Thursday, September 29, 2005

Big Head syndrome

I went to buy some chicken the other day. The last time we bought chicken breasts they were huge. Sort of like the size of a dachshund if you cut it longwise into four. The chicken in the display case was like that. The butcher must use special platters for it. I was expecting to see a little wiry tail tucked under it.
I think it's the hormones they put into our food nowadays. They inject the cattle. Plump up the pigs with genetically engineered meal. Feed chemicals to the chickens. All to make them grow bigger. Bigger is better. Wherever these chickens are kept, I pity the fox who wanders into the hen house!
I think this is an American thing. They need big meals. MacDonalds' megga pounders. Wendy's Wonderbigburger. You go south in the USA and you get huge portions in the restaurants.
I met three young boys from Southern California recently. They all had really big heads. My friend was in Florida a while ago. The young boys there were all 200 lbs at 14 years old .... and they all had really big heads! It is noticeable. They were from the Far Side, Gary Larson people, caricatures of themselves.
It's the hormones combined with Nature. We eat food now that is so much bigger and Nature is making us evolve into larger human beings. I'm afraid, knowing what happened to the dinasaurs. And this overgrowth has been going on for decades now. Those hormones are going into us via the chickens.
I think I might become a Vegan.
I don't want 'RBHS' - Really Big Head Syndrome.

..... pass that basketball sized head of lettuce.


  1. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Your fuckin funny as hell, you shud write for tv or somethin.

  2. Anonymous10:12 pm

    if you didn't write it funny you'd have to cry about it.

  3. Anonymous9:24 pm


  4. I am laughing out loud I can't see my computer screen right now...what really worries me though is that I too have a very large head and now that I think of it so do my children... I think I will stay away from the chicken..but I am 42 so maybe for me it is just genetic.


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