Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IOC double standards

The International Olympic Committee has banned Iraq from participating in the Beijing Olympic summer games, saying 'political interference' was happening in Iraq.
Meanwhile the Chinese hosts of the games have cut off internet access to Chinese citizens during the Olympics and only says they will allow journalists covering their games, limited access to certain sites. Some writers have already complained about broken promises regarding their articles. Maybe censorship. Wouldn't that be political interference too?
The IOC was promised all kinds of freedoms by the Chinese Communist government when it got the games, none of the promises yet delivered. Looks like two standards to me.
Now if the USA was seriously interested in helping Iraq make its way in a post Saddam world, they might want to step up and suggest no Iraq, no USA. It would show that they won't accept the Chinese tampering with the rules, even if the IOC does.
And if worst comes to worst, and it's a no-go, they'll be saving their athletes lungs.

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