Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sports media cringe

The sports media are cringing. Shuddering with a ba-a-ad anticipation.
The entertainment media company TMZ have a sports section.
TMZ, (thirty mile zone) named one of the year's 50 coolest websites by Time magazine, is a joint venture between Telepictures Productions and AOL, and has enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence by breaking the biggest stories in entertainment.
From Mel Gibson's DUI arrest and subsequent encounter with law enforcement to Michael Richards' ill-fated trip to the Laugh Factory to the breakup of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's marriage, TMZ dominates the entertainment news landscape by changing the way the public gets their news.
Frequently referenced by the media, TMZ is one of the most-cited entertainment news sources, utilized by national network and local newsgathering organizations across the country!

The fear of course is, that TMZ doesn't swallow the spin dictated by the PR departments of major sports teams like the sports media has for years.
Sure, Michael Vick was caught. Mark McGwire found out, and Tiger Woods exposed, but these revelations came from unsportsmanlike sources, neighbors, betrayed friends etc.

Once TMZ is on the lookout we might see the pot come to a boil as they relentlessly follow, harass, dig and photograph their prey. It promises to be a varied and tasty stew.

I can't wait for them to go after Vince McMahon and his steriody gravel voiced hunks of WWE, and the gender challenged T&A titilating terrors they pass off as women. What fun! Is there more to Barry Bonds history? Has Pete Rose appeared on a poker site somewhere? Who will be revealed in the months to come? We might find some delicious scandals once the tracking bloodhounds of TMZ get the scent and their tenacious terriers glom on to an ankle or two.

But do we really care? After all, what effect on the world has Brittney Spears without panties had? None whatsoever, but my oh my, it can be such fun to see some people squirm! And sports personalities squirm and sweat with way more embarrassment than the Lindsay Lohan ilk. We won't have to wait through the whole career of someone like Andre Agasis to find out about crystal meth and hairpieces.

It isn't the fact that TMZ goes after athletes for the ratings, which they will, it is the fact that some sports personalities occupy a position of lofty snobbery. Crowned as Kings, Princes and Queens of their realm. Perhaps a false position, but the public loves scandal and watching the high and mighty untouchables plunge face first into the mud will surely be entertainment for the rest of us.
It's enough to make you tremble in your cleats.