Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ingenious pervert ploy

A man in Florida hired a woman via Craigslist to look after his disabled brother. The disabled one had mental issues, was confined to an apartment and needed to have his diaper changed. He even needed bottle feeding. The woman took the job at $600. per week and did it often.
Then she found out that the man had no disabilities at all.
She 'exposed' the ruse and received emails from five other women who were also going at various times of day to change the man's diaper. The man and the disabled brother were one and the same!
Police said that although she was lied to, no crime had been committed and no one would be charged.
Evidently the guy was paying $3600. a week to satisfy his odd lusts. One assumes the six women came to 'depend' on the income.
Beware of clever rich perverts.

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