Friday, December 31, 2004

Sneazy - Sleazy?

Did you ever notice that Sneazy's bed was right up beside Dopey's? Something going on there.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Suspected case of mad cow detected

Is it BSE or old age? Look at that cow's birthdate .... he's just senile!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

At last - hockey integrity!

The Spengler Cup is being played right now in Davos, Switzerland.
The Spengler Cup, first awarded in 1923, is the oldest running international club team tournament in the world. This invitational tournament, hosted by Swiss team HC Davos during their league's Christmas break, features club teams from all over the world. Canada first began participating in the 1980's, sending over a collection of university players, minor leaguers and Canadians playing European pro hockey. Between 1984 and 1998 the Canadians have won the tournament eight times, including four straight championships from '95 to '98.
This year, coach Marc Habscheid resisted the urge to stack his team with out of work NHL players greedy for ice time. Most of the other teams have done so, but Canada is doing just fine without them. The final game goes Dec. 31.
Applause to Coach Habscheid for respecting how hard his underdog guys want to win this tournament and for sticking with those players instead of dumping some to make room for the millionaires. Win or lose, Habscheid has class.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Chinese rattling jians again

The Communist government of China is back to threatening any independance for the Taiwanese government.
The present People's Republic of China consider Taiwan a province of China, however the same could be argued from the Taiwanese point of view. It was after their civil war that General Chiang Kai-shek led what was left of the Nationalist Kuomintang Army across the Straight of Taiwan in 1949 to establish a still free China after a bloody war which saw the rise of Mao Tse-Tung. (Zedong today) The enthusiasm of those free Chinese and their energy made Taiwan an example of freedom's growth and success in Asia and envied around the world for their emergence as a bustling trading nation. One wonders what the 'other' China could have become with a free people?
But this is very complicated. The US has an obligation via treaty to protect the democracy in Taipei in direct confrontation with the communists. Yet American businesses eager to operate in mainland China, would willingly throw the Chinese island democracy aside for their pieces of gold from the People's Republic. And the very presence in Mainland China of American trading, building, expertise and know how, is what is allowing their Chinese masters to direct more sinister attention toward the real American ally, Taiwan. The island is heavily armed and knows it would be a last stand if attacked.
I was in Hong Kong on April 4, 1975 when the Generalissimo died. Victoria Island's rough slopes were filled with communist China refugees, who had made it to Hong Kong by stealing across the border, cramming themselves into sampans or junks in the night, or even swimming to freedom in the then British Colony. These people lived in lean-tos, perhaps a two foot by four foot piece of canvas or rusted tin the only roof over their heads. Sometimes a whole family living day-to-day making artificial flowers or anything they could do to survive. Beside many of these shabby lean-tos rose the red and blue Nationalist China flag of Chiang Kai-Shek. Flying at half mast to respect the venerable old soldier. Strong symbolism that even a scant life in freedom was better than under a bleak communist rule.
I am hoping that China puts its swords back in their scabbords and leaves Taiwan to continue on its own way, but I fear the example of what a free Chinese people can attain is too much embarrassment for the failures of a government which suppresses the creativity and potential of twenty-two percent of the world's population.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Late News - Santa where are you?

News Bulletin: Just in. Santa's sley has disappeared from radar screens. After leaving the North Pole it seems he just vanished.
The new American Missile defense system had no comment on the rumour that a missile, which was supposed to have been launched in a failed test weeks ago, suddenly activated and headed toward Santa. The words 'Donner and Blitzen' flashed across military monitors and the computer read them as the German words 'thunder and lightning', believing it to be a codename for an attack from the French pretending they were Germany. As usual there was no mention of North Korea. The missile headed straight toward a red beacon mistakenly read as a warhead. Rudolph will be missed.
Homeland Security said whatever happened, America is safer now.

Canada isn't.

BC Ferries new ships - Another betrayal of British Columbians?

The new BC Ferries to be built will send about 500 MILLION dollars out of BC and Canada. What did we expect from the "Hate BC" Liberals? Everything they do points out their disgust for British Columbians. Everything they do puts foreigners ahead of YOU and your interests. This is simply hard to understand.
Sure sure, retaliate with the 'Fast Ferries Fiasco' of the former NDP government. That cost about 400 million. But THAT 400 million was earned by British Columbians and SPENT in BC by those workers! THIS 500 million is going to Germany. And did you know? The German company is making its workers work 88 HOURS EACH YEAR FOR FREE!!!!! Part of their deal to get the contract.
And the American CEO of BC Ferries is petitioning the federal government to drop the 25% duties required for out of country constructed ships!
Even the former Premier of the province is disgusted, "I just can't believe what is happening, " Bill Vander Zalm said recently, "These are jobs that must be kept in the province. It's $500 million going abroad. It's losing the tax benefits that come from industry, from the workers when they're employed." For your info, Bill Vander Zalm led a Social Credit government of BC which was ideologically opposed to the NDP party. You could fill pages with comments from unionists about how disastrous this is for BC and Canada. However, this is NOT a union issue, it is about respect for British Columbia expertise, abilities and competance. We HAVE all that. What we don't have is a government that believes in us.

The German company with the contract, Flensburger, once built U-boats during the Second World War. Of course, that'll be reassuring to us BCers if they sink.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

One law for you - one law for the rich.

News item ...
Whitney Houston receives citation for rear-ending bus:

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (AP) — Singer Whitney Houston rear-ended a city bus with her sports car, but no one was hurt, police said. The accident happened Wednesday afternoon as Houston was making a left turn, said Sgt. Chris Lagerbloom. The bus sustained minor damage. The bumper of Houston's Porsche was mangled but the singer was not injured. She was given a citation for failure to yield, a misdemeanor.
Houston lives with her husband, R&B singer Bobby Brown, near the suburb of Alpharetta, about 25 miles north of Atlanta.

I wonder why the police didn’t arrest her for running off at the Honolulu airport with drugs in her bags? You remember that incident, don’t you? As she was about to board the plane back to California, drugs were discovered in her and Bobby Brown’s suitcases. She simply ignored US Customs and got on the plane. Wasn’t that ‘failure to yield’ too? When questioned about her getting away, the police said she just got onto the plane and left. Hmm. That was in the midst of “Zero Tolerance” regarding drugs. Can you imagine anyone else getting away with that?
Seems that Sgt. Lagerbloom missed his chance at catching a fugitive. But wait, that was Whitney Houston, the famous singer who slipped away again like Batgirl in her Porsche.
Oh ... I guess it's okay then.

Shouldn’t she have been driving an Alfa Romeo anyway?

Advertising silliness ... 4 - VISA

Listen carefully because this guy talks fast. Blah blah. Use your Visa card this month and be automatically entered into a contest to get your purchases free in December. Blah blah. Offer good up to one hundred thousand dollars. Blah blah blah. No purchase is necessary.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Missile Defence System

America wants Canada to join them in protecting the USA from missile attacks. Noble idea, but why would WE be interested in that? They want us to put in billions of dollars to their rocket system while they fingerprint and record our eyeballs, 'just in case' WE turn out to be the bad guys. Missiles from North Korea and other rogue states. One wonders if North Korea and other rogue states have the technology to attack the USA from their home countries. And even if they could? The most likely attacks if they ever come, will be from within. Why shoot something across miles of ocean when you can simply BUILD it in New York city?
During the 9/11 crisis, America showed Canada where we are in their esteem. THEY just redirected all flights destined for the US to land in Canada. No one asked us. No one here said ok. America said those planes might have been carrying nuclear bombs. Hmmm. Let the Canadians get blown up. Halifax could be leveled, but not Boston. A Korean plane was refused permission to land in Alaska, and said it was running out of fuel. Two American F15s escorted that plane to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. No one asked if they could. No one gave America permission to fly in Canadian airspace. They just did it. What the hell, there are only Canadian Indians and Eskimos up there anyway, who cares if a hot bomb melts a few igloos?
So should we join?
check out his link for their tests of this 'system ...

The last major test failed. Previous test launches of defence rockets hit five out of eight. Good passing average in football, but not good enough in the nukes game. 5 out of 8. Well they could have missed Seaside, Oregon, Walla Walla, Washington, and Eureka, California, but maybe they'd have hit Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Not quite good enough. Especially when you consider that those rockets probably wouldn't even be wasted trying to protect, Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto.

This message coming to you from Canada, America's buffer zone.

UPDATE Feb 14, 2005
Make the score now 5 for 10, as another failure was registered today.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More private info going to America.

Why does the British Columbia Liberal Government hate British Columbians?
It seems every time we turn around the Liberals are selling out British Columbians again to outside interests. The Germans build better ships. Americans need to run our medical records. Outside interests control our railroads. Fish farms to foreigners ruining our natural fishery. The Liberals have no confidence in BC Canadians to do the job. Now Minister of Provincial Revenue Rick Thorpe is going to yet another AMERICAN company called EDS Advanced Solutions to handle bill collection for the province. They SAY that EDS is Canadian but it is controlled by EDS in America.
So, what does this mean? It means MORE PRIVATE INFORMATION ABOUT YOU CAN BE ACCESSED by shadowy American interests. For instance, if the Department of Homeland Security in the US wants to find out about us, it will a simple matter to commandeer that information from any subsidiaries operating anywhere in the world! That information will be sent with a single computer keystroke to whoever wants it! And the Homeland Security Act in the United States even prohibits companies from TELLING YOU THEY RELEASED INFO ABOUT YOU! If you believe that BC can control that situation you are sadly mistaken, or a blind, hoodwinked, gullible Liberal.
What gives? Why can't we collect our own bills? Why is the BC Liberal Government intent on betraying us? What's more, when we collect bills ourselves, we get 100% of the money, right? When EDS Advanced Solutions collects it, they get to KEEP 36% FOR THEMSELVES! THIRTY-SIX PERCENT! For their shareholders! That is a huge loss of BC money! Mr Thorpe admitted that himself! (He was on radio so we couldn't see if he had a straight face or not) MORE British Columbia money and information is leaving Canada because Gordon Campbell seems to hate British Columbia!
We know he hates women, but it seems he's added us all to his list! All our medical records are now going to an American company operating in Bermuda (to avoid American taxes) and now more info is going to EDS America! A long list of personal data is at risk which includes everything from your credit card and bank account numbers, personal property and asset details, individual family income, drivers license number and insurance info. Do you want to share this with a private American company or the American government?
How did so many in that provincial government agree to sell us out? Did we elect traitors? Do they have a secret web of sinister intent? Is there no integrity among them? How is it that these ministers all stand by like cud-munching cows while we are betrayed by Gordon Campbell? Do they have no pride in British Columbians? It is almost like we've been infiltrated by an enemy who is tearing us apart from within. Every chance he gets, Gordon Campbell shows that he thinks British Columbians are HIS enemy. He calls it private partnership, I call it outsourcing our jobs.
BC Canadians are the most intelligent people in the world. We have inventiveness, energy, work ethic, confidence, ability to do any job anywhere. Why does Gordon Campbell and his cadre of toadies look upon us with such disdain? With every black action he does, Mr Campbell causes us to lose a little more control of our own destiny.


Sunday, December 05, 2004

Happy something or other ....

Merry Christmas. Say it. Mean it. Resist this ridiculous effort to change what is a religious time of year to something else. Why are some trying to change it? It is the commercial chain stores, Macys in New York, owned by Federated Stores, wants us to say Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings as though it was Easter break, or something else, because in THEIR interpretation of Christmas, they THINK that other religions will be offended. Offended. Like Jews, Muslims and Buddhists will refuse to shop. And shopping is more important than real merry Christmas. I notice the Hudsons Bay has no 'Merry Christmas' either, are they buying into the sham? The Bay is being bought by Target from America. Are they trying to suck up to their new indifferent to Christmas bosses? There is an organized campaign growing in the states to boycott Macys. Not a bad idea. Even if you're not religious. It's Christmas and it's Christ's birthday for Chrissakes!

Given the choice, I'd rather boycott Macys and the Bay than Jesus Christ.

Kim Komando computer show

Kim Komando's website is full of computer info and valuable tips, sign up (free) for her Saturday newsletter! Try it, you'll like it.

Carolyn Parrish for Greatest Canadian?

Well, after that interview with Wolf Blitzer and Tucker Carlson, where she 'discussed' Canada vs USA, she won rave reviews from many Canadians about her stance on freedom of speech in this country. (You can read the transcript here - )
The interview was actually fun, Carlson trying to pretend that America was our guardian and nanny. Saying that, yes, we exploit your natural resources, but you need us more than we need you. To which Ms Parrish replied, yes and if you didn't get our power, California would go dark! [California STILL owes us about 300 million dollars for power that they refuse to pay for when WE sold them power when no one else did because they didn't pay their bills! And even now California is saying we charged them too much and WE owe THEM 600 millions dollars!]
Carlson went on to say that America protects us and that we'd be invaded by Norway if they weren't there! (Aside from the fact that we'd probably welcome Norwegian 'invaders'.) The quick on her feet Carolyn came back with, We won't be invaded by anyone, no one's mad at us, we don't go around the world ticking everyone off! Carlson continued trying to win this friendly battle of wits but lost when Carolyn advised, I shouldn't even be on your show! I am irrelevant in my own party! I think Tucker took it all in good humour.
Well Carolyn Parrish spoke out as she should about her own feelings. AND for many Canadians' feelings about George Bush, the 'Avenger for my Daddy' president. After reading the transcript, you might think of Paul Martin as the toady suck-up to Bush, who recently said that she should be on a ship for Mars, "Begonne Carolyn Parrish!" he waved with a flourish to a crowd of Canadian rednecks. Hmmm, I wonder how many are just changing the name and saying the same thing to him?
Well, I wouldn't put Carolyn Parrish as the Greatest Canadian ahead of Tommy Douglas, but at least I'd put her ahead of wimpy Wayne Gretsky who wouldn't let Todd Bertuzzi play for Canada in the World Championships because the American run NHL told him not to.

Free speech is alive and well in Canada, too bad it isn't within Martin's precarious government.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Advertising sillinesss ... 3 - Tommy Hilfiger

Have you seen the Tommy Hilfiger ads in Pacific Center? Huge hanging billboards of this 12 year old girl in skimpy pink bra and teeny half panties. Do they need to show parental consent on those ads? Did the parents consent? Is Tommy Hilfiger trying to make preteens sexy now? That girl should have jammies on and a Teddy bear! The pedopheliacs are going mad, riding up and down those escalators endlessly with their hands inside their overcoat pockets. Sort of reminds me of those Calvin Klein 'heroin sheik' drug addict ads. Old Cal thought they were cool I guess, until he discovered that addicts didn't buy clothes. There is something sinister about a company that sexualizes children to me. But maybe Tommy thinks they're cool too, but at that age, I think Mommy still buys their clothing.

Hilfiger girlie?

Published in the Westender newspaper

Nat Bailey Stadium

The old Nat Bailey
I used to go to that stadium to watch baseball in my early years. The Vancouver Capilanos. (Pronounced capiLINOs for you non-Vancouverites) We hung out in the bleachers and smoked and made a nuisance of ourselves and looked at the beautiful player’s wives in the good seats. I still have original black and white baseball cards of the era, 1951. Forgotten players like Bob Duretto, Pete Hernandez, Jesse Williams, a black man with Jackie Robinson dreams? Vancouver born Bill Whyte. My Johnny Ritchie card is signed by Mrs. Johnny Ritchie, how about that!
Nat Bailey is a heritage ballpark. It has a history even though we’ve had no Major League baseball. Not as great as the original Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, Ebbets Field or Comiskey Park, but nonetheless Vancouver’s baseball past is recorded here.

adults playing hooky
(And young players need to start somewhere. Canada’s Jason Bay is the National League’s ‘Rookie of the Year’ 2004, from Trail, BC!)
Now they want to tear it down for the Olympic Games and build a curling rink! Like how much room do they need there anyway? There are acres just across the street! Why not just build the Olympic rink next to the EXISTING curling rink at Hillcrest Park and have a complete curling complex AFTER the games? Would we destroy this baseball history for two weeks of curling? For tents for curling 'athletes"? They are starting the spin now, even though they allowed the lease for another year, of telling us it is run down. I say fix it up then!
It isn’t just about baseball, it is something of our past, something to remind us of our innocence and yes, honesty. When times were, 'different'. When 'play ball' meant play fair. Sappy sentimentality? Possibly, but if we let Nat Bailey go we lose something from our lives just as surely as a beloved relative. It is one of those subliminal possessions that, although we might not go there too often, we want it there just in case we do. Don’t let Nat Bailey Stadium die. It is our ‘little town’ legacy and so important for our big town mentality.

And don’t build anything southwest of the stadium either, it is the best view in baseball parks!

Published in the Westender newspaper

Bob Snyder baseball card. June 15, 1951, on opening night of Capilano Stadium, Bob Snyder won the first game of the Vancouver Capilanos against the Salem Senators 10 - 3 after Snyder allowed only 6 hits.

Snyder card