Sunday, December 05, 2004

Carolyn Parrish for Greatest Canadian?

Well, after that interview with Wolf Blitzer and Tucker Carlson, where she 'discussed' Canada vs USA, she won rave reviews from many Canadians about her stance on freedom of speech in this country. (You can read the transcript here - )
The interview was actually fun, Carlson trying to pretend that America was our guardian and nanny. Saying that, yes, we exploit your natural resources, but you need us more than we need you. To which Ms Parrish replied, yes and if you didn't get our power, California would go dark! [California STILL owes us about 300 million dollars for power that they refuse to pay for when WE sold them power when no one else did because they didn't pay their bills! And even now California is saying we charged them too much and WE owe THEM 600 millions dollars!]
Carlson went on to say that America protects us and that we'd be invaded by Norway if they weren't there! (Aside from the fact that we'd probably welcome Norwegian 'invaders'.) The quick on her feet Carolyn came back with, We won't be invaded by anyone, no one's mad at us, we don't go around the world ticking everyone off! Carlson continued trying to win this friendly battle of wits but lost when Carolyn advised, I shouldn't even be on your show! I am irrelevant in my own party! I think Tucker took it all in good humour.
Well Carolyn Parrish spoke out as she should about her own feelings. AND for many Canadians' feelings about George Bush, the 'Avenger for my Daddy' president. After reading the transcript, you might think of Paul Martin as the toady suck-up to Bush, who recently said that she should be on a ship for Mars, "Begonne Carolyn Parrish!" he waved with a flourish to a crowd of Canadian rednecks. Hmmm, I wonder how many are just changing the name and saying the same thing to him?
Well, I wouldn't put Carolyn Parrish as the Greatest Canadian ahead of Tommy Douglas, but at least I'd put her ahead of wimpy Wayne Gretsky who wouldn't let Todd Bertuzzi play for Canada in the World Championships because the American run NHL told him not to.

Free speech is alive and well in Canada, too bad it isn't within Martin's precarious government.

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