Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bail out result ...

Here's proof that Detroit still just doesn't get it.
They are announcing the new Cadillac Escalade going hybrid! The 10 ton behemoth Drug Dealers' special is now into green! Now you can save gas while transporting your cocaine cash across the border. And they've dropped the turrets and the bulletproof rear glass too.
Sawed off shotgun or AK47 optional.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Today in History ... December 9

1994 U.S. President Bill Clinton fired U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders for reportedly suggesting that masturbation be taught in schools.

Of course Bill knew of a better way to ease one's tensions.

Is Telus throttling?

Have you experienced the same thing as me? Basically an ultra slow or none existent or erratic internet connection with during certain hours?
I know that between the hours of about 8 to 10 am, and again in the afternoons from about 3 to 6 pm, my internet connection virtually disappears.
A year ago when I complained that I had no obligation to honour my contract as Telus was not providing the high speed services agreed on, they gave me a brand new Siemens modem. I spent over two and a half hours on the phone with a technician in Singapore trying to get it to work, That guy finally gave up (refusing to let me speak to a supervisor) and I had to reinstall my old modem and router myself! I began checking my speeds online, ( and found them incredibly slow. I can also connect to a neighbor's network with Shaw Cable so I had an instant comparison ... my Telus speeds were 1900 kilobytes per second while the Shaw connection was 13,000 kbps!
So after almost a year of suffering poor connections, I complained again, (probably my tenth email to them and hundredth phone call) they sent a technician to install the modem, a very nice young man who installed it, and boosted me to the so-called 'extreme' speed.
But now I suspect that Telus is 'throttling'. This is when your internet service provider purposely slows one connection to enhance another. Companies are doing this now and it is an issue with the powers that be. I think Telus slows down the speeds of personal customers to favour the corporate customers in the mornings and evenings.
So I am left with an 'extreme speed' internet service that is like rotary dial-up. And stuck into this deal with Telus for another year of frustrating internet, trying to get help results in endless answers to a mechanical voice, which then simply disconnects to leave you to start over! I have 5 pages of transcripts from Telus Ecare technicians transferring me from one to another and never solving anything at all, except to say that my speed is good, "for Telus." Implying that even the techs know it is lousy.
If you are sending info over the web, or a web designer trying to upload content to a website, you have to consider anyone BUT Telus for this job - my internet speed with Telus on the tested site is now 5100 kbps. At the same site within 1 minute after switching to my neighbor's Shaw cable connection my internet speed was still 13,000 kbps!
Draw your own conclusions.

My two cell phone contracts are up for renewal too. Hmm.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Coalition of Bozos

So The Three Bozos lust for power takes precedence over sensitivity to the public electorate.
In the recent election the public was nervous and voted accordingly. They WANTED a minority Conservative government. Voters HOPED they were sending a message to all parties to show us at least a little leadership and perhaps some cooperation. Didn`t work.
So now we have the fuzzy Dion, a `leader` rejected by his own party, who needs a translater for English, telling us he can now be Prime Minister!
And we have Layton, whose role can only be defined as the Basil Rathbone character whispering into the King`s ear, and playing the important sidekick.
Worst of all, treasonous Duceppe! Sworn to undermine Canada at every turn and hate everything Canada is! The separatist who carefully omits telling Quebeckers what separation will really mean.
This is truly a deal with the Devil that Canadians see right through as the polls are showing already. And it looks like, whether we like Harper or not, another election would backlash right through these greedy pretenders and result in a Conservative majority.
What would happen if this so called coalition gets their fingers into Canada? Well, Mr Ignatief is already considering himself King and assumes whatever he says as 'the Word' so Dion will fumble himself into a one line note in Canadian history. Mr Layton will get to proclaim Tuktoyaktuk as a nuclear free zone closed to American aircraft carriers. Mr. Duceppe will get agreement from the other two not to tell anyone the truth about separation and not to interfere in the coming referendum.
Good deal for Stephane, Jack and Gilles.
Quick, someone throw a pail of water on these tumbling idiots!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bail outs

Give some of the taxpayer's money to these crucial to the economy companies if we have to, but FIRE ALL the CEOs and top management who caused the situation with pooor management and poorer planning! And DON'T give them one cent in severance or bonuses! And put a government watchdog into the top offices to see what these big spenders are doing with the money!
They should have resigned anyway for plundering their own companies! Arrogance and mismanagement should be punished, not rewarded.
If there was ever a position for Ralph Nader, here it is.

Suggestion from out there - "Maybe Exxon-Mobile should bail them out? They make trillions every quarter and all because of the auto industry."

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Classless people in hockey

1 - Wayne Gretsky - for scratching young Kyle Turris, former Vancouver Giant now with Phoenix, after the pregame skate when he knew Turris had been interviewed for days about his excitement to play in GM Place in front of over 100 friends and family members. And Turris scrounged all week for the tickets which he paid for. In the game of class Gretsky is a loser for forgetting that hockey is still a sport. Gretsky is not a coach to play for, Turris should ask for a trade.

2 -Alain Vignault - who put his personal feelings against Trevor Linden ahead of hockey when he sat out Linden on the road trip where the team brings along the fathers of the players. Imagine having your Dad with you and being scratched every game! Trevor was embarrassed but Vignault showed he had no class at all doing that to the most popular player the Canucks ever had. Toss a rotten tomato at Alain.

3 - Mark Messier - For signing with Vancouver, demanding to be captain, then seeing that Pavel Bure was getting all the attention, and deciding to play his way OUT of Vancouver by not scoring, not checking, not being able to recieve a pass, and floating while sucking up to Mike Keenan to undermine the other players on the team. We think he's gay anyway.

Class still counts, but none of these guys have it.


