Monday, July 21, 2008

Canucks - seasonal excitement

The hockey season is gearing up. Everyone's excited.
We might get Matts Sundin, the big 37 year old 33 goal scorer for the losingest team in Canada, Toronto Maple Leafs. He'll make a good defenceman for Coach Vignault. For 10 million a season. Is that the league's highest? Naslund is gone. Morrison is gone. The Canucks are looking for more grit. Maybe they can get Cooke and Ruutu back. And more scoring. Maybe Vignault will be able to re sign Marc Chouinard and Jan Bulus, they could add about five goals a season, he loves those guys. They don't want Anson Carter. I heard Rick Blight is ready to return. The rumour is that the Canucks are actively seeking Sumo wrestlers in Japan to stand beside Luongo. Now that would be a Vignault defensive team. And they are testing a new technique where they put nicks in the skate blades to stop them from slipping on the ice.
There is so much to get excited about .............................not.

But get ready for the media spin anyway.

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