Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welfare Bums?

Welfare bums? Lots of vitriol lately about whoever they are. People post on social forums, get a job! Scream about quit drinking and drugs! Why should I pay for them to loaf and get handouts? Etc etc ad nauseum. But who exactly are these welfare bums? What do they look like? Those raggy people climbing into dumpsters looking for cans and bottles?
Are they sports figures? What about athletes full of fitness and fire? Ken Read, once of the famous 'Crazy Canucks' ski team, who got Canadian taxpayer money to send him and others to Argentina to glacier ski for 'training', said, "When your amateur career is over, there's something wrong if you are not a millionaire." And all those other sporties who are supported by Canadian tax money and proudly tell us after placing 35th of 35 that they reached a 'personal best'! Aren't these welfare bums?
And those teflon CEOs of huge companies who were so busy arrogantly managing their own graft and corruption that they mismanaged the companies they were charged with running, and then got bailouts in the millions from taxpayers! They are welfare bums even in a $500. suit!
And what about hundreds of local 'Arts Councils' all across Canada who continually put on Shakespeare plays that no one attends that don't pay for themselves yet who receive huge 'grants' year after year! That is welfare bummery at it's best!
And singer-songwriters like Bruce Cockburn who never laid down a music track without Canadian taxpayer money allowing him to add the mandated 'Canadian content'.
And aren't we tired of CBC harpsichord music yet? Billions in welfare pouring into that snobbery management.
One could go on and on adding people and groups with hands out. THOSE are welfare bums.
But they are NOT that guy who worked most of his life paying taxes and trying to support his family who got laid off after 25 years and was 'overqualified' for any positions and companies wouldn't trust his experience to do a lesser job, so he finally, in chagrin, had to get some welfare relief to hold something of his life together. He is no less a victim that the Tourettes guy swearing on the corner.
Canada is so full of welfare bums and they are not the ones in ragged clothes wandering the streets all night pushing a rattling Safeway Cadillac for bottles, they are the ones with ragged minds driving in the REAL Cadillacs.
Quit screaming.

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