Three more people who should never play in the NHL. The two sons of Patrick Roi, and Sean Avery. If these types who know nothing about sportsmanship are allowed to enter or stay in the league, we lower the NHL to the same status as the NBA.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Plumbers - Joe vs Guido

The US election has their `Joe the Plumber` but I`ll bet our plumber, Guido Hatzis is way more fun .....

go here >

One more snub

Vannoc's recent decision to send twenty-five million dollars to American workers is just another snub of British Columbians. Gordon Campbell's government has no confidence that BCers can do anything.
We've lost control of BC Hydro to the private 'run-of-the-river' power projects, where those companies can eventually sell their power outside of our province without any power going to us in time of need.
BC Ferries is run by Americans who put surcharges on the fares at the drop of a hat and then ignore the plunging oil prices when it is time to eliminate them.
We've lost our very own railroad, BC Rail which resulted in the bypassing of many community stops for British Columbians who depended on it.
Those shiny new German ferries were built with 542 million dollars of British Columbian`s tax money sent to help German workers buy homes, cars, stoves and TVs. Nothing for capable BC ship builders and no spillover into OUR general economy.
And now when BC workers are scratching for every dollar they can in a threatening economy we award a contract to a Milwaukie company to build tents for our two week spendfest called the Olympics. Again, a 25 million dollar contract that spits in the faces of many capable British Columbian companies.
Just another snub by a government who has shown time and time again that they have no respect for British Columbians or their families.
I`m voting for the party that says `British Columbia first`.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pesky pesticides

Normally I don't admire Quebec, but those Quebeckers can have a feisty attitude when they want. And I think we all should in this kind of case: The Canadian unit of Dow AgroSciences is suing the Province of Quebec for banning one of its products in a sweeping move of pulling more than 200 pesticides and herbicides from shelves. The specific product in question is
2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, and the name is enough to have it banned in my opinion.
But get this - They are suing that government under Chapter 11 of the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement that includes a provision that allows
private companies to sue the federal governments of any of the three countries if a member country enacts laws that "expropriate" their profits.
Yes, if children start being born with three eyes and five legs, we are supposed to respect company's profits first!
Oh my Gawd where have we gotten to? We've seen Wall Street greed spashed across everything we read lately and now we are seeing the ultimate: - profits before public safety. This company, Dow Chemical, is now in the realm (if it wasn't already) of the cigarette companies insisting that smoking is still good for you and fish farms saying sea lice are not hurting our wild salmon.

I hope those feisty French-Canadians are up to the battle and I think they are. They are the only ones in Canada prepared and brave enough to go after the biker gangs in their province, we have to give them an applause for this too. And encourage other provinces to follow their lead.
Hourra car vous, Quebec!

I know this has nothing to do with the Union Carbide spill in Bhopal, India, but if you want to see a quick bit about the damage chemicals can do go here -

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bank Manager

So remember that last time you wanted a loan from your friendly local bank?
Remember when the bank manager said you needed to already HAVE the amount of money you wanted to borrow? You thought, but if I had it I wouldn't be here.
Remember they wanted your house, your car, your wife, your children, your salary and future salary, your RSPs, your socks and your left foot as collateral? They even inquired about how old your dog was and asked if you had your DNA on file? And what shares in what companies you held? And you said you'd never had any extra money to actually BUY any shares in anything.

Remember you gave them every bit of private info about yourself on that form you had to sign?
Remember the terms were that you had to keep working until you are 90 years old to pay the interest on the loan and only after that would you start nibbling away at the principal?
Remember how they turned you down with that contemptable look and then took another 5 bucks out of your account?

Now those very same bank managers want you to bail out their poor management and arrogance. They want to use hard working Americans' tax money to rescue the rich and the shareholders. They are asking for 700 BILLION dollars with a straight face!
And they don't want to answer a single question or provide a one bit of collateral because they don't really have any. And they don't want their 56 or 17 million yearly dollar salaries affected.

If the government passes them this money the US taxpayer should turf out every single elected person who votes to pass the bill rewarding the CEOs for incompetance.

Just remember, the shoe is now on the other foot. Are our contempt is deserved.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Political debates

I am not going to bother watching any televised debates this time.
Is there a point to them?
All the parties get together before the 'show' and agree on what questions might be asked by an empathetic reporter. The audience are all preordained. In this case in Canada, the parties and TV networks have agreed to ostracize anyone out of what they deem as THEIR mainstream. For the same reason that the US will not allow Bob Barr or Ron Paul in their presidential debates: They are afraid of embarrassing questions. And perhaps logic.
If the Green Party partakes in the Canadian debates, something out of control could happen. Like a question with an implication that no one of the big four parties gets it. Or really cares. Same old same old. Wouldn't want anything spontaneous now, would we?
But that ain't gonna happen. Elizabeth May knows she isn't going to be Prime Minister, and it seems that environmental issues are the first item on most Canadian's minds in this election and though she might have something important to say, she will be excluded anyway. When one has no chance they don't have to follow the same rules.
One would wonder whatever Gilles Duceppe is doing in any debate? He of the 'Rob Canada' Party not only has no chance of being PM, he has no interest! Layton has no chance, he just wants to continue milking his horse a few more years. Dion, a citizen of France needs an interpreter for English! He's probably already promised Quebec to Sarkozy.
And we all know they will have set answers too. We all know they all lie. They've all lied before, over and over again. And we all know that your local politician has absolutely no say in anything even if you send him to parliament, he has to go by the party line no matter what. Or he or she might not even represent you anyway! Emerson's Rule, look out for yourself.
So why bother watching any so called debates?
To see if Harper will wear another wimpy vest?
What I'd like to see is Harper tell us he'll go after Chretien and Martin for the Sponsorship scandal! And Dion to tell us he'll go after Mulroney for being Canada's biggest ever crook! Maybe Duceppe to declare he will be a nation and refuse any handouts from Canadian taxpayers!
I'd like to see red faces and stuttering and gulping but I won't .... I'll be watching something else anyway.

silliness here: read the post - ex conversation
or here:

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Windows Vista so far ....

