Saturday, December 18, 2004

One law for you - one law for the rich.

News item ...
Whitney Houston receives citation for rear-ending bus:

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (AP) — Singer Whitney Houston rear-ended a city bus with her sports car, but no one was hurt, police said. The accident happened Wednesday afternoon as Houston was making a left turn, said Sgt. Chris Lagerbloom. The bus sustained minor damage. The bumper of Houston's Porsche was mangled but the singer was not injured. She was given a citation for failure to yield, a misdemeanor.
Houston lives with her husband, R&B singer Bobby Brown, near the suburb of Alpharetta, about 25 miles north of Atlanta.

I wonder why the police didn’t arrest her for running off at the Honolulu airport with drugs in her bags? You remember that incident, don’t you? As she was about to board the plane back to California, drugs were discovered in her and Bobby Brown’s suitcases. She simply ignored US Customs and got on the plane. Wasn’t that ‘failure to yield’ too? When questioned about her getting away, the police said she just got onto the plane and left. Hmm. That was in the midst of “Zero Tolerance” regarding drugs. Can you imagine anyone else getting away with that?
Seems that Sgt. Lagerbloom missed his chance at catching a fugitive. But wait, that was Whitney Houston, the famous singer who slipped away again like Batgirl in her Porsche.
Oh ... I guess it's okay then.

Shouldn’t she have been driving an Alfa Romeo anyway?

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