Friday, January 25, 2008

Watching Us All?

A California company is proudly announcing their intent to record your DNA for you. For only $1000. you can have your total genetics scanned! The wife of the ultra rich Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki, who is involved with 23andMe, said people WANT to become control subjects for research. Nice huh? But what kind of research?
Add this to your new 'enhanced' drivers licence and internal passports with built in RFID chips that can be read from satellite and you have about complete control of a human being! Forgive me if I am thinking conspiracy theory again, but Homeland Security in the States already has the ability to read EVERY email and keystroke you do on-line, (and by law your ISP is not allowed to TELL you you are being monitored by Big Brother) where is it all leading?
Ms Wojcicki, actually said, "I think people really want to help other people, we wouldn't want people to think that pharmaceutical companies have access to this information. They would only release information they are comfortable with .. .they could say, 'I think I will take a pass on this one ...' " Sure sure.
I won't even bring up the fact that a US company already reads your medical records and shares them with impunity with whomever it wants, namely the good ol' boys in the shadowy cellars at Homeland Security again. The 23andMe test scans 580,000 mutations across the genome known as single nucleotide polymorphisms - or SNiPs, for short. These SNiPs are akin to single-letter typos that have been linked to particular traits, or conditions to which a person might be predisposed, or from which a person might be protected. Hmmm That'll be good, someone might make the point that you are predisposed to write letters to the editor criticizing the government? You'd be 'protected' from doing that.
Expect the propagandization of this to intensify over the next few years, we're going to get a lot of spin about how good it will be for us to have the government looking after us and saving us from those terrorists.
We'll only have to wonder about who those terrorists really are.