My Toshiba M30 crashed. It lies dishevelled on the floor holding Windows XP SP1 in a death grip. Forceded me to buy a new HP Pavilion that came with Windows Vista SP1, 32 bit. I tried to find out what the big deal about Vista was before, and all anyone could tell me was the aero screen was great. Well it is. It's all the other stuff that's giving me trouble. So many problems that I doubt Bill Gates could handle this frustration!
It recognized my HP 960c printer right away. Wow. Then my Trekstor External Hard Drive. Great. My HP 3500c scanner. Nice. Then I started reloading software. Mostly it went right in. I was thrilled!
Then I started trying to recover files from my Trekstor Hard Drive with Nero BackItUp. I can see there is a back up there, made just 4 days before my crash. Windows Vista can't read it. And I can't just put two drives together and drag files between them like I did in XP. Someone changed that ability in Vista. My scanner won't work from the computer either, only the buttons.
But wait, I worked a photo on an Adobe drawing/photo program that I always use. Went to save it. Program disappeared completely. Yes, it does it every time. Another program just freezes everything. Can't even shut the puter down with Ctrl+Alt+Del! Have to pull the plug! Yet another just loops between start and open and start.
My printer prints way too dark now. Used to be perfect with XP. I've wasted a whole tree already trying to make it better. Vista has a wonderful screen look.
I had Media Player 9 in the XP system, it loaded and started to play a video in about 10 seconds. Vista just loads and loads ... and loads. It has Media Player 11.
Same video. I had 512 Mbs of RAM in the Toshiba, 3 Gbs are in the HP. Shouldn't it be way better?
I would say if you are considering a new computer with Vista installed, you add at least $500. to your budget to replace your existing software. Have some pills or liquor nearby too in case of frustration - which will start in the first 10 minutes.
So far I love the screen look, but it seems like that age old corporate problem, that these high paid technicians NEEDED to change things to show they were working, no matter how well things worked before.
I think I'll fiddle with the old Toshiba and see if I can get it going, just for the pleasure of killing it all over again, it caused me all this. Didn't it?
That screen is marvellous, especially with all these pills and liquor in me, I think I'll just stare at it a while longer, transfixed by these vistas.
Wake me when the new operating system comes out.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I was looking through this blurb from my local community center. Wondering what educational or artistic things I might partake in for the indoor season of autumn and winter here.
I have always been a strong advocate of night school and community programs because they offer something for everyone to improve themselves.
Alas. Things have changed as Bob Dylan said. Now there seems little for ME to do, only for certain other people.
In the first few pages I found art for Chinese Canadians, Kababayang Pilipino dance, Mexican Altars competition, Diwali Festival workshops, Shaq'asthut Gathering Place, Fabric Messages from the Middle East, Katari Taiko music, African Dance, Dimasalang Artists, Youth Kontzert Series, and it went on from there.
There is tons of stuff if you get pregnant. And for kids. But it's not worth getting pregnant for. Babies Only Botanical Care, I'm not going there because of the images already in my mind of infants with vines growing out of their ears tending gardens.
Ah wait, here it is, adult things for me ... Knitting with Wire, hmm, since there are no more knights about to joust in the lists, I'm not sure why anyone needs to make chain mail. Wheel Throwing with Sue. She must be the champ, like how far can it roll? Sounds strenuous.
I could do Belly Dance with Venus, but they'd see the lust right away and toss me out. Reggaeton for Women, oops not for me, how to seduce a man with reggaeton body movement. But how many times can you listen to Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier without smoking weed? Dog Obedience. Training won't stop them pooping at embarrassing moments. My dog could never digest corn.
The Buddha Within - described as Brain and Nervous System Seminar. Fiddling around with my central nervous system makes me just .... nervous. Urban Women of courage. Is that Joan of Arc complex? Urban women who stay at home to look after their own kids without killing them must quality for that one.
Ah, here we are, something just for me, Older Adult Programs. Oops, it's in Chinese. Wonder what it says? Oh darn, that's the only one under that heading.

I seem to have 5 strikes against me these days - I am not a landed immigrant, was born here in Vancouver; I am not gay; I am a non-lesbian; I am male: I am over 40, well ok, over 50; I only speak English; my heritage is white Northern European; I have no esoteric religion. (This would include the mysteries of Catholicism and Protestantaneanism.)
I guess I can look bleakly forward to another winter of surfing the web endlessly.
I AM a minority now, but I don't qualify for anything.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

American credibility

Condoleezza Rice recently said, "Russia is a state that is unfortunately using the one tool that it has always used whenever it wishes to deliver a message and that's its military power. That's not the way to deal in the 21st century."
This reptilian shape-shifter must be kept in a closet by Bush between forays into the world. She seems sublimely unaware of America and Iraq or Afghanistan. Either that or she is the ultimate hypocrite! Just transpose the word Russia to the word USA.

But wait, here's the guy who wants to be voted into the US Presidency, John McCain, "Countries don't invade other countries in the 21st century."
He seems to blink when talking like that like he's wondering where he is. I hope this 'wrinkly old white-haired Dude' goes to a nice old folks home. Paint it white so he thinks he's president, even Napoleon if he likes.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today in History ... August 14

1900 - Some 2,000 U.S. Marines joined with European forces to capture Beijing, ending the Boxer Rebellion against the Western presence in China.
Beijing retaliated by holding the Olympic Games in 2008, luring Americans with prospects of gold, but poisoning the unsuspecting Western visitors with pollution.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympics closing ceremonies

A Canadian Olympic spokesperson makes a final comment to our athletes -

"We are satisfied with our (cough) efforts to compete here in China. You all did (cough) excuse me, very well. Considering.
"We're sorry that so many of you had to spend hospital time here in (cough) Pekin, Peking and Bei (cough) jing. All those who are returning to Canada on the (cough, sniff) Implant Express planes, please head out to the airport now, lungs are available back in Canada. Don't forget your oxygen tanks. (cough) You'll be able to shower safely again in Canada, try not to touch friends or loved ones until you do. And please burn your Olympic uniforms, (cough) oh sorry, I didn't mean because they were ugly, they might be contamin.... oh you know what I mean,
"Anyone standing at the back of the room who can't see me through the room mist, (cough) I hope you can hear me, Q-Tips are at the door. And those Olympic rowers who just rowed out to sea .. well, there were fresh breezes out there (cough) what can I say? We're sure our marathoners will be found soon. (cough, hack, snort, sniff cough) And we're sorry about that crash on the cycle track, where our (cough) rider got turned around the wrong way. We've dropped the protests on the track events too, (cough, cough, prolonged coughing fit) because there were no visible video (cough) recordings seen through the smog of our final positions. The infrared and heat sensing cameras were (cough, cough) okay but the Chinese disputed who the figures actually were in the 100 meter races etc. And please don't think our athletes were crying just because their eyes were like that. (cough, hack, cough, drip)
"Well until the next Olympics, thank you all ...
"er ... Anyone still here in the room? Sorry can't see anything ... Someone should really stay for the closing ceremonies.
(cough, sniff)
Anyone out there?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Vote for Paris Hilton for Pres.

Could it be any worse than it is right now? McCain uses Paris Hilton in an attack ad against Obama without her consent. This is her retaliation.

