Friday, April 27, 2007

Kyoto, the Government and you

I always thought Lou Dobbs, the host of CNN news and financial shows was a business toady, there to promote the money line and help the rich become richer as these guys usually do. But there's a change in his attitude lately, he has concluded several times in the last few months, that the business corporations in America are forming American policy and deciding it. Companies are running the world for the profit of their shareholders.
Here in Canada, it is becoming equally obvious and true.
When Environment Minister David Baird was questioned a few weeks ago, he professed that pollution control and Kyoto agreements would only be applied if it didn't hurt 'business' in Canada. Now he has announced some plan cooked up by himself and his cronies to use the polluted smoke-screen of business and government (same thing) to initiate a new way to diminish pollution in Canada. A plan that no one seems to know how will work or what baseline they are using. The Kyoto agreements have been tossed. Business has won again.
You are expected to conserve and save the world from your home, while corporations continue to account to no one but shareholders when they should be considering our grandchildren's future. They focus on the individual to draw attention away from business. All the scientists and planet watchers have been critical of the weak effort of lip service announced by Baird. David Suzuki said it wasn't enough and former U.S. vice-president Al Gore said it was a “complete and total fraud designed to mislead the Canadian people.”
Stephen Hawking has said that we humans need to get off this planet because we are surely going to destroy it. I trust Hawking way more than David Baird.
It's almost too late and they are still not serious.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BC Hydro and Private power

My scenario - - -
Government Guy - "So here's the deal, guys; We give you the right to produce private hydro power in British Columbia, and you make billions after your original contract expires."
Private Corporation Guy - "You're saying we can build private dams on your public rivers?"
Gov'ment Guy - "That's it, you build, then you sell the power to our old BC Hydro first, for a while, but then you end up selling it to power hungry Americans. "
Private Guy - "And we have free range to do that?"
Gov'ment Guy - "So it's a global thing. That's what we tell the public anyway. And we're keeping our promise not to touch BC Hydro, who everyone used to trust, we're just bypassing them."
Private Guy - "Sneaky. So what about these NDP people? They're always screaming, aren't they?"
Gov'ment Guy- "I don't hear anything."
Private Guy - "You won't be interfering with our profits?"
Gov'ment Guy - "Pshaw, nooo, we won't have any say in it. It'll all be in your contract."
Private Guy - "And the people of BC won't see this? That they'll be paying more because Las Vegas wants more lights?"
Gov'ment Guy - "No, it's all part of our private public partnerships. P3s we call them, to obfuscate what we're really doing. We use them a lot, it's how we sold off the BC people's railroad too. BC Rail. And other stuff. Like the gas industry that used to be called BC Gas. You change the name first and the people forget they actually used to own it."
Private Guy - "Ha ha, so, you CAN fool all of the people all of the time."
Gov'ment Guy - "Ha ha, Lincoln's wrong, look at his gas guzzler cars!"
Private Guy - "So where do we sign?"
Gov'ment Guy - "We told you the whole deal, right? You know the stuff we need. Can't write it down of course. We're being watched by the RCMP right now."
Private Guy - "Sure. Where do you want us to set up your secret bank accounts? Bahamas? Switzerland? Pakistan?"
Gov'ment Guy - "We'll let you know exactly. There's a lot of us involved in this. The boss gets first divvies. When the money goes into our accounts, you get the contracts."
Private Guy - "Sheeze, this is how we deal in South America and Russia. A little cash spread around in the right places."
Gov'ment Guy - Deal?"
Private Guy - "Heh heh. Deal."
Gov'ment Guy - "Done."

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Arkansas - Lesbians - Bad

In Bentonville Arkansas, Earl Adams is suing the local library for having a book about lesbian love. He says his two sons, 14 and 16, were traumatized by it when they found it while searching for information on military academies. He got it removed and wants $20,000.00 for 'pain and suffering'.
Obviously, Bentonville TV doesn't carry The L-Word, The Ellen Show, or Will and Grace while we suspect they are heavily into anything John Wayne. There's no telling what may happen when Brokeback Mountain gets there.
Adams said if they put the book back in the library, the Christian community will sue and that the book is 'patently offensive'. Wow. All 'heck' might break lose.
There was no comment of how the book, 'The Whole Lesbian Sex Book' by Felice Newman, got into the military section in the first place. Perhaps Arkansas is about to declare war on lesbians. They might want to check with vice pres Dick Cheney first.
Onward Christian soldiers.

