Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No BC Place stadium roof?

You heard it here first folks.
I posted at least a year ago that the developers would win out and have BC Place torn down to build condos. Everyone in the 'in' crowd would get rich. I suspected and speculated then that Gordon Campbell would find a way to accommodate his friends and perhaps take his cut somewhere. Which I often do because I cannot personally imagine that anyone could sell off the assets of British Columbians as he has done without some personal graft in there somewhere. No one could be that disloyal.
My own opinion of course.
So now we hear that the new expanding roof is not going on the stadium after all. They are merely readying it for those games. (VANOC says we are not allowed to mention what games)
I predict that after these games, they will discover something so bad about our BC Place Stadium, and tell us that it will not be able to be used anymore and why not sell the land for condos? The greed will take hold and it'll be a done deal - if it isn't already.
Watch for the spin preparation to begin right after the games when those costs start becoming public. Once you get the character and agenda of some people, you can figure out the succeeding actions yourself. And Gordon has shown his disdain for BCers over and over again.
You heard it here first.
They are probably writing the copy right now.

addenda: The very next day Gordon Campbell confirmed no new expanding roof. He was very careful to say 'expanding' and wimpy Bill Good didn't ask the obvious follow up question: Will there be ANY new roof?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Do It Yourself Doctoring

It's coming folks. Huge cuts in hospital staff and access. Doctors moving to the clinic format, no longer having regular patients. Budgets being curtailed. No more elective surgeries.
All designed, some people think, to drive you to the for-profit private clinics that Gordon Campbell has allowed to undermine our own health care system.
So will it result in a Do It Yourself health care explosion?
There are now DIY dentistry kits where you can get the stuff needed to replace the filling you swallowed. You already know what your dentist does to fix a cavity. He drills around in there to clean it up, then mixes the amalgam and fills the hole and polishes it up. So why can't you do the same thing? With the kits, you can. Pliers included please.
Sure it's temporary they say, but if the dentist charges you $800 dollars to fix it, and the kits are only $23 dollars, you can temp it 34 TIMES yourself! Even at a six month replacement schedule that equals 17 YEARS without you spending those big bucks.
So why couldn't you do other stuff yourself too? People have been delivering their own babies for centuries. Someone just needs to write a detailed manual on certain procedures. Step by step instructions on appendix removal, tonsil removal, hip and knee replacement, vaccinations, if you show me where the arteries are I could clean them out too. Stitches? No sweat, I can tie a double half granny knot. Criminals in Asia are already stealing kidneys from tourists so that can't be too hard. How many volunteers would step up for breast implants? Colonoscopy? Rent a fibreoptics tube, only $10 for the weekend, check out your friends too. The DIY hemorrhoid kit might be a slow seller.
Even mental health issues can be resolved at home. In the years past ancient people solved the problem of evil spirits in the head by actually chipping a hole in your skull with an eolith, a flintstone axe, to let the malevolent demons out!It's called trephining. And there's evidence the crazy persons survived! And we have way sharper axes today.
Sure, real doctors spend years learning, but you only need to fix the single thing that's bugging you. A DIY kit could help you to do it.
So, there are hundreds of procedures we could do ourselves. How hard can it be? We only need a DIY Doctor Store, kits for everything, instructions on CD.
Gaul bladder removal - Hospitable price, $30,000. Ops-R-Us price - On Sale, $49.95. Biteable bullet and whiskey included,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Passports of convenience

A Somali woman who is also a Canadian was stranded in Kenya. Recently two Asian "journalists" who were also American citizens were imprisoned in North Korea for violating the border. A Canadian woman activist of Iranian birth was imprisoned in Iran. Many Canadians of Lebanese descent had to be airlifted out of Lebanon when trouble blew up there.
All were super critical of the Canadian government for not working more swiftly to save them from harm.
The problem, of course, is that these 'Nationals' are carrying passports which mean nothing to them except an escape vehicle if things get scary in their own country. I know, I know, their own country is now Canada or America, but many of these landed immigrants have only applied for citizenship and a passport in order to hold the escape documents. They arrive in Canada, get the proper papers, and high tail it right back to wherever they are from!
In the case of the Asian Americans, right back to the North Korean border to pursue stories to discredit the leader. In the case of the Canadian Lebanese, right back to their businesses. One case had only spent a few months in Canada in the ten years since he received his citizenship and passport. The Iranian Canadian woman was known as an activist in Iran.
These people seem to have little interest in their chosen countries, even assuming they pledged some kind of allegience to our flags.
So why should our Canadian Government spend thousands of taxpayers dollars rescuing these 'foreigners' when their intent seems to be to make trouble in their former countries?
I believe that in the 'old' days, one had to apply for Canadian citizenship, remain in our country for five years without incident and show that you were here to become part of the greatest country in the world. THEN you got your citizenship.
There is nothing wrong with having rules and requirements. If you want to be Canadian, hang out here and help build the country and don't expect us to come rescue you when you go back to wherever to rabble rouse.
It is a priviledge to be an American or Canadian, not a right just because you got here somehow.

Ingenious pervert ploy

A man in Florida hired a woman via Craigslist to look after his disabled brother. The disabled one had mental issues, was confined to an apartment and needed to have his diaper changed. He even needed bottle feeding. The woman took the job at $600. per week and did it often.
Then she found out that the man had no disabilities at all.
She 'exposed' the ruse and received emails from five other women who were also going at various times of day to change the man's diaper. The man and the disabled brother were one and the same!
Police said that although she was lied to, no crime had been committed and no one would be charged.
Evidently the guy was paying $3600. a week to satisfy his odd lusts. One assumes the six women came to 'depend' on the income.
Beware of clever rich perverts.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

NEWS - itch gene discovered

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified the first gene for the itch sensation in the central nervous system. The researchers, led by Zhou-Feng Chen, Ph.D., found that laboratory mice that lacked this gene scratched much less than their normal cage-mates when given itchy stimuli.
Wonderful. Mice are now sleeping more peacefully.
No mention of cancer research. Or heart disease. Or flesh eating disease. Or bubonic plague. Someone thought itching was paramount. Someone spent money figuring this out. Some aspiring medical student scientists, hoping to go the way of Louis Pasteur, followed Zhou-Feng into scratch free history.
Whoever said scratching was bad thing anyway? It can be a major source of pleasure to scratch with a stiff hair brush. The measurement being the length of your "aahhh" or the placid expression on your face. And the removal of the gene won't get rid of cooties, or mosquito bites, or hives.
Isn't the scratch sensation designed to tell us something? Sort of like, "Scratch here, Buddy, you have that rash again." Get some Blue Ointment.
Well this item was all over the news recently. Like it was a huge medical breakthrough in the fight against itch. It's enough to make old Louis P. drink raw milk.
Meanwhile the major news organizations were hot on the trail of what Paris Hilton was doing next. That alone is enough to make one itchy.