1 - 0 . . . . for Paris.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

BC Ferries

The Coastal Renaissance, the shiny new German ship built in Germany by Germans in 2007, has broken down.
The old reliable ship, the Queen of Cowichan, built in Victoria by proud British Columbians in 1976, is filling in.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Canada leads in Frankenfood secrecy

This comes under the 'Did you know?' category.
In Britain, there is controversy over the growing of open air GM (genetically modified) crops. These trial crops have always been identified as to location. However, some have been attacked by 'vandals' opposed to open air growing because there are no studies or interest for that matter, on what could happen to the environment with these Frankencrops growing adjacent to regular crops.
This has led the scientists to ask that their precious study crops be kept secret.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), which licenses open air trials commented: "EU legislation says that we must disclose GM trial locations to the public. We are awaiting a European Court of Justice ruling, likely later this year, on a French legal case that should clarify how the EU law in this area can be interpreted by Member States ...
We should follow the same approach as that followed in Canada for very small scale trials of say 400 plants or so - where the risks are looked at by a panel but the location of those sites is not revealed."
Friends of the Earth in Britain, believe that the trials should be stopped altogether. " ... we don't know the impact they'll have on the environment and on health and very often these trials are not set up to look at that."

A panel? When was the last time you heard of a Canadian panel looking out for the public interest?
Nice to know that we are leading in something, isn't it. Even if it is secrecy.
Er ... isn't it?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IOC double standards

The International Olympic Committee has banned Iraq from participating in the Beijing Olympic summer games, saying 'political interference' was happening in Iraq.
Meanwhile the Chinese hosts of the games have cut off internet access to Chinese citizens during the Olympics and only says they will allow journalists covering their games, limited access to certain sites. Some writers have already complained about broken promises regarding their articles. Maybe censorship. Wouldn't that be political interference too?
The IOC was promised all kinds of freedoms by the Chinese Communist government when it got the games, none of the promises yet delivered. Looks like two standards to me.
Now if the USA was seriously interested in helping Iraq make its way in a post Saddam world, they might want to step up and suggest no Iraq, no USA. It would show that they won't accept the Chinese tampering with the rules, even if the IOC does.
And if worst comes to worst, and it's a no-go, they'll be saving their athletes lungs.

Truth in packaging

Well, they're not exactly lying. They do tell you there are 100 pills in the bottle.
But isn't that bottle like 10 times too big? Isn't it made of plastic? Isn't that something like made from oil? See the pills, way down there in the bottom? taking up 1/4 inch of space in a 4 inch high container.
Oh, but I forgot, business isn't supposed to cut down on greenhouse stuff, only us menials. We're supposed to save the world while they keep destroying it.
I think it is a bit fraudulent.

Telemarketers - how to win

You can now go to a certain website or call Bell Canada to register your phone number on a 'do not call' list. This is a measure taken by the CRTC because of the huge increase in bothersome calls, mostly at dinnertime. However, many organizations will be exempted under the new rules. Charities, political parties, polling firms and newspapers can continue to make unsolicited phone calls. This is no fun.
And how many people will actually add themselves to that list?
Telemarketers wouldn't call anyone unless it was profitable. People actually stay on line with them and buy the product! I suspect it is lonely 80 years olds who have no one to talk to.
But would telemarketers continue to make thousands of calls per day if you bought the product but didn't pay for it? If everyone did that they couldn't possibly sue us all.
And don't forget that they are calling YOU, interrupting YOUR privacy, and you are not obligated to tell them the truth about anything. Including where you live. So just buy the product on COD and have it sent somewhere else! Maybe to a law firm downtown, lawyers can look after themselves. Maybe you gave a wrong credit card number? That's just human error. MISinformation to them but DISinformation for you.
ou might want to lie to pollsters too. As a matter of fact, if everyone did, polls would soon become so unreliable they would be of no use to the polling interests. And no use to call you to ask your opinion at supper time! Political parties are especially good to lie to. Just tell whoever calls that you'll vote for them. You already KNOW that whoever gets into government WILL lie to you.
If everyone always lied all the time ... silence for dinner.
You can have your number taken off the list, but you'll be missing out on the fun of lying if you do. Answer the phone.
My number is 555-IM1-RU12.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Canucks - seasonal excitement

The hockey season is gearing up. Everyone's excited.
We might get Matts Sundin, the big 37 year old 33 goal scorer for the losingest team in Canada, Toronto Maple Leafs. He'll make a good defenceman for Coach Vignault. For 10 million a season. Is that the league's highest? Naslund is gone. Morrison is gone. The Canucks are looking for more grit. Maybe they can get Cooke and Ruutu back. And more scoring. Maybe Vignault will be able to re sign Marc Chouinard and Jan Bulus, they could add about five goals a season, he loves those guys. They don't want Anson Carter. I heard Rick Blight is ready to return. The rumour is that the Canucks are actively seeking Sumo wrestlers in Japan to stand beside Luongo. Now that would be a Vignault defensive team. And they are testing a new technique where they put nicks in the skate blades to stop them from slipping on the ice.
There is so much to get excited about .............................not.

But get ready for the media spin anyway.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bruce Break - but not broken

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council recently concluded their 'investigation' of Bruce Allen's comments via radio about people coming to Canada and wanting to change the laws or at least not abide by existing Canadian laws. Part of the comments by Ron Cohen of the CBSC were that although Bruce is "arrogant. ignorant and offensive", he was not discriminatory and didn't break any rules. Cohen also commented that public media MUST have balance.
These rules of balance may be what causes the problems. Radio, newspapers and TV are so conscious of the need for 'balance' in reporting, (because of the CRTC and CBSC etc.) that in publishing street polls, for instance, we ALWAYS get this so-called balanced reporting, which in some cases may actually distort the truth.
Ask the question and make sure the answers are never more than 3 to 2 one side or the other. A street pollster once told me that if 10 people in a row say one unified answer, that media rep will just go on and on until they can publish their favorite 3 to 2 snap-shot of what people think. Maybe they asked 100 people the question before they found 2 who countered the feeling of the other 98. Then they publish five of their results, choosing 3 for and 2 against. So the very act of balancing the reporting becomes artificial and NOT reflective of community standards.
The poll therefore distorts the truth because it is manipulated and fraudulent. Sometimes with disastrous results ... 3 November, 1948, the Chicago Tribune proclaimed “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN.” Because the polls told them so. 1972, the polls said WAC Bennett was a shoe in for another term as BC Premier. The next morning it was Dave Barrett who was smiling as he read the results. The polls may have been 'adjusted' for political reasons.
Personally I lie to all pollsters, you are not obligated to tell them the truth.
One can expect a poll to ask, "Do you love war?" and the results to be 3 to 2.
Meanwhile Bruce is free to express opinion about our society, but we'll never know if he is 100 percent correct or only 3 to 2. Balance, remember, is everything, even if it's a lie.
At least Bruce Allen is telling us HIS 100 percent truth, the polls are not!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

my POLL - how sneaky could Campbell be?

