Saturday, April 21, 2007

Canucks (Zzzzzzzz) hockey

The sportscasters and print media guys are trying very hard, to make us believe we're watching great hockey this spring. Luongo is our savior, they say, the determining factor that'll bring us the Stanley Cup. They are pretty much, at least in the west, ignoring the fact that you can sleep through the first 3 periods of any of the Dallas - Vancouver playoff without missing anything. How many games did we lose by one goal this year? Hmm, Luongo has let in 15 first shot goals. Sure, it's okay if you LIKE goalie battles. The Eastern media won't even discuss this series, calling it stupid hockey. I thought the NHL wanted MORE scoring?
The fact is, the games between Dallas and Vancouver so far have been totally boring, in spite of the fact that the sports jocks are yelling about Turco and Luongo's performances in net. When you can watch 14 periods of hockey and only get 5 goals per team, that's boredom. Both teams play a defensive style with dump-it-in-and-chase-it as the most exciting??? part. No hitting at ALL!
Which ever of these teams makes it to the next round would get run out of the rink by a hitting team.
At least the old Canuck team was exciting when Bertuzzi crashed through the defenders and scored, or Jovanovski was rocking and came from behind his own net to break open a game. And sniper Naslund was scoring.
Now the defencemen are all stay-at-home, Naslund is at best a third line winger, even with the Sedins he's no Anson Carter. Bullis has lost TWO games with stupid penalties in the last minute of play, yet he keeps getting ice time. With Cooke out there's no chance of a solid hit from any of the other wimps. Burrows is the only one who finishes checks. Willie Mitchell is no Jovo, nor is he even a Bryan Allen or a Nolan Baumgartner.
The forecast at the beginning of the season is coming true, they have no scoring and it'll come back to kill them. Every team has the Sedins figured out.
What they didn't forecast was that you could sleep through 3 periods and not miss any action. Go to the shoot out in playoffs too and end the misery quicker.
No wonder we are all cheering Trevor Lindon on in his resurgent game, we are remembering when hockey had grit, speed, excitement and heart.

Kinda bugs me that Trevor and Kevin Bieksa are playing for minimum wages. Those are two contracts that need to be torn up and renewed.


  1. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Yer jus pissed off cus anahime gonna wup there asses outa here

  2. Anonymous3:43 pm

    There's 3 ways to win against Anaheim - 1 Don't let Bullis on the ice, especially in the last 5 mins of the period.
    - 2 Don't give the puck to Naslund unless he goes in front of the goal.
    - 3 Put Saborin in for the first shot on goal so Luongo the seive doesn't let it in.


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