Sunday, July 13, 2008

my POLL - how sneaky could Campbell be?

Overwhelming answer - really sneaky.
One person believes he could be THIS sneaky .....

Developer friend - "We could use the property that BC Place Stadium is on to make millions."
Gordon Campbell - "Don't worry, I've got it under control."
Df - "But you just announced a new roof for the stadium?"
GC - "Look, we'll get past the games, then we'll start the campaign to tell the public they don't want a new roof."
Df - "How would that work, Gordon?"
GC - "We'll start right in telling them it's an unstable building. Then go to massive new construction expenses. The public will see we are being responsible with their money. Even use the toxic waste beneath the building ploy. "
Df - "Wow. You think you could pull that off?"
GC - (chuckle) " I sold their BC Rail didn't I? We're by-passing BC Hydro on river power. We built BC Ferries ships using Germans, didn't we? And they all forgot they once owned BC Gas already. And they're going for the gas tax, aren't they? Need I say more?"
Df - "Okay, Gordon, I guess you have got it under control. I'll start drawing up designs for the high rises. How's that plan to sell Vancouver Island to the Americans going?"
GC - Shhhh.

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