Overwhelming answer - really sneaky.
One person believes he could be THIS sneaky .....

Developer friend - "We could use the property that BC Place Stadium is on to make millions."
Gordon Campbell - "Don't worry, I've got it under control."
Df - "But you just announced a new roof for the stadium?"
GC - "Look, we'll get past the games, then we'll start the campaign to tell the public they don't want a new roof."
Df - "How would that work, Gordon?"
GC - "We'll start right in telling them it's an unstable building. Then go to massive new construction expenses. The public will see we are being responsible with their money. Even use the toxic waste beneath the building ploy. "
Df - "Wow. You think you could pull that off?"
GC - (chuckle) " I sold their BC Rail didn't I? We're by-passing BC Hydro on river power. We built BC Ferries ships using Germans, didn't we? And they all forgot they once owned BC Gas already. And they're going for the gas tax, aren't they? Need I say more?"
Df - "Okay, Gordon, I guess you have got it under control. I'll start drawing up designs for the high rises. How's that plan to sell Vancouver Island to the Americans going?"
GC - Shhhh.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Carbon Tax - brilliantly saving the planet

Most of the time I just don't get it. But I just heard an ad on the radio that explained the government's carbon tax.
It basically stated that the Campbell tax you're going to get on your gas fill-up will enable you and your children to breath fresh air forever.
Seems too simple doesn't it? Tax is the answer. This must have been thought up by the same guy in the basement of the Royal Bank (ba-ad vernacular, they only want to distract you nowadays with RBC) who thinks up fees and ways to sneak dollars out of your account.
So if there is a world wide food shortage, we could tax bread higher. Make it like twenty bucks a loaf. Voila! Everyone has a full stomach!
Water droughts? Meter your glass. Tax every spoonful. Maybe five dollars a sip. That way the water will be drinkable even in the swamps of Africa.
So the carbon tax will surely stop the building of those 65 coal fired energy plants that Dick Cheney announced. All those diesel truck fleets will suddenly stop emitting foul black smoke. China's pollution will stop blowing across the Pacific into our lungs. Butterflys will fly, the grass will grow and the sky will be blue. All it takes is taxes.
Speaking of lungs, what about, say, 10 cents a breath? Might as well eliminate emphysema while we're at it.
I get it now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daily Laugh item

Have you ever wondered why our Canadian justice system is so screwed up? No, you're like me, you've just come to accept it as a joke.
There's this Toronto accountant guy. He did the books for these twenty-one daycare centers. He (allegedly) stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from them when he suddenly resigned from the job leaving his wife and kids and disappearing to another country. That was two years ago. No one in our police system could find him. (We assume no one thought of checking travel agents or airline passenger lists.)
Then the CBC program The Fifth Estate somehow finds him in Africa. He's out of money. He wants to come back to Canada to face justice .....
BUT ..... you knew this was coming, right? ..... the Canadian authorities wouldn't arrest him and fly him back to Canada! So the CBC team pays for his flight back in the interests of having an exclusive story! He finally gets arrested at the airport.
I guess if he was going to be a major criminal and wanted to hide he should have just hid within Canada like all the other criminals do.
Our justice system is a never ending source for your Daily Laugh.

Please don't cry.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Left Foot

A human left foot was discovered partially submerged in the water near Westham Island in Ladner, B.C., Monday. It's the fifth human foot police have found in the province in less than a year. Four right feet, each wearing a sock and sneaker, have been discovered since August. A woman's right foot was found on uninhabited Kirkland Island in the Fraser River in May, just a few kilometres from where police found the fifth foot.
Three other men's right feet washed up in the Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. In August, feet were discovered on Gabriola and Jedediah islands and, in February, another foot was found on Valdez Island.
Baffling isn't it? Is it ritualistic? Is it crazy? How could severed feet be turning up in Georgia Straight? Where are they coming from?
My deduction is that someone is dropping them into the Fraser river somewhere. Not too far or they might have been discovered farther upstream.
How does one obtain such a bizarre item for whatever reason? A person working in a mortuary would have access to human body parts. They could sever a foot of someone just before burial or cremation and it would be hard to discover.
But after who knows what secret ceremony?
Bizarre, but then the human mind has always had the capacity to be grotesque if you look closely enough.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Sequel is Real

Kobe Bryant NBA Idol

Kobe Bryant, 'star' player in the NBA had wonderful leadership type comments last night after a loss. He said he " had lots of wine and beer, and about 20 shots, they wet the bed and it was a big one too, not that you can put a towel over."
One wonders about all those school kids who look up to sports heroes.
But wait, it's the NBA, the Sleaze League. It seemed to start a few years ago when all those fans with hand-held TVs at the game noticed that when it was dead quiet in the actual arena, there was the frantic excitement of cheering fans on the TV broadcast and it was found that the NBA was adding their own soundtrack to make basketball seem exciting.
Sort of what professional 'wrestling' might do.
So now many referees working the NBA are under investigation for fixing games! Because the league wanted 7 game playoffs. I suppose they rig it so each team wins 3 and they toss up the last game. Sort of like today's game actually, you go down our end and shoot, we go down your end and shoot. All preprogrammed until the last minute of play. The referees making sure of it all. Sort of like NASCAR which always brings out yellow flags with 5 laps to go.
If you're not exactly a follower of the NBA, you might still recall Kobe as the central figure in a sleazy legal case when he was charged with felony sexual assault against a 19-year-old woman at an exclusive spa. The case was dissolved when the woman decided not to testify after receiving death threats. Bryant, at a news conference, insisted the act was consensual, ignoring the fact that he is married and his wife was standing beside him.
Maybe I'm getting too excited about this?
Maybe he's not influencing school children at all, maybe the young people who look up to Kobe aren't in school, they're out robbing liquor stores or wetting the bed.
Never mind.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tiger Woods and hockey

Tiger Woods says he doesn't dig hockey, especially on television. Hmmm. Is there anything more stimulating than golf on TV?

Commentator : (whispering) Tiger tees off ... straight down the old fairway.
Commentator : (whispering) Tiger choosing a nine iron ... chips it high ... rolling straight onto the old green.
Commentator : (whispering) Tiger about to putt ... drops straight into the old cup, how exciting is that, folks?
Commentator : (whispering) And now a word from old Cadillac ... now with old OnStar so they can tell you old folks who you are.

Commentator : (whispering) Tiger is accepting his new billlion dollar cheque ... straight into his old pocket.

