Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More private info going to America.

Why does the British Columbia Liberal Government hate British Columbians?
It seems every time we turn around the Liberals are selling out British Columbians again to outside interests. The Germans build better ships. Americans need to run our medical records. Outside interests control our railroads. Fish farms to foreigners ruining our natural fishery. The Liberals have no confidence in BC Canadians to do the job. Now Minister of Provincial Revenue Rick Thorpe is going to yet another AMERICAN company called EDS Advanced Solutions to handle bill collection for the province. They SAY that EDS is Canadian but it is controlled by EDS in America.
So, what does this mean? It means MORE PRIVATE INFORMATION ABOUT YOU CAN BE ACCESSED by shadowy American interests. For instance, if the Department of Homeland Security in the US wants to find out about us, it will a simple matter to commandeer that information from any subsidiaries operating anywhere in the world! That information will be sent with a single computer keystroke to whoever wants it! And the Homeland Security Act in the United States even prohibits companies from TELLING YOU THEY RELEASED INFO ABOUT YOU! If you believe that BC can control that situation you are sadly mistaken, or a blind, hoodwinked, gullible Liberal.
What gives? Why can't we collect our own bills? Why is the BC Liberal Government intent on betraying us? What's more, when we collect bills ourselves, we get 100% of the money, right? When EDS Advanced Solutions collects it, they get to KEEP 36% FOR THEMSELVES! THIRTY-SIX PERCENT! For their shareholders! That is a huge loss of BC money! Mr Thorpe admitted that himself! (He was on radio so we couldn't see if he had a straight face or not) MORE British Columbia money and information is leaving Canada because Gordon Campbell seems to hate British Columbia!
We know he hates women, but it seems he's added us all to his list! All our medical records are now going to an American company operating in Bermuda (to avoid American taxes) and now more info is going to EDS America! A long list of personal data is at risk which includes everything from your credit card and bank account numbers, personal property and asset details, individual family income, drivers license number and insurance info. Do you want to share this with a private American company or the American government?
How did so many in that provincial government agree to sell us out? Did we elect traitors? Do they have a secret web of sinister intent? Is there no integrity among them? How is it that these ministers all stand by like cud-munching cows while we are betrayed by Gordon Campbell? Do they have no pride in British Columbians? It is almost like we've been infiltrated by an enemy who is tearing us apart from within. Every chance he gets, Gordon Campbell shows that he thinks British Columbians are HIS enemy. He calls it private partnership, I call it outsourcing our jobs.
BC Canadians are the most intelligent people in the world. We have inventiveness, energy, work ethic, confidence, ability to do any job anywhere. Why does Gordon Campbell and his cadre of toadies look upon us with such disdain? With every black action he does, Mr Campbell causes us to lose a little more control of our own destiny.


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