Sunday, March 26, 2006

Christians vs Muslims

Whatever the Christian Peace activists think they are doing in Iraq, they are mistaken to be going there and expecting Iraqi muslims to consider them anything other than rabble rousers stirring up conflicts. In Afghanistan, a man was lucky to avoid a death sentence just for converting from Islam to Christianity. Car bombings, kidnappings, shootings are the routine for foreign uninvited interlopers from wherever. Doesn't that tell these 'peace' activists that they are not missionaries in the olden days dealing with ignorant Pacific islanders? Muslims are fervent to say the least. Violent when irritated.
Iraq is in its most troubled time and these foolish so-called activists cannot continue to go into a dangerous country and expect to bring any peace message to Sunnis, Sh-ites, or Kurds. Especially when associated with Christianity. It can only be construed as an ill advised enterprise to meddle with a zealous people's religion.
Get the message. Stay out.

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