Friday, March 24, 2006

Charlie Sheen - celebrity disbeliever - more 9/11

Charlie Sheen is the latest and highest profile disbeliever of what happened on September eleventh, 2001. He says a conspiracy to coverup has taken place. Many believe him. He has also stated that if you don't like Charlie Sheen, just ignore your bias and challenge the facts of 9-11, he is only drawing it to your attention.

This video was posted here on November 21st, 2004, with the warning to view it quickly as someone was removing these kinds of websites. Reposted for your perusal.
Surprise. The URL no longer works in North America.

Try this one then, from the UK - you just might be shocked at the video -

What has happened since 9/11? The Patriot Act. Homeland Security. Illegal telephone tapping. Spying without legal authority of warrants on Americans. Tracking your movements on the web without your knowledge.
The "New World Order" is taking over, using the threat of terrorism to assume total control of the people. Many believe that, you don't have to. Just view the video, and follow the links.

Check out the latest publicity on this subject -

Further information - Warning: some of these links have startling revelations.

Does FEMA itself have secret designs?

The Time Machine has stopped here and we may all be in danger.


  1. Anonymous10:56 pm

    What about the plane headed for the white house? It was definately a plane.. The big propaganda machine had the passengers bringing the plane down.. c'mon, the plane was shot out of the sky by the army

  2. Anonymous7:59 am

    I think Charlie Sheen is right. If they want to dispute him, just take out the videos from all the cameras they confiscated, they won't because they would show that the Pentagon hit was from a Golden Hawk remotely piloted missile! And flight 93 was shot down by a missile from an F16, why else would the tail section be lying 3 MILES from the fusilage!
    There is tape somewhere!

  3. It is called a "Global Hawk".


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