Hmm. (whispering) Maybe old Tiger could buy himself a personality?

Beluga thrills

A new baby beluga whale has been born at the Vancouver Aquarium. All the people involved are thrilled. The whale is a little small but healthy so far. This is hailed as a wonderful event. They boast it will do better than in the wild.
But isn't it sort of like a human child born at home with the prospect of being confined to that bedroom for the rest of it's life?
Given the option I bet the whale would choose the wild.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I don't get it?

General Motors is closing down a plant in Ontario.
It builds SUVs and trucks.
The union wants them to continue building no matter what.
They make a protest that stops production.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

People Power vs Big Oil

We have the power to put greed out of business. Really, all it requires is focus and determination.
The oil companies are recording record profits again as the rest of us struggle to get from A to B.
Exxon Mobil (Esso) had profit in 2007 of 40 BILLION dollars! No American company has EVER had a higher profit. Chevron recorded 18.7 billion. The others in the big five are close behind.
We're all waiting for the US Congress or the Canadian parliament to start looking at this and DO something. Anything. There is talk of regulating oil revenues to these greed mongers. Talk, I said.
Part of the problem is that for every dime in increased cost at the pump, the government gets a huge windfall in tax money! So they are spurred to INaction. But do you believe you get any of that cash back in tax breaks? You can bet the oil companies do.
So what can WE do? Us humble people out here in Let-Em-Eat-Cake land that the power people have no affiliation with?
Well we can't put them all out of business by NOT buying gasoline. But wait .... we CAN do something. We could put ONE company out of business.
How would that work? Well, for instance, you don't need an Esso card for your gas, you only need your Visa, Mastercard or debit card. So you ARE free to buy wherever you like. And to NOT buy wherever you like.
Let's target Exxon with their 'obscene' profits. Did you know that to date they still have not paid the reparations for the Exxon Valdez oil spill? Hmm, that's arrogance. Of course they have friends in the US and Canadian Governments to protect them from things like fines and scrutiny.
Yet they are not protected from YOU! The guy or gal who is trying to pay for kids' clothing and groceries and house payments.
You COULD just pass the Esso station and go to the next one. No one gas is better than the other in spite of PR spin about 'additives'.
They'd drop prices for a bit, and if you succumbed and went back, they'd just laugh at how fickle you were and the rich shareholders would grin their sly grins and rub their manicured hands together.
But if you decided that NO way would you buy at Esso no matter what! And were prepared to see it through. The impact would be felt immediately.
And it would be NEWS! You'd glom onto a nationwide pride and the feeling of power to fight back. Who would you be hurting? Poor rich shareholders and executives with million dollar salaries and hundred dollar haircuts. And the big oil Goliath! Mmmm sweet.
Imagine just for a minute the news item that Exxon Mobile was suffering huge losses as their stations remained deserted. You'd go home at night and tune in the stock market news that you never watched before just to grin at your new found power. "Esso closes 10 more gas stations! Company President fired!" Would that be the definition of glee or what?

It probably won't ever happen, but what a thought to dwell on while you sit idling in traffic and plan to cancel your holiday this year.

It's people power and we have it right now. It only needs awakening. Action. And it'd be fun too, wouldn't it?
Grab your power.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blackwater Canada

The public inquiry continues over the issue of taser use and the effects of the weapon. Spiked of course by the death of Robert Dziekanski. One wonders if Paul Pritchard will appear. He is the man who videoed the entire scene. (check the link for his view)
The oddity of this inquiry into Taser use so far, is the fact that our Transit Police, on the verge of becoming notorious, have REFUSED to appear.
These police are a new force. We formed them to protect Sky Train passengers from the drug dealers who frequent the stations. We allowed them to have guns. Then someone allowed them to have tasers. Somewhere along the line they have become totally independent of public scrutiny and input. They have been known to actually taser fare evaders who are running away! They are now much like the arrogant private Blackwater Troops in the US, who, at gunpoint stopped Katrina victims from reaching high ground in New Orleans. The transit police are evidently running their own show, apart from government control. Is staying away from the inquiry their choice? The lawyer for Dziekanski's mother is disgusted by this and has publicly wondered who is in charge and accountable?
Our police are morphing into an American Blackwater style force with disdain for the public and we seem to have lost control. Perhaps it goes to the mentality of people who want to be policemen. Is it a chance to be a uniformed criminal? Are they now closing ranks against the public?
Should we beware of our local police? Has the phrase 'to serve and protect' taken on an entirely different meaning? Should they add the word "ourselves" to that phrase?
Something ominous happening here.

This is just the inquiry into Taser use, wait until the actual inquiry into Dziekanski's death starts, then you'll see the real cover-up! Check out the next link - - -

Paul Pritchard on who killed Dziekanski -

82 year old man tasered in hospital bed -

RCMP brainwashed by taser company -

Monday, May 12, 2008

Business first - always

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is about to make a ruling. Whether polar bears should be placed on the 'endangered species' list. We know the bears have already been categorized as doomed because of global warming and the fact that they hunt from ice floes which could no longer exist in the near future.
Companies are contesting the ruling because of 'business' interests. Northern communities make lots of money by guiding American hunters to the polar bears, charging $30,000. to shoot one. An endangered species ruling would also influence the oil and gas exploration business in the north because of laws which would be enacted regarding roads, installations etc. and protected habitat.
ONE of the reasons we have all those toxic toys and poisonous products coming from China, is because business was first when American and Canadian companies, like WalMart needed to import cheap goods. Of course those companies didn't stay in China to ensure that the products they contracted for were made under our strict laws for safe consumer products.
The same thing is happening with edible food from China and South America and elsewhere. These countries could use all the DDT they wanted and no one from the importing company is 'in the field' to protect Americans and Canadians and their kids. Children are already testing positive for chemicals that are not used by North American farmers!
Do you trust the beef industry in Canada OR America to tell you the truth about Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) Mad Cow disease? The US is presently involved in a trade agreement with South Korea and one of the RULES of the trade pact will be that Korea MUST allow free imports of American beef and CANNOT STOP importing even if Mad Cow is found in US beef! No wonder the Korean people are afraid. And if they go about it like here in Canada, they'll not tell them what actually IS US beef!
Did you know that all those greenhouses that grow hothouse tomatoes for us actually IMPORT tomatoes from other countries while our season is too cold to grow and package them and RELABEL those tomatoes as 'Product of Canada'! Business over truth, of course.
Dow Chemical recently had Mary Gade, a regional EPA official in Chicago removed from her post because she continued to pressure Dow for dumping dioxins into rivers! (if you're not up on dioxins, they cause cancer and immune system problems in humans) She did her job and got fired for it without a whimper from government. Business first, as always.

