Friday, September 30, 2005

Crystal meth ... do what?

Crystal meth is headline news right now. More money for this. More money for that. Educaton. Training. Harm reduction. Parental knowledge. Etc etc ad nauseum.
Not one word about penalties for those who MAKE the stuff.
It seems there is very little deterent to the criminals, who are reaping millions on this lethally destructive drug. I think the authorities are missing one major factor; sentencing for the manufacture of crystal meth. Sure, they have recently elevated crystal meth to the same level as trafficking in heroin. But when was the last time we saw a major sentence to a heroin trafficker? Or a cocain trafficker? The same old defence in court still works: our client is sorry, he's had a rough childhood and is confused. Judge says don't do it again. Trafficker is back on his designated street corner by the afternoon!
The government needs to be cruel and ignore any bent toward leniency for these people who would destroy the lives of our youth.
The sentencing should be ten years, no parole for a first offence. 20 years no parole for a second offence. Take the sentencing OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE JUDGES! They are not tuned in to society!
Being cruel to the criminals is being kind to the rest of us whose lives can be destroyed when loved ones are caught in the downward spiral velocity of crystal meth addiction.
We need to make the criminals refuse to partake in an enterprise with serious penalties.
Until we scare the hell out of the bad guys, we'll always be trying to catch up.


  1. Anonymous10:00 pm

    the pansys running it all will never do anything

  2. Anonymous2:34 am

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