Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hike liquor prices

You've probably heard of the so-called study out of Victoria that recommends hiking the price of booze. Some are saying it is because liquor consumption has risen dramatically in BC. Some brain turd thinks making a bottle of booze more expensive will eliminate alcoholism! Well, study people live on sponsored studies don't they. Wonder who sponsored this one?
Alcoholics will drink no matter what the price, the cost just means that guy's kids don't get shoes, or toys, or the wife money to feed them.
Why will they drink despite the cost? Because they're alcoholics! (Studies never consider common sense)
Consumption in BC has gone up because people have no extra money for restaurants, clubs, opera, sporting events etc, because THOSE costs have skyrocketed into the stratosphere! (and I haven't even mentioned HST) But what is still cheap enough to make one feel good for a few nights? A bottle of booze.
Okay, you knew this was coming - - - - Here is the real reason I believe the cost of booze will go up. My opinion only of course.
A few years ago, Gordon Campbell might have made promises to private people wanting to take over BC's booze industry. He tried to sell our whole provincial liquor control to these people and these panting privateers greedily anticipated their millions after having the provincial stores closed. Some would even say Gordon got some payoff for orchestrating it all. And HIS extra bonus was to eliminate another union.
But then the public got involved and the argument that private was better disappeared when they realized how much profit from liquor went directly into the provincial coffers from government liquor stores. We were told this profit would continue from taxes but the public saw right through that specious argument too.
Meanwhile the privateer liquor stores proliferated and the prediction that their booze would be 30% higher came true! However they couldn't push that envelope any higher because of competition from the provincial stores. Those damned Government stores offer a comparison! But do they think Gordon owes them something from his promises of Grand profits? Thus a study that will allow the government, (Gordon Campbell) to rationalize putting the prices up again. Thus allowing even more margin for the privateers. Thus weaseling out of his obligation to hand over the entire industry to 'friends' while getting them more.
Colloquially, a Privateer, although established in the 16th century, is nothing more than a Pirate, plundering something that belongs to others.
Get real people, realize you're being had once again, then get drunk, it's about all you can do.


  1. James9:00 am

    Right on there.Keep up the good posts Cater.Crooks like Gordo will be found out eventually.

  2. istvan2:35 pm

    the fiberals have raised the wholsale price to cover the lost revenues due to lower hst.


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