It might be only a matter of a short time before there's a picture of a great white hunter standing over a great white bear with the proud inscription, I shot the last polar bear!
Business first as always.

update: I was wrong! Hooray for America - Under the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act the polar bear has been classed as a 'threatened species'. And as such the trophies cannot be imported into America. Furthermore, the decision means all U.S. federal agencies now have to ensure nothing they do jeopardizes the bears' survival or the sea ice on which the bears live. However the fight will probably start from private concerns now. Hunters especially.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Arthur Griffiths - entrepreneur par insolence

It is rumoured that Arthur Griffith is about to become political. And run for a Liberal seat in the Provincial government for Premier Campbell.
Another star in the Liberal cabinet alongside the illustrious former judge Wally Opal, who has become a true politician now and even ignores the law; and the beautiful at any age, Carol Taylor, whose $600 budget shoes flaunt the poor as she brings in new figures to govern the let-em-eat-cake citizenry.
Arthur Giffiths, the son of the late and respected Frank Griffiths, who once owned the Vancouver Canucks and GM Place, the Vancouver Grizzlies and the money machine, CKNW radio. Hockey fans will recall lil' Arthur as the interfering and unknowledgeable Canucks executive who had no idea of hockey or team management until his Dad called him off and gave him pencils to sharpen.
Well the history of Arthur is that Frank died and Arthur took over the control of the empire. He promptly lost control of the Vancouver Grizzlies. Then he lost the Vancouver Canucks. And GM Place. And finally, the asset that made the sports empire possible in the first place, CKNW advertising radio! Arthur still does talk shows and is actually asked his opinion by the bozos at stations like Team 1040! Money impresses some.

So ... lil' Arthur will now join the Liberal government and be put in charge of something. That record speaks for itself already - Gordon Campbell lost BC Rail, BC Hydro, BC Gas, BC Ferries to foreign management or ownership. What can we expect in the future if Arthur gets elected?
Get ready to have Vancouver Island sold to Taiwan? Maybe he'll sell off Whistler to the Japanese. Don't they already own everything up there anyway? Maybe sell Victoria to the Americans and they can paint the parliament buildings pink? Arthur is well programmed to be in a job where he loses everything. Besides it's Liberal government policy!
If Gordon has any semblance of feeling left for British Columbians, (don't wait for it) he'll put Arthur in control of using all that beetle infested dead wood in our forests to make blue pencils for Carol Taylor and erasable signatures for Wally Opal.

The BC Pencil Corporation would be a good fit for a man who isn't the sharpest pencil in the box.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Olympic uniforms for who?

Canada's Olympic athletes will wear red and white uniforms decorated with a fusion of Canadian and Chinese symbols at the Beijing Summer Games.
Canada has just unveiled it's 2008 uniforms for our athletes. Take a look. Made in China of cotton and BAMBOO! The orange colour of those jammies is of course, a Chinese red, nothing to do with the colour of our flag.
The fashion director at the Bay, Suzanne Timmins, thinks they're cool because they have something to do with the number 8, which is a lucky number for Chinese people. I have NO idea why she wants the Chinese to be lucky with our attire.
It's almost like someone at Vannoc went to a buddy and said, "Look, get your kid to draw up something and we'll lose the money in China. I've got lots to spend on Olympic stuff, if I get you the contract, what's in it for me?"
Well don't look askance at me, no one does that to their country without a sneaky intent and that is for sure a first timer design.

Our own 2010 Winter Olympic logo features an image from the Northwest Territories, the Inukshuk was designed by newly arrived Mexicans who researched English Bay and thought the Expo 86 leftover was a BC emblem. And then Vannoc went to China again for those cute? lil ugly? Chinese characters.

No wonder the Tibetans want rid of the Chinese, they have no fashion sense.
Of course we also have to keep in mind that the Bay, our revered Hudsons Bay Company, is now owned by an American named Zucker. And maybe he's recalling how we showed up the Americans a few years ago when Roots did us proud with clothing. They immediately hired Roots themselves! Zucker has now done what he could to make us look bad. Psychologically. Really. Look what the yellow 'Bumble Bee' design did to the Canucks!
The designers say they consulted with 50 Olympians. Who? The Jamaican Bobsled Team and Eddie the Eagle? One can suppose that the designer was hanging with Ross Rebagliati and inhaled some foul mind bending air by mistake.
Canada 2006

I think to watch any of our athletes competing I'll need a puff or two myself, and maybe some nice orange coloured cheezie munchie snacks!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Plastic Minds

A Florida plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer recently wrote a book, My Beautiful Mommy.
He wanted to help children understand why their mothers were having plastic surgery. The book is for 4 to 7-year olds. Some don't like it. Some people wonder why children need to know why Mommy isn't happy with herself. Some believe that children at this age shouldn’t even be exposed to plastic surgery. Maybe society beauty fixer Salzhauer needs to be more honest in his approach to children. Maybe Dr. Quacko wants little children to be prepared for the future by reassessing themselves, at four years old. A lucrative future for him?

Maybe this is how it should have gone - - -

Dear little Billy; Your Mommy wasn't happy, she had a ugly nose got a guy to cut some of it off! Now she has a pretty nose but it runs.

Dear little Mary: Your Mommy was a hippo. She had chocolates under her pillow. She got a man to vacuum up her fat. Now she can eat all the burgers she wants. With onion rings please. They gave the fat to Daddy for his car engine.

Dear little Terry: Your Mommy had teeny lil pancake boobies. She went and got really really big plastic ones put in. Now she can flirt with your school friends and Daddy's boss. She could have just played beach volley ball and no one would have noticed anything.

Dear little Sammy: Your Daddy had such a teeny wee dinky, when he peed he'd go ON the toilet seat because he couldn't get hold of it to aim. He got a man to stick Botox into it and now he doesn't need to hold it at all. But he now pees OVER the sink.

Dear little Sarah: Your mommy had thin lips and Daddy didn't think they were sexy, so she got the same stuff put in there that Daddy got in his dinky and now she has big fat lips. Daddy likes them way better because they make him think sexy, but they are so hard now she can't smile or move them. Daddy just pees.

Are you children too fat?

Perhaps plastic minds are in our future.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Ummm ... shouldn't it be called Global COOLING?

