Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No BC Place stadium roof?

You heard it here first folks.
I posted at least a year ago that the developers would win out and have BC Place torn down to build condos. Everyone in the 'in' crowd would get rich. I suspected and speculated then that Gordon Campbell would find a way to accommodate his friends and perhaps take his cut somewhere. Which I often do because I cannot personally imagine that anyone could sell off the assets of British Columbians as he has done without some personal graft in there somewhere. No one could be that disloyal.
My own opinion of course.
So now we hear that the new expanding roof is not going on the stadium after all. They are merely readying it for those games. (VANOC says we are not allowed to mention what games)
I predict that after these games, they will discover something so bad about our BC Place Stadium, and tell us that it will not be able to be used anymore and why not sell the land for condos? The greed will take hold and it'll be a done deal - if it isn't already.
Watch for the spin preparation to begin right after the games when those costs start becoming public. Once you get the character and agenda of some people, you can figure out the succeeding actions yourself. And Gordon has shown his disdain for BCers over and over again.
You heard it here first.
They are probably writing the copy right now.

addenda: The very next day Gordon Campbell confirmed no new expanding roof. He was very careful to say 'expanding' and wimpy Bill Good didn't ask the obvious follow up question: Will there be ANY new roof?

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  1. Anonymous8:59 am

    I am sure you are right again about Campbell. How he ever got elected again is beyond believe.What the N.D.P. needs to do is get a new leader and throw the Liberals out for good.If Campbell stays in till the end of his term it will be too late for us in B.C. He and all his cronies will be rich and it will take years for us to buy British Columbia back.


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