Friday, March 31, 2006

I don't get it?

The new bird flu is being watched around the world because of the fear of a pandemic that could wipe out millions.
A pilot on a flight from Hong Kong radios into Vancouver a 9-1-1 call, telling them that he has many passengers on board with high temperatures, vomiting and diarrhea. The plane is kept separate for a while and the passengers are simply asked to fill out a form telling where they are going.
Then they go on their way to wherever.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gordon Campbell's dilemma

The sinking of the Queen of the North has caused a titanic political problem with the Liberal government, in particular with Gordon Campbell. We all know the decision to dump the three Fast Cat Ferries at a huge loss to the provincial taxpayers was strictly political to try to embarrass the former NDP government. Is that now a haunting decision?
Most experts seem to agree that pressing those idle ships into service is the answer to a fast fix to the problems of Prince Rupert and the communities along our north coast. Prince Rupert could lose years of work on their crucial tourist business if no one can get there this summer. The Fast Cats with very little modification could easily provide that service. Of course we'd have to lease them back from the current owner. In reality, rent something we already owned because of the spite of our premier.

So now we'll see if the logical and cheapest ways of aiding our northern people can be effected or whether Gordon Campbell will continue his political vindictiveness against the NDP at the cost of Prince Rupert's economy.
Karma in spades.

Immigrants - Canada - USA

The US is in a huge flap right now over the illegal immigrant population, which if you listen to the expanding spin, must equal about 100 million by now. America is heading toward building that concrete wall along their border with Mexico. And we assume with Canada as well. They don't know the difference between Canadians and Mexicans. Mexicans desperately want to get into the States. Canadians don't.
Meanwhile, our own Immigration Department continues to deport illegals by herding them onto planes and flying them out. They've done it to Russians and Poles. The most recent are the Portugese.
"We have an obligation to the hundreds of thousands of people who play by the rules," said Immigration and Citizenship Minister Monte Solberg. (I wonder why they don't herd the foreign criminals into planes and fly THEM out?)
The rules of course, don't consider that these Russians, Poles and Portugese are 'work ethic' people who will happily contribute to Canada. The rules of course, also don't consider the hundreds of thousands of Asians who buy their way into Canada to escape something in their own countries, and only contribute to their 'closed' Asian communities in large cities, and have little interest in becoming real Canadians.
Fortress America is under way, let's hope it doesn't become Fortress NORTH America. But with Harper about to suck up to Dubya, anything is possible.

UPDATE: Immigration Canada has said that upwards of 4,000 criminals have been targetted for deportation in Canada but they don't know where they are!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Christians vs Muslims

Whatever the Christian Peace activists think they are doing in Iraq, they are mistaken to be going there and expecting Iraqi muslims to consider them anything other than rabble rousers stirring up conflicts. In Afghanistan, a man was lucky to avoid a death sentence just for converting from Islam to Christianity. Car bombings, kidnappings, shootings are the routine for foreign uninvited interlopers from wherever. Doesn't that tell these 'peace' activists that they are not missionaries in the olden days dealing with ignorant Pacific islanders? Muslims are fervent to say the least. Violent when irritated.
Iraq is in its most troubled time and these foolish so-called activists cannot continue to go into a dangerous country and expect to bring any peace message to Sunnis, Sh-ites, or Kurds. Especially when associated with Christianity. It can only be construed as an ill advised enterprise to meddle with a zealous people's religion.
Get the message. Stay out.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Charlie Sheen - celebrity disbeliever - more 9/11

Charlie Sheen is the latest and highest profile disbeliever of what happened on September eleventh, 2001. He says a conspiracy to coverup has taken place. Many believe him. He has also stated that if you don't like Charlie Sheen, just ignore your bias and challenge the facts of 9-11, he is only drawing it to your attention.

This video was posted here on November 21st, 2004, with the warning to view it quickly as someone was removing these kinds of websites. Reposted for your perusal.
Surprise. The URL no longer works in North America.

Try this one then, from the UK - you just might be shocked at the video -

What has happened since 9/11? The Patriot Act. Homeland Security. Illegal telephone tapping. Spying without legal authority of warrants on Americans. Tracking your movements on the web without your knowledge.
The "New World Order" is taking over, using the threat of terrorism to assume total control of the people. Many believe that, you don't have to. Just view the video, and follow the links.

Check out the latest publicity on this subject -

Further information - Warning: some of these links have startling revelations.

Does FEMA itself have secret designs?

The Time Machine has stopped here and we may all be in danger.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hail to the Chief Harper

Prime Minister Harper paid a secret visit to Afghanistan recently. Just like Bush did.
To encourage our troops it was said. Looking fat and unfit, Harper shook hands and walked around with soldiers, seeming not too sure of what he was intended to actually do. No one knows if he asked President Karzai's permission to enter the country. But then Karzai is really only the 'mayor' of part of Kabul, so why ask him? Harper says the country is improving. Hmm.
Well apparantly the Taliban poppy fields are many and growing, guaranteeing a renewed supply of heroin to North American addicts, part of the terrorist counter-war on America. Include Canada in that war now. Our Peace Keepers went somewhere else.
What's Harper going to do next, land on an aircraft carrier and announce, "Mission accomplished?"