Monday, April 07, 2008

NEW: Cellphones in aircraft in flight

As we reported in a post here in July, 2007, (Cellphone study ... er revelation) the technology is now becoming available to enable the use of cell phones on airplanes while in flight. The latest to announce the new technology is Air France. The April 8, 2008, Travel Watch section of the Wall Street Journal now reports -

The European Union has opened the way for travelers to talk, text or send emails on mobile devices using European GSM technology while in the air. Air France unit has run successful trials in which customers could send text messages and emails, but not talk, on phones. Now, along with partner OnAir, a unit of plane maker Airbus, Air France is running a trial of in-flight voice calling on an Airbus A318 operating on routes in Europe.
Notice the word TRIALS. The technology is just becoming available.

There was no word from the NSA, NORAD, CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service or any other government agency including the White House on how those mysterious in-air cell phone calls were supposedly made on September 11th, 2001 when it was impossible to do so.
Once again, does this mean the 9-11 truth seekers are right?

Josef Goebbels, Hitler's infamous propaganda chief, once said, 'If you tell a big enough Lie, and keep on repeating it, in the end people will come to believe it.'
... not all of us.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Homeless people cost

Did you hear about the cost of keeping homeless people? Some academics have figured out it is $55,000. per person per year. The cost to the city is something like 644 MILLION dollars. I think it shows that lots of agencies are feeding off the 'homeless' fat cow because none of those wandering people I see look rich or well fed. But academics don't think that way, do they? They don't chew their food, they make 'dental implants' on it while figuring out stuff.
Why not just GIVE them homeless people the 55 thousand dollars and maybe they wouldn't be homeless again next year?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Stanley Park cleanup

Last year I complained about the lack of cleanup in visible areas of Stanley Park, in particular around Second Beach. If you want to read the post and the spin letter full of big words from Yuna Flewen I received after I sent the Parks Board a copy, go to our archives at 07/01/2007.
What aroused me was the debris in that little channel leading to Lost Lagoon, just lying there rotting and the bridge that was blocked because a railing was off, at the height of tourist season.

I went by today, and this is what I saw.

Mz Flewen said a consultant had been hired and the area would be cleaned up ... shortly ... that was in July 2007. I guess the consultant is on an hourly wage. I guess no one is managing anything at the Parks Board. I guess they just don't get it. Maybe we need a vigilante cleanup crew?
Maybe some of those Olympic volunteers could turn their expertise to a less glamourous but perhaps more important task?

Are they serious yet?

Nope, not really.
It starts in local areas where the politicians want the people to believe they are actually doing something about the world's problems. In Vancouver, it is things like Air Care. They expect all us car owners to monitor our emissions to save the world while exempting truck fleets. Why? Because truck fleets are "business" and business takes precedence over clean air. Across North America they have coal fired energy plants endlessly pumping hydrocarbons into the sky while politicos scold us for not doing enough.
They're not serious yet.
Judges constantly protect the worst criminals in Canada from being punished while the public and the victims of crime cry out in frustration. No one has the guts to put the dangerous perps out of harms way for the protection of the law abiding citizens. They don't understand that 'cruel and unusual' punishment is killing an innocent.
They're not serious yet.
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Prime Minister Harper criticize China over Tibet while trade missions head to Beijing to sign more deals. Don't worry about that tainted food because the Chinese don't care about OUR health regulations. Or the toxic childrens' toys. Do the peaceful people of Tibet matter in comparison to 'business'?
They're not serious yet.
Your politicians are just scamming us folks. It's all meaningless rhetoric. Until they do something that hurts so-called business they're just not serious yet.

Monday, March 03, 2008

is Google God?

Laptop Magazine recently did an article questioning Google's power in the internet market. They are about as big as Microsoft now. And the POV of the writing was that Google may be untrustworthy with all that power.
However, in 2004, Homeland Security demanded that all these large corporations, who have the ability through their servers to see almost everything you do on line, turn over this personal information to them, ahem, in the interests of 'national security' of course. Microsoft complied, Yahoo complied, and America Online complied. SILENTLY supplying data to Department of Justice.
Google did NOT and demanded in return, that the US government abide by the law and issue search warrants for personal information of citizens. The challenge by Google was in the interests of privacy and respect for the law.
This means that Microsoft, AIM, Yahoo, these are like your Facebook info folks, the day to day jabber that YOU may think is harmless, went to the US government to pour over, looking under YOUR bed for 'terrorists'! Looking in YOUR closet for fleshy skeletons. Every time you searched out something it was recorded and forwarded to Big Brother. If you searched out Barak Obama, and mis-typed the word to Osama, YOU are now on a terrorist watch list somewhere.
Don't laugh. The worst is that they did it without a squeak of protest and didn't TELL you ... EXCEPT for Google, they had the guts to stand up to the challenge on your behalf and the government backed down on their warrantless searches in that case.
If Google is to become God, at least they're fighting that devil we know as the US government.
Let's hope Michael the Warrior angel is on their side too.
Clear out your closet and dust under your bed, they're there.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Watching Us All?

A California company is proudly announcing their intent to record your DNA for you. For only $1000. you can have your total genetics scanned! The wife of the ultra rich Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki, who is involved with 23andMe, said people WANT to become control subjects for research. Nice huh? But what kind of research?
Add this to your new 'enhanced' drivers licence and internal passports with built in RFID chips that can be read from satellite and you have about complete control of a human being! Forgive me if I am thinking conspiracy theory again, but Homeland Security in the States already has the ability to read EVERY email and keystroke you do on-line, (and by law your ISP is not allowed to TELL you you are being monitored by Big Brother) where is it all leading?
Ms Wojcicki, actually said, "I think people really want to help other people, we wouldn't want people to think that pharmaceutical companies have access to this information. They would only release information they are comfortable with .. .they could say, 'I think I will take a pass on this one ...' " Sure sure.
I won't even bring up the fact that a US company already reads your medical records and shares them with impunity with whomever it wants, namely the good ol' boys in the shadowy cellars at Homeland Security again. The 23andMe test scans 580,000 mutations across the genome known as single nucleotide polymorphisms - or SNiPs, for short. These SNiPs are akin to single-letter typos that have been linked to particular traits, or conditions to which a person might be predisposed, or from which a person might be protected. Hmmm That'll be good, someone might make the point that you are predisposed to write letters to the editor criticizing the government? You'd be 'protected' from doing that.
Expect the propagandization of this to intensify over the next few years, we're going to get a lot of spin about how good it will be for us to have the government looking after us and saving us from those terrorists.
We'll only have to wonder about who those terrorists really are.