. It is some kind of Tamil organization protesting something. I can't tell exactly what it is because they are drumming and chanting something and have been doing for over 4 hours now. I hear Harper's name. And Obama's name. The rest is obscure because it is simply repetitive. Hour after hour.
I suppose they had a cause. My understanding through cursory reading of the news in that area, is that the Sri Lankan government is on the verge of defeating the Tamil Tigers once and for all.
I now hope so.
It makes me wonder why organizations like Falun Gong and Tamil Tigers are even here complaining about anything? If you are so angry at what someone is doing in your home country, wouldn't you kind of want to go THERE to change it? It is only worth fighting for change in an oppressive country from a democratic country?
It seems to me that groups lose their support by irritating everyone in sight. I assume this protest would love to get money to send for their cause. Not that I donate any anyway, but I would expect their resources to plunge when nothing intelligent happens for over four hours except shouting the same phrase over and over again.
I for one, hope the Sri Lankan government finishes the job so maybe these people can get on with their lives and quit bugging the rest of us.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Convention Center

Went to visit the new convention center today, the one that went 400 million over budget and cost 883 million dollars. Looked impressive from the outside. A pleasant young lady was holding the door open for us. Went inside. Wanted to go up the escalator to see the view.
There was another security woman guarding the path upwards. The 'public' are not allowed up there she told us. We wondered why it was open then? She told us we could go downstairs to see it in the basement. The public was not allowed upstairs.
Sort of made me translate 'public' to 'unwashed'.
From outside I could see the rich people up there looking out the wonderful windows. Well I don't want to be a buddy of Gordon Campbell that bad.
Eight hundred million. Four hundred million over budget. Taxpayers' money.
No wonder I want to be a tax evader.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Google Street View - invasive?

Google has now started mapping the city streets all over North America, the UK, Australia, Japan and Europe.
This is what Google will have eventually; you will be able to zoom down into a town, then lower to a street view, like they do presently with satellite pictures ... but, what they are now doing, is having a car drive through your neighbourhood with multiple cameras attached that takes ground level pictures, nine cameras recording a 360 degree view of everything on the street. Including people sitting at coffee shops outdoors, walking by, your children in their front yard and even through doorways or windows if they are left open or uncurtained. The house pictured is at 33rd and Bertona in Seattle, could yours be next?

This has led to all kinds of fears among people as to what is really going on? Recently Britishers formed a posse to stop the Google car recording their community, citing fears of burglaries once criminals would be able to actually see what was on each street and what the houses look like. Targetting the vulnerable via Google. Yes burglars use the latest technology too. As do shadow governments.
In the case of Britain, London is now known as the most heavily infested city of closed circuit tv cameras anywhere. The average Briton in now captured 411 times in the London city core by CCTV and they even have face recognition cameras, that once you might be identified, (assumably as someone up to no good) can track your movements, and even send an alert to other cameras to follow you.
So if you enter a store, the camera actually waits for you to appear again and tells those other cameras to be ready to track you if you sneak out the back door! And tail you to your next destination.
Although the police are saying their CCTV cameras are to prevent crime. And Google tells us theirs are just new technology, many are rightly afraid that the New Word Order is stealthily forming where we are all destined for slavery and submission through control and removal of unwanted elements. This kind of information is just too juicy for both organized crime and organized government, isn't it.
A combination of 1984, A Clockwork Orange and the worst Sci-Fi horror movies all rolled into one. Big Brother is nigh but we don't know who it is just yet.
Are you afraid? I am.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Chrysler - take a hike!

You see Chrysler Corporation is threatening to leave Canada if we don't give it taxpayer money. How the hell did we ever get in this position?
Michael Levy was on the radio telling Barak Obama to stay out of executive salaries in the US. Obama is perturbed about millions of dollars in bonuses paid out to company brass who already got US taxpayer dollars. And Levy says the President of the United States has no right to dictate company salaries. Well that of course is true. However, the taxpayers of the US AND Canada have every right to dictate ANY terms of bail-out using THEIR hard earned money when those brilliant executives come begging for cash because THEY ran their respective companies into the ground! It all comes down to giving share-holders a chance to bail themselves out.
The people I know are always struggling to survive. Most of them never had any extra money to 'invest' in stocks. Food was foremost. Of course these companies keep coming back with the rationale that they need to pay huge bonuses to attract the best talent!
I have news for those CEOs ... THEY DESTROYED YOUR COMPANY! They are NOT the best! Any reasonable Chairman of the Board would have fired them long ago! Without severance pay. Let them try and sue you for it and tie them up in court for 20 years! What are those payroll lawyers doing anyway?
It is time we stood up to these arrogant beggars and told them to take a hike. The welfare payments to those workers will be far less than the bail out and the executive bonuses.
C'mon government, represent the taxpayers for a change.

Monday, February 16, 2009


The word was 'ramp up' last year. Everyone was ramping up something or other. Instant cliche. Happening all over again with 'going forward' the new buzzword that is so sickening when you hear it from every single person on radio and TV!
Please, vary your speech and notice the useless buzzwords! They are an earitant!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Warning to tourists

Welcome to the Olympics - body armor is available.

Tourists and residents - Places where you should not go in the Greater Vancouver area
- Any Skytrain station
- Granville Street clubs at night
- Surrey in general
- Any Langley Mall
- Anywhere in Abbotsford
- many grocery store parking areas
Please call police or RCMP for their list of safe places to visit, I think there is one so far.
Don't call Wally Opal, he has nothing to do with .. er ... anything.

Warning signs - Any Cadillac Escalade or black Lincoln Navigator driven by teenager. - added - Black Range Rover

Tourists and people looking for danger holidays, adventure weekends, Olympic side trips please visit any of the above locations and don't worry about flying bullets, the police assure us that they are not aimed at you. Sort of like 'friendly fire' in Iraq.
Drugs are freely available on almost any street corner, just watch for someone staring down the street, they are all similar.
Have fun and get your will up to date!

update: 15 shootings in Vancouver in the last month!
oops, TWO last night = 16
oops, another one today - 17
oops, another one last night - 18 (maybe we should put a gun on the Olympic pins?)
oops - 46 shootings so far as of April 5.

Criminal sentences in BC - average sentence for first crime = 101 days ... average sentence for 35th to 40th crime = 25 days. Come to BC.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hudsons Bay Company

The Bay just announced that it is laying off 1000 employees 'because of the economic downturn causing poor sales'.
Message to the Bay - You just don't get it, do you; Your poor sales have nothing to do with the economy, it's because you have only one sales person per floor who is only there to shop for themselves!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Google and your ISP

Google has just announced a new project designed to irritate internet corporations who are ripping you off. I think they are onto something. Google is saying that many internet service providers are not supplying the service you are paying for. I am embracing Google as God!
In my own case I have Telus as my internet people. I pay them lots of money to provide a connection to the internet for me. I am supposed to be on something called 'extreme high speed DSL', that is of course when I can connect at all! Mornings are spent steaming at the screen message, 'Cannot connect to the server.' Otherwise my connection is only extreme slow.
Here is a site you can use to check the speed of your own connection now - Be prepared for surprises.
My Telus speed this morning is 5168 kilobytes per second download, 642 kbps upload with a ping of 137. I was told by a Telus technician that was fast, for Telus. What you usually cannot do, is check a different internet connection through your own computer. In my case I have a wireless neighbor through the wall and can use that connection as well! It is a Shaw Cable connection. The speed this morning on Shaw, right after my Telus measurement, at the above test site was 14782 kbps! Fourteen THOUSAND! 978 kbps upload and a ping of 36! That is way over 100 percent faster than my so called Extreme High Speed Telus connection!
So Google intends to have a site where we can all go and get our internet speed. Good for them, the only remaining thing is to get your service provider to answer the phone on inquiries about what speed results you want to know about.
In the case of Telus, you'll be dealing with a strategy of confusion and frustration intended to make you hang up and go away.
I wish I had not gone to Telus in the first place. My bad for being loyal to my old BC Tel company.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bail outs - sweet deals

Sometimes we need companies to fail. But it is business as usual in America.
So the deal is; taxpayers give banks a huge bail out to snatch them from the hungry jaws of bankruptcy. The deal was supposed to stimulate the whole US economy. But now Pfitzer, the pharmaceutical company is about to buy Wyeth, a similar company. It should be known that the banks financing this take-over are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Bank of America, all having received taxpayers' bail out money!
But the thing these merging companies are proudly announcing is that they will be dumping 5,000 JOBS as a result of the merger! (the pharmaceutical industry has shed over 160,000 jobs already)
So, simply put, taxpayers give the government their money, (no choice for people) - it gives the cash to poorly managed banks - companies merge to save costs and monopolize product, (shareholders happy) - and those companies help themselves by laying off 5000 employees. Same old money circle to benefit rich shareholders and dumb CEOs.
Sweet deal.
And they wonder why the underground economy is growing at an exponential rate.