Arkansas - Lesbians - Bad ..... Arkansas - War - Good

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Canucks (Zzzzzzzz) hockey

The sportscasters and print media guys are trying very hard, to make us believe we're watching great hockey this spring. Luongo is our savior, they say, the determining factor that'll bring us the Stanley Cup. They are pretty much, at least in the west, ignoring the fact that you can sleep through the first 3 periods of any of the Dallas - Vancouver playoff without missing anything. How many games did we lose by one goal this year? Hmm, Luongo has let in 15 first shot goals. Sure, it's okay if you LIKE goalie battles. The Eastern media won't even discuss this series, calling it stupid hockey. I thought the NHL wanted MORE scoring?
The fact is, the games between Dallas and Vancouver so far have been totally boring, in spite of the fact that the sports jocks are yelling about Turco and Luongo's performances in net. When you can watch 14 periods of hockey and only get 5 goals per team, that's boredom. Both teams play a defensive style with dump-it-in-and-chase-it as the most exciting??? part. No hitting at ALL!
Which ever of these teams makes it to the next round would get run out of the rink by a hitting team.
At least the old Canuck team was exciting when Bertuzzi crashed through the defenders and scored, or Jovanovski was rocking and came from behind his own net to break open a game. And sniper Naslund was scoring.
Now the defencemen are all stay-at-home, Naslund is at best a third line winger, even with the Sedins he's no Anson Carter. Bullis has lost TWO games with stupid penalties in the last minute of play, yet he keeps getting ice time. With Cooke out there's no chance of a solid hit from any of the other wimps. Burrows is the only one who finishes checks. Willie Mitchell is no Jovo, nor is he even a Bryan Allen or a Nolan Baumgartner.
The forecast at the beginning of the season is coming true, they have no scoring and it'll come back to kill them. Every team has the Sedins figured out.
What they didn't forecast was that you could sleep through 3 periods and not miss any action. Go to the shoot out in playoffs too and end the misery quicker.
No wonder we are all cheering Trevor Lindon on in his resurgent game, we are remembering when hockey had grit, speed, excitement and heart.

Kinda bugs me that Trevor and Kevin Bieksa are playing for minimum wages. Those are two contracts that need to be torn up and renewed.

Friday, April 13, 2007

nappy-headed hos?

Did Don Imus cross the line when he emitted that remark? Trying to be cool like a brothah? What WAS he saying?
Well whatever, it misfired and the whole black 'community' is suddenly outraged. Oh my gawd, the white man speaking like that! On public airways! About black girls. No one should say these racist statements. Well Don Imus was rightly fired. Or was he? Is anyone else making these kinds of comments to denigrate the black population? In particular young women?
You bet they are. Tune in to Much Music and MTV any day for a 'T' an 'A' show depicting black women as usable, throw-away toys for lusty black rich men. Listen to the lyrics and their demeaning intent toward black women.
Here are a few examples;

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
Lick on deez nutz and suck the dick
Get's the fuck out after you're done
And I hops in my ride to make a quick run...
Dr. Dre

Rollin through the hood, when I see a bitch
I hit the switch, she's on my dick
Ice Cube

Man this hoe you can have her, when I'm done I ain't gon keep her
Man, bitches come and go, every nigga pimpin know
You saying it's secret, but you ain't gotta keep it on the low
Bitch choose with me, I'll have you stripping in the street
Put my other hoes down, you get your ass beat
50 cent

I see you winding and grinding up on that pole
I know you see me looking at you and you already know
I wanna fuck you, fuck you, you already know
I wanna fuck you, fuck you, you already know girl
Snoop Dog

You can download the lyrics for such things as - I Smell Pussy by G Unit and many other 'songs' by Hip Hop and Rap 'artists'. Don't look aghast folks, your teen daughters are listening to this.

Don Imus, at 63, thought he could do it casually and tossed a loaded remark into the waiting mitts of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The opportunist spokesmen for blacks in America. The pot has been boiling ever since. I think the cauldron was boiling long before Imus said a word.
Will it be possible for white Americans to outrage and protest over the words 'honky' and 'cracka'? Will BET (Black Entertainment Television) listen? Would Much Music stop playing Hip Hop gangsta rap? Would sponsors recoil in horror? Would anyone listen to white Americans whose sensitivities are crushed by derogatory words about them?
You bet they wouldn't.
Double standard is alive and well in the entertainment industry.
It is tragic that the so-called black community accepts the degrading concepts idealized by their own against their own. They should have outraged long ago. Against their own.

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