Tuesday, December 28, 2004

At last - hockey integrity!

The Spengler Cup is being played right now in Davos, Switzerland.
The Spengler Cup, first awarded in 1923, is the oldest running international club team tournament in the world. This invitational tournament, hosted by Swiss team HC Davos during their league's Christmas break, features club teams from all over the world. Canada first began participating in the 1980's, sending over a collection of university players, minor leaguers and Canadians playing European pro hockey. Between 1984 and 1998 the Canadians have won the tournament eight times, including four straight championships from '95 to '98.
This year, coach Marc Habscheid resisted the urge to stack his team with out of work NHL players greedy for ice time. Most of the other teams have done so, but Canada is doing just fine without them. The final game goes Dec. 31.
Applause to Coach Habscheid for respecting how hard his underdog guys want to win this tournament and for sticking with those players instead of dumping some to make room for the millionaires. Win or lose, Habscheid has class.


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