Friday, December 03, 2004

Advertising sillinesss ... 3 - Tommy Hilfiger

Have you seen the Tommy Hilfiger ads in Pacific Center? Huge hanging billboards of this 12 year old girl in skimpy pink bra and teeny half panties. Do they need to show parental consent on those ads? Did the parents consent? Is Tommy Hilfiger trying to make preteens sexy now? That girl should have jammies on and a Teddy bear! The pedopheliacs are going mad, riding up and down those escalators endlessly with their hands inside their overcoat pockets. Sort of reminds me of those Calvin Klein 'heroin sheik' drug addict ads. Old Cal thought they were cool I guess, until he discovered that addicts didn't buy clothes. There is something sinister about a company that sexualizes children to me. But maybe Tommy thinks they're cool too, but at that age, I think Mommy still buys their clothing.

Hilfiger girlie?

Published in the Westender newspaper

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