Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Missile Defence System

America wants Canada to join them in protecting the USA from missile attacks. Noble idea, but why would WE be interested in that? They want us to put in billions of dollars to their rocket system while they fingerprint and record our eyeballs, 'just in case' WE turn out to be the bad guys. Missiles from North Korea and other rogue states. One wonders if North Korea and other rogue states have the technology to attack the USA from their home countries. And even if they could? The most likely attacks if they ever come, will be from within. Why shoot something across miles of ocean when you can simply BUILD it in New York city?
During the 9/11 crisis, America showed Canada where we are in their esteem. THEY just redirected all flights destined for the US to land in Canada. No one asked us. No one here said ok. America said those planes might have been carrying nuclear bombs. Hmmm. Let the Canadians get blown up. Halifax could be leveled, but not Boston. A Korean plane was refused permission to land in Alaska, and said it was running out of fuel. Two American F15s escorted that plane to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. No one asked if they could. No one gave America permission to fly in Canadian airspace. They just did it. What the hell, there are only Canadian Indians and Eskimos up there anyway, who cares if a hot bomb melts a few igloos?
So should we join?
check out his link for their tests of this 'system ...

The last major test failed. Previous test launches of defence rockets hit five out of eight. Good passing average in football, but not good enough in the nukes game. 5 out of 8. Well they could have missed Seaside, Oregon, Walla Walla, Washington, and Eureka, California, but maybe they'd have hit Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Not quite good enough. Especially when you consider that those rockets probably wouldn't even be wasted trying to protect, Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto.

This message coming to you from Canada, America's buffer zone.

UPDATE Feb 14, 2005
Make the score now 5 for 10, as another failure was registered today.

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