Friday, September 30, 2005

Crystal meth ... do what?

Crystal meth is headline news right now. More money for this. More money for that. Educaton. Training. Harm reduction. Parental knowledge. Etc etc ad nauseum.
Not one word about penalties for those who MAKE the stuff.
It seems there is very little deterent to the criminals, who are reaping millions on this lethally destructive drug. I think the authorities are missing one major factor; sentencing for the manufacture of crystal meth. Sure, they have recently elevated crystal meth to the same level as trafficking in heroin. But when was the last time we saw a major sentence to a heroin trafficker? Or a cocain trafficker? The same old defence in court still works: our client is sorry, he's had a rough childhood and is confused. Judge says don't do it again. Trafficker is back on his designated street corner by the afternoon!
The government needs to be cruel and ignore any bent toward leniency for these people who would destroy the lives of our youth.
The sentencing should be ten years, no parole for a first offence. 20 years no parole for a second offence. Take the sentencing OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE JUDGES! They are not tuned in to society!
Being cruel to the criminals is being kind to the rest of us whose lives can be destroyed when loved ones are caught in the downward spiral velocity of crystal meth addiction.
We need to make the criminals refuse to partake in an enterprise with serious penalties.
Until we scare the hell out of the bad guys, we'll always be trying to catch up.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Big Head syndrome

I went to buy some chicken the other day. The last time we bought chicken breasts they were huge. Sort of like the size of a dachshund if you cut it longwise into four. The chicken in the display case was like that. The butcher must use special platters for it. I was expecting to see a little wiry tail tucked under it.
I think it's the hormones they put into our food nowadays. They inject the cattle. Plump up the pigs with genetically engineered meal. Feed chemicals to the chickens. All to make them grow bigger. Bigger is better. Wherever these chickens are kept, I pity the fox who wanders into the hen house!
I think this is an American thing. They need big meals. MacDonalds' megga pounders. Wendy's Wonderbigburger. You go south in the USA and you get huge portions in the restaurants.
I met three young boys from Southern California recently. They all had really big heads. My friend was in Florida a while ago. The young boys there were all 200 lbs at 14 years old .... and they all had really big heads! It is noticeable. They were from the Far Side, Gary Larson people, caricatures of themselves.
It's the hormones combined with Nature. We eat food now that is so much bigger and Nature is making us evolve into larger human beings. I'm afraid, knowing what happened to the dinasaurs. And this overgrowth has been going on for decades now. Those hormones are going into us via the chickens.
I think I might become a Vegan.
I don't want 'RBHS' - Really Big Head Syndrome.

..... pass that basketball sized head of lettuce.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

today in history - Sept 22, 1975

1975 - Self-proclaimed revolutionary Sara Jane Moore attempted to kill President Ford as he walked from a San Francisco hotel. A bullet she fired slightly wounded a man in the crowd.

Just shows how these crazy people are twisted and misaligned.
President FORD?
What didn't she like? His golf game?

Friday, September 16, 2005

President Hu meets Gordon Campbell

The President of China, Hu Jintao, in Canada for trade interests, will meet with Gordon Campbell. China is interested in our natural resources, including coal, natural gas, lumber, etc. It seems to me that there is an opportunity here to diversify our international trade and send America a message; that we CAN sell our lumber elsewhere.
However, President Hu will NOT be asked about China's human rights record. Prime Minister Martin also met with Hu and did not bring up anything about humanity either, he has told Campbell to follow suit, Liberal Chief to Liberal Underling.
Obviously it is way more important to increase the wealth of a very few shareholders and companies than to try to alleviate the suffering of millions.
Hu and Gordo; it's more like Godzilla meets the Creature from the Black Lagoon to plot an evil plan against us all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Perhaps there's hope yet ...

The recent deportation of Bahadur Singh Bhalru might be a sign that someone has been listening to the people of Canada. Having been convicted of killing a woman during a street race, Canadians everywhere were dismayed and outraged at the lenient sentence.
Perhaps we are finally going to send a message to those who would come to Canada and bring with them their disdain for our system. It is a privilege to become a Canadian, not a right.
Maybe it will put others on a 'best behavior' status.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Note to Kristy Clark;

Once a Liberal always a Liberal.
As Vancouver mayor we would expect you to have Gordon Campbell AND Paul Martin telling you what to do. We would expect you to try selling Georgia Street and Stanley Park to private developers while you wait for Gordon to fall on his face and try to get that job. Opportunist go home, Vancouver doesn't need you to 'liberalize' it.
Fold up your parachute and go back to that family you wanted to spend so much time with.

Note to Brian Mulroney;

You never were. You aren't now. You never will be.
Someone is STILL investigating the Airbus scandal. Everyone is STILL wondering where you got all that money.
About the only distinction you have over any other Prime Minister is you are STILL the biggest crook this country has ever seen.

Note to Carol James;

You've said that this new session of the BC Legislature will be more civilized, more calm and polite. You tried that during the election and held onto your integrity. However, with BC being sold out by Gordon Campbell, methinks this session calls for a lot more yelling and screaming.
Emotion catches on.

Gordon Campbell solidifies his position

That position is anti-British Columbia. Gordon Campbell is like a secret spy-mole, having hidden among the people of BC for years, then, when in a position to do so, turns over the country's assets to his spy masters.
The latest of course, is relinguishing BC control over our natural gas resources to a foreign interest, that being Kinder Morgan from Texas. They are about to gain control of YOUR heritage with their impending buyout of Teresen Gas.
All those of you who voted for Gordon Campbell, having swallowed the spin that the NDP would ruin the province, are responsible for this loss of a precious resource you once owned.
America already considers the resources of Canada as their own, to exploit for their own purposes. We've seen through the Free Trade agreement that they ignore whatever rules are in place for their own needs. Kinder Morgan are even urging the Liberals to forget going into communities for input into this sale of another part of BC's future wealth and just make it a done deal so their shareholders will be happy.
As usual, Gordon Campbell will probably follow his hidden agenda and turn more of BC over to these foreign interests.
Whatever your political bent, it can be said of the former Social Credit and NDP governments of this province, that their first intent was to caretake what the people owned. They too allowed private interests to manage, but on contracts that demanded performance and allowed throwing them out after 3 years. In contrast to the 900 year deal with BC Rail! (who incidentally has had an unprecedented 11 derailings this year alone!)
Odd, isn't it, how even when the spy-mole in our midst is identified, the toadies continue to defend him. Sort of reminds one of Anthony Blunt, the British spy-mole who sold out Britain in the 50s and wasn't prosecuted.
Gordon Campbell continues to betray the people of British Columbia and destroy our heritage. It brings new meaning to the term, 'nest of spies'.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Burns Bog fire

The Burns Bog fire quickly grew to 12 hectares on Sunday afternoon ... smoke and ash falling all over the Vancouver area. Fire trucks from everywhere, even water bombers and helicopters ... the firemen struggled into the evening but had to go home when darkness came.
The fire was ravaging over 20 hectares by Monday morning and ...
er ... wait a minute, the firemen had to go HOME?

Friday, September 02, 2005

The New War - USA vs Earth

Is the current disaster in the Gulf States the first blow in a new war? Hurricane Katrina has dealt a serious strike to Earth's adversary, the United States of America.
How so? Ridiculous you say. Twisting something for his own use against America. Maybe not ...
Hurricanes are influenced and use the surface temperature of the sea to gain strength and fury. Global warming is here, whether some parochial interests try to hide it or not, and scientists agree that the temperature of our oceans is now at its highest ever in history.
Those same conscientious world scientists have warned now for years against global warming, and the facts are becoming indisuptable. Fish stocks are waning. Sharks are moving north with warmer water. Polar ice caps are falling into the sea. The highest land temperatures are being recorded daily. Drought is common to many countries, including the US. The world's weather is definately changing.
The Kyoto Protcol is an agreement between many countries, and with these scientists, that if we do not change our ways and reduce toxic and dangerous emissions, our Earth will continue to destroy its human parasites. One hundred and twenty nations have currently signed this agreement. The general idea is that we need to reduce our greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent. Britain's Tony Blair has committed to 60% in 50 years. France has targetted 75%. Germany a similar amount. Forward thinking nations have realized that without a commitment now, our future could be dim indeed. There is a point at which it might be too late. Crops will fail. Cancer rates will soar. Fresh water will disappear. The very essence of human life will change.
The USA will not ratify the Kyoto agreement.
The reason?
The oil and coal lobby in America is stronger than the environmental folks. After all they are nothing but tree huggers and dandelion pickers. (this is nothing new, the lumber lobby is causing the US government to ignore the World Trade rulings regarding Canadian softwood even though it adds over one thousand dollars to the cost of a home.)
Vice President Dick Chaney announced 19 MORE coal burning plants almost as the Kyoto Protocol agreement was being published! That is the present US attitude. Those who know Gaia theory might reason that ... "the physical and chemical condition of the surface of the Earth, of the atmosphere, and of the oceans has been and is actively made fit and comfortable by the presence of life itself." Perhaps some of us have embraced that balance and the theory that life is precious to Earth, and Earth is precious to life.
If Earth itself exists as a living being, now being destroyed by some of its own misguided parasites in their greed for money, then it is not really a stretch to imagine that Earth wants to survive and has struck the first blow in its own defence, Hurricane Katrina.
Can we expect more warfare from our host?

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans

Could the reason that the slow mobilization of help to the disaster in New Orleans and surrounding area is because those vital assets like National Guard troops are in Iraq fighting for oil company interests?