Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Gordon Campbell solidifies his position

That position is anti-British Columbia. Gordon Campbell is like a secret spy-mole, having hidden among the people of BC for years, then, when in a position to do so, turns over the country's assets to his spy masters.
The latest of course, is relinguishing BC control over our natural gas resources to a foreign interest, that being Kinder Morgan from Texas. They are about to gain control of YOUR heritage with their impending buyout of Teresen Gas.
All those of you who voted for Gordon Campbell, having swallowed the spin that the NDP would ruin the province, are responsible for this loss of a precious resource you once owned.
America already considers the resources of Canada as their own, to exploit for their own purposes. We've seen through the Free Trade agreement that they ignore whatever rules are in place for their own needs. Kinder Morgan are even urging the Liberals to forget going into communities for input into this sale of another part of BC's future wealth and just make it a done deal so their shareholders will be happy.
As usual, Gordon Campbell will probably follow his hidden agenda and turn more of BC over to these foreign interests.
Whatever your political bent, it can be said of the former Social Credit and NDP governments of this province, that their first intent was to caretake what the people owned. They too allowed private interests to manage, but on contracts that demanded performance and allowed throwing them out after 3 years. In contrast to the 900 year deal with BC Rail! (who incidentally has had an unprecedented 11 derailings this year alone!)
Odd, isn't it, how even when the spy-mole in our midst is identified, the toadies continue to defend him. Sort of reminds one of Anthony Blunt, the British spy-mole who sold out Britain in the 50s and wasn't prosecuted.
Gordon Campbell continues to betray the people of British Columbia and destroy our heritage. It brings new meaning to the term, 'nest of spies'.

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  1. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Anthony Blunt had style,and at least a belief in what he did Gordo does it for grubby